So, I might as well ask, who actually created Alunya?

So, I might as well ask, who actually created Alunya?

I ask because, as embarassed as I am to admit it, I'm an outsider who found out about her via KnowYourMeme and I'm coming on as a person interested in Open Source Characters n stuff like that I wonder if I could ever talk to the original creator and see if they'd consider making 'em public domain, via a CC0 license.

I mean, it would be in the spirit of both the character and this board, as far as I can tell. So, anybody know?

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a random user and later catgirls drawfag took the helm.



So, wait, is it a situation like The Rake or other characters where the original creator is unknown and they've effectively ceded it to the Creative Commons? If so then, HUZZAH!

Also, speaking as an outsider, even with all your infighting, you seem to be doing good work; fighting against right-wing dominance of meme/imageboard culture by the simple act of existing. Hell, the fact I basically found out about Alunya via KnowYourMeme speaks volumes on that.

So, I like you, keep it up.


yeah, that seems to be the case, even if it had a creator leftists oppose intellectual property so claiming it will be pretty hypocritical.
Plus who wants the ownership of such dumb meme?
If you're an outsider where did you came from?

Our glorious meme cat


he said kym right there in the OP you dummy

Creative Commons is different from Copyright. In some versions all it asks is to give credit to the creator of the original.


yes knowyourmeme but that isn't really a community, is it?

That's still too much ownership!

Yeah, as far as actual communities go I'm most active on Tumblr. And on the CC-BY licenses, yeah those are the ones I use most often, tho there's also CC0 ones that are basically declaring it public domain without the ability to pull up the ladder,

And, it's interesting thinking about this from an ideological perspective because, again, I'm super into the idea of commonly-shared Open Source Characters, but even the more-owner-y CC-BY license is a bit much for a lot of those I've proposed it to.

Mind if I talk your ear off about it? Because I do know a fair bit about it, and I think it's relevant to the board because it's about an attempt to make a shared commons with

Also, I drew my own personal Alunya as an addition. I hope you aren't as opposed to furry stuff as other Chans, and I apologize if my arts a bit wonky, as I did this quickly and even with that the way I do my linework is kinda… unusual.

Ah a tumblrite, that's fine
Well the idea of open source characters is kind of relevant but still why make it open source and not just simply put it on public domain? The idea of mixing intellectual property with an open and free culture seems contradictory

Well, long story short is that artists want to remain associated with and engaged with their creation, along with allowing for those opportunities to spread your name and thusly get people to care about your art. Because, in capitalism hell, artists have jack shit in terms of job security and social cachet (Unless you’re in the highest ranks) so there’s that need for credit to avoid being buried by this society.

Also as clauses to add-on to CC-BY licenses, there’s NC licenses which are nonprofit and SA licenses (The most common from what I can see) which force anyone adding or using stuff from that thing to put it under that exact same licence. I can see why Holla Forums might find the latter possibly more interesting/appealing, but I find they tend to have a chilling effect on the sort of remixing/crossovers I like compared to direct adaptations due to the hazard to the rights of other people’s creations and besides they still allow rent-seeking via licensing more permissively by the owners.

What I’d really love to see as a license is one that takes parts of BY- but isn’t so forceful, treating the material in part of a shared setting as public property; in that you don’t automatically cede the rights to anything you use with it; but if you do add a core element to the main setting you do put it under the license in that main “pool” .

So, like, with a fantasy setting if you have a few creatures or a character from that setting show up in your story, you don’t automatically lose them that way, but if you say make a character the Dark Lord’s sister or add a new keystone species or kingdom or continent to that setting, it goes back into the pool. I’d call it the Take A Penny Leave A Penny license.

Imma split this into two posts to talk about some o the more prominent works there, cause this is getting long. But, I do wonder if a thread for drawfriends/writefriends to make stuff that’s all in the public domain would be a good idea?

Like, a regular one on Leftypol, since I think it’d fit with the ideology…

Stop stealing the meme I made you dingus.

that was way after the core characters of alunya and rodina (and other-rodina) were created

Dont be embarrassed we're nice with outsiders as long as their chill.

Plus we need more art of our beloved catgirl.

That seems reasonable enough, tho it's a situation specific to the capitalist world
Yes, that sounds good enough
Well, your solutions mostly solve problems specific to capitalism, they're fine but far from solving it all.

Any art created for the socialist, communist or anarchist cause is defacto creative commons, even if the author says it isn't.

Alunya was originally made by a wayward drawfriend who what compiling board-tans. When he realized we didn't have such a mascot, he offered to make one and put out a poll, mostly including memes popular at the time like Hoxha/bunkers and Stirner, but also had an "angry catgirl" as an option which ended up winning in a landslide.

He provided us with pic related. He asked us to name her and people settled on "Alonia" after "Cat-Alonia", but it was pointed out that it's actually Catalunya in Catalan, so they changed it to Alunya.

I still think it should have been Cindy (Cindy-Cat, syndicate), but whatever.

But, yeah, since the user drawfriend who originally made her never revealed himself, we don't know who created the character and thus no one can really claim ownership.

I do think it's interesting how Alunya has slid away from her original concept, which seems to be heavily inspired by Ryuko Matoi, to something a bit more cartoony.



I don't see what's bad about intellectual property rights? It's not really fair that everyone can just blatantly plagiarize your ideas without giving credit.

Many of the most important characters in fictional history have been interpreted and reinterpreted by dozens or hundreds of different authors. That's a basis of culture. While obviously the creator will always be known as the originator I don't see anything wrong with a socialist future where if people don't like the storyline character X is being given, they can read a book by someone else where she gets a different ending

Acknowledgement isn't property.

I am actually the person who kept suggesting the original idea, which was "turn the sabocat into an anime cat girl." I probably posted it three or four times before drawfags took a crack at it. However, they gave her a life of her own and people added the catalonya stuff.





someone should contact her and ask her how she feels being the subject of all these conspiracy theories


It dates back to the 1980s on a usenet newsgroup that was called talk.socialism that was started by a group of students that went by the alias "alunya". Alot of these guys were the same people that are well known for alot of the anarchist zines, and text files.

Well, most certainly, I know it ain't a full-on solution but it does help, and IDK if I made it clear I don't really use the BY-SA licenses myself, I just use the regular more open -BY licenses for the stuff I make because of that aforementioned love of remixing on the part o myself and others.

Even outside of the whole Revolution, in the meantime I'd love to see an organization to buy up those works sat on by corporate squatters and put them into the PD, and to retroactively reduce copyright in the US to its pre-1976 levels of 56 years so everything 1960 & earlier is PD.

But, as I mentioned before, here's a few of the more prominent OSOC-related things I know of:

Jenny Everywhere, basically the first modern open source character, only requires a paragraph to use. She's basically a character whose power is to exist in every universe simultaneously, kind of an adventurer, and has a Wikipedia page even:

The works of David Revoy, basically including all of those Blender-made shorts and the adorable; gorgeously drawn webcomic Pepper and Carrot about a little witch and her cat. He’s immensely talented, and almost all of his stuff is released under a CC-BY license, so I’d recommend him:

The Public Domain Superheroes Wiki has a bunch hosted on there, tho compared to a lot of the other sources, Sturgeon’s Law hits it hard. So be aware of that:

The Fear Mythos, which basically was why I had the idea for a take-a-paenny leave-a-penny license, because that’s basucally how it works, with you having to add to the “pool” if you make a new Fear, which is basically like an eldritch abomination themed after a primal fear:

Wuffle, a cute SFW webcomic released into the Public Domain by an artist that I’m pretty sure is a furry bara porn dude. But, it’s cute and endearing and BELONGS TO US ALL:

Freedoom, an attempt at making a version of Doom with all new non-copyrighted art, with credit going to the Freedoom team. Some of it isn’t the best, but the creature designs are fun when they’re good (Especially those by raymoohawk) and I’m still hoping somebody eventually does a HDoom version o those:

Open Game Art, which has a bunch of CC- assets, but I think there’s enough original designs there with their own distinct personality to use as Open Source Characters that I literally made a whole collection there of that:

My own stuff, because yeah I do a lot of it, and I’m considered kind of an expert on it amongst my friends. Tho, I’ll say a lot of the stuff is badly in need of an update, and even without that my art tends to be unusual; namely because of the method I use to make my lineart. Which is basically that I carve it out of the paint with a mouse and use layers to put it together, but I digress, here’s the masterpost:

There’s a few other smaller examples there IDK if you’d be interested in, but also, anyone else like the idea of us being a producer of that sort o stuff? Like, with a Public Domain-making thread, where drawfriends and writefriends make stuff to go into the PD, art for the Revolution and all?

Also I know of a few smaller examples of OSOC stuff, anyone wanna see 'em?

That will be excessive, one's ethics should refuse to use copyright and that should be enough
Not really
OP you can leave now and use Alunya as you please

She's still pretty ryuko

What VN is that from?

License it under the gplv3+ to prevent people from licensing their derivations under a different license.
The credits goes to the leftist community on 8ch.

If my memory serves me right it was the original BO of /his/ who went round getting all of the board-tans together for a first birthday thing for Holla Forums. We spat out ideas and Alunya became a thing.

That's a good point. I meant that in some cases the original creator may be unclear, and someone else could unfairly claim it. But it would be good to get rid of some of the ridiculous cash-grabbing plagiarism trials we have nowadays.

The "cat alunya" pun isn't that difficult to come up with. Regardless, is there any truth to what you said?