Could we please ban anime on this board?

Could we please ban anime on this board?

Not only is the idea of grown men fawning over cartoon representations of children troublesome, some have suggested it as an indicator of some form of latent paedophilia, but it also serves to derail discussions and turn away potential newcomers.

Is fucking natural you spooked fuck. Unspook yourself. Communism will not have AOC laws.

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Are you the autistic fag that got burnt out by me?
the writing style kind of matches.
the reddit spacing is fairly evident.



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t. literally reddit

I wholeheartedly agree

Hello, reddit.

just make a new board, you can call it r/socialism

false flag, go fantasize about fucking little girls somewhere else

correlation =/= causation; that statistically most pedos (a fringe group rejected by society) happen to be weebs (a fringe group rejected by society) doesn't mean one thing leads to the another and not a single study has managed to establish an actual link

I started off jacking it at age 12 to parodies of cartoons I watched as a child. This is why porn is so subversive. It targets minors with familiar images they already associate themselves with.

I started jacking off at age six to normal cartoons. Your point being?



…Except I started naturally jacking off without influence from porn. Your point being?

It really is. Read Rafiq's post on anime.

Obviously not all Japanimation falls under this umbrella, but I find it alienating and uncomfortable that our board mascot looks like a 10 year old girl.

I’m ok banning anime


Ok, so it was just the anime?

The ones I watch are adults.

Only in some of the styles.