The nazis were heartless spergs

I just realized something?

The Nazis who worked at Auschwitz? They were all just racist adam lanzas…

holy shit. It all makes sense now

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Then why did they hire this guy to investigate/prosecute nazi guards that murdered or mistreat prisoners?

spent some time looking into his indictments…. they all either went unpunished, mysteriously disappeared, or were guilty of crimes other than mistreatment of prisoners. hmmm

It's more likely that they were psychopaths than spergs.

they are both

Spergopaths, truly dialectical

No they were not. Read Hannah Arendt. The nazis were bureucrats following orders.


read my man, read.

You're literally proving your point wrong with your insipid wiki link. 'Just following orders' describes the actions but, like Arendt goes on to discuss, it's insufficient to accept their actions.
I really don't understand how this tired talking point is going around.

next you are going to tell me the holodomoor was real

I shiggyed

In Chile they say the same about the psychopaths who very much enjoyed torturing people by electrocuting their genitals, raping women with trained dogs and forcing rats up their vaginas, all during Pinochet's regime. "They just followed orders", yeah sure. What happened both in Chile and Germany was a systematic extermination of dissent through the action of state institutions. In both cases the military was purged from officials that disagreed (and in Chile, generals who defended the constitution were killed by paramilitary forces before the 1973 coup).

Why do you keep denying it, >>>Holla Forums? You unironically agree with throwing leftists off helicopters after all.

Man, these things almost sound comical, you remember the various crimes that the leftists were doing across the world?

inb4 that not real, ur crimes real tho

Holla Forums isn't sending their best

Uh, look at KGB torture and north korean tortures.

And they don't need to send their best.

fucking lel

they deserved it

they deserve it

they do, you're retards

Only so many nazis compared to worldwide leftists.

I mean, you even have leftist leader who killed their own comrades, like that jap chick.

Well, sound like they really don't need to send their best.

READ HANNA AH ARENDT FFS i'm not Holla Forums i'm not even aryan how can i be Holla Forums i'm iberian

Point was, how do you define crimes?
No one here is going to care about leftist in-fighting.

Holla Forums is not white

By the way you are describing it, which is the killing of innocent people?

I actually don't.
innocence isn't something that's well defined to begin with.

OK, then the jews deserve it.

I bet you beleive anuddah shoah and maoist purges were real too

lmao wordfilters
funny funny big laughs

I like when you get pushed into a corner because you can't define your terms, you just reveal who you are.

I'm using the same logic the other guy is saying.

And it's not just the jews, the fags deserve it too.

What logic is that?
Because from I can tell you're making a lot of assumptions.


Also, who exactly are you referring to?

I don't see how his reasoning is self-explanatory.
I also doubt his standards are the same.

It's self-explanatory, you excuse your crimes by saying every victims deserve it.

And that comes back to how do you define victim.

So we are playing word game now?

Define "kill".

k e k

Not even a word game.
Just trying to follow your reasoning so we're not talking past eachother.
But if you really think every person killed is a "victim", then we are at an impasse, because I disagree.

Well, agree to disagree then.

I mean, if we count the reasoning that they deserve it, thus the killings are justified, and there's nothing to speak of.