Contacting Cuba: Implementing Cybernetic Socialism

This message goes out to all you leftists who live in countries with Cuban embassies.

In April 19 Raul Castro will be stepping down as the President of Cuba as we all know. He will most likely be succeeded by Miguel Díaz-Canel who is an Electronics Engineer by profession.

Cubans are considering new economic alternatives for their future once Raul moves on. Considering the background of the likely successor I think this would be a great opportunity to implement some cybernetic reforms. I've spoken to Paul about this and he's interested however there is no known means of contacting the Cuban Communist Party.

I propose any leftists interested in facilitating this goal to contact your local embassy and get a meeting to try and get a line to contact Cubas economic department. I'm sure they would welcome some help in planning their future socialist cybernetic economy.

Other urls found in this thread: Tecnologias de la Informacion.pdf


You don't know that. Cockshott is in discussion with Chinese maoists in the CPC.

didn't those very same maoists basically shun his ideas?

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is he not organized in a party? why do they not have contact to the cuba communists?

get in contact with your local communist parties and organizations (hell, hacker groups and book clubs are good enough if you're all lefties) and organize contact with the cuban government THAT way

I've got contact with Cockshott, I can ask him about this if you want. But having talked to him before it is questionable if TANS is applicable to Cuba, the conditions are bad. Cybernetic planning could be feasibly implemented however.

basically don't expect an end to markets or labor-credits even with the application of Cockshott's work. Cuba has no large economic base like it had before (USSR) so now it pretty much depends on trade with heavy industrial countries which are capitalist, so it needs a market.

Cuba doesn't care.

Well i live in Australia so im going to have to give a big N O to that considering we have none

what's wrong with the Communist Party of Australia? is it like the US, where there's a paranoia style ring of spies spying on spies with no real membership?

Cockshott is non-partisan; mostly because in the Scottish left there is a MAJOR separatist vs non separatist split. Also the only CPs in Britain in the same international org as the PCC is the CPB; which are dying Eurocomms, or the CPGB-ML; who are Stalinist LARPers. So yeah.

No but its the absolute definition of LARPing
Most of its members (All one Thousand of them tbh) Are either borderline geriatric Cold war Throwbacks or Uni kids LARPing

Even that would be an amazing feat if done, as Cuba is far behind in computer infrastructure, both in number and on computing power. Here's the latest official data with regards to the first one: Tecnologias de la Informacion.pdf

this is badass, and anyone who follows up on what this thread is calling upon is the world's greatest hero

This is unironically a good idea, not that is going to achieve anything but maybe the book is unknoledged by the Cuban people

Send it to the Worker's Party of Korea. They've talked about computerization for a while now and installed digital planning in all their new enterprises.


I've spoken to Cockshott and he said that there have been attempts at contacting Cuba before by some of his comrades, and that the government of Venezuela while Chavez was alive translated TANS to spanish, he unfortunately said this was almost 10 years ago, and they didn't have success.

In my opinion the best platform we can have for Cockshott's theory at this point would be the establishment of a purely economic movement based on argumentation for a planned economy, with backing by example of new modern methods of planning. This would need to be in a very populated & industrial country and separate from communist ideology as a whole. The problem is no such movement exists, but I think it could generate traction if large enough, and based on straightforward scientific comparisons of planned and market economy.

Here is the thing: You have to be a bit careful about your attitude when you send them this stuff. You know what Cuba, DPRK, etc. hate? Western armchair commies who send them the newest meme theorist as the grand solution for everything. All these countries have economic experts who meticulously plan the economy, and you can be sure that these experts have already thought about planning an economy im all conceivable ways. Also, all these countries do invest in computerization. You'd absolutely look like a fool when you go to Cuba and tell them "you should just use computers!".

I think Cockshott has some ideas worth appreciating. But never pretend that this obscure book as all the solutions for the countries who try to develop a planned economy. The best way to go about it would be to suggest individual points in that book which you think could be worth replicating in babysteps - don't be an autist and just them the book as the new bible.

you are under the false assumption this works like the autists here throwing around speculations like "send them a letter to do the economy more gooder" and that it isn't in actuality multiple political entities with same or similar ideas trying to get in contact with Cuba/relevant state and discuss the economic situation, with possible solutions or alternatives, some things which can be implemented at point X or Y and the majority of which can't be implemented due to the material conditions. Nobody that is intered in real life politics treats it as the bible like dogmatists on the internet, but to discard it as armchair socialism or not worth it because "the planners in these states must have considered it by now" is unscientific, since Cockshott's writings are a development on previous works from people like Stafford beer, which has proven very good in practice. This mentality is especially poisonous, I've seen people cling to Mao or Lenin, complain how there is no modern theory, but throw away modern practical developments like the ones Cockshott made. I am working on the creation of a political organization in my country, and my point with Cockshott was specifically that we couldn't implement the majority of the things written about in the book due to material limitations if we were to get in power, and discussed with him how it could be applied to our conditions. The framework on which the planning is based is solid and can be implemented even in transitional periods where you still have a market economy and this is what is important, it means his theory has practical value & use. I have no doubt in my mind that similar discussion was had with the Cubans.

You are right about this only being possible via polticial organizations. In the case of Cuba, this would be hardline Marxist-Leninist parties. They regularly have events with Cuban officials, like the CPGB-ML (which gets a lot of shit on this board). They have a Cuban consul with them at pretty much every barbecue. Another option would be to get in contact with Cuba via academic exchange.

Lenin and Mao wrote their theory as a guide to action, Cockshott's work is way more prescriptive. It maps out a potential society, which makes it basically utopian. I'm not saying that it couldn't work, but the whole concept of it makes it an utopian work im the sense of Marx. Don't get me wrong, I actually like the idea of shilling Cockshott to states with a socialist government, but I think a lot of people here are straight out delusional about how this would go down.

Also let me say that the EU has multiple programs running for cooperation with Cuba. If somebody knows someone who works at the EU, this would also be a possible gateway.

it isn't utopian, it is based on the practical work done in Chile by Stafford Beer in the project Cybersyn. During the running of project cybersyn it was succesful on all accounts, Chilea failed because Allende didn't accept soviet aid and tried to do what Tito did. It has also been done in practice in capitalist countries like Japan which uses computers in economic planning, he gave real examples, and also mapped out his theories based in hard facts & mathematics. His economic theories are based on the works of Kantorovich, who was the main theoritician behind the socialist planned economy of the 20th century. His works are only outdated now because they have been integrated into mathematical calculation as a whole & because we have moved beyond pens and typewriters in terms of computing capability. It is unscientific to say it is utopian in every way. Speculation can be made about his system of labor credits, but the system of organizing production he layed out works.

CPGBML is rightly shit on for being LARPers, getting in touch with the Cubans isn't difficult. I am from a very small & relatively obscure party (or was more precisely) but we got consuls from Cuba & exchanged members on a bi-yearly basis, and have people in North Korea & had north korean visitors on a yearly basis. Having contact with these governments doesn't give them legitimity, if it weren't for the fact that the rest of the left were retards that are comparing the USSR to nazi germany they'd have close interactions with the Cubans/Norks too, the praxis of ML organizations in the 21st century is dated and needs to change. When you do what the CPGBML does on the street, it alienates workers. For what? Having Stalins head on your banner? Impractical.