Hey, I'm not a stormfag like pic related

Hey, I'm not a stormfag like pic related
I love socialism on a corporate level, but I think that local mom and pop jobs should be pretty untouched. I also believe in a nation-state, and I dont like Jews because they ruin socialism and they exploit capitalism. I dont think that rich people are necessarily a problem, and that poverty is the problem. I also believe that no one should get stuff they didn't work for, and that's the problem I have with rich people, not just the fact they have money. Do I belong on leftypol? I fucking hate Holla Forums because they'res too many bait threads and capitalists.


The petite bourg are literally the most reactionary group on the planet and will be eradicated under socialism, if not before then.

Sure, you just gotta realise that da joos are not some kind of evil monolithic group with superpowers to take over the world. They are just a religious group who happen to be richer than usual on average due to historic conditions.

As for mom and pop shops, there is no good reason why small shops cannot exist under socialism, though they would still have to follow socialist economic structures. So mom and pop would be the two main workers, managers and showrunners, but the shop would still belong to all of society. Mom and pop would not own their shop like you can today, they would just work there and be the unofficial defacto boss due to their commitment, age and experience. They could have other workers work there too, such as teens, to help out on different times. Those workers would also have a voice in the management of the store, but unless mom and pop specifically hire several dickwads or mom and pop are grossly incompetent, those other workers will simply respect their leadership. And if they do happen to get "thrown out" by a bunch of snotnosed scheming masterminds (which shouldnt happen unless they have a high turnover of workers and thus are shit bosses), they could just go to the local council and ask them to give them back control of their shop, if they can prove that those scheming kids are ruining the shop.

And before you say "they will just fire mom and pop", if you have ever worked in a mom and pop shop you would know that they are usually highly respected and their leadership is accepted. If mom and pop really are so incompetent that they are voted out of their own shop, they usually deserve it and will be voted out by an employee who genuinely is more competent and invested in the shop. An example of the latter case can be found in shows like Kitchen Nightmare, where some incompetent owners ruin the restaurant with the head chef trying his darnest to keep it afloat, but being blocked on every corner by the owners.

Also what about healthcare, school or roads? Where do you draw the line on what you support as public (gratis) services? No wrong answers, but as automation continues money and wages would get phased out and gratis stuff for everyone would become a bigger part of society, with paid stuff becoming a smaller part. Where do you draw the line for your society (wherever you live) at this current stage of development?

Just be socdem. titoist, or Nazbol. There's enough half-baked philosophy to keep you comfortable.

Is this bait?

I think you mean the petty-bourg will be abolished with the advent of socialism. Classes aren't plato's forms, you aren't magically still petty-bourg outside of capitalism.



Stop being a child and read Cockshott

He's not claiming that's how to run the entire economy, he was explaining how pitit bourgeois would exist in socialism

yes, incompetent autocrats do in fact make better decisions then the masses, unless you want to say I am somehow competent.

Read Capital.

Nah keep lookin

Fuck mom and pop and thier shitty ass jam jellies

They get the bullet to, aswell as op.


Threw me off too but he means:

I think

Which is all well and good until you understand how Capital centralisation works.

I think he doesn't think, i think

Just look at the cooperative model or Mondragon. They even work within a capitalist system.

but co-ops aren't socialism


Heck off man, do you think the capitalists that lose their business wont try to organize counter revolution? For real?