Daily News Thread 2/9

South and North Korean athletes unite during opening ceremony in Pyeongchang

Hosts South Korea produced a show of unity with neighbours North Korea during the opening ceremony of the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang.

Pence skips dinner with N Koreans

US Vice-President Mike Pence has skipped a dinner at which he was due to share a table with North Korea's ceremonial head of state Kim Yong-nam.

Shutdown averted as Trump signs budget bill

President Donald Trump has signed a sweeping budget bill approved by Congress to re-open the government after it was briefly closed overnight.

Global Stock Turmoil Persists Amid Rate Jitters

The convulsions rocking U.S. equity markets continued Friday, with major indexes headed for the worst week in almost seven years after falling back from early gains. Treasury declines eased as investors sought havens from gold to the yen.

Germany coalition: SPD's Schulz gives up cabinet role to save deal

The leader of Germany's Social Democrats (SPD), Martin Schulz, has abandoned a plan to serve as foreign minister in a new coalition government.

Misconduct complaints rise in US military, but fewer senior officers found guilty

While the number of complaints filed against senior US military and defense officials increased, fewer Department of Defense officers were actually found guilty of misconduct last year, according to data from DoD investigators.

Colombia: FARC Suspends Political Campaign amid Safety Concerns

Rodrigo Londoño, the former head of the rebel group, who launched a presidential bid in January, has been confronted by angry and at times violent crowds.

US, France Planning Direct Strikes Against Syrian Gov’t: Report

Recent reports of alleged chemical attacks by Syrian forces would be used as a pretext for the strikes according to sources.

No reliable evidence of chlorine use by Syrian govt – French defense minister

France has no reliable evidence that the chemical agent chlorine was used by the Syrian government forces, and thus cannot yet speak of a ‘red line’ having been crossed, the French Defense Minister said.

Trump Administration Is Weighing Emergency Aid for Some Coal Plants

After failing to win a bailout for cash-strapped coal plants, some Trump administration officials are considering emergency orders that could keep at least some coal generators online, people familiar with the discussions said.

Rubio Says World Would Support Venezuela ‘Removing a Dictator’

Marco Rubio took to Twitter on Friday morning to suggest that the world would support Venezuela’s military if it decided to “restore democracy by removing a dictator” as the country’s President Nicolas Maduro prepares for an April election some are already predicting to be rigged.

Trump-Linked Extremist Settlers Try to Kidnap Palestinian Kids

The Yitzhar settlers, who received money from a foundation directed by Trump’s son-in-law, are considered extreme by Israel itself.

Mattis: Immigrant Service Members Won't Face Deportation

The nearly 850 immigrants currently serving in the military or waiting to start basic training won't face deportation despite the ongoing federal wrangling over the fate of people who came to America illegally as children, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said.

Engineers of ‘max security’ nuke center busted trying to mine cryptocurrency on supercomputer

A powerful supercomputer located at a Russian nuclear research facility in Sarov was reportedly targeted by a pair of engineers who wanted to use it to mine cryptocurrencies.

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The gig economy is exploitation masquerading as freedom

Multi-million-pound firms are, like Uber and Deliveroo, are offloading business risk onto some of the poorest people in Britain.

Manchester bus strike win support at depot protest

Around 20 activists, trade unionists and members of the public staged a second demonstration outside First Bus Manchester’s depot at Queens Road, Cheetham Hill this morning.

The wealth of nations

How do we measure the wealth of nations, to use the title of classical economist Adam Smith’s famous book?

San Diego Far-Right Trolls Outnumbered at Chicano Park, Fight Among Themselves

Last weekend on February 3rd, a collection of about 50 far-Right Trump supporters, Alt-Right livestreamers, and militia members, converged on Chicano Park in an attempt to troll local residents of the working-class Barrio Logan neighborhood.

US Stock Markets Enter Correction Territory as Dow Falls More Than 1000 Points

The stock market continues to be moody as investors fret that good economic data means more Fed rate hikes.

Passive aggressive pence is best pence

I see no mention of the wall, shouldn't that have been included?



Holla Forums fails again.


Coincucks will never learn


I actually am curious if this going to blow up as much as that thing from 2014(?) with the Clintons

The virgin United States representative vs the Chad DPRK representative

Based! MAGA! #Winning!

I am sick to fuck of this administration's obsession with coal. It's never coming back. Deal with it.

Holy shit.

Another instance of conservatives' obsession with bygone eras that actively fuck us over.


Kek not bad

Coal porkies are extremely influential. They aren't going down without major fight.

Holla Forums will defend this

I cannot wait for the fucking Nuremberg Trials of these fucks before I die.

The video is hilarious as well:
>Far-Right anti-Chicano Park demonstration devolves into chaos as various trolls scream “bitch” at each other.
The same Baked Alaska who said he lost his eyesight for ever and e-begged for a white cane.

Truly the Übermensch.

The GOP are going to get fucking raped in midterms.

Looks like the Alt-right is collapsing into a sad joke the way the British far right did over the past few years. I think it says everything about the fundamental nature of those ideologies and the kind of person they attract that almost all post ww2 fascist movements have only ever managed to be at all relevant for a few years at the most before inevitably collapsing into small infighting grouplets filled with criminals and freaks.


Autists can only go so far until they turn on themselves.

When no one responds to them they ultimately lash out in a desperate attempt for attention.

/po/ will kill itself with each passing year as the left grows stronger.

Seriously, how the fuck do they expect to get the women vote at this point? They can either tell women they heard wrong (and piss them off more) or distance themselves from Trump (and piss off the Trumpers).

This election is going to be wild.


They'll get the white women vote, I guarantee it.

Most white women complain more about his twitter than his policy.
Just ask any of them and they will tell you how they wish he was more like Reagan.

Rosa Luxemburg was right again

Israeli plane shot down by SAA Israeli Cabinet threatens "Massive" retaliation

don't you just hate it when you're on the way back from IKEA with your new lamp and end up in some sort of retard racist march.

My main focus is Trump's cult of personality in rural areas. It's not that they have any clue of his policies, it's that they see him as some kind of outsider fighting the 'librul gommies coming to take our guns and force us to gay marry mooslims'. I blame reactionary media for it, but ultimately it is what it is.

That picture is dumb as fuck because MENA and europe are the same race

I doubt the average burger is aware of this.

had the exact same thought