Daily News Thread 2/7

Aid Supplies Meant for Puerto Ricans Infested by Rats : Report

Some of the aid supplies meant for Puerto Rico never made it to the island because of a rat infestation at the Florida office of Puerto Rico Federal Affairs Administration, PRFFA, where they were stored.

Trump tells Pentagon 'to top' France military parade

US President Donald Trump has asked the Pentagon to organise a large military parade in the nation's capital.

Syria war: Israel 'strikes Damascus military complex'

Israeli warplanes have fired missiles at a Syrian military position near the capital, Damascus, Syrian media report.

May Slammed for Not Ruling Out NHS Inclusion in U.S. Trade Talks

Theresa May’s government promised to safeguard the National Health Service in any future trade talks after the U.K. leaves the European Union, after her earlier prevarication in Parliament triggered a backlash.

Germany coalition talks: Merkel's conservatives and SPD clinch deal

Angela Merkel's conservatives (CDU/CSU) have finally hashed out a coalition deal with the centre-left Social Democrats (SPD) that could break months of political deadlock in Germany.

Kim Jong Un's Sister to Become First Dynasty Member to Enter South Korea

Kim Jong Un named his sister to represent North Korea at the Winter Olympics in South Korea, a historic visit that raises the drama as world leaders including U.S. Vice President Mike Pence gather for the event.

Trump says: 'I'd love to see a shutdown' if no immigration law

U.S. President Donald Trump on Tuesday said he would welcome a federal government shutdown if Congress is not able to agree to changes in immigration law that he said would prevent criminals from entering the country.

Tech Giants Back U.S. Bill Governing Cross-Border Data Searches

Microsoft Corp., Alphabet Inc.’s Google and Apple Inc. have thrown their support behind proposals in Congress to deal with cross-border data requests from law enforcement – even as the issue heads for review before the U.S. Supreme Court.

Trump Says ‘Big Mistake’ to Sell Off Stocks in Strong Economy

President Donald Trump has some advice for investors: they’re making a “big mistake” by selling off stocks amid good economic news.

Canada PM Trudeau faces PC backlash over 'peoplekind' comment

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is facing a backlash for correcting a woman who used the term "mankind".

Japan to Boost Financial, Political Support for Palestine

Japan has pledged to increase its funding and Gaza officials have confirmed Japan will fund the construction of a wastewater treatment plant that will provide water for agriculture.

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They’re 'higher risk,' yet still stunned with Tasers

Nearly a third of the U.S. population is at higher risk from Taser shocks. Yet police continue to fire their stun guns at the vulnerable.

Global Deliveroo strikes

Over the last couple of weeks, Deliveroo have been hit by a series of strikes and occupations all over the world: from Hong Kong to Belgium, Holland, France and Germany. Meanwhile, in Shanghai, the first union for online food deliverers has been formed.

Who will go bust in the Trumponomics casino?

Trump's State-of-the-Union con job was exposed by the stock market plunge that followed, but his lies are a cover for an intensification of attacks on working people.

Why Is the American Left So Prejudiced About the South?


On the power of aggregates


I was waiting for you OP.

Cheddar Man: DNA shows early Briton had dark skin





Of course, the symbolism of the Bastille Day is lost on Trump.

This is the last the GOP wants: an excuse for the Dems to shut down the government

Given his previous business experience, I think Trump's words will only cause more chaos in the market.


love this meme

I feel like the few benefits to this are going to be hugely offset by the insane amount of uproar from libs

so brave

That might be the sole reason he's doing it. An ego stroking trolling that will cost us millions.

May Slammed for Not Ruling Out NHS Inclusion in U.S. Trade Talks

Theresa May’s government promised to safeguard the National Health Service in any future trade talks after the U.K. leaves the European Union, after her earlier prevarication in Parliament triggered a backlash.


"Asked earlier whether she could give “an absolute guarantee” that the NHS would be excluded from any trade negotiations with the U.S., May stopped far short of a commitment, saying only that the discussions are just beginning and that any U.S. demands are not yet known. “We will go into those negotiations to get the best possible deal for the United Kingdom,” she said."

Lol you limies might get American style Health care. Be sure to get life insurance, it's cheaper than health on the monthly and when you die at least you leave you're family something.


‘Bitcoin is my potential pension’: What’s driving people in Kentucky to join the craze

He is quite literally Herbert Hoover 2.0, isn't he?

Mate, we will make the French look like reactionaries before that would happen.
Besides, this was actually brought up when TTIP was brought up and like 80% of the commons voted to protect the NHS: even the evil bastard tories know it is a fucking bad idea to overtly make it look like you are privatising the NHS.

Also the same guy; Holy fuck, do americans really pay around $400-600 in student loans? Do you really end up owing $20k in debt after you graduate even at public universities?

What the fuck? How is this not seen as an unsustainable system? No wonders american millenials are so pessimist.

Trump needs the market to be doing well right now. It's the sole thing keeping him from being purged.

I have much more than that in student loans.

This right here is the small shit that a lot of white people overlook. This is what even minor generational wealth can do for you. It isn't irrelevant. The only reason why I point out white people is that generational wealth is what really separates the success of a black person and a white person…even if they are coming from house holds of similar incomes. The black kid's family probably doesn't own anything, but can afford to pay rent.

If that economy collapse happens I have no doubt the GOP will turn on Trump instantaneously. He might either be booted in 2020 or he'll be removed beforehand for incompetence, either way the prophecy of Holla Forums going liberal (or if lucky leftist) might actually happen.

Pls, you know the new trend is gonna be "apolitical objetivists" like Macron and Elon Musk, so they'll call for the dismantling of government in favor of super-billionaires saving the world with their supeior intellect. Someone post that one screencap.

So it's going to go back to lolbert Holla Forums?


Senators Reach Two-Year Budget Deal


McConnell and Schumer just fucked Paul Ryan and the Freedom Caucus. If the House doesn't pass this bill, they'll be blamed for the shutdown.

are you saying "generational wealth" is a white people thing or

the economy must be in bigger danger than we thought

The big takeaway from this it gets rid of the Freedom Caucus's bullshit austerity measures. This is why the House GOP already throwing a huff, despite getting the defense spending they asked for.

In other news

Pelosi surpasses five hours in immigration speech on House floor


Midterm pressure is on, baby.

So this is the power of capitalism.

that's like 2 years of undergrad at a cheap college

most likely, you already saw a shift towards traditional burger conservative views and that's only a short skip away from going full technocrat ancap

That says a lot about local news since I've heard nothing about that.

So business as usual from before the hurricanes hit? And it keeps getting worse and everyone keeps leaving.

The uproar from libs is the benefit, or at least it is for us.

Bitcoin or socialism

A) Generational wealth isn’t inherently a white thing
B) Very few people with Generational Wealth end up doing this and succeeding

I am saying a white family tends to have more generational wealth than a black family on average. A lot of white kids overlook this when it comes to their success, like having a car that is reliable handed down to them without payments to make. But I am also not trying to blame whiteness at all for that, it is something anyone in the same position would take for granted.

Cubans in south Florida are petit-bourgeoise scum.

Milo is currently getting BTFO in court


Not much of a BTFO, but it does highlight how stupid Milo is.

What did this fag do before Gamergate?

Reading the whole thing, it doesn't sound completely unreasonable. It seems like Milo is making the classic mistake of believing that the courts behave reasonably. Though in this case, I don't really know enough about what's going on to say whether they are or not.

If you're arguing that your publisher dropped you for political reasons (which he appears to be backtracking on in this) then why would he need financial statements from a publisher?
Not to mention that's not even what the hearing was about.

Write Buzzfeed-style articles about the tech industry

As the old saying goes, "A person who represents themselves in court has a fool for a lawyer"

And blacks tend to commit more violent/property crimes on average than whites, so what?

The biggest difference is more that whites tend to be home-owners which inflates the value of their assets on paper. If you buy a house, the interest that you pay on it is really nothing but rent in a financialized form–the bank is the entity that really owns it until you get it paid off.

The thing is that unless you have a second home to live in you need a primary house as use-value, so its really not the boon that its made out to be on paper. If you live in a rapidly growing area with a housing shortfall then you could sell your house at a profit and maybe relocate to a house in a cheaper area but that's really the main benefit.

Unfortunately, renting is like putting your money in a trash-can. Don't think I'm praising home ownership here because usually by the time that the mortgage is paid the owner has paid the selling price several times over.

hmm maybe it's like living in an ingrained racial caste system enforced from cradle-to-grave makes you less likely to have a stake in maintaining the status quo by abiding by its rules

How so?

This is also why they tend to far more reactionary. The decline in home ownership is pretty much the only positive trend in the US right now.

also owning land is a fucking pain

Buddy, I went to my state's flagship uni for four years and I owe $60k.

pic related made by Hamas gang


What do you get in exchange for renting besides a roof over your head? You can’t leave your apartment to your kids, you could leave a condo but that’s a different story. They can’t even sell your apartment after your death because it belongs to someone else.

At least a home maintains some part of its value and like I said it’s a meme and homeownership isn’t what it’s cracked up to be but in my area you can actually pay less monthly for a shitty house then you can for an apartment.

Where's this? I live in Canada where the entire housing market is leveraged to the fucking hilt with hot chinese money and cheap debt

I'm pretty it's the same everywhere. Rent is a function of property values. The only time it is better to rent is if you only need a studio.

[citation needed]

When does the legacy of slavery whither away, anyway? I don't even think the Irish still blame the Famine or British occupation on their failings now

What's there to cite? I'm taking two observations and making an inference based on a likely connection.
Because the British were violently ejected from the Republic, sassenach. Ulster is still a living testament to the legacies of sectarian discrimination because the institutions of bigotry and capital are still tied together and mutually support each other. Like in the US.


Probably because they had a successful armed uprising and people's war that ejected them from most of the country. Even still northern Ireland is an open wound.



Slavery, then segregation until 1964 (although in various parts it continued due to local support), then assassination of civil rights leaders, lynching, police brutality and overwhelming focus on black males, redlining, and the results of poverty coming from all of these things.

By the way, Ireland still hasn't recovered from the famine. It's population is still less than what it was.



Bitchy "journalist" bitches about bitchy antifa wacko bitching about le gays. The absolute state of the world. I can't read an opinion piece that doesn't include the author's self-proclaimed moral/aesthetic/intellectual superiority over what is reported.