Tankie Cringe Thread

Anarchists unite! It's time to remind the dumb tankiddies (including the BO) on this board of all the bullshit that they did and defend to this day to help ruin Communism's image.

I'll start with pic related. Every sane being knows that the Great Purge was literally founded on confessions extracted from torture and Stalin was a retard for carrying it out.

Post other examples of ☭TANKIE☭ cringe to add to this thread!


Sage negated! After all, charging 25% more than market value for weaponry to defend against a fascist takeover is Actual Existing Socialism!

this is your brain on ideology.
there are no teams you fucking pleb. your imaginary opponents (tankies) weren't there and neither were you.

If my imaginary opponents aren't there why do self-proclaimed MLs exist on here, or even on youtube like FinnishBolshevik exist? Time to own up tankiddie.

Denying the purges, the holomodor, etc is retarded but it's not nearly as retarded as anarchism.

really belted my pantalons

are you suggesting that western governments are infallible arbitrators of what is and what is not genocide?

I doubt that is what he was implying. The point is that Western countries would be the ones most likely to say it was a genocide because, ya know, all the anti-communism that exists in Western countries.

Also, Ukraine themselves didn't recognize it until 2006 or some shit.

At the very least anarchism isn't a fucking cancer that destroys communities and movements unlike you ☭TANKIE☭s.

Roo should just come out as a TERF.

The biggest cringe is this stupid thread

Fuck of anarchopac.

What are you talking about, anarchism destroyed the Spanish republic and helped fascists win.

Stephen Kotkin is better than say, Robert Conquest, but he's still not an objective source of information about the USSR.

shocker - it's not something you can blame on Roo

New experimental devauled communist ideology >Anarchism>Tankies
You know it to be true.
t. God.


I still don't get what all the fuss over Ukraine was when there were bigger mass deaths under communism elsewhere.
They were entirely justified of course, and I mean that, this isn't bait or falseflagging, most of them deserved it or were of other factors.

The so-called "Holodomor" was created to distract from the actual Holocaust and to equivocate the nazis and the USSR in the eyes of westerners. It didn't really stick.

K, like I said it was literally the one that mattered the least out of any of them, literally who cares.

Claiming the Holodomor is "nazi propaganda" is something only a privileged, western teenage idiot ☭TANKIE☭ would say.

Nah it's a lie propagated by the nazi collaborators among the "ukrainian" bourg.

lmfao. Nobody, including anarchists and leftcoms, believes the Holodomor is a real thing.

I don't see ☭TANKIE☭s trying to force sex on me, asserting biology isn't real or supporting Nazi masturbation fantasy. Those seem to be popular causes amongst anarchists.

I have a strong urge to dissociate from Roo the more I learn about him. Despite agreeing with a lot of his positions this dude seems mentally ill in a multitude of ways.

I would appreciate it greatly if you wouldn't purposefully try to widen the gap of sectarianism.
I would like to see some actual discussion of the matter rather than being forced to witness Holla Forums-tier "lawl tankhies/anarkiddies btfo" crap.

Stop shitting the board with your bile and fuck off.

It's a sad fucking day when even "leftists" buy into the holodomor meme.