Holla Forums btfo: "Cheddar Man" from Britain 10,000 BC Genetically Tested. Black Skin, Blue Eyes

People of white British ancestry alive today are descendants of this population.

It was initially assumed that Cheddar Man had pale skin and fair hair, but his DNA paints a different picture; he had blue eyes, a very dark brown to black complexion and dark curly hair.

The discovery shows that the genes for lighter skin became widespread in European populations far later than originally thought – and that skin colour was not always a proxy for geographic origin in the way it is often seen to be today.


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This guy's family had to travel through Europe anyways. So, it's not really that simple.

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Lol check Holla Forums's thread on it.

He traveled through Europe so theoretically this applies to all of Europe as well.

By "he" I mean basically everyone related to him.

Population demographics one hundred centuries ago attacks Holla Forums bigots shitflinging about population demographics today, how, precisely? Leakey has been working in Africa for decades now, turning up immense amounts of evidence for an African origin of Homo Sapiens. Has this had any impact whatsoever on Holla Forums? No.

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Because the genetics of this group of people can be traced back to 10% of White Britons today (and because this group traveled around from and throughout Europe from the Near East, this can be applied from anywhere from Ireland to the Czech Republic), so it does apply to modern populations.

I mean, 10% isn't an insignificant number by itself for Britain alone.

Did you stop to read it?

Be careful when a scientific discovery fits in line perfectly with the researcher's ideology.

How does genetic testing apply to ideology lmao

The guy had black skin and blue eyes and came from the Middle East and the group of people he was a part of, can be found to be in 10% of Modern Britons. He had to have come here from the Middle East through Europe. What does that tell you?

Be careful when relying too hard on ideology to mask your hatred of new discovery.

"Genetics is a precise science only when I want it to be."

t. Holla Forumsyp

The genetics of every human alive can be traced to chimps. Big deal.


No arguments. I see.


A chimp and a human being a very different.

10% of Britains isn't an insignificant number considering Britain at the time was barely populated through various groups, and this particular group had to go through Europe to go through the (then land bridge) to Britain. This implies that the group went through Europe.

So there should be more testing done on this.


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/p "Genetics is fine until it applies to my ancestry.com page" ol/

Baboon boy this entire group went through Europe from the Near East approximately10,000 years ago. This obviously applies to more than Britain.

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Yes. They are different because of divergent evolution over time. Go back in time and you would see that chimps and humans are more similar to each other than today. Furthermore, the existence of a large amount of shared genetic material does not stop you from recognizing that a chimp and human are quite different creatures now. So, again, please explain why arguments about prior demographic populations apply to current demographic populations.

Our last living "relatives" are the Bonobos, everything past that hardly has a place in human evolutionary history, please stop trying to play Taxonomist for the posters.

Not in the same way Homo Sapiens are related to Homo Sapiens so this argument doesn't even mean anything.

But this has nothing to do with what is currently being said, because Homo Sapiens Sapiens and a great ape are not genetically similar at all.

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Because….10% of Britons and an unknown number of Europeans (more than 10% considering Brtiain was hardly populated) share genetic history, and that's all that's being said. Your comparison is also bogus.

Why are you upset about this. Calm down m8, it's only an anthropological discovery.

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Hilariously wrong. Humans are not descendants of chimps, the shared genetic are a result of a common ancestor about seven million years ago.

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I mean that is technically true, there have been Kings related to this group that resided in Europe.

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I guess that makes sense since once humans left Africa and went into Europe they spread around super quickly and didn't have enough time to lose their pigmentation.

That being said you can see some clearly European facial features on this chap.

They left far far far far far far before this ever occurred. 10,000 BC isn't as long ago as it sounds in terms of human history.

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Tbh this: lots of early European skeletals have rickets from the lack of Vitamin D caused by their high melanin.
Also the blue eyes and european features are an interesting point: since they came first, why?

As I said, this guy isn't the common ancestor of all White Europeans, he arrived long after they existed. Yet…there's leftover genetic code from whoever this group was. It isn't so much a case of this guy arrived 10,000 years ago, then this happened, as, this group traveled into Europe and was one of many groups to populate the British Isles while they were still sparsely populated.

Which is kinda neat actually. The idea that only white Europeans lived in Europe, part of Eurasia, for thousands of years, even recently as this was, that's preposterous. Of course other groups outside of where White Europeans lived, entered White European areas.

Europe isn't an island.

Well yeah, there are two major "Mitochondrial Eves" in Europe (named Europa and Gaea iirc) so the concept that all european "whites" have one common ancestor is bollocks anyways. Add to that mixing with neanderthals (which is like where ginger hair came from, fun fact) and you see pol has no understanding of fucking anthropology.

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I mean that is technically true, there have been Kings related to this group that resided in Europe.

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So, Chimps and Humans never shared a common ancestor. Okay, if that's what you wish to assert. See, that ==IS== what you are asserting, that gene flow and speciation work differently in H. Sapiens to all other life on earth by making this argument. This is why these claims are utterly laughable as an attempt to refute Holla Forums.

Human and Chimp, 96% genetic similarity you reddit spaced ignoramus: news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2005/08/0831_050831_chimp_genes.html

It's almost like you want Holla Forums to win.


I am not upset or distressed. I am trying to show you all why these arguments do nothing to attack the claims Holla Forums makes. Given the number of responses that are focused on simply shouting me down, it seems that few of you are actually interested in persuading people of Holla Forums's error and would prefer to engage in the sort of euphoric onanism that reddit or twitter communities engage in.

A common ancestor similar to Orrorin tugenensis - a chimp-like creature. The point remains: neither modern chimps or the common ancestor are relevant to arguments about the human populations that exist today.

Also reminder, I once saw a polyp argue the difference between races was caused by:
Europeans fucking neanderthals (which okay did happen)
Asians fucking homo erectus[he didn't call it that ofc, like he would know] (which likely did not happen, because they were extinct by that point also they were probs too dissimilar)
And Africans fucking hominid apes (which again didn't happen, all the hominid apes or the australopithecus hominids were extinct by this point) [if he was referring to that, he may mean the massive fuck off apes that roamed african which is more kek because they had been extinct for longer].

What the fuck and you're calling other people Reddit

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Woah, that's a contentious point user.
god I sometimes wish there was a paleontology board

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You'd have a point if this wasn't 10,000 years ago, which is, in the timeline of humanity, relatively recently actually.

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Yes. Learn to read /pol.


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Woah, that's a contentious point user.
god I sometimes wish there was a paleontology board


Another pol/yp trying to talk about racial development that doesn't know about evolutionary anthropology. Y'all need to watch Walking With Cavemen. Also don't insult Cantonese like that, it is a complex, tonally rich language which is far more than can be said about pol/ish.

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Read the post again.


Again, Holla Forums are arguing about populations that exist now. Pointing to populations that existed then, as OP does, is not an argument against them.

If there definition is so fragile that a single discovery could poke a hole into it, then I don't think they can be argued with, they're going to hold an irrational viewpoint anyways

I know what you are saying, I was just pointing out for the unaware that there is a massive fuking debate over Orrorin Tugenensis. I would recommend people read up on it, is quite interesting.

If you can't handle the banter get the fuck out lad.

7/15, decent pun; bad premise.

This response is simply obfuscation and refusal to address the point. Now I'm annoyed. The fact you think this is an acceptable response is why we're going to lose.


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So it's going to be the present that decides something this arbitrary even though the relatively recent past blows holes in the concreteness of the former. That was not material and idealistic, pragmatic

Be more historically materialistic and less idealistic, Christ



Whining, out of context quoting and citing fringe cranks are poor strategy.

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I love how baboon poster is actively fucking over the actually nazi itt.

Also this literally is basic fact, the out of Africa theory pertains to every group, blacks were unironically everything including the Egyptians and Hebrews, you're Holla Forums if you deny this.

Seriously though get started on those Britimutt memes, fuck them lol.

Except Britain apparently

"Colored people" entered and exited Europe throughout humanity's tenure on this Earth…because it's nearly statistically impossible they didn't. Europe is not isolated, it's part of a landmass.

Though, people were expecting this to be more common far further back, it appears it was occurring as recently as 10,000 BCE. At the time, the British Isles were largely inhospitable, and scarcely populated except for various groups who wished to colonize it during the Paleolithic.

This chap arrived even before Stonehenge. Which was erected around 3100 BCE to put things in perspective. The past 10,000 years are hardly more than a blip in the history of mankind itself.

You're suggesting that in all that time, for thousands of years, no Near Eastern or African populations reached Europe? The premise is preposterous. Especially given humanity mated with Neanderthals (historically) not long before this man and whatever group he belonged to arrived in what is now modern day Britain via leftover Ice Age land bridge.

We learn more about the history of human life every year through advances in genetics. We can demolish old myths.

Myths like Europe was perpetually white in prehistoric and Paleolithic time…which like I said, that on its head is ludicrous given all the time humanity existed throughout Eurasia. You like archaeology, you love genetics, you adore anthropology, just except when it fits your narrative of an impossibly perpetually white Europe going into the Neolithic from the Paleolithic even.

Europe was never North America, it was never South America, Australia. Cross population was bound to happen

I wouldn't in the last bit be surprised in the thousands of years prior to this chap and his lads arriving in (then) Britain, white Europeans entered the Near East; perhaps even Africa. But weren't there as permanent.

Homo Sapiens and their archaic relatives have been around for at least 145,000 years. We know only much of just the past 15,000, and even then our preconceived notions of race are being challenged as science advances year by year. And new discoveries made.

We know so little about human history during and before the Paleolithic. This should be exciting to you, but because of your political biases you just shout and stomp your feet

You disregard the fascinating history of man on this Earth for an idealized firy tail that never really existed before, based on older ideas of what was possible and what wasn't.

There's still much to know about mankind and our origins, and its exploration won't stop for any single man or belief.

Baboon boy, sometimes you just have to accept the fact sometimes we make mistakes based on little information we had at the time.

so you b saying pocs are unevolved monkey people?

Out of Africa theory is false, multiregional origin is true.



Ever hear the word "Denisovan" before?

Plenty of differing species are able to create fertile hybrids, it's not my fault you're clueless.

Name one mammal.

Also "Muh Ligers/Tions" don't count.

You two might be retarded
Researchers drawing conclusions in scientific work that fit perfectly with what they hoped to find must always, regardless of study and ideology, be scrutinized

So blacks and whites arent even two different races now? They are two different species?

There are more but I can't be bothered arm I'm on a phone
I believe horses/zebra make fertile off spring as well


Did you base your political theory and worldview on baboon hate before? That actually makes sense.

Geography and landmass changes are so cool. Now I got shit to google.

are all the deleted posts ITT just baboonposter or is it other Holla Forums


I'm honestly surprised Holla Forums would believe this bullshit any more than Holla Forums, if at least for different reasons.

Shut it down.

"Hybridization between the two species is facilitated by the fact that they diverged relatively recently (around 55,000–117,000 years ago)"
Homo Erectus evolved 3mya and left Africa 2m years ago.

Estimates are about 500,000 thousand years ago for divergence lad, and even then we don't know the likelyhood of fertility (for example, if only humans could bare a nethanderal father's babies or vice versa).
Cannot actually find anything on this happening lad, you sure it reals? Regardless:
"DNA evidence suggests the bonobo and common chimpanzee species effectively separated from each other fewer than one million years ago."
Fits the timezone of still being interbreedable.

"Breeding of different branches of the equine family, which does not occur in the wild, generally results in infertile offspring."

But yeah, these are either infertile or delivered since the start of this ice age epoch: and Homo erectus evolved before this spate of ice ages started (about 2mya).

Now the likelihood of Homo erectus leaving africa, spreading from France to Shanghai, staying there (remember once these populations moved to an area, they tended to stay there until the development of animal husbandry), underwent their separate evolutionary paths and then all evolved INTO THE SAME SPECIES (you can deny it, but by all biological definitions humans from Africa, Europe, Asia, Oceania and the Americas are the same species) is quite frankly preposterous. I mean just look at pic related and you can see the long period of divergence: are you telling me that mankind throughout Afro-Eurasia evolved in concordance with eachother into Heidelbergensis, then the three species of human and into sapenies throughout this entire distance? Nah lad I don't buy it.

What that a human that recently moved from Africa to Britain would not have developed skin with less melanin? How is that, that not feasible considering there were multiple waves of African→European migration during this period?

Yeah that's why the various species of humanity like blacks And whites are still interbreedable too. Strict OOA is not taken seriously by anyone and there is more and more of a shift towards multiregionalism every day.

The baboons know too much

Even fucking wholphins are fertile ffs!

I thought that was a jew meme?

This will probably be redacted before month's end, the same way that story about Islamic calligraphy being present on that Viking burial was redacted a few months back.

Has Baboonposting reached critical mass?

If whites are a separate species, then why is it a question if Italians or Russians are white? What about Persians?

Firstly, you asked for mammals capable of fertile hybridization, then immediately realized the utterly fucking blatant answer which refuted you started adding arbitrary conditions. You're just engaged in similar behavior now. Calm down and stop getting baited.

You've also misunderstood the chart you've posted. H. Heidelbergensis, based on the genetic evidence, speciated into four lines: Us, the Denisovans, the Neanderthals and an unnamed African branch. The Denisovans were an Asian species, Neanderthal European and there were two African lineages. The members of H. Sapiens who remained in Africa interbred with the unnamed lineage. Those who left interbred first with the Neanderthals and then as other population groups moved further east the Denisovans. Thus we have a combination of the out of Africa and multiregional models. Given how little we know about the other species of hominid concurrent with H. Sapiens, gene transfer from H. Erectus is unlikely but not inconceivable.

Do you actually know what a species is? What are you defining it based on, melolin and brow shape? That does not a species make. That is actually the kind of phenotype variation found within species. One could argue subspecies exist but those are based on actual anatomy, not phenotype. And before you throw the jaw thing at me human jaw position related immensely to environment: for example pre-agricultural humans show little evidence of under or overbites; due to the food they ate being harder.

[citation needed], last time I checked multiregionalism was the theory that was rejected by the mainstream.
[more citation needed] I bet you've only read the wiki page for it lad.

Wolphins are actually just two kinds of very closely related dolphin, you realise this yes? Also dolphins from an evolutionary standpoint are much like dogs (since they share a decently close common ancestor) in the sense that they can produce wildly different phenotypes yet still be very similar genetically.

Not really, this kind of work normally takes ages to properly model. Also islamic calligraphy being at a viking burial is not that weird considering, you know, the Varangians were a thing. Medieval frontier was full of that kind of shit.

White people are the indigenous natives of European Christendom. There is no question about Italian or Russians being white, they are. There is no question about Persians being white, they are not.

Wait, so what about Armenians and Georgians, they're christians.

Well you just answered your own question didn't you? Caucasus are distinct from Europe, they're an edge case. European Christendom != All of Christendom. Coptic Christians in Egypt for example are no white. Why are you fucking dumb?

You haven't a clue about archeogenetics do you? Every day more genetic evidence emerges for a soft version of multiregionalism, denisovan genes are swimming around in the Eurasian gene pool and africans have lots of archaic admixture themselves. Strict OOA is all but dead.

But Armenians are descendants of the Indo-Europeans; out of interest when to the indian, iranic and caucasus indo europeans split from "whites"?

Again you just answer your own question in your own post, being a descendent of indo European speakers doesn't mean you're white.

So answer my question, when does the "white" group split from Indo-europeans? Also are finns white considering they are descended from mongolic peoples? Are Hungarians, considering they came into europe during 900.

Finns and Hungarians carry genes of the basal European populations of hunter gatherers and Neolithic farmers, they are a continuation of european indigenous populations, Armenians and Iranians clearly are not. Are you being dumb on purpose at this point or what?

How can genetic testing be redacted. This is insanity. You people are nuts

You must watch this many Coast to Coast AM shoes to reach this level of uncitable nonsense

Because the guardian is going overboard with sensationalized deeply triggering and problematic propaganda. This guy was probably somewhat swarthy and not coal black.

Basal European populations are "uncitable nonsense"? Top pseud, I think I'm done here.

Not only does Holla Forums have a fifth grade intelligence, a fifth grade understanding of human history (archaeology, paleontology, anthropology, genetics come to mind), the emotional intelligence of a fifth year old, and the cognitive dissonance of a fifth year old so tell me

Is Holla Forums dare I say, smarter than a fifth grader?

Everything you’ve ever said in this thread amounts to nonsense yes

No you are just making no sense from a developmental standpoint: when were these basal European populations cemented in Europe? What say you of the great migrations of 600-900? Where is this border? Saying chrisondom is fucking hilarious considering that used to stretch from Scotia to Ethiopia, from Iberia to Iberia. So where is this border drawn? Are all uralic people "white" (since Finns are). I mean you could argue that Uralic, but not say Samoyedic peoples are "white" but what is the fundamental points that tie together uralic and say, celtic peoples?

Human and Chimp, 96% genetic similarity you reddit spaced ignoramus: news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2005/08/0831_050831_chimp_genes.html

We have a 90% genetic similarity with cats m8




I've clearly specified "European Christendom" you have the reading comprehension of a grade schooler.

Why can’t Holla Forums accept in the hundred thousand years men walked on Earth colored people were in Europe since it’s part of a single fucking landmass (with multiple land bridges at the time) and not an island



Oh in that case you don’t know what you’re talking about

Ooga booga indeed monkey man. Ooga booga indeed.

As far as I’m aware thread is about anthropology not fan fiction

Also fun fact: recent evidence (not genetic, but archaeological) suggests that NA was actually settled (or at-least one entry point) was from northern Europe

No you just can't define shit. Where is the boundary? The Urals and Caucasus? Well the French would agree with you but in the angelic and germanic spheres the Caucasus are a part of Europe. Does Anatolia count because that was mostly greek until about 900 and it was christian too. Also like the entirety of Scandinavia and Velikaya Rus' wasn't christian until the 900s. Give me a timeframe when, give me border. Fucking say what you mean rather hiding behind a phrase that has little to no actual scientific or historical meaning.

Holla Forums will worm an argument every direction except the topic at hand

130,000 years and people from Eurasia never intermingled

That’s quite the extraordinary story. Right, it’s a beauty, never heard anything quite like it

He heard those terms on Holla Forums and ancestry.com

He doesn’t actually know what they mean

Even 10,000 years ago the brits were hideous

I mean defining an ethnic group by a religion that emerged 2000 years ago is fucking hilarious. If it was an ethno-insular religion like say judaism (although to a far lesser extent), Zoroastrianism (and historically that is only within like the last 1100 years) or Yezidi, it makes a small degree of sense. But just "european christendom" when both those things are ambiguous and vary from culture to culture is a fucking piss take.

They had to travel through Europe at that time or prior, for who knows how long…so

Also I imagine they might have been horrified by the things they saw in Doggerland.

I also like that due to "European Christendom" being the qualification for "white" Romans where not "white" until the state religion change in 380 AD then suddenly Jewish ethnic people and Berber and so on if they are living in Europe and Christian they are white but Scottish and Irish people will not be "white" for several hundred years

My sides are in fucking orbit right now.


You know what? I am actually OK with this post. The average, modern day internet user is to plebeian to appreciate such a masterful shitpost.

Holla Forums in full damage control

This isn't what they hoped to find. They just tested the genealogy of the Cornbread Man with the assumption that he was actually Caucasian. The fact he wasn't came as a surprise.

*Chedder Man

Have no idea why Cornbread slipped in my mind. Must be hungry I suppose.

It's exactly what they expected to find. Most of the European population don't possess depigmentation genes for another four or five thousand years.

the chedder man was made of cheese lol

Why did he have blue eyes? Serious question.

they reflect the color of the sky

just not white cheese

chedder is a white cheese that has a chemical added to turn it orange…. dombal drumble comfermed

Asians fucked Denisovans. Even Aborigines carry denisovan DNA, the desire for us 'all to be Africans' pollutes this field now. The published dna used to make claims of near jet black WHG should be fascinating due to how they politicised the press for it.

Darker eye colors are less adaptive in northern hemisphere where there's little sunlight. The region breed for lighter eye colors which maximizes light reflections so they can see better, survive, and pass on their genes.

Can someone explain sciencedaily.com/releases/2017/05/170523083548.htm to me, does the greek finding apply only to extremely old pre-humans and so not conflict with out of Africa theory?


That fossil is 7.2 million years old, we would be an entirely different species at that time. OOA explains recent origins, when we were still modern humans, which only goes back as far as 300,000 years.

I know this might sound like a weird complaint, but why is he depicted as so scraggly and unkempt?

What's with this assumption that ancient peoples never groomed and just perpetually looked like they had just gotten out of bed?

the british isles are the most uncivilized, barbaric place on the planet. do not compare it to great assyria

Recessive hairline, round head, generally lumpy appearance, beady eyes, and a weak neck - he's british alright.

You know science is filled with "expectations". When you dig up a certain kind of prehistoric beast, say, a fucking Dinosaur. You compare it to the record, and assume its taxonomical niche given similarity. You can do this with all fossils actually, since all life in one way or another, can be categorized.

Similarly, you can expect to come up with the bones of a dead man, under experiment of his racial records, and come out with the genetics you sought. It's not quite that uncommon.

May I ask what your political agenda is?

Random mutations and blue eyes work better in low light but are easily damaged in high light (which isnt a problem in northern europe)

Because ancient people are all dumb cavemen obviously. The fact that well-groomed, pretty looking and fancy-dressed tribes exist all over the world with equal or less technology than ancient cavemen populations is irrelevant of course.

Tbf, one question about the hair is that it also looks more European (as compared to say afro-hair): do we know if that was confirmed in genetics too or just a stylistic choice?

This, can say as someone with blues that I can see shit in the dark but I need sunglasses a lot during the summer.

reported for idpol

Slapping down tiresome dickheads

this is ridiculous this whg is a mix between native american scull asia eyes formation black skin and those blue eyes to look loosely european is a neutral reconstruction of the new "british" so all the inmigrant could feel represented by it.
the true is they are not capable of diferentiation between grades of skin color the only know that have 2 genes that make european look white today but between sweeden white and african blacs are grades and dont really know to what shade belong ,but of course they will put african tier one,is absolutely dishonest.
And of couse the study hasn past peer review so the science behind this is inacurate at best.
pic related of wgh with the same genetics someone is wrong

and another reconstruction of whg the same as the new one again someone is lying

ah and 2grade scientist is a jew if someone is interested

What did he mean by this?

the scientist behind the work and "reconstruction" of the scull

the funny thing is that whg is genetically far away of african than today european

what the hell is whg

wenster hunter gatherer
well at this point nobody should be surprised,they have falsified the medieval times,then antient times with achiles and nex logical step shold be the prehistory

if someone is interested estonian people are the nearest genetically with 40% of thir dna being whg and rest yamna or aryan like love to call the "nazis" like me
they dont seem so conected do they?

Why wouldn't the Victorian soldier be black?

but roman soldiers were frequently african?

because is a false retrate overrating the role they played at least if we are speaking in historical terms

we have been yewed again my leftist friends
well is enought for today good bye

Polar bears and grizzly bears. I doubt anyones gonna argue they are the same species yet they regularly produce fertile offspring.

These posts are actually fairly indicative of Holla Forums's intellectual prowess. Also you're totally not buttmad and in damage control.

This is sad lmao

Don't come back, get banned for spam

What the hell is that thing?

Out-of-Africa has been proven false. That is all.

By hard-hitting research done on Holla Forums?

Nope. Not Holla Forums. Can't believe Holla Forums is falling for biased idpol science shit, at least without any distrust towards the capitalist scientist who is getting paid for his discoveries (applies to most scientists). I thought we were better than this.

Which continent did humans come from? Or are we aliens?

Who's to say? Personally, i don't really give a shit. I think humanity had a common ancestor, but due to being able to communicate with eachother despite geographic barriers, we never really separated all that much. Interbreeding between homo-sapiens and homo-neanderthalensis and shit probably came after this, reuniting "humanity". We didn't come from Africa, at least recently. If we did, it could have been much longer ago than the dated OOA theory suggests. Although, we could have come from south america. Or one of the northern continents originally, or possibly branched out while everything was still Pangaea. At this point, there is only conjecture, but who really gives a shit about what happened back then?

Can you provide evidence that at least pokes some holes in the ooa theory?

Did "i don't really give a shit" mean anything to you? I'm not googling shit. You do the research, genius. You're the one interested in ancient human evolution.

Oh, so you're just a proudly ignorant contrarian? And here I was entertaining the thought that you had actually done research. I would rather go along with the archeologists who have done decades of research, than some ill-tempered rube.

Good point actually. While shaving was probably harder in neolithic times I'm sure it was done.

I'd argue this is based on fundamentally chauvinistic attitudes of modern first worlders as the only real humans – everybody else is an animal with no understanding of emotion or aesthetics.

This man didn't come from Africa. He came from the Near East, which isn't impossible in the slightest.

Read the fucking article dumbass

Probably some racism in it too. He had dark skin, so they're also applying modern stereotypes of dark-skinned/third-world people to this guy.

B-but varg said we wuz neanderthals n shiet

Of course angloids aren't white

How many times must it be be mentioned this group had to travel through Europe in order to get to Europe, which at the time of 10,000 BCE, was sparsely populated by various groups. Many leaving.

So then, has a polyp accused the research of being faked by le diversity advocates?

But this implies there were other people there before. Not to mention saying 1k years is modern.


Europe first settled by blue-eyed kangz confirmed.

Yes, their already taking the line that the Jews are behind this. One laughable thing about this

so was is true

Brown skin and blue eyes are the ideal combo.


In other words, Cheddar had the similar skin pigmentation genes somewhat similar to Europeans of today just not exactly, thus "ancestral". Therefor they concluded he must've been blacker. That's their literal fucking conclusion for the skintone. Had they matched his skin pigmentation genes to any Africans, they would have said.

The NHM research team is completely unbiased on this!

Pics related, mostly on one of the researchers, Chris Stringer,on the "reconstruction" team, and the liberties he's been pulling at NHM since 2014 with reconstructions of "ancient britons". Along with some bonus tweets from the others on the 4 man team.

Seems reasonable. A caucasian with a tan is still a caucasian you insecure little cuck.


Nice OP leaving out how they came to the skin pigmentation conclusion in the article. Which is damn important as shown here

How can that possibly suggest the conclusion they decided to go definitively went with. Wouldn't an "ancestral" version of a "genetic variant linked to reduced pigmentation" also be able to suggest the inverse and be lighter? Sounds like their conclusion was derived due to biases. Here's what we do know, blue eyes are linked to lighter skinned homo sapiens. Not saying he was white as snow, but sure as hell not as black as they "reconstructed". Their obviously politicizing this.

But all ancient human populations were dark skinned, getting paler happened over thousands of years of selection in the dimmer european climates.

Yeah, that's called a different allel, in other word different version of a gene. A few -sometimes even one- nucleotide can be enough to create a different phenotype of a given trait.

Are you impliying the reconstitution is biased because the Czechs are known niggers?

Jesus christ the fact that rightards have a kneejerk reaction to the fact that ancient human populations, WHO LIVED IN AFRICA, were dark skinned like the negritos still are, is fucking pathetic.

Their whole identify and "scientific racism" is literally just retarded low-melanin worship. THOSE ANCIENT, DARK EUROPEAN ARE YOUR DIRECT ANCESTORS.

Suggesting it's biased because there was no recoverable DNA from either the body found in wales nor the Czech skull. Chris Stringer just decided it based on… well you decided why he made the early european homo sapien black and the neanderthal white.

It's not, no one besides 12 year old meme posters care that we're descendants of Africans, you only notice them because they scream the loudest. The level headed right really don't care much. For fucks sake I'm a quarter black.

It's that they're using faulty science for political sway. Don't fucking turn a blind eye to this, you fucking know it… pic related.
If they would release the damn genome, and show us the proof, not many would care. But they're not and it's shady as fuck.

3 out of the 4 researchers on the reconstruction of Cheddar all have pro immigration & anti-brexit tweets all over their twitter, give me a fucking break.

Nice straw-man, I was in pretty much all the Queen Nefertiti Holla Forums threads the day they revealed her reconstruction. Everyone already knew they just made up her skin-tone but only wanted to trigger KANGZ on twitter.

Want to know the difference though? At least the Nefertiti team who who made the bust, admitted the skin-tone wasn't based on DNA evidence, just artist interpretation, even though they had more intact DNA than they do with Cheddar Man.

So how is that the Cheddar team is so fucking conclusive on his skin-tone? Don't you smell something off here?

Oh no ;____;

lmao stopped reading there


Great arguments Holla Forums destroying the alt-right with ease just as Destiny taught 'em.

I'm obviously from the UK. Why would an americuck care about Cheddar?

As if there's any difference, you're basically the 51st state under the Tories anyway.

I dont give a fuuuuuck about skincolours or bongistan. You anglos should all drown in the shitpool that is your collective political culture. You are litterally the cause of all the problems in the world right now.

how does this btfo our world view at all? we evolved away from shitskins 10,000 years ago, why do need to bring more in now?

Actions speak louder than words.
You sound like that kid who didn't get invited to play so he tries to ruin the fun instead, while going on about how he didn't even want to be invited in the first place.

Do you have any idea how evolution works, Homo Sapiens are 300,000 years old. This is saying white people and this guy existed at the same time in Europe.

You did not evolve away from other people in a mere 10,000 years.

Furthermore, considering Europe is hardly an Island, there's probably a lot we don't know as of yet that happened in those 300,000 years.

Let alone the last 500 years for every White Nationalist's family tree. Get your genetics map fam ;)

but we did, the genes that code for light skin in European populations are definitely younger than 10k years

There's exactly 0 scientific evidence on skin pigmentation shifts. There's only speculation/guesses based on the climate of found remains.
Scientists can't even say what color with certainty Egyptian mummies that are only 3-4k years old. They also guess those/generalize.

That's what people thought before, but really the genes for white skin were a combination of adaptation and the gene SLC24A5 that can actually be traced around 30,000 years or more. They believe it originally came from more Northern populations found in Eurasia.

This is wrong.

Arguing that results are flawed based on somebody's Twitter account is absolutely absurd and insulting. This isn't law school. This is science, and scientists can have political opinions that you may not like that speak for themselves outside of their own careers, like anybody on Earth.

If we are to examine what every scientist ever said or thought, we might as well dismiss it all.

But I examined/argued their science here first
Before examining their political beliefs, which was to try and discover why they may have taken creative/bias liberties with their claims.

Which doesn't touch their methodology at all.

Which was in terrible faith

If a scientist came out with a claim that Pepsi was healthy. Wouldn't you care if he worked for Pepsi?

People aren't arguing with you, because your arguments themselves, are not worth seriously discussing.

Except that's not what is going on. Having a political opinion that contradicts what you like and an anthropological discovery that contradicts what you believe, are just that. They are not endorsed by anyone or the university itself.

You're a terrible lawyer.

I would love to touch their methodology further, but they haven't shown any of it. They are simply claiming this is what Cheddar looked like, and all we have to go off of is that Guardian article, so I'm examined what little info they did give on how they reached their conclusion. They have the burden of proof, not me. And if all their giving us right now is
And you're going to defend that horseshit. Please…
But by all means, if you somehow can show me how they're right and I'm wrong, I literally don't care and would love to put a nail in the coffin on this.

Seriously how any single Holla Forumsyp is surprised people migrated in and out of Europe for 30,000 years (at least), from Eurasia, that Europe should be treated like this island landmass is absurdly stupid.

So basically you can't comment on it. Got it.

Based on what you can or cannot say of their methodology, apparently, I find your skepticism more politically motivated than their science.

They could be referring to genes seperate from SLC24A5. If they say the genes are more similar to Near Eastern populations from the time, I really have no reason to doubt that as much as you are.

You're basically showing us yourself.

if you believe prehistoric migratory patterns are even remotely comparable in terms of quality or quantity to what is going on today the one that is brain dead is you

Hm, wonder why you would argue about this if you don't know their methodology clearly enough and are only using their Twitter as a source. Sounds very suspicious.

Where did I say that? Also, We're speaking about a vast period of time, actually 30,000 years. In a much colder and different world, people came and people went.

So, yeah actually I would compare the migratory patterns much similarly today, if not more so. Because it was the fucking tail end of the Ice Age and that's what you would expect.


t. I studied Anthropology and Art History in Community College

Are you…suggesting that the prehistoric climate forced early man not to migrate?

What a load of bullshit, prehistoric people migrated vast distances because of their material conditions

again, prehistoric migratory patterns are not comparable to modern day migration whatsoever, not in quantity or quality

They actually were worse, and your presence in this thread shows you know absolutely nothing about the topic you think you have a grasp of

What does this even mean


Feel free to start arguing that the prehistoric climate forced people to actually NOT migrate anytime. You're about to revolutionize everything.

Am I in bizzaro world?


Nobody is saying the sky is falling. This is entirely reasonable to conclude. In fact, if they have genetic results that show a lack of what causes pale skin in populations at the time, why should I doubt that. Why should I take to Twitter

This is just strawman. Go back to where it was argued that "Twitter" is not a place to criticize someone's rigor, just their political opinions you've picked up.

That's exactly what I'm asking.

It seems like it, yes.



In all likelihood entering and exiting Europe during a time where man was regularly migrating for resources for 30,000 years.

Longer than that. New results show that people moved out of Africa far earlier than anyone previously suspected. Probably due to the obvious, climactic reasons of the time.

The new model is multiple dispersals of modern humans out of Africa, beginning as early as 120,000 years ago. For example, H. sapiens remains have been found at multiple sites in southern and central China that have been dated to between 70,000 and 120,000 years ago. Additional finds indicate that modern humans reached Southeast Asia and Australia prior to 60,000 years ago.

What fact? You're filling in the gaps for them. Can you show me where they said they have these results for lack of pale skin? I'm not going to assume they have something, just because it's reasonable. All they've said is they found a handful of genetic variants LINKED to REDUCED pigmentation, yet still not exact and in their own words "ancestral" versions.

But if we wont to jump to wild conclusions, lets have fun. Is it also reasonable to conclude that the gene HERC2/OCA2 that causes blue eyes can also contribute to white skin, but decided not to factor that into their reconstruction? Goes beyond me, every other early homosapien found with blue eyes genes were contributed with paler skin. Wish I could see their non-presented methodology to see why.

It's called exaggeration, it helps in point out flaws in similar arguments. But alright, I should just accept these scientist men who haven't backed up their claims, cuz uhhh… they're scientists?

anuddah shoah normalization propaganda tbh, the anthropologists admitted it themselves in their press release, this is all politically motivated bs

Shut up non-white.

Well it's true, not a single reconstruction of a specimen from the WHG group was ever portrayed to have skin this dark.

Yet you're defending the persons with claims who have yet to release any data to back them up.
Yeah let's assume they're referring to something, with absolutely evidence let alone any mention of it, to justify their claim. Sound logic.

If you make a claim, back it up, otherwise your claim is going to be scrutinized and argued. You cannot make a public claim without backing it up and then tell people they can't argue the claim because they haven't seen your data, when you're not releasing the fucking data. That's fucking retarded and you should feel retarded for even posting anything so fucking stupid.

If a scientist came out with a claim that climate change is indeed false, without releasing the data for his conclusions. And then you went to his twitter and saw that he was heavily conservative and retweeted oil company tweets. That wouldn't put any doubt into his motivation at all?

3 of the 4 researchers on Cheddars reconstruction have been retweeting heavily pro immigration/anti-brexit/refugees welcome stuff. Just so happen to claim the first Briton was black; yeah I'm gonna be skeptical until I get the research.

ummm SWEETIES, race isn't only skin deep, if you think the blue eyed cheddar man not having milky white skin justifies Pajeet and Mutumbo flooding my homeland en masse you're absolutely INSANE

It's fucking sad how Holla Forumsyps always flock to the aut-right cringe and race threads. Given that we're all socialists you'd think that they'd try to go after our economic beliefs but no, they literally can't think about anything other than that BBC fucking white women that should be fucking them

Even 2016 Holla Forumsyps were less autistic than the people in this thread

race is the only thing that matters tbh

Someone post that nazi medallion of the white girl chained to a six foot black dick wearing a french army helmet

Jesus christ

so did you get radicalized because the stacy you had a crush on in high school fucked some latino guy and not you, or did you get radicalized because SJWs took the balloon titties out of your japanese fighting game

This is the post of someone who is Not Mad Online e

Also answer my question in

I got "radicalized" riding the subways of nyc

Most white people do

Being mad complete defeats my argument, you got me Karen. I concede.

Not sure how your question pertains to me. Can you explain how I'm radicalized?

how I'm radical* rather

so did you get radicalized because the chad you stalked in high school wanted somebody pretty, or did you get radicalized because you were an empty shell of a person searching for meaning in life?

Good boy. In the ancrap posting hierarchy this officially makes you my "prison bitch". You will receive your hrt pills, epilator and seifuku in the mail

Nah sounds like you got radicalized when you saw juan grabbing stacy's ass and you felt like you got cucked hard

Are you trying to meme the black and latino men are stealing your women propaganda? To bad we live in reality. Sorry that movies and porn have brain washed you to think there's the uncontrollable lust for the BBC. Here, have a dose of reality with pic related.

lmao are you the type of guy who gets really mad about girls riding the cock carousel because they had sex with more than one man

Imagine being so Not Mad Online about people dating outside of their race that you have dedicated infographics and related talking points on the topic saved to your hard drive

Most of america's white population lives in nyc now?

Yeah it's true. I live with 5000 other whites in a 2 bedroom apartment in Gramercy

What ever makes you feel like you're winning. It's crazy to believe it took 10 to google this when I saw the tired ole "BLACK DICK STEALIN YO GIRLS" argument sprouting up.

google.com/search?q=women dating statistic preferences online&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwi30-6w9JvZAhUFUa0KHRZ2AWsQ_AUICygC&biw=2560&bih=1338#imgrc=E3Bju7UuLOzoCM:

Whew, I spent 10 seconds to get an image to diffuse your retarded point, that you honestly probably believed in your head you were winning somehow. "Haha I told that nazi that he mad cuz he got his girlfriend stolen by Jaun!"

Yeah, so mad. Got me? But you're not mad replying to every post on your phone frantically.

am I a complete degenerate for liking black chicks?

no, more like a liar

even black men don't like black chicks

10 posts in 30 minutes. We're the obsessed mad one lul? Next level reflection going on. I bet you've been labeled crazy pussy more than once in your life. Am I right?

this means you've only every fapped to ebony porn, and never actually dated or fucked one in a relationship.

Even black dudes abandon ship and can't take em after so long, and they get stuck with them.


That's true, but to be fair I've never dated a white woman either.

So when Stacy texted you back that she was too busy to see your katana collection and half an hour later you saw pics of her in the club with jorge and javier did you punch holes in the drywall or did you slam your head against concrete Anglin style

Those black women in those pics are literal unicorns. If you live in the US, black women aged 18-40 is around only 3.5-4m total. With that pool, we're already at .01% of the US population. Without factoring in how insane rare it is to be that hot, which is hard so lets just go with the odds of them being fat to narrow it
which is roughly 57%, that now cuts the pool to 1.65m now at .0053% of the US pop to work with before ever factoring in the chances of them having model looks.

You'd have better odds of winning the lottery than ever hooking up with a black woman even close to looking as good as those you fap to in porn.

The ones I studied with (some 5 to 7) were pretty cute.

Also I'm not burger.

Do you read tumblrs how to pwn a conservative nazi on the internet blogs?
Let me guess what's next. Going to mention my fedora collection?

I'm going to guess you're roughly 16-19 years old and haven't lurked much around on the internet and think you're really puttin' it to em eh? It's like you crawled out of a 2006 youtube comment section with these replies.

Your thinly veiled lack of self-esteem is showing. I'm sorry your pussy is haggard.


The fact that you're on my side makes me feel sorry for both my comrades and myself. Seriously, who the fuck needs enemies.

No they didn't.

You're talking to a man lmao




Once again, this name poster is a dude.

Talk about anthropology, Holla Forumsyp starts talking about porn

Most white people dont live in NYC tard also can I say that their public transport is pretty comfy? I wish the rest of America had quality public transport





Well it depends on what you mean by invade, to what degree Europeans are actually native to Europe, and and to what degree migratory behavior in H. Sapiens accounts for racial mixture already within European populations. As it stands, this group is responsible for being within 10% of the white British population. That number can't be of people who only stayed within Britain for 10,000 years. And the fact this group had to cross the land bridge from Europe, in order to get there, I hardly think they don't account for more in different areas across Europe already.

Europe was never an island, different groups came and different groups went, motivated throughout the Ice Age by material destitution.

A "Native" population in Europe from one singular place, is about as possible as God being responsible for an Eden. It didn't happen, and it never did. You are fighting for something 600 years old in the great span of a thousand years.

Not even native British Culture exists. What once was established 3,000 years ago when a stable population existed there, was wiped out and its records burned clean.

A White Britain is as short a memory to humanity as a white Europe. Sure it existed, but it moved and changed, and it's hardly special enough for mankind not to change and forget you existed at all. Not so dissimilar from our Cheddar Man.

reading compreehension

Go to a therapist about your anxiety issues

You know how I can tell you're new and samefagging

Everyone knows the namefag is a guy, named after an anime character, and it's impossible that many people this new don't know that already.

I'm not the nazi flag poster who said the NYC subway shit, I was too busy breaking down black girl statistics and arguing the liberal roastie in my own convo
even had my own reply to her radicalized question

You should be banned immediately.

As stated about ten times, you mistook someone named after an anime character as a woman

Everyone knows that person is a man. You should be banned for shitposting at this point.

Karen Kuojo is a man, baby. How fucking new are you

Nobody wants you here

This is going to go well.

Nah, he talks and thinks like hoochie. And does the typical "arguing with holes" twitter liberal routine when arguing.
I wouldn't doubt it's hoochie herself crafting a new persona with slighly less baggage and slightly more weebery

It's really astonishing that you were able to type and submit this without being immediately struck dead by embarrassment.

He's said he's a guy numerous times.

What does this mean

Considering the amount of anons who know this person is a guy, is kind of troubling to your argument here. Not that it matters.

Do I need to pretend to be an oldfag on a board that gets 50-60 PPH? Sorry for ruining your robust community of almost nobody.

You need not pretend you be anything but yourself.

Better to be nobody than filled with redditors my dearest Holla Forums

Holla Forums please go

Who is even talking about Hoochie

Pics related, the Kabyle people, likely descendent from Germanic-Roman invaders/settlers of Northern Africa. Massacred by the French during their colonial wars and even stigmatized as "niggers"

You can pretend to have an argument anytime now.

I'm pretty sure you'd have to have autism to give an ounce of care about what anyone thinks an anonymous post on fucking 8ch.

Do you get anxiety before scanning your words over and over to make sure they're flawless so that you're not ashamed of what you wrote?

Are you admitting you have autism?

Get the fuck out!

Yeah because what was being replied left so much to be rebutted?
Should have taken more debate in highschool…

So you're autistic and don't feel embarassed when everyone ejaculates on your face for caring about statistics about black women you pulled out your ass

When people aren't arguing anymore but making fun of you I think it's time you left the thread

My dearest Mutt….talk to us more about the Black Women


Littered with STDs

It's hard not to be diseased when you're an American

If you had as much sex as you thought you deserved, you would probably have stds as well. You live in America, mutt.

"He's said he's a guy numerous times. "
I never claimed otherwise, people can be anything they want on the internet.
letmegooglethat.com/?q="Arguing with holes"


If we had a CDC study on this, I'm 100% confident we'd find the modern nu-Holla Forums userbase is covered in lice

This shit is stupid

wut? you think I pulled an easy google search of population statistics by race in the us out of my ass?

How redundant :)




does Holla Forums just throw out random insults to confuse the shit out of everyone when losing argument?


It's redundant, because you are an Amerimutt

they're 15-18 year old soyboys who can't hold their weight in any real argument, that's why they're here and not Holla Forums.

Most of us are in college, while most of you are completely consisted of reddit cross posting at this point
I'd love for an American Holla Forums poster to come to Europe and show us how healthy and full of testosterone they are

Most of you have a sperm count as high as your Autism Level lmao

Got me I guess?

What's wrong with soy?


Since you're an American, may I ask your weight?

Literally nothing: nutritionfacts.org/topics/soy/

On the other hand poltards love their milk and beer.

Literally cackling

That only lists benefits for women though.

They know a lot about black porn, they'll talk about it for hours

keep selectively picking out all the trump supporter picks you want, if it makes you feel better


Phytoestorgen isn't even actual estorgen. It's called Phytosestorgen because the structure is basically the same, but the chemicals that compose estorgen and phytoestorgen are entirely different.

Holla Forums hasn't taken a high school chemistry class, but most of them are Americans so it checks out

I can look up any fact I want about American men, I guarantee you it is going to be pathetic, and it won't be because of soy but obesity.

What party? I'm a European, mutt, I don't care about any of you. North Korea should nuke you.

It's alright to cry, brandon. Just don't sperg out and call up CNN, making empty threats, again.





What are the benefits to men?

Basically nothing bad, nothing good. Too much of anything can be bad, but saying it will have the same effect as actual Estorgen is ridiculously false.

Nah its true.

What is the American right's vocabulary? You can't even articulate yourself without using buzzwords, by ten years you're going to be fucking Eloi


To add, what's funny is that while there are around 80 to 90 sttudies about phytoestorgen's effects on humans, the one study Holla Forums is referring to is from the late 1940's that claims phytoestrogen


raise the estrogen levels of men, because it raised them in


But the digestive systems of sheep and humans are entirely different so the study is dubious, not to mention over 50 years old at this point. The only linking factor besides this study is because both have the name estrogen in them, despite being essentially different.

It's all pseudoscience from Americans and their equivalent who probably would burn themselves in any grade school chemistry course

You're going to simplify your vocabulary into


In ten years time, if not five. Your vocabulary is degenerating faster than a stroke victim.

Oke, cool. So what does that have to do with us?

Not before you have a heart attack from obsessing over pretending you don't care about Americans so hard. I bet you can't go a day without going out of your way to shit talk Americans. You've got that folder on your HD "Americans BTFO"? Must be weird obsessing so hard over another country, truly beyond me to have to try and care so much whilst thinking about it all the time.


I'm not an American, I'm not going to have an early heart attack.

You're right, I don't. It's fun.

My bad
Liberal women*

What does this have to do with how your capability for language is devolving into mush, anyways?

Just like real life, your women prefer to be around European men more than you. Which is interesting, since most of you call yourselves white nationalists.



He's obviously
And has saved tons of MAGA photos to his HD and white american trash photos too

Obsessed as fuck.

You've caught me, but how are you going to stop me?


Are we even on the same plane of existence? How you jumped to that conclusion is beyond me. Is Euro meth that good?

brandon's probably gonna make a bunch of bluff, threatening phone calls to ya like he did to CNN prior to muttering to himself about "seeding white whores with white stallions like himself".

t. Amerifat

Plenty of backpacking American women I've met in a nice toasty hostel.

They don't seem as open with you though. You complain about it all the time, Amerimutt

Nice non answer

Answer what? The most retarded non-connected reply I've ever seen?

That nobody wants to fuck you in your country of origin.

If you obsess over my posts too hard you might have a heart attack

There's befits for both male and females, we're the same species. It's just there's more notable examples of estrogens (not to be confused with the phytoestrogens in soy) causing negative effects in females like breast cancer and menopause; but soy consumption actually improves these. If you want a more detailed explanation: nutritionfacts.org/video/who-shouldnt-eat-soy/

Sick burn. I'm taking notes, let me try.

Just like in real life, your women prefer to be around American men more than you. Which is interesting, since most of you call yourselves socialist.

Do I win the argument if you don't reply due to it being completely non contextual and frivolous?

So, I checked 4/pol/ to see how they're taking it. At this point, I'm kind of curious what isn't "le fake news xD" to them. I know the MSM puts out a lot of bs but it seems everything they don't like is immediately branded as "an obvious fake"

Is this a joke

If you're getting so much European pussy you wouldn't be bitching about trying to save the continent you've never even stepped foot in, my gentle Amerifat heffer




Funniest post I've seen in my life 10/10.

I just wanted to let you know dude chill it with the ableism

Like most of your posts in this thread?

That's nearly impossible, I'd have to exclude talking about Europeans altogether then

Now THAT'S hilarious.

So much for your care for mother Europa, my little nazi lad

The Ameri/pol/yp admits he cares little for Europe and only cares about himself, finally



We all do, it's not one person

Oh well, at least you can say that you had a conversation with a woman once in your life. Even if it's on the internet. it's the closest you'll ever get to a vagina.


Everyone shits on mutts like you though

Are you still in the thread just to let European men ejaculate on you

Finally? When did we ever pretend to care?

You tell me, when did Holla Forums ever pretend to care about Europe?

You're unraveling

The whole "save photos of Nazi spergs and white trash" started because Nazis would come over here spamming threads with silly looking protesters and whatever fringe subculture they had decided to associate with us.

Also, I forgot to mention the problem with soy isn't its phytoestrogens but it having similar effect to consuming animal protein by raising IGF-1 which can cause cancer, so you should limit soy consumption to 3-5 servings a day. The negative effects only happen after you consume more than 7-18 servings a day:


So that's the delusion you tell your self to not feel obsessed? Although you were on an American website in the first place. Shows a bit of an obsession from the get go now doesn't it? I'm sure there's plenty of great European websites that allow free anonymous speech like here right?

Man, I know. Every day I dream of becoming pic related. Truly it is the final stage of evolution.

You're not talking to the same person. My motivations are because I know you're all socially isolated mentally ill freaks and making fun of you is fun.

I'm not the guy you were talking to. I'm an American myself, not that I'm proud of it.

The amount of reflection is staggering.

Meant to reply to

American education at it's finest boys.


At least you admit that these are your fellow comrades lol

If I had thousands of anti euro photos saved on my HD, you wouldn't find that the least bit fucking weird?

I'm not going to stop

Never said stop, it's hilarious & flattering.


Do what you gotta do man, I know you can't speak your mind publicly elsewhere; so you gotta justify using American websites and not feel shit about it.

You on a PC as well? Windows? What kind phone you got? Amerimutt made too?

Don't be silly, user. Googling "fat american retards" nets you all the images you need in a few seconds. No need to clutter your HD.



Who even uses a hard drive to save their photos


Is this you? I think this twitter account is you rofl.

You've found me.

Seems pretty likely, Euro obsessed with American politics/white trash nazis

european american are our brothers ,this time all together against the real enemy

It's not me you fucking idiot lmao

Fucking obviously. It's just hilarious how easy it is to find euros obsessed with American politics.


It's funny seeing white nationalists who hate Europeans