Racist dude on subway

So what's the deal with this shit lately?
Maybe it's just me, but I've seen white people on subways and even people in the line at trader Joes just popping off the handle like this guy. A lot of people just chalk it up to mental illness, but I kind of think the two might go together.

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whites are becoming a minority, one legal and socially acceptable to discriminate against, and some people are lashing out about it. it'll probably get worse




pretty sure that lawyer is doing just fine.

there's 2+ billion Chinese bro

lol, no

Well when you treat people like shit and they finally get fed up what do you expect? Polacks spend so much time in their echo chamber they actually believe the bullshit about other races being submissive.

i mean a minority in "white countries"
yes, actually. unless you can show some evidence of people in the mainstream saying the same things about non-whites without ferocious condemnation

I can't be the only one here hoping that the doors would close while he was in between the train and the platform. Does anyone have a guess as to what happened with the glass breaking?




I leled

There's a few people like that in my town, they spend pretty much the whole day walking around and striking up conversations with seemingly random remarks. When they get aggravated (which doesn't happen often), they act similar to the people in the video's posted here.

Notice how these videos nearly always take place in the new york subway or the public transport of some other big city. I suspect its the disorienting immensity of such places that triggers aggression in people who already lack a mental filter.

i agree wholeheartedly. unfortunately some people don't

Some people are idiots.
What do you expect?

$5 at least half of those are Holla Forumsyps false flagging

and stephen colbert?

There are probably some morons in there, but a few actually look like they might be facetious.

He is part of the other half who are retarded Idpol faggots

why people gotta be so rude

so you agree that there are things that one can say about "white people" that one simply cannot say about non-whites, unless one wants to be publicly shamed or threatened with hate speech laws

Yes I agree they are just as much Idpol faggots as altright shitheads and should be just as publicly humiliated as them

Obviously not, because whenever someone does, the youtube skeptics™ and alt. media make an uproar, and some more stupid culture wars are fueled.

either way, I agree with

These people are cancer and need to be pruned.

but they won't be, which is the problem
youtubers and rightists on twitter aren't comparable to major newsmedia like slate, huffpo, msnbc and others. if you can find a major news outlet who talks about non-whites in the same terms as they do whites, i'd genuinely like to see it


Nah both sides of it just need to be banned from the internet. That where all this liberal and con edgy Idpol is coming from.

Either way, it's an industry that makes a buck off your outrage, just like all those major news outlets do with their editorials. You're just arguing for them to be the bigger corp at this point, which as a communist, I'm for ending both industries completely.

no, i'm asking for this kind of language and ideology to be condemned and destroyed, instead of permitted and encouraged

Then you are asking the wrong people cause we can do nothin for ya

these are just everyday cowards, their always attempt to take it out on random everyday people as opposed to anyone that actually might pose a threat to them

think of it the same way as fathers beating their own kids because their too afraid to confront their boss

I'm not sure if you could get away with that. It definitely would be nice if they were seen as less credible though.

food for thought

That's right goyim you aren't even real whites! You might as well just give up now and let the spics and niggers take over!


this concept of huaitness is very american, and even in it people are keen to form hierarchies, evidenced by the historical kicking-around of the irish and italians for example


You mean the trend that most maga fags are in fact mixed or completely non-white?


is it pareidolia when a news organisation clearly openly states "white people must be stopped," as in


I mean, it is when you think jews are a monolithic entity the likes of illuminati, and they really want you to get slapped, yes.

What the fuck are you on about? stop spewing bullshit and state your case.

i didn't say anything about jews or illuminati. my point is, there a trend of open and generalised contempt for "white people" and that's what people, like the one in the op, are reacting to

I just did. What are you confused about?

That discrimination against whites doesn't exist and that they aren't becoming a minority in their own country, is false?

What are you typing on a braille keyboard

well, I assumed you were
I was referring specifically to the implication Jews were behind it.

The guy in the OP was flying off the handle. He wasn't reacting to anything aside from possibly alcohol or his medication.

yeah you won't find it in mainstream midia anymore because racism does not sell and white non racists don't take the critique of "white people" to their heart because they know it's not about them. The mere fact that you get ofended by those headlines means you are racist or that you can't see the bigger picture. You still have systemic and social discrimination against other races.

more food for thought

as do you, against white people. but you won't be shamed or punished for it, so don't worry

is literally from today. are you really that in denial?

Pretty much the equivalent of saying every stolen valor veteran is proof that a war never happened.

My black neighbor - in Chicago - took a swing at me 2 days ago & I beat the piss & shit out of him literally. It felt great although my hands & elbows are a bit swollen.

are you going somewhere with this, or is it just storytime for things that never happened?

You have no fucking idea what actual discrimination is, all you are getting is stupid headlines that hurt your fragile ego.

I was replying to the statement
and no you don't have that anymore.

Still i am in no way favorable to the way liberal midia adresses racism. I am just pointing out how fucking entitled you fucking are, a few years with pretentious headlines and you start thinking is a conspiracy against white people. Imagine if you got actually slaved, or had reduced chances of getting a job based on your name/skin color, or having to worry about every fucking cop that passes by you?

If he said he was black and the he beat the shit out a white man.
I bet you would have a hard on. and tthe legitimacy of the story wouldn't would'nt be questioned .

projecting your infantile power fantasies


A swing and a miss.
The situations is so devoid of context, I could really care less either way.


unironically gay here, wanna have some meaningfull discussion or are you just gonna keep rambling. You are a true bastion of debate and a true defender of the white against fun. Fighting his way by shitposting on a internet forum, the ubermensch the peak of human evolution really.

degen eracy got wordfiltered for fun
Faggot BO


Who said i was white?
At least you admitted though, Came out the closet and pranced around

this type of racist language is still commonplace all over the media. as a communist should i not notice or talk about this issue? because that's the tone i'm getting from you and others in this thread
that's not at all what i've said. if you have to resort to strawman arguments, you're not on solid ground

I was curious if you were going anywhere with it, and now I'm disappointed.

nor does 99% of the population of the united states. despite the popular delusion, america is not living in the antebellum south


How have you libtards found leftypol? Did the memes brought you here somehow?

Yeah, your esoteric jew memes don't really help.

Nobody thinks that, it's you who takes it that way because you yourself can only think in terms of monolithical entities like "the capitalist system", in which everything that seemingly conflicts with the paradigm is absorbed into it by declaring it deceit to obscure that very system.

All Holla Forums's memes and criticism run on the assumption that everyone is as stupid as they are, just in a different way.

Then why are such headlines deemed unacceptable when any other race is the subject of them?

shut up trot

oy vey

You just don't get it do you?



wrong. Most people here understand that the thing that makes capitalism so ductile is that it's not monolithic. Capitalist have various goals, but they are still beholden to the economic forces they are play a part in. Do you deny that various stages of economic production throughout history have led to certain laws of motion within the economy? The capitalist has to operate by certain rules to stay afloat, but the diversity in which they follow these rules is hardly comparable to "MUH JEWS".



I actually have that picture saved tho, because I hate the Zucc.
Have the steve jobs one.

These are fake aren't they?

How did you come to that conclusion?

Not sure.
This is where I found them

They definitely are

Well there's calling people niggers on trains.

we dont want better wages and more control over our occupation and living conditions. Just jews and shit man

i'm new at phoneposting

stop making assumptions faggot


it's not an argument. it's evidence of a trend

Holla Forums have had endless threads about making false flag accounts on and "infiltrating antifa".
These false flags are way more common than people know.

I deny that the current state of economics is evidential of the theory that those who notice racial animus in jews are taken in by a concerted disinformation effort to hide the truth of marxist paradigms, I also deny that this is evidential of other notions that conflict with marxist paradigms being conspiratorial in the same manner.

You don't simply believe that capitalists are beholden to the economic forces they play a part in, everyone believes that, no one believes that every grocer can afford a gold plated space shuttle to carry caviar to his lunar base. That's another thing I notice about Holla Forums argumentation; people here are convinced that their ideology is true because they conceive of it in terms of truisms.

All Holla Forums's memes and criticism run on the assumption that everyone is as stupid as they are

No it’s some random people who have no power.

no one said anything about power. the issue is that you can openly say you hate and want to kill white people, but saying the same about any other group will get you shamed, silenced or arrested

Please link I wich to read, and before you ask, no I don’t hate poor white people. Rednecks did nothing wrong. The titles just sound interesting.

You can say the same about any group of people


the media don't. and twitter users in britain get literally arrested for "hate speech" when they say anything critical about muslims


Capitalists are rich because they choose to be rich. Instead of whining they put their lives on the line by taking a million dollar loan from their father's company or go to universities with endowments larger than some states on their parents' dime. Elon Musk and Donald Trump are self made men who got their billions through hard work and gumption.

ANYTHING critical about Muslims? If I made a cross tweet about a Muslim cutting in front of me in line, I can expect bobbies right up my arse?

considering how bad britain is now, i wouldn't rule it out

There isnt a single study in one of these articles. Just butthurt bourgs spewing their self-help bullshit to justify being infamous useless dregs. Kill yourself.

damn i didn't realize i was dealing with a mastermind

You might want to get an eyesight check cause the sarcasm coming off that post is blinding

Factually incorrect.

No, cutting in line is a criminal offense and the person involved would get sent to Belmarsh without trial.

Reminder this law will be used against "ebul sexist leninist bullyboys*".
*Actual Blairite quote.

well that settles it case closed

Sounds an awful lot like you are playing the idpol game OP

Yes, you never chose to be born without the genius of Henry Ford. Now reread my earlier post and try again with a more substantial reply while you try very hard to ignore the first sentence of this post.

oh woops, I wasn't the idpol guy youre replying to. I thought you were being unironic when I read the articles.

why are you defending the british state?

damnit the white man tricked me again

Nice article block behind a paywall you got there sure wish I could see what it said

i'm just not a headline reading cuck that believes whatever i'm told


so your position is that the british state isn't arresting people for "speech crimes" and it's all just made up

If I'm going to tell you that you're almost there, are you going to ask me what the remaining distance is in feet?

No its the " "speech crimes" " that I have an issue with. If you are gona spout death threats and wishes of genocide don't be surprised someone comes after you


jesus christ you commies are so retarded

but if you spout death threats and wishes of genocide against white people, you can be sure no one will come after you

so your position is that there's no difference between "saying anything critical of muslims" and "actually inciting racial hatred or people to violence"

i'm finding lots of these articles that play it up like these poor british lads are caught by the evil hatespeech crusaders poor dears but no sources or captures of what they actually said

if it's someone being arrested for saying "man a muslim guy just bumped into me and didn't say sorry how rude" then yeah now we're talking but if it's some tard on social media saying "we need to kill every muslim and make britain white again" then what do you think my dude


if you say "we need to kill every white male and make america/britain safe again" you will be congratulated and lauded, not arrested and charged. there is a blatant double standard and you are denial over it. keep defending the capitalist state and its police force, though, that's very communist of you

retard have you ever even looked





not even 5 seconds on ddg

lmgtfy.com/?q=nazi dog salute trial
keep deflecting/denying

lol yeah this is about defending the state and not about pointing out how retarded you are

Im gonna need proof

Well It's a good thing that doesn't affect you then.

you like the idea of people being arrested by government thugs for "hate speech." that makes you the retard. you sympathise with racism and indentitarianism as long as its against anyone deemed "white." you won't even admit the sentiment exists, despite widespread and obvious evidence. you're flatly just a coward and one of the people helping to ruin this board. too bad the moderation staff has been infiltrated by pc-obsessed sjws who'll ban me but not you other liberals. this is my last reply to you

you don't believe in the concepts of evidence or proof, so why bother?

yeah that looks fucked up

holy fuck all this projecting

the only thing even remotely like evidence that you've posted is a video about a guy arrested for teaching his dog to seig heil

and completely ignored the evidence that you're a fucking retard

enjoy your ban niggerfaggot

Where's your evidence that the people in got fired if not arrested?

Stop browsing and searching for retarded liberal opinions on the Internet. Everyone agrees liberals are retarded and so are you

Where is your evidence that every little racist quip or comment gets you fired or arrested?

where's your evidence that they didn't?

If somebody who says retard isn't considered somebody who hunts down and lynches retards, then somebody who says nigger isn't somebody who hunts down and lynches niggers. Nobody gives a fuck about anyone but themselves. The great thing about this video is people are begging this guy to keep saying things. They push him over and over. If everyone shut up it would have stopped. They don't want that though. Without this dude their victim complex can't continue. Now some sociopath judge who ignores every crime the us Mafia does is going to pretend to have morals and "make an example" out of somebody who was pushed by rats and responded with rat behavior, just like the rats wanted.

Are people without empathy fucking cancer? Yes. It's both sides though. the idea that you can invalidate somebodies entire existence based on a word they said is the most narcissistic fascist thing I have ever heard.

There are plenty of people trying to ignore him, he's making a scene on purpose. If someone gets up in your face in starts shouting insults at you it's pretty hard to ignore it.



Oh wow that word filter
c.himp out = glorious uprising.

If someone steps on your shoes, you can move on with your life or be a retarded nigger and murder someone for it. Implying that you don't have a choice reveals how much of a fucking retarded slave you are. Please explain one scenario where egging an enraged person on diffuses the scenario? Oh wait, there are none. Let's say he was at 70% rage. Everyone ignores him, and he goes to 50%. Everyone pushes him, he goes to 90%. You get high off things like Facebook likes because you are ruled by your ego, so despite the fact that simply shutting the fuck up is the best course of action here because it leads to the greatest chance of the situation calming, you would "have to get the last word in". The women admitted she was trying to get footage "fo da newZ!" Putting people in more danger was not an issue because she wanted to be a celebrity. At the end of the video the nu male hipster faggot says "get out of here with your hate speech, fuck you!" …"QUIT SWEARING YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE". This is because none of these people are Gandhi, they don't want hate to stop, they just want to be in control of it. If they are above hate speech and petty nonsense, why do they engage in it more than they've engaged in any pursuit in their entire life?

I win. Case closed. Next topic.

ave, homo novus

I don't give a fuck if somebody calls me a cracker, and I expect them to not give a fuck if I call them a nigger. Way to try to put words in my mouth to win an argument you know you lost you delusional fuck. You gonna admit you were wrong or run like a little bitch like the rest of your echo chamber cult that is so fucking stupid that they havent developed the critical thinking skills to recognize that left v right is divide and conquer and the answer is always in the middle because there aren't two fucking possible opinions.

There IS animus with Jews, but you don’t see the bigger picture. That’s the point. You’re still too myopic to see why Zionism is the same byproduct that creates other bourgeois nationalist movements throughout the world.

Like what?
I do, though. The capitalist operates out of necessity to appropriate surplus value to create profit. Most of us build our theory from there.

Nope. Just think it’s a sign of the times.

you'll probably get banned for this, just fyi. got a 3 week ban for

any criticism of antí-white sentiment just isn't allowed here. thank the redditor liberal infiltrator mods who just can't stand any discussion of anything that triggers them

Nice sources

Sorry mate I think you misunderstood. I don't care what you have to say about anything.

If this were pol and it were a black dude, we both know the amount anons making dindu nuffin memes wouldn’t end.

its funny b/c you can tell by the way they type thats rly how they think black ppl speak and think

Do you seriously believe that if in the images posted, white were replaced with jew or black, those people would still hold their jobs in the media?

Something struck a chord, which is strange because the thread wasn’t really about them, yet they feel the need to defend this guy. Yeesh, you guys choose some dumb hills to die on

I have plenty of empathy, it just goes to the people who have to put up with dumbasses who think they can be belligerent because they’re a lawyer. But I guess that guy is some kind of hero in your eyes.

I have plenty of empathy, it just goes to the people who have to put up with that dumbass.

Yeah, stopped reading there.

that's too bad, it should be the reverse white worker's republic

[citation needed]

Maybe by a small handful of idpol morons but even the overwhelming majority of libs don't really approve of that shit, its just that most people don't get butthurt about every clickbait article or dumbass tweet. On the other hand, the burger police force is full of outright white supremacists who can seriously fuck up someone's life. Not defending either one here, but its not difficult to see why people are generally less concerned about racism against whites.

Interesting how those twitter screenshots don't show the number of replies, I somehow get the feeling that those people got ratio'd.


I can post a wall of text too.

"I'm tired of hearing some delusional people claiming Jews control Banks and Hollywood.

No Jew in top-10 biggest US banks which cover 95+% of Americans

1) JPMorgan Chase => Chairman/CEO/President is Jamie Dimon Greek Orthodox
2) Bank of America => President & CEO is Brian Moynihan Irish Catholic, Chairman is Charles O. Holliday Jr. WASP
3) Citigroup => Chairman is Michael E. O'Neill Irish Catholic, CEO is Michael Corbat
4) Wells Fargo => Chairman/President/CEO is John G. Stumpf German Catholic
–above four are mega Big four and cover majority of US bank services–
5) Bank of New York Mellon => Chairman/CEO is Gerald Hassell (mostly WASP)
6) U.S. Bancorp => Chairman/President/CEO is Richard K. Davis WASP
7) HSBC USA => CEO is Irene Dorner WASP/Irish, Chairman is Brendan McDonagh Irish Catholic
8) PNC Financial Services => Chairman Jim Rohr WASP, CEO William Demchak could be Czech/Slovak/Polish
9) Capital One => Richard Fairbank Chairman/CEO/president/founder, Nigel Morris co-founder (dunno ethnicity) got no control
10) TD Bank, N.A. => CEO/President is Mike Pedersen Scandinavian
Note: For simplicity, WASPs include German/Irish ancestry as well along with English/Scottish/Welsh if non-Catholic

Top-10 global investment Banks: (10%, not 100% Jewish control :picard2:)
1) Goldman Sachs => Chairman/CEO Lloyd C. Blankfein, President/COO Gary D. Cohn, both are Jewish
2) Morgan Stanley => James P. Gorman (Chairman & CEO) anti-semitics claim Jew, but name/face very British
3) JPMorgan Chase => Chairman/CEO/President is Jamie Dimon Greek Orthodox
4) Bank of America => President & CEO is Brian Moynihan Irish Catholic, Chairman is Charles O. Holliday Jr. WASP
5) Deutsche Bank => Paul Achleitner (Chairman) German, Juergen Fitschen (Co-CEO) German, Anshuman Jain (Co-CEO) Indian
6) Citigroup => Chairman is Michael E. O'Neill Irish Catholic, CEO is Michael Corbat
7) Credit Suisse => Urs Rohner (Chairman) German, Brady Dougan (CEO) Irish
8) Barclays => Sir David Walker (Group chairman) British, Antony Jenkins (Group chief executive) British, Naguib Kheraj (Vice-Chairman) Indian
9) UBS => Axel A. Weber (Chairman) German, Sergio Ermotti (CEO) Italian
10) HSBC => Douglas Flint (Group Chairman), Stuart Gulliver (Group Chief Executive) both are British"


America needs to be nuked and kept empty as a monument to the abomination humanity can become.

Where did that come from?

Except I didn't do shit. I was raised to treat everyone equally and with respect and now I'm expected to grovel and apologize for some shit that happened before I was even born. Fuck that

Pretty sure no is saying that you fucking idiot, piss off.

No one cares about your bad case of whataboutism. We all know that idpol liberals suck.

Literally who the fuck said that?

FACT: idpol threads are always shit

more than you do, you fucking NEETs

This thread wasn’t really meant as an idpol thread. It’s pointing out how idpol is makeing people nuts.

holy shit that fucking outfit

What is this Holla Forums tier thread and why is it not burning already?

I want Holla Forumsyps to leave my leftypol

I can't really be arsed to care. Liberals will be liberals, the ONLY answer is Socialism. My greatest fear is that after world wide, stable Socialism is achieved there will only really be Idpol left. Still better than idpol+actual economic issues, but it is spooky to imagine it still existing. But hey, what else are Gulags for if NOT supremacists of all colors?

it's impossible to ride the subway and not be a racist

I hope all you subhuman shitskins die of asshole cancer


I seriously hope you're not white and a leftist in current year. Alarms should have been ringing in your head long ago. PoC hate you and wish to see you dead.


go outside

dont act like an autist

PoC don't hate me, because I'm not an edgy little shit like you.

microaggressions are real and they're slate articles written for white nationalist hate-clicks



do other whites not have a deep connection to black culture through their music & actively try to understand their mindset? that's what gets me out of this idpol garbage.
I agree with Sam Hyde on one point, which is that white people, males specifically got the shaft by obomba era liberal sjws and people need to lay off the 'ugh white people' every second, and we as leftists should be about 1000mi away from race except when it relates to class; but also it's extremely cringe when anyone of any race can't control their anger in public, or when being filmed.

Yeah they always try to show you snipets of dumb shit they say from eachother, as a reason to convince you to "join their side". Their just basically the opposite of the same coin.

"Im a libertarian and dont want to serve or have poc's near muh property. Here's some Autism Level stats to prove why im justified"


"Im a poc femmenist and dont want to serve or have cis whites near muh property."

Sam hyde's a leftist?

Absolutely not.

A bit distasteful, but the man is a champion of free speech. I'd rather put up with assholes than get jailed for something I said.

Can you also provide a list of their respective boards of directors?

Dont you mean pun..'ched?

at one point perhaps. he bit the anuddah shoah bait very hard though and is definitely in le fash land by now

ironic how he did a complete 180 on most of what he said here within like five years. this was released in a video around 2010

the absolute state of burgermutts

the absolute state of these people

feck i scrolled back up and thought that was an original thought :^)


Because you're reactionary.

He reminds me the Major.

man i miss classic MDE

Makes me think of this nigga



Not the user you were responding to, but could you or anyone point me in the direction of some critical resources on how nationalism is a byproduct either of contempory capitalism or of modernity in General? It's a subject im pretty interested in.
Also I have a master's in philosophy, so it can be as dense of a theoretical work as your heart desires.

Man, this poor ass sophist tier rhetoric is depressing. I've only ever looked at his text on technology and he actually had some interesting things to say. I guess it really adds credence to the idea that some people really shouldn't stray from their preferred discipline. Non sequiturs and over-generalizations out the ass smfh.

This is the problem, these people won't ever see that porky is manipulating them into a damn Nazi masturbation fantasy with idpol so they won't realize the true threat.

Lenin, unironically, has some of the best texts on nationalism.

Could you name some specific texts user?

Here's one that gives a brief over view

also Frantz Fanon's critique isn't too bad marxists.org/subject/africa/fanon/pitfalls-national.htm

So… they robbed him?

he's an immigrant lol

They just claimed what was already theirs.

I'm a brainlet but I can suggest:
Lenin: "National and Colonial Questions": marxists.org/archive/lenin/works/1920/jun/05.htm
There are also more good information in "Imperialism: the highest form of Capitalism": marxists.org/archive/lenin/works/1916/imp-hsc/
Much of his writing against nationalism comes out of the Second Internationale. Here's a brief overview: marxist.com/lenin-national-question160604.htm

Here's a collection of assorted texts that go over the topic. WARNING I haven't read through all the texts
Follow up: marxists.org/archive/lenin/works/1914/feb/20.htm
Now featuring education! :marxists.org/archive/lenin/works/1913/dec/17.htm
About the trots joy: marxists.org/archive/lenin/works/1916/oct/x01.htm
Looking at the issue while in power: marxists.org/archive/lenin/works/1917/7thconf/29d.htm




Whoops meant to reply to this…

he said


Sure you can.
The context here I think is pretty awful, though.
I know I wouldn't parade around town calling people nigger because I'm a well-to-do lawyer.

It sounds like he was under the influence of something. There is simply no excuse.

No clue what this was about but I'd like to know.

Holla Forums probably thinks he was a "savage"

The irony

So far I've found that people being overtly racist in public are all… stupid. Really makes me think.

He wasnt even a lawyer. Reddit doxed him a while ago and apparently he used to work at an ad agency n he always reeked of b.o.

lol Why did the Canadian smooch the Paki?


They're pissed mainstream society isn't accepting them.

They were promised glory and adulation at Trump's victory, but instead all they got was hate and scorn.

What are these trying to say?
The first I can't even access for some reason and the second is… well… nothing.

The first one is the unabomber's manifesto on 'leftists', although he really rants about liberals. You can google it if you haven't seen it before, although you likely have since it gets posted all the time.