Thniking about the future

How will the inevitable tide of changing cultural demographics in America in the next 1-2 generations change how revolution is achieved?

Having a higher population of people from some of the already more socialist-leaning countries of South America, and more oppressed poorer people from Latin America, it would actually make things easier to achieve for us. What do you think?

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I don't think it has any affect whatsoever, minorities are equally capable of being classcucks.

Immigrants from socialist/ex-socialist countries are some of the biggest bootlickers

Why should I care honestly

Poorer more oppressed proletariat = More aware of their oppression, and have less to live for, and thus more willing to revolt

Well that doesn't have anything to do with race though, the rise of the megacorps will happen regardless

Minorities are poorer overall than the much more opulent white impoverished we have in America.

Not only that, but they aren't fucking racists than what we're stuck working with here. Minorities have a clearer purer vision of revolution, and if anything, the undeniable racist oppression they suffer under helps fuel the fires of class revolution as well, which won't ever happen with whites.

It's just better in the long run to support initiatives like this (inb4 nazi tears)

pol out

this kind of topic is considered identity politics and what makes this place unique is that we don't discuss it

Feels like kind of an important topic to ignore. Why are you so willing to not want to think about it? How much of this board is white I wonder…99%?

It's obvious why "identity politics" isn't welcome here…Because you're complicit in racist oppression of minorities and think class revolution will make minorities not want revenge on you once the capitalists are gone.

FYI our board surveys have proven we're more ethnic than r/socialism and whiter than Holla Forums


Holla Forums has literally one tactic of false flagging and its posting 'woke, really makes you think ;^)' threads like this

An "ethnic" (very reactionary word tbh) trying to ignore the issue of Racism is acting out a symbolic whiteness in nature.

Just like how China learned from the models of British Colonialism and American Slavery, they temporarily "become white" when colonizing Africa and being oppressors there like they are today.

"Let's just not talk about racism guys it's just uhhh 'idpol' it doesnt matter" - White dude "left liberal libertarian" teen who eventually turns into a Holla Forums ass

"Let's just not talk about racism guys it's just uhhh 'idpol' it doesnt matter" - Holla Forums


On the off chance you're not trolling, the way to end racism is to stop judging people by race and end capitalism, not to shit on white people.

"Let's just not think about race or racism or anything uhhh okay guys?" is a typical white ractionary dogwhistle for "Let's not care about minority's suffering under racism".

Every time you don't talk about racism, more racist oppression happens. And it makes you complicit.

We won't be able to "stop caring about race" unless the source of racism is removed from the world in the first place. And who are the racists of the world? The answer won't shock you.

Is it racist/ipdol to get turned on by the idea of white people getting bred out of existence? I'm white btw

Stop you redditspacing triple nigger

I'm not objecting to talking about racism exactly but I strongly object to the SJW original sin type shit attributed to white people, it's no wonder that there are so many Nazis out there today when the 'progressive' left can only offer up hate and mocking to young white men unsure of their place in the world. If you want to condemn police violence against black people and so on then that's fine but the shitty circlejerk deeply triggering and problematic racist rhetoric of the SJW left serves no constructive purpose.

I don't think much would change. Americanization happens fairly quickly and effectively. The 1st generation hold on to how things used to be in their country but the 2nd generation are generally pretty Americanized.

Latin american is not a race, hispanic people are from europe and therefore invariably caucasoid. Most latin americans don't have a substantial portion native or afro blood and as a result latin americans are primarily white people. Latin american IS, however, an ethnic group
Please learn some anthropology, I'm tired of niggers thinking they know shit they don't know


Learn to false-flag Holla Forums

It's called respecting the voices of minorities who are finally speaking out about their suffering under their fucking racism. So what if someone else's "FEELINGS" are hurt?? Who CARES? Are you saying that's more important?

Whites who say "oh no guys they said im racist and evil because of my white complictness in racist society against them, guess I have no choice but to BECOME A FUCKING NAZI THEREFORE PROVING THEIR POINT" were always lost causes and would never have helped the left in the first place, unlike more purer minorities we could get from other countries

And it really doesn't matter how many of them get saaaad or turn nazi if theyre gonna die as a demographic anyways lol, like they literally aren't relevant as useful or worthwhile people anymore, and can only ever be a barrier to left revolution (like they're being in this very thread)

I mean you see those opoid rates right lol

Just shut up already, last time I went to Holla Forums was back when it was still called /new/ and there were still communism threads all the time

Ya know I really shouldn't reply to whats either a Holla Forums or reddit thread but fuck it.

The whole "Death of White America" meme, which is accepted by both republicans and democrats is just that–a meme.

When you see those old statistics that say America was around 88% white in 1970 fails to take account that prior to 1980 Latinos were broadly considered white even if they weren't socially "white" enough. More than 50% of Hispanics in America consider themselves white–and that proportion is likely to grow in the future. When hispanic whites and non-hispanic whites are taken together you see a white majority of close to 77%.

Most "mestizo" Hispanics, who make up the majority of Hispanics, are more European than native. The meme history promoted by liberals that tells us that Spanish conquest of the Americas was less violent is false–the mass democide/genocide of indigenous people in Iberian America permanently shifted demographics in favor of European conquerers and their descendants.

America didn't invent whiteness. The concept existed and still exists in the rest of the Western Hemisphere. Certain SJWs bemoaning the fact that more hispanics are being racially assimilated into American standards of "whiteness" are operating under the assumption that Hispanics are innocent of the racial prejudices that dog America.

The reality is exactly opposite: Hispanics are changing American standards of what white is and are bringing their own conceptions of "whiteness" with them. Of the children considered "mixed" in the US by far the most common coupling is between non-hispanic whites and Hispanics.
This article is a good piece on what has happened and is likely to happen in the future. Btw the liberal-conservative myth is that by striking down racial qualifications in the 1965 Immigration Act that the Establishment decided it was good not to be racist. This is wrong. Many of the Republican supporters of the act were paid by South-western capitalists reliant on hispanic labor. Furthermore, the 1965 immigration act was always going to favor Hispanics since they were the largest immigrant group and America's closest neighbor.

It was a very clever way of undermining the black proletariat and making civil rights effectively a dead letter. It can even be argued it was a method of preserving white supremacy since without the act black Americans would've been the largest "minority" group by far.

I just can't comprehend the liberal mythology around this issue, the idea that America has a white supremacist establishment and that it supported massive hispanic immigration in order to undermine itself? It just doesn't make sense.

fuck off no id politics

leftism has become a breeding ground for "hey guys let's not made the white boys cry about their hurt feewings" lol

"lets not talk about things that matter in the real world because then I'd have to confront my own racism"

This is literally what proto-Holla Forums did

Well if any of that is actually true, then we should try our best to fix the problem of a white supremacist establishment by focusing on other targets for immigration.

A basic rule is that "No whites = no racism", and you don't support racism, do you?

go back to pol

You may be a bit retarded, or just an idealist. I grew up in a latino community. The vision in your head that everybody who isnt white somehow thinks like you, and your friends is incorrect, and Holla Forumstier idpol. Try growing up with immigrant parents, and being surrounded by a community of people who loath anybody who isnt a "hard working" hetero sexual catholic male.

Possitive to socialism, somewhat.
Racist, and regressive, you fucking bet.

stop being so fucking retarded and replying to this obvious troll

You're suggesting the left show some compassion for white people, and the dominant voice of the left is telling you outright that how white people feel doesn't matter. Call it a false flag all you want. This is the logical conclusion of a third worldist ideology. If you think racism against whites exists, maybe it's time to get right with God and stop being a leftist?

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