Violence in Politics

Is anyone else getting sick of watching neo-nazis run amok, propagandize and be allowed to keep recruiting because "muh free speech"? They're getting bolder everyday and so-called "skeptics" and centrists are acting as open recruiters for fascists for muh patreon money. Centrists always inevitably end up on the far-right, and the far-right keeps evolving to hide their true purposes.

I honestly can't see an end to this other than WW3. The post-modernists were right when they said Fascism was the last stage of capitalism. So I ask, should we just on our hands and let it happen? I'm not advocating violence, but soon there won't be any other alternative. And the centrists will have to get as well because they can shut the fuck up with their "dude, violence is unjustified unless muh says its OK".

What do you think about violence?

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Ok dude you have to be more specific…what are you talking about? Where you from? Because where i'm from the fascists had like 0,7% in the last general elections.

You're going to have kill us all, and in the end, Fascism will still win anyway


Fascism was invented by the ancient romans.

Communism, on the other hand, never did exist. If it exists, it's gonna be the last stage of capitalism.


I'm going to speak against it as long as I can but I truly fear that it will not be enough to stop the next great war.
The fash are a problem but their real threat is exuberant support for imperialist wars. On top of that, big corporations like Alphabet under youtube are implicitly supporting a huge amount of right-wing propaganda. My stupid classcucked friend fell for the Peterson and Shapiro meme just because of it smfh.

Duh, Mussolini just copied the romans, the man didn't even want to hide that.

Mussolini only made a facsimile of the roman empire, completely missing the point of why the romans were doing any of that. Almost like cargo cultism.

you dont need violence to stop political ideas
I can tell you that the right wing is crippled because of things I was personally a part of that are called memes now, I didnt play a big role but I was there, my position in life really helped since I know people with academic positions, but I have a bunch of buddies who write for tv

The romans were doing that to consolidate power upon a single entity The Dictator, so exactly what Mussolini is doing.

I think it's you who hate fascism so much that they can't recognize fascism has existed a shit long time ago.


Uhm, yeah?

It's amazing how you managed to both miss my point and at the same time prove it in two short sentences.

Nah, I don't think so.


Autocracy is fascism.

inb4 fascism is some kind of special snowflake definition that somehow only fit Mussolini and Hitler

of course just because you use inb4 doesn't make less true.
There is very little fascism nowdays. What there is far more dangerous than fascism. It's radical centrism.
Centrists are so much worst than fascists. Because fascists are honest about their intentions. Centrists will pretend to care about democracy, about freedom, about human rights. Centrists have killed more people with their policies than any fascist…and they keep killing, everyday

What the absolute fuck?

Ok, so first thing first, something no one pointed out is the violence topic. Personally, I think it would be hypocritical to get all pissy when nazis act violently, because I'm pretty sure less than 10% of this board is reformist. Now, I'm not saying we shouldn't fight back, but only if you must defend your family and or personal property/friends. After all, shoulf we care if they destroy private property?

Secondly, and I know many of you probably won't agree with me, but I think even the most right wing neo-nazis should be allowed to believe what they want as long as they don't hurt anyone. And if they say what they think, well, they shouldn't be surprised when they receive backlash. Only violent fascists should receive violence

You sure you're in the right place lad? /liberty/ is down the hall next to the bogans and pedos

You realize what personal property is right? So you're telling me you wouldn't fight back against some guys destroying your house? Things like your house, car, etc are personal property, you know that right? That's just extremely basic information

The lengths leftists will go to defend browns never ceases to amaze me. Any big brained economic theory on automation you come up with will always be overshadowed by a rabid defense of mass migration, essentially non-white ethnonationalism that has nothing to do with any economic principle other than taking whitey's stuff because of separate water fountains 100 years ago and shit. Pathetic.

I know the difference, I was being a disingenuous to make a joke.

You mean the thing that capitalism loves?
We're not liberals, commies defend workers.
Nah doesn't matter your shit is fucked, let me deal with the shit my neoliberal government is doing and not have to deal with your cheeto dusted neoliberal.

Yo hilarious joke man. I sure laughed my ass off. Man, you should be a comedian

Effectively it means defending browns. Because all you're doing by bashing the fash is attacking white people who want less immigration. That's IF you manage to target actual fascists and not just set some rando's car on fire. Sometimes you end up assaulting non-whites that want less illegal immigration.

And it doesn't have to be water fountains. They have special complaints and whining just for your country too. As for "capitalism" loving mass migration, well, capitalism as an ideology just means respecting property rights, and state enforced migration violates our collectively owned property. Most capitalists dislike the migrants and most socialists like them because we all know what brown people vote for. "Rich people" is not the same thing as "capitalists."

I know you're not liberals but you should be. More migrants means more recruits for your side. Why would you disable your own movement by not using idpol to your advantage? You've basically decided to be irrelevant by ignoring what is a top concern for the general public. "Worker" is not a meaningful identity. What, you want to rally white and black McDonald's employees to steal shit from the CEO together? Only non-whites are up for it. Whites know how to sustain a healthy economy and redistribution doesn't work.


Absolutely embarassing, consider suicide at any point.

I'm not bothered by it. They're in the wrong for believing what they believe, they are the segments of the population that will (theoretically) be the most reactionary, they are annoying, etc…
Violence is a tool and I am not worried about it's use. As so thoughtfully points out, a few """innocent"""' people could get caught, but who cares?I know, so heartless, so edgy, but everyone accepts war casualties of "browns" yet you set ONE assholes car on fire and you're evil gommie influence. It's almost as if morality is some sort of tool used to justify things…
really makes you think
I wonder what the effects of nuclear bombings would be in respect to global warming. I can see another war, but I can also see war barely being avoided until the world is too limp-dicked from a lack of resources to have one.

I'm the best the party can afford and all the good ones were kulaks

Holy shit lad, read some books. Stop thinking that capitalist exploitation is the natural state of affairs.


name one (1)

This post is an abyss of stupid and I resent you for using the wonders of digital communication to vomit this memetic diarrhea from your brain into my field of vision.

yet another example of antifa stirring up shit and crying victimhood like children when they get their shit kicked in

t. Holla Forums defense force

only so much bullshit you can vomit before you get called out, this is just ridiculous
since when were counter-protestors so afraid of violence?

violence is inherent in politics
the democratic vote to have the policeman beat up the illegal striker is an act of violence far greater than the striker hitting the policeman in return. only social convention and conditioning blinds us to this. In the public eye the members of parliament were merely implementing policy - it would be madness to respond with violence, the policeman merely doing his job… manifest unfairness… but the striker? Well, he acted in contravention of the law, his reasoning shouldn't factor… Say nothing of the intentional assault on the material wellbeing of the disabled, the unemployed and so on. Slap a man and you're guilty of assault, starve a family and you were just making the figures add up.

Slightly tangential, but worth remembering given the general liberal tendency to view violence as something exogenous.








You know, I've figured you people out. You people have no capacity for abstract thinking on a socio-political level. You can never think about systems in terms of impersonal dynamics, so you have to pin it on a personal boogeyman acting intentionally.

nice strawman, why does it have to be a conspiracy and not just terrible policy?
enjoy your dying civilisation

that's what I call spooked

Why are niggers so violent?


imagine being this spooked

I'm an amerimutt. You're gonna have to be more specific.

this is what I'm talking about, America died a long time ago and now it's a tomb occupied by mutts

Then what are you worried about if it's already dead?

I'm not a dirty american mutt like you

nah, you're just a mutt in denial : ^ )

What are you even worried about? Neo-Nazi "intellectuals" have relatively little money flowing to them, and they have no support from powerful people. It's a fad. It's far more likely that Democrats gain enough seats to gain full control of the USG and double down on Clintonism.

Another amerimutt here. I got my eyes on a hot hwite girl, and im gonna chat her up soon.

I wish you good luck in making beautiful mixed babies with her

t. white guy


Europe has had many flavors of people move through it over the millennia, there's no such thing as a pure white person


Yes, complaining about any given space being too white, which is what the mainstream left does, and using government force to resolve the issue, is ethnic cleansing.

Can we move past this? By changing immigration policy you're changing the genetic makeup of the citizenry. That should be uncontroversial unless you literally believe west Africans had a thriving civilization before whites stole it from them. And the fact that I'm emotionally concerned for the founding population of my country makes me normal. Good luck convincing the majority of white people that the socialist system currently exploiting them should be expanded. Again, you can't get to communism without ethnic replacement, so SJWs are doing most all of the work for your movement.

I'm significantly more worried about normie centrists and liberals who have significantly more popular support.

false europe is nearly as pure as the east asian or blacks

excluding this 3 the rest are mutt like kazaks, south asian ,central asian latin american ,the country with more non european dna is hungary with 3.1% of asian dna so yes we are pure

Whole bunch of [citation needed] there lad


Did the bed replace the chair?

I don't think they stole it, but because I'm not retarded, I know that they were affected my material forces and not by significant genetic differences from white people. Have you ever heard of Ghana? Or like every African civilization European colonization? Sure, they were all shit, but that is because all civilizations were pretty shitty. If you really want some examples of terrible societies, pick basically any white society before Charlemagne. Of course, they wouldn't be white enough, but for our purposes, let us imagine they were.
Race IS skincolor, you are literally referring to these people as "browns". For one, there is no significance between the "races" other than some physical traits and skin color. Secondly, you are using race as skin color, so I really don't see the problem.
Yeah, and the same could happen if you changed access to birth control, or any other item. Care to explain why we should give any a extra care to this cause over any other? Or why we should care for genetic change at all? I bring up "this specific cause" for one reason, the only real """cure""" to race mixing is an ethnostate. You can't just avoid people having sex by not changing immigration laws.
Possibly, but it also makes you a silly faggot. Also, your people didn't found your country unless you have the same race as some of the first people to walk this earth, which would make you a "brown", "black", or possibly an asian. But of course, you are only referring to the most recent "cool" development of your country, right? The one with the traditional values and the Greek busts?
That would be difficult. For one, we don't live under a Socialist system, so I'd really have to work some magic to coving people of this. Secondly, and honestly this kind of ties into the first, it would be hard to expand a system I don't support, y'know, Capitalism.
But what I find interesting is that you say "the majority of white people". One, we haven't and don't need the majority of people supporting Socialism. For the vast majority of people, they will go back to work and boss man will be gone, and they might have some issues due to the wartime conditions. After that, things should improve but it's the development of society, not magic, it will take some time. Secondly, I don't really care for white people. I'm white, but black people are okay, and so are Asians, along with the other myriad people. I'm sure plenty of them would like to change their lives, and other white people can get in on this if they want, it's not my problem (and still wouldn't be "my" problem) unless there were no white people at all in the revolution. Thirdly, there won't be any issue convincing white people due to genetics, stop being an idiot.
Untrue. I don't even think Marx mentioned ethnic replacement. You really are stupid.
I forgot that Lenin quote, I'll post it.

White societies were mostly shit prior to the industrial revolution. You have to physically kill off the most violent members of your race for some generations until it's capable of sustaining a first world civilization. Blacks haven't yet gone through that process and they won't get better until we recognize they have a genetic problem.

Oh okay Karl Marx thinks a 90 percent white America would willingly choose communism. Why? They were rich under capitalism. Maybe Marx is wrong, because no ethnic replacement means no communism.

Yeah I'm talking about the nice clean society that was White America. Don't care that browns stood on the same ground before. The best parts of my country are white. That's true across time and space. Haiti is a shithole, white countries are cool. Would you even argue against that? We have a human development index to prove it.

There's lots of ways to control the genetics of a population. I don't say one way is more important than another. Just that not importing third worlders would be a good start. But you should like them since they support communism.

Wrong. Very wrong. This is just you not understanding evolution. The environment selects for behavior and psychological traits. It makes no sense that geographically dispersed populations would develop differences in facial structure and hair texture but nothing mental. And we've already OBSERVED mental differences today through testing. You can control for differences in education and nutrition and STILL find differences in intelligence. You're telling me pygmies have the exact same brains as any other group? You're just wrong.

We could deport only stupid people, but smart blacks are probably more black in other aspects. Could deport stupid people AND violent people, but now you're basically getting the same outcome. It's easier to just deport browns. It's not like they'd treat us any better if they were the majority. Especially if we're looking at potential migrants who aren't even citizens. Then it really doesn't make sense to get all pissy about using skin color as a proxy for less obvious traits. We're not obligated to treat outsiders fairly if it doesn't benefit us. It's not their society.

Not in that case. He's a different scenario that reflects what actually happens. You take money from the chair and use it to buy a bed. You take more money from the chair and give it to the bed to make the bed feel more comfortable. You explain to the chair that diversity is a strength and love is love. The chair decides it can't afford more than two children. The bed has four children. Tensions escalate when the chairs refuse to pay reparations, so the beds kill all the chairs. The bed replaced the chair.



One rich Nigerian tribe does not disprove human biodiversity as it relates to intelligence. But let's say everything there is true and all that matters is environment and culture. I still don't want blacks around because their culture is terrible and their environment has caused them to be dysfunctional. I don't want any of my money forced by the state to go towards assisting browns. Their environment is their problem, not mine. Sure, Venezuelans' environment has made them less intelligent. That's because of the left. Same with American blacks' Democrat-run environment. It's not the West's problem.

Oh I forgot those are "liberals" not leftists even though you both agree that wealth redistribution is the solution and you both have no respect for property rights. Everytime leftists win power it's no longer real leftism because the optics are so awful and you don't want to be associated with them anymore.


Damage control. Aside from buzzwords like white privilege and patriarchy there's no functional difference between you leftists and SJWs. You all want the same thing, government control of the economy and decline of the West. Chavez, modern day China, pronoun activists, Hollywood Jews, you're all part of the same cancerous anti-Western third worldist clique.

Those plantation owners fucked a lot of slave girls.


I cri evrytime

Fascism is inherent to capitalism, its formation is systemic and its emergence only occurs when capital itself is put into a state of crisis. The only way you can"defeat" fascism is by tackling the system which makes it possible, otherwise you end up getting trapped in situations where you do less of abolishing the system and more of defending the status quo of liberal capitalism. is somewhat right in the sense that the actions "centrists" take in their defense of the system are more duplicitous and insincere especially given how the multitude of separate actors working within in their own self-interest in liberal capitalism makes it difficult for the general prole to pinpoint the exact problem and easy for centrists to deflect the blame. The one "benefit" (if you can call it that) of fascism is that it takes what was once obfuscated and brings it out into the open.

While I understand at what your getting at, and I do agree that if "anti-fascists" hope to illicit community support they have to act in a manner which shows them as defenders rather then aggressors, it should be understood that we currently exist in the confines of capitalism and not the luxury of communism. In communism I could give less of a shit if someone yells nigger or spick at people outside his house or has a desire to hang me from the nearest pole, there exists no system of capital to enforce his opinion and those in the community and myself should be more then armed enough to defend ourselves if anything does actually happen. In addition, any serious matters can be taken up with the extended community to which he'll have to face the social repercussions of his actions and nothings stopping him from going as well as he's not financially invested into his residence. The thing is, we don't currently exist communism, we exist in capitalism, meaning that for now any directly socialist opposing organization or para-military group poses a possible threat to both socialist formation and action through whatever mechanisms of capital they possess. That's just the reality of it.

REEEE le ebil gaymorgaytor basement nazis are saying mean stuff on parts of the internet

Don't start a fight you can't win, unless you're trying to martyr yourself.

If you *are* trying to martyr yourself, keep that in mind and pick as sympathetic a battle as possible to do it in. And likewise, if Holla Forums is recruiting off your attempts at violence you've failed, even if you win the immediate brawl.

Antifa is full of people who think political violence is justified, and that this in itself is sufficient to make punching the nearest nazi (or in many cases, such as OP's, "nazi") effective praxis. It's not. Political violence is a tool to bring about revolution, and you need to keep this fact in mind if you plan to use it.