Without capitalism, whos gonna work as the shitty low-paid employee that gives you your mcdonalds bigmac and coca cola?

Without capitalism, whos gonna work as the shitty low-paid employee that gives you your mcdonalds bigmac and coca cola?

We need people to do the shitty jobs like clean shit out of the sewers etc





hey guys! what would your job be after the revolution?
me? id be central crab leg planner

The only reason those menial tasks aren't already automated is because wages are less expensive than robots and even that is changing

Regardless, considering everyone's labor will be freed for useful tasks rather than bullshit jobs that benefit nobody, the amount of unpleasant work that falls on each individual will be negligible. You may have to scrub one toilet every few months. See this quote; the 'redistribution' of labor also implies no single individual will be the designated toilet-scrubber. A small tradeoff for the immense freedom if you ask me

No one. We would all be better off without that.
If the sewers somehow became blocked by debris, I imagine that it would be a big enough issue that all able bodied people living in the area would pitch in.

Counter-revolutionaries, former haute bourgeoisie, and other gulag inmates

assistant to the elevator operator

Expropriate both and then use their infrastructure to produce and serve non-shitty food.

Falcon perch designer

i want to fix cars and trucks basically
building roads would also be fine


automate that shit

OURdonald's will only exist if there is popular demand. Given that the aim is to greatly reduce working hours i belive restaurants will be less common in favor of homecooking.
People who want to eat exoctic foods every once in a while maybe can work out local culinaire groups in community centers.

Without capitalism, why would that even be a fucking thing

Communism doesn't just mean "capitalism but with more red" you astonishing brainlet

are you saying fast food will stop being produced or?

Fast food is generally fucking awful, the main reason it exists is because people are so overworked they don't have time to eat real food. If it continues to exist at all it will be self serve, no one gonna wait on you, you insipid petite-bourgeois cunt.

Aside from automation:
-Some jobs just genuinely don't pay enough, I bet if you offered the average american $60k a year (or the equivalent life style) to clean toilets they'd quit their current job on the spot
-Jobs that do pay decent often have exclusionary groups (unions, guilds, etc.) that keeps the number of workers in that field artificially low. If the profit incentive was taken away and the workers who like doing the job don't have to worry about their quality of life going down if others enter the field, we'd have a bigger work pool for needed but shitty jobs

Good points. One of the most overlooked solutions to the shitty jobs problem (at least these days) is to divide the work among lots of people so that instead of cleaning toilets for 8 hours a day you end up doing it for maybe one hour (max.)

probably clerk or something since i fucked my back up from hauling

what the fuck need is there for "fast food" when people aren't forced by necessity to buy the shittiest food possible made as fast as possible to minimize the time spent in human activity and maximize surplus value extraction

at the very least it would be significantly curtailed due to its extremely negative impact on the environment

Robots or NOBODY

A world without mcdonalds wouldn't be a bad place tbh, I much rather people go to the local fries salesman who is a jolly working class 50 year old with a thick local accent.

suitor to the soda jerk's confidante