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If this isn't communization, I don't know what is.

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user that man is a hero. You probably witnessed right there the closest thing to communism that the we'll see in the 21st century

He truly was, but you should know that communism is every day user:

Opportunism detected

And yet here you are, telling us.



I'm dying.

Every time I fill a box full of processed junk at work, I make sure to toss some extra in. I like to hope that I'm doing Marx proud.

It's cool, their name and whereabouts remains unnamed. In fact you wouldn't even know if I gave the vending machine person a gender different from the one they had.

This. OP is a fucking class traitor.

and this is met with praise, place is overrun with ayncraps

Imagine living in this small business fantasy world

yes he does, in that moment he had complete control of them and could divest them how he wanted (aka giving some to OP)

this is not an ancap idea of ownership tho. Its a stirnerite one.

Get a grip, those vending machines are owned by large firms everywhere on the world.


ayncraps would argue that he had just given out someone else's property because they paid for that can of soda and so on. stirnerites would argue i's his to give out because he has power over it

you can go on /liberty/ and they post that selfsame image to claim stirner as an ancap
I wouldnt say that stirner is an ancap, but in this instance they are compatible

Now tell them that Stirner would equally argue that you can violate other people's "property rights" using the very same logic.

no, you do it


honestly fellas why even live

lmao if you're the one stocking the vending machines you're not the owner of the commodities being put in there; you're a worker and you get paid a (shitty) wage doing it for the actual owner, who in turn does it for the ever-expanding need to accumulate capital and keep the law of value running.

No, this is communism.

if he didnt own them then how was he able to give OP one?

Just a guess.

class conscious soda delivery people will be the vanguard of the proletariat

I've honestly had quite a few experiences kinda like that, where I was "buying" something, and the guy kinda winks/tells me "that's good"/etc before I paid. For instance, once at a Taco Bell I got up to buy a quesadilla, once it was ready I went up and took out my wallet, but the guy just handed it to me, lightly pushed my wallet away and was like "it's good, don't worry."

Another time I was at a Starbucks & got a lemonade, and the guy handed it to me & was like "have a good day," I'm like "how much was it?" while I look thru my wallet, and he just kinda nods and is like "it's okay, just take it."

You fat fuck.

I actually iwn several soda vending machines in college campuses and elementary schools. To save on costs i stock them myself. If you messed with my property i could legslly shoot you

Is this the power of class consciousness?

You don't know who you're dealing with here kiddo.


What are some essential communization texts other than the ones by Dauve and Endnotes?


It's cool that he stole a drink for you, but if petty theft had any serious impact on capitalism it would have collapsed already.

In the town I grew up in it was precisely the opposite. After closing the little cesars would throw away all the pizzas they didnt sell for the day, and lock the dumpsters so nobody could take any out, Even the local 711 did the same, and To make things worse the retailers at the shopping center would intentionally cut up any clothes they would throw away as well PLUS the city had local laws that made it illegal to dumpster dive, i literally saw people get arrested for it to. This is your brain on class cuckoldry…

Embezzling corporate property is actually existing socialism.

The 'essential' texts are TC's (Théorie Communiste's), where it all started, then Dauvé's critique of TC (on the subject of historicizing the communist movement or not, and how) and today it would be their inheritors of which I would say the most important are Endnotes, Kosmoprolet and Chuang (very China-oriented).

You know Endnotes, so check out Kosmoprolet ( and Chuang ( /

It's worth noting that the term 'communization' is now best used with the knowledge that, even if it started something distinct from mainstream ultra-left tendencies with TC's use, it is not by any means a single coherent strain unto itself, and as time as gone on the term has been disavowed by many theorists and collectives for being tainted by novelty and hipness by everyone reading and theorizing it. This is why Endnotes stops using it in issue 4 and the term is almost entirely absent outside of a critique of it in Kosmoprolet and other (good) modern theorists and journals.

I think (if you've read some TC and Dauvé at least), it's also very worthwhile to read ultra-left critiques of communization as found here, for example:é (critique of Dauvé's influential notion of the origins of value)
or (critique of Dauvé's critique of the council communist hypothesis, and by extension a critique of Dauvé's notion of labour time certification)

It's a shitpost, but there's the kernel of class struggle in it in that it's a (temporary) instance of the free transfer of use-values, see also the text I posted here:


I know that the epitome of fascism is blaming people having opinions and making choices you don't like on beans and water.