Is this it? Is this the defining photograph of Capitalism...

Is this it? Is this the defining photograph of Capitalism? Will this be the image people include in history books hundreds of years in the future, when talking about the Neoliberalist phase of Capitalism?

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I'd go with the KFC weather balloon launch, to sum up capitalism.

Just end it already

Thanks user I needed a good laugh.

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yes, and it's beautiful.

What's the ugly splotch covering up a large chunk of the earth in this image?

It's like a vaporwave image, but unironic.

Jeez, i had a mini panic attack thinking about the distance between the car and the planet.


In the 19th century, people who made great discoveries would refuse to name them after themselves out of courtesy and humility. Now we have some dipshit on government corporate welfare using space to shill his shitty products. Sickening really.

Welp! If some day an alien archeologist finds our planet he will have to really work his neurons to understand why the hell did we do these things.


It's your mother, we can see her from orbit.

this is a good thing
mankind has crossed the threshold of no return.


mein gott

Hook tube dumbass!


I hate capitalists as much as the next guy, but I fail to see how anyone could look at a car orbiting the Sun blasting David Bowie on a loop and not think that's fucking awesome.

wait no i like history books

I hope you don't like anything else, cause it's not going to be around either

Theres no sound in space

It's essentially usueless. And Musk is just another Steve Jobs. He does nothing besides scratching his balls, he doesn't understand anything about what's going on and he receives the praises from the work of others.
Unfortunately the real geniuses at Space X will never have their name splattered in the media, let alone in the history books.
I would love if they all left the company, so we can see what 2nd coming of Jesus Elon Musk could achieve on it's own…oh that's right, we already seen, that flamethrower shit kek.

musk is a physicist by training and a self taught engineer
it's not like he just hires and fires people

What's wrong with it exactly?

because it's stupid and vulgar
a golden record with data about humanity is stupid but utopian, optimistic and symbolic.
a car is a symbol of a species that needs to die.

How yall feel about this?


damn this is low

Who is defending elon musk?

I submit these two pics as candidates for capitalism.jpg

Any communist that doesn't feel a deep, burning desire to see Man take to the stars is not a real communist.

I obviously don't like Elon Musk (or Space X for that matter), but launching ANYTHING into space is objectively fucking cool.

if we're just going to litter space then mankind can't do anything cool, and the coolest possibility becomes the inverse: space launching things into earth.

Generally I feel that we can and should focus on problems and progress at the same time. I'm sure launching his car into space gave them some valuable information. At the same time this doesn't feel right. Launching a rocket with some sort of payload that isn't just an advertisement campaign would feel less like a slap in the face.
Can't wait for Coca-Cola to do/sponsor some test flights and reward themselves for it by carving their name on to the surface of the moon.

I would rather see all of humanity burn to death on this rock than curse the universe with capitalism.

Congo is the best representative of capitalism and I

pray to the great historical dialectic that this ends up the penultimate photo to describe capitalism.

sorry about the shitty editing, I'm fucked on way too many drugs

Lets launch a copy of das kapital into the reaches of space.



It's not awesome, it's everything wrong with our society.

It's so stupid it beggars belief. The technology he "tested" has existed since the sixties. Musk is just the first in the last few decades, through the scam of PPP, to get enough productive capacity dedicated to it . Nothing new or innovative about it, merely the retreat of national projects in favour of private ones.

hi reddit


The car could easily be torched by a solar flare/mass ejection.

It'd be fucking hilarious if that happened within the year.

The redditors are out in force to defend a billionaire who gives literally zero shits about them or the science they supposedly love.

It's hilarious how many people don't know Musk is just recycling 50-60 year old technology with a fresh slap of paint

Reddit was also cheering Trump's plan to privatize the international space station because they erroneously believed that Musk would be able to afford it. Liberals are stupid as fuck.

but why
It's at the end of it's life in 2 years

How is this even a thing? Its not his to privatize?
Also… I hate reddit, jesus christ.

How does anything get approval to launch without being sterilized?

I saw someone post this exact comment on 4/r9k/ today. No idea why someone would copy a leftypol post with no context in the middle of a thread but whatever I guess.
sage for irrelevence

That's exactly what you get when you outsource these things to the private sector. Cowboys and amateurs.

They'll be exterminated either way

Here's a more appropriate flag for you all. Why actually have any concrete beliefs if you don't actually believe in a future?

so the public sector in the past decade has built and maintained a continuously manned football field sized space station, sent probes beyond pluto, landed on a fucking comet, but some middle aged south african guy who makes shit jokes and thinks he is millennial launches something less than half as powerful as stuff NASA and the soviets did half a century ago gets credit taking space travel to a new level? What the actual fuck?

ah but you see its reusable and elon uses twitter so…

Yeah but an astronaut was driving a car in space, that's fucking EPIC bro!


It's kind of like the beginning of The Foundation where they outline how humanity is moving backwards. Capitalism is reaching the limits of what it can and cannot do without an absolutely massive war that would probably kill most humans.

Do you have any source for this? Not being a dick, would just be useful to actually know exactly what tech he's reusing.

We built rockets that went to the moon with people, landers and rovers. Heavy lift rockets are not a new thing. He's just had designed and built another model of something that already existed before.

That at the very best might help you take business decisions since your whole business revolves around aerospace research and tech. He still has no input into the complex thought processes that go into a space launch - that's the job of the engineers and scientists he hires. You can look up the articles he's published and you'll see it's nothing too extravagant, mostly just divulgation works:,5&q=author:elon-musk&hl=es&as_vis=1

It's about as likely that it's an intentional cost cut. You'd think a proper capitalist such as him would avoid hiring incompetent people.


Exactly, and that's the problem. In something as high risk as spaceflight, the precautionary principle should outweigh cost concerns. Spare no expense, dot the i's and cross the t's, have all the redundancies.

reuseable rockets have been around since the mid 70s
They weren't all the efficient, easy and cheaper to build a one and done rocket