The state pressures people to get married and make children, but in the end why make children in a cruel world...

The state pressures people to get married and make children, but in the end why make children in a cruel world? Not only that, your offspring will face the same hardships you've been through, and be subjected to shaming tactics and stuff, like you musn't be raised by a single mother, or be a "sonbasket", among many other things, which leads people to alcoholism, drug abuse which then is the cause of lack of marriage and love in the world. Political internet folk like to meme about this, but in the end if they had a children, woudn't they want to protect it at all costs? Or are they willing to throw their offsprings to the wolves?

No matter how you look at it, life is like a rigged game where you can't win at all, and everyone wants to squeeze the last drop of juice of you, without caring how you feel.

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I won't see a world wide revolution in my time
Maybe not even my child when I have one, but I want that at least some descendant of mine lives through it and reaches the other side of this tunnel
Saying that anyhow I doubt we'd be looking to make kids for at least 2-3 more years since we're both still finishing uni
Don't give up don't let them win

To replace the workforce when the current one gets old.


If anything adopting would be the most humane option. Since the child is already is alive. Creating a new life would be cruel, unless if you are wealthy enough to shield them from capitalist expansion. If nothing is done to cause a cause drastic changes, we will probably see a very steep decrease in standard of living in the coming generations (yes, even worse than what is happening right now).

Which state encourages people to get married and have children? No western state that I am aware of. Western states encourage antinatalism, fun, and abortions on demand. If western states need more debt slaves they import from Africa or Mena.

It really is like NOBODY on this board has any connection to reality whatsoever.

stop caring about how they feel
if ya caint feed ya baby then don't have a baby
ez pz
don't let strivercels or evpsych tweens crab bucket you into undesirable lifestyle choices

Every single state in the world with state-sponsored marriage and benefits. Which is all of them. You're the one disconnected from reality, not us. Like holy shit you're embarassing.

The general pressure you get from the current society to multiply and consume. You see it the most in tv ads.

This is obvious. The problem with the current politics is that it acts like it has seperated itself from economics, even though it is impossible to do so. The immigrants are accepted politically due to anti-racist politcal tendencies being enforced. While they are accepted economically due to increasing the size of the labour force, which is a requirement for capitalist expansion, and the drive down labour costs. This tandem reinforces itself.

The difference between leftists and rightists is that the right would accept a world where their children have to work shitty jobs for minimum wage, as long as there are no immigrants. And this idea is solely based on some kind of glorified 20's and 50's, when western countries were wealthy.
This is exactly what you are projecting. We don't care about baboons or sandniggers. We care about if we can take care of our offspring and if they can have a bright future. And for most people that answer is no. But I guess a middle class faggot who has never even seen a black person in real life wouldn't know.

Whats a strivercell and evphsyc?

strivercel = /r9k/ essentially
desperately wants a petty boruge lifestyle but can't have it
evpsych = evolutionary psychology

I don't get why anyone would have kids in this world, but people are selfish.

Allot of what i hear from people like that, is that they want someone to take care and look after them when they get old and decrepid.

Desiderata, hombre.

With the way she it's going now will see a return of the 1800s where kids are working in factories oh wait automation my bad.

Oh wow. You don't have to work shit jobs if you have skills, leftist. But you do have to pay for the migrants regardless. The minimum wage shouldn't even exist because I have a right to offer my services at whatever price I choose. In a society without mass immigration you develop your skills, get a good job, and then you keep most of what you earn, only paying for useful services like border security, not free food for brown people. Maybe you pay to help poor white immigrants, but that investment actually pays off and they don't hate you. And yes, we know this system works because it worked fine before the West took in massive amounts of third worlders. Get rid of the shitholers and you're left with a country that is not a shithole.

In any case, white leftists are the ones not having kids, so the good news is leftist genes are getting filtered out. White conservatives have relatively high birth rates. You're getting replaced since the white race is choosing quality over quantity. So by the time the browns are forced out we won't even have to worry about shit like FDR's depression because whites will have been cleansed of leftist genes.

This is what Holla Forums actually believes.

Live for yourself OP. Besides, having children gets in the way of creating revolution. Dedicate yourself to the good fight.

Without children or loved ones, you are in the best position to create revolution as you have no one to hold you down. Your only limits are what you can achieve.

in all likelyhood you have a starting hand very similar to most people, and some of them succeed
I am winning and I started with a great deal of disadvantages involving money, but I had a couple nice advantages too
as a child I never had anything fun and we were almost homeless a couple time (and technically speaking, we actually were more then once) but now I can feed myself fat on almost no money because its what I learned growing up and it helps, I have about a grand put away in savings right now and can casually spend money on expensive things when I want to because I am living under my means

He's right, but for the wrong reason. It doesn't actually make sense to increase native populations or for native populations to be increasing in de-industrialized or de-industrializing countries given the cost of raising children being extremely financially burdensome for families (about a million per child in the states) and the cost for the governance (national and state) to help support young children. In fact, its not too unheard of to hear certain porkies to sell the idea of urban abortion clinics and other birth control measure as a way to "alleviate" poverty. To some bourg, its simply far more "clean" and palatable in this day and age to have all the messy work and burden of having and raising a lot of children be done elsewhere with a filtered (or unfiltered) stream of immigration to the de-industrilized receiving country then have to deal with a homegrown influx.

If leftist genes are a thing, how come alleged leftist brainwashing in college is a problem at all?

we are a product of both our genes and our enviorment

Fuck off polyp



Fuckin' hell, NutSac. You literally almost got me to agree with you, y'know that?

Yup. It's sad really. If I ever get to the state when I start getting dementia I'll jump off a bridge before I get too far gone. That's not life.

Oh, I dunno: France, Italy, Denmark and a few others.

Genes are about potential. If you never hear an opposing view then you can't adopt it, even though you're genetically predisposed to it.