I need help

I need help.

I've realized on my path radicalization, I'm ruining any chance of having a normal life. I want a normal life. How do I abandon my beliefs??

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In that case I suggest you to end your your existence.

Don't be a fool comrade!

how are you abandoning your chance at having a normal life? where are you from?
what sort of organization do you take part in, even?

I've had to do all kinds of shit but still kept a normal life. Unless we are talking full blown terrorism or guerilla generally you can hold down a normal life, albiet sometimes politics can enroach on it.


what a fag

don't worry bro socialism is when you're a stalinist crust punk and insecure about it

Define "normal".

I've been radical for more than a decade and I'm fairly normal. You're just being an obnoxious faggot about politics because you're new to it. Just relax and don't be a dick.

I think the only way to get out is to start cleaning your room

Just get a vasectomy and go full anti-natalist gang. Then you won't have to worry so much. Feeding and sheltering yourself is relatively easy compared to taking care of babbies.

I'm sorry man this is the Marxist curse, you realize things and as such your life becomes sadder
Only chance of scape is realizing yourself trough organizing the struggle, still you'll always now that succes of revolution will be the only final solution for you.

The first sip of Marxism will turn you into a nihilist, but at the bottom of the glass, a love of your fellow man is waiting for you.

You'll be much happier when you understand why injustice exists, comrade.

I dunno if I agree with this vague statement. You'd think that just being a normie would make you a commodity-nihilist. One way of thinking about Marxism that I think can really hurt you is as determinism without any room for subjectivity.

only right answer I'm afraid

How the fuck are you a Marxi-


Nihilism is at the heart of the Enlightenment, Marxism was an attempt to overcome it by having the proletarian become the universal class and in the process overcome alienation. But that is all over.

In any case op is a faggot, people like them abandon radical beliefs and become normies once they graduate from college.


I was at the same point of being afraid of being too radicalized, but once I got through most of the usually required books and Richard Wolff seminars it all gave me a greater appreciation of the world around me. (it might help that I'm not a depressed and contradictory ☭TANKIE☭)

imho You can still be a normal functional member of society after it's all said and done, you just have a couple weeks of awkwardness with the world once you realize how exploitative everything is. After that you'll be basically the same as before if not a little bit more self aware and itching to unionize, at least in my experience.

I think I've
heard somewhere that Heidegger's interpretation of nihilism was not "nothing-ism" but "nothing-but-ism". Like a mode of disclosure which reveals nothing other than X. An example being Heidegger's essay on technology where productive enframing reveals nothing else than standing reserve. What do you make of this, is it not a proper understanding of nihilism? I also understand nihilism as the lack of values or meanings in the world. I think that can be fairly said of the enlightenment which, having gotten rid of god, is left with the radical lack inherent in subjectivity (which is also a positive potential), so mankind just becomes something to be controlled by man, to not let the potential develop into something. And is there any sort of praxis you hold above others?


I understand technology as having its own telos which is not at all compatible with human emancipation, but the answer cannot be to smash the machines, as the anprims and anti-civs advice us to do. "The cyborg would not recognize the Garden of Eden; it is not made of mud and cannot dream of returning to dust" That is to say we're already too embedded in the technological process to pull out.
So what praxis can work in such a world? I am a brainlet, I don't honestly know, hence the flag I suppose.

Anime is for paedos

not everything in you life has to about politics op. you can still believe in a revolution, and even organize and work towards one, without it defining everything you think and do. remember that under socialism your relationships with others and yourself will still be more important than how resources are economically allocated.
don't fall in to the trap of basing your entire existence on leftist politics, especially as the point of socialist policies is to liberate people from the dehumanizing and exploitative nature of capitalism so that they can live their lives freely

Actually, it goes the otherway around.

Happened for me idk about the rest of yall.

You don't have a normal life. First will come the messiah complex and then the realist in you will come out and hammer out some sort of praxis from your surroundings.

watch PragerU,
read jordan persons 12 rules of life,
dont think about any thing again
and your done.

I feel like it was the reverse for me.

I confess myself intrigued, but wouldn't that nihilism just mean that injustice ultimately has no reason either? I mean, obviously it has causes, but not a reason, right?

I've been happier and more confident since becoming a socialist. I was depressed before because I saw all the horrible things happening and had no answers. I felt like there was nothing I can do. As a burger, this is still true, but I'm at peace because I have understanding

Strangle the rose and you can have the best of both worlds OP
t. SocDem Gang