A couple of anime suggestions

inb4 anime is reactionary.

Now if you are looking for something to watch once in a while without too much issue I have a couple of suggestions that explore themes dear to us as far leftists.

The first I want to talk about is Shinsekai Yori or from the New world. The premise of the show is rather generic and very… well anime-like: a tiny percentage of people on Earth gain powerful telekinetic powers with which they pretty much demolish the status qup and establish their control over the globe. From here on however the show takes great care at exploring this new stratified society specifically from the point of view of a group of kids that will one day become the new leaders.

The society that is presented to us is a very closed and paranoid society, to the point that some time in the past they bioengineered themselves to be unable to hurt other humans so to keep their new society to be torn apart by lonely madmen. Still the risk of abnormalities is high and this translates in a community terrified of everything out of the norm, in particular in their children which are seen more as an existential risk than the future of their society.

To this paranoid society there is another one: rat-like humanoids provide the menial labour that keeps the human society going. They are in far greater numbers than their masters, but just like normal humans during the beginning of the story they stand no chance against these new humans, so they live their lives terrified that an angry god will wipe them out in an instant. The story develops following the group of kids growing up and confronting the harsh reality of their world, ultimately having to face both the paranoia of their world and the terror of the rat humanoids one. I am not going to say more about the story because it's worth discovering as it goes.

Now as far as leftist themes go it's pretty evident that this story is an exploration of the dynamics between a close circuit of elites and their subjects, including their successors. Power and fear are mixed together in an indistinguishable mix from which it's difficult to escape, even for the elites themselves, and this inescapability is explored in particular in the analysis of how exactly this society enforces normality and stability upon themselves and the rat humanoids.

I think I said more than enough. For those that saw it: Squealer did nothing wrong.

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The second bad boy is Made in Abyss (second pic). It's an apparently colorful and happy adventure of a blonde happy go lucky 9 year old girl and the reincarnation of megaman with style and backgrounds worthy of Studio Ghibli themselves (not by chance considering one of the minds behind it is from studio Ghibli). Boy is it! In truth it is clear from the first episode that the show has a much darker side.

The story revolves around the abyss and its mysteries and the protagonists struggle to reach the bottom where the mother of the girl supposedly is. Of course things are not so simple, the abyss degrades physically and mentally everything that goes through it and especially everything that tries to escape it. Called the curse of the abyss it affects people trying to climb up rather than down and can provoke from simple nausea to insanity to turning into a literal pile of cancer.

Now the horror of the show is peculiar because of its realism, its adherence to the world built by the story. The abyss has its rule and its lifeforms, it's a powerful indifferent beast that cares little for the lives of the protagonists and this indifference is an omnipresent crushing reality that they constantly have to face and overcome just to stay alive.

Now to me this is an exploration of belief and it facing the test of reality. The girl protagonist is the purest product of their society culture, worshipping the abyss, giving it god-like properties, believing firmly in the positive effects it had on everyone's life. There's a massive city built around the abyss entrance and its reason to exist is to bring more and more people to explore its depth.
The two protagonists have to constantly face the fact that the reality is completely different from what they believed until that day, the abyss as I said is not the well of wonders they studied, but an uncaring beast ready to devour them. But rather than accept this fact they keep warping their own perception of the world to fit reality into their own vision, they need to believe in the abyss, it's the reason of their existence ad so need to be the holder of all the answers. If only they could reach a level further they would finally find the truth, the confirmation of their beliefs, that everything is right.

This is true even for the side characters and the (human) villains that they meet in their voyage. While older and wiser they still cling to the idea that the abyss is more than a gaping maw, that their suffering had in the end a meaning and so they push and manipulate the rest of society into following them in the abyss to finally crack its secrets.

OK that's long enough. I hope some of you got interested, otherwise have a good evening and don't forget to post anime is shit.

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I'm gonna take a wild guess and say that you are posadist pacman.

Mamoru Oshii is pretty blatantly /ourguy/

Ghost in the Shell & Patlabor 2 are my favorite movies.


Speaking of leftist themes in anime, anyone know any good political anime? Not leftist in particular, just about politics


There's some left-ish undercurrents in Miyazaki's stuff if you care to look. Dude used to be a marxist

Thanks for the recommendations mate

Here's some recommendations OP.





what are the numbers for?

To keep track of what episodes I've watched.

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I've only watched eva and watamote

How on Earth did you manage to sit through that past the second episode? Umaru-chan is literally the Worst Girl. I can't imagine anyone who sympathizes with her that isn't a lazy sloven themselves.

Good choices

>No Kiniro Mosaic
reconsider these choices before you earn the wrath of the socdem gang

Honestly I don't even know. I look back & notice I watched some odd / bad shit. I probably watched it only for Ebina.

I need to find a good torrent for SAC & 2nd GIG. Lucky Star Ill get to it someday. Champloo, yeah I definitely need to finish. Gundam, maybe someday. Kiniro Mosaic, I don't know.

love this meme

That's the whole point of the anime, she's a complete shithead. It's Japanese Beavis and Butthead

Do it nerd
I also forgot:
>No Little Witch Academia or Inferno Cop or Turning Girls
Can't be a true /a/cademic without at least one Trigger title in your library


Legend of Black Heaven is basically Alienation: The Anime


Akame ga Kill is a decent-ish anime and its plot is basically revolutionaries vs reactionaries

I see those more in manga than in anime tbh

Watch Serial Experiments Lain as it's both heavily psychological, technologically prophetic, and can be interpreted in a leftist manner.
But be warned, no brainlets can enjoy it

I mean, there's fantasy, and then there's fantasy

we wuz supapowa n shimata


God his trial was so chilling. A beautifully constructed scene. Those few last episodes really cemented this anime as one of my all time favorites.

this is one of those older shows that people have started talking about recently; it looks interesting

Another suggestion. Girls' last tour is a very peculiar exploration of hopelessness. It somehow manages to be lighthearted and even hopeful in a world that is literally a giant urban waste where the human population is reduced to maybe a dozen (including the two protagonists).
I really like it because aside from two occasions it stays far away from moralist judgments on how war is bad and the environment is fucked, but focuses on how the two girls cope with this hostile world they are completely alone in. As I said hopelessness is the key to the whole thing, but in a way this lack of hope is liberating for the two, there's a carefree approach that gradually develops in front of their inevitable (but future) end.

Really for someone like me that whenever I see something emotional I turn into a crying little bitch, this was surprisingly pleasing and depressing at the same time. Worth a watch if you want something that will not strain your neurons, but that holds deeper meanings than what it is at first sight.

Watch Serial Experiments Lain

I know a friend of mine and another user ITT suggested it. I really need to, but I'm kind of turned off by the plot. If you see my suggestions they are pretty much all exploration based, about imagining a new world and tearing it down. I really find it hard to stay interested into more "mundane" settings. A lot of people suggested to me also Steins;gate and while I enjoyed the few episodes I've seen it did not really capture me as much as, say, Attack On Titan, which is objectively trash (but a guilty pleasure of mine).

SEL is very much avant-garde when it comes to art style and storytelling. It isn't your average bland show, and while it has almost cult-like following by people who like it, others outright can't watch it. You should give it a try just for the immense food for thought it provides.

Watch Texhnolyze as well.

ayncraps please go back to /liberty/

The show is god-tier, but if you're thinking of reading the manga once you're done with it, don't bother, it's extremely underwhelming.
You get none of the gorgeous backgrounds (as a matter of fact, very few at all), pointless ecchi shit (mild annoyance, but still) and especially in later chapters the illustrations get kind of messy to the point where it becomes hard to tell what's going on at times, as the artist cuts A LOT of corners with his digital art. It's basically a webcomic with a very nice concept and average to poor execution, the animation studio was the one who truly did it justice imo.

I forgot how great the artwork was in the Patlabor movies. Thanks for reminding me user. brb torrenting anime I'm not going to seed either

Gateway/10 what else did you expect?

Have another screenshot.

I know. :^(


i like katanagatari

Kill la Kill is fascist not leftist.
Prove me wrong. You can't.

How the hell is Made in Abyss ancap?


Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann and Kill La Kill are both lefty af

Life fibers and Clothing are literally meant to embody authoritarianism and fascism.
The amount of time they draw a parallel between Nazism and pre reformation satsuki should've clued you in

I present to you the most Social Democratic anime: Tetsuko no Tabi

I don't think it is, but in the manga they arrive at a city which is essentially ancapistan from what I can recall.

Looks like a cute little show. :3

Also I'm surprised nobody's mentioned pic related yet. The villains are explicitly Porky, and the protagonists openly call for violent revolution.

Trailer: youtube.com/watch?v=GkhoxIYCGFY

I alway thought the point of this show is to show you how you're literally simphatyzing with fascists

Watch Ginga Tetsudou 999. Not just for left-wing themes (though the MC's a poorfag and class issues do show up plenty, along with the occasional revolution) but because it's a goddamn classic.

You forgot.
A lot of japanese otaku are the equivalent of Holla Forums and /r9k/, with insecurities to match.

"Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu" and "March Comes in Like a Lion" for best character developments in anime.

Although I know the anime right exists here too, it seems to me that anime fans in the US and Europe are more left-wing.

< tfw there's likely some Japanese autist on 2chan screeching about Big White Cock

It's a craaazy world out there.

I know people may accuse me of memeing, but I thought Karen's half-Japanese background was literally a Jojo reference.

She's Karen Kujo, she come from a pretty well-off family, her mother is a blonde lady married to a Japanese man and then there's this scene.

You either didn't watch it or you're the biggest brainlet in the world who can't even understand one of the most obvious thematic elements in KLK

I'm not going to link to any of those sites but they are honestly quite weird. It seems like the biggest fans of them are self-hating Asian men and Holla Forums types sometimes this overlaps.

This is just one crazy planet fam. You know some black autists started screeching when an ad was shown of a white man with a black woman? Like, for real, white men are maybe 4% of the population.

I wonder if capitalism causes deep-seated insecurities like these?

That's surprising to you? WM/Bf is usually a safe pairing in American ads, but given the reaction to BM/WF ads, I guarantee there are some very angry hoteps shitting up forums somewhere about race traitoresses. There are probably some black women angrier than the angriest white guy over BM/WF ads too.

Your average racefag guy (i.e. every guy in America) thinks that he's going to run out of women, and if a woman dates outside of his race, she's lost to him forever. Shit's weird.

In my experience, black women have a much more open opposition to bm/wf than vice versa, at least in Burgerland.

Which is what? The idea that you must "purify" existing human society is extremely fashy.

Now that's a future I can get behind!

Anime, much like Western art and culture is, inherently capitalist I'm sorry to say.

And before anyone asks, this is not shitposting or bait, I've said it and undeniably proven it before.
Stop worshiping products of capitalism.

Reported for imperialism.

This threads going to be an easy one to win I can tell.

Walter Benjamin would have been pro-anime.

He must have been a shitty philosopher then because both industries were linked with capitalism, but I expect no less from a Christian defending western art after the Church bastardized it into propaganda.

*undeniably linked

Fuck off back to >>>/leftpol/
We have no need for your destructive subversive activities here

I've never been to /lefthole/ but I sure as hell know they probably suck off anime just as much as here.

Yeah keep lying to my face fascist trotskyite scum
As I have said, go back to where you came from
Your kind isn't welcome here

This is nothing but "you're opposing capitalism on a smartphone made by capitalism" in reverse.

Also, bullshit like this is why "radical" puritan SJW cancer flocked to leftism. You can point out to anything you don't like and blame it on capitalism. Then espouse a glorious socialist future where people are "freed" from the shackles of marketing to only do what YOU want them to do. Then you're left to wonder why regular people want nothing to do with you, and the rest of the left by unfortunate association.

I'm not a Trot, tooth pick man is irrelevant to me.
You're resorting to accusation because you have no argument.

Are you Holla Forums? Did you misclick or some shit on the way there? Anime and western art are undeniable capitalist industries moron. How in denial can you people get.

Those are called liberals user, and yes I am advocating for lifestylism because capitalism is objectively in control over multiple industries and walks of life.

true communists never feel happiness from anything under capitalism because that's capitalist

Are you being facetious to discredit me?
I'm in attack mode so sorry if you're being honest.

holy shit you weren't pretending to be retarded

No but it looks like you were never pretending. :^)

yeah I mean giving (You)s to a spurdoposter is already a no-no

Oh but then why are you even bothering to intrude on my discussion user? You're right there's nothing of value here, clearly your skills and intellect are needed elsewhere for proper discussion, go! Go, for the good of the board!


Not my fault no one has properly given any evidence to contradict me.

retarded bait gets retarded answers


that is true if the said post is a big stinking pile of shit

But that's still not bait.

not true

Ok then.

The joke is that Karen's a stereotypical weeb that learned Japanese primarily through manga and anime. KinMoza is chock full of references to other anime and manga, and they usually involve Karen acting out something she read or watched in a prestige series. Off the top of my head:
- Karen quotes Lupin III during the school play chapter where she plays a samurai
- Karen quotes Gundam during the beach episode where she gets hit by Youko and cries that "Even my papa never hit me!"
- Karen and Alice act out a scene from a tennis manga in one of the season 2 episodes
- Karen references a popular Japanese commercial for some chain of storage units when she says that a hundred people could fit on the roof of her family's English mansion
- Karen's chuuni phase and eye-patch is an obvious dig at chuu2
I'm probably overlooking one or two other references but that's my interpretation of Karen's character. There's an additional irony in the contrast between Karen's broken Japanese (resulting from her engagement with Japan purely at the level of its pop culture) and Alice's fluency (a result of her genuine Lafcadio Hearn-tier love for Japanese culture and history) that could be discussed but I think I've beaten this horse past death

I'd say anime is a fairly porous category as far as political opinions are concerned


Does manga count?

The ending with the main characters breeding murder cats was particularly chilling for me.

Some historical materialism themes can be found in Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind manga if one squints enough.

I just want to point out something:

It was way too trippy for me tbh

What's that one title with the gommie centaur society?

You mean you finished downloading or watching? If the latter, well, was your body ready?

I'd like to point out that clothing was one of mankind's first signifiers of class, hierarchy and power. The first one was the penis.

anime and video games should never get mixed with politics.


Finished watching it. I didn't really think too much of it, honestly. I didn't like Koe no Katachi, but I admit I liked Kimi no Na wa.


These two mangas are about depression and alienation, aren't they?

Really? Me and everyone I chatted with were a wreck by the end.

But there's nothing about "purifying" in the entire anime. If they were trying to push some kind of Nazi masturbation fantasy then they wouldn't have made the two main characters literal half breeds. They were fighting against an authority which, while it advanced humanity, ultimately would have destroyed it.

It's an easy way to signal that character X is the gaijin or hafu and looks cute. Like how for the longest time twintails was the go-to signal of tsundere

Please, do tell.

Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress is a cool one

Don't insert idpol into KLK.

It doesn't never happen, it's just rare.

What was the movie of Koe no Katachi like?

Read the manga, it was good, but the ending sucked dick.