Wants true violent Marxist revolution

s he /ourguy/?

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who is this semen demon??

His name *sniff* is ideology

He's Slavoj Žižek.
A radical marxist, who is relatively famous (for such a figure).
Here's a quick video of him BTFOing Chomsky.
pls don't tell me you don't know who Chomsky is

Zizek has always been one of our guy.

Reminder to read Zizek.

Zizek is a psuedo marxist modernism soyboy revisionist cuck

What is some good starting Zizek?

You mean Post-structuralist neo-marxist.
Please try again.

Zizek is our adopted dad

I meant modernizer

zizeks a crank but he's hilarious and got a lot of people interested in marxism so whatever

Obviously /ourguy/


How so, what about his stance/ideas give you this impression?
I'm curious of the age range of people he reaches? It seems old school communism appeals to the college aged kids, is Zizek like the newer cool alternative?




Not him, but his obsession with Freud was it for me. The people who still study psychoanalytics are new age pseudoscience peddlers.

What does he have to say on Freud?

a lot


Either his one of his latest books dealing with our current political situation (The Courage of Hopelessness) or Violence would serve as a good intro, I'd say.

no. not as they stand

ty fam

I think I might pick up violence when I'm not so busy.

This was his point too. He was hoping putting Trump in would un-cuck the dems.
He pretty much admits this didn't work out.

he hasn't seen what we've seen. the DNC may never change, but the civilians who've supported them in the past will.

I think this is way too optimistic. A lot of really terrible reactionaries and neocons had their credibility renewed with Trump's election just because they say they're against Trump. People like Bill Kristol and others who orchestrated or championed the Iraq war are socially acceptable again. Not to mention how the FBI are suddenly a sacred organization now. Wearing pussy hats and taking a walk is a "revolution". Let's not forget these people are liberals.

His entire career is basically Freud, Lacan and German idealism. If anything, he has very little to say about Marx and socialism.

If you can't apply the Co cept of ideology to Capitalism, I have trouble belieivin you are a socialist

I always thought it was more to show the illegitimacy and weakness of the liberal establishment that he wanted Trump in? I guess I'm wrong however I still think that holds somewhat true - I mean not only have the Democrat Cops of America grown a lot (say what you want about the democratic cops of america they're red liberals but at least its SOMETHING in my opinion, a sign of more radical things to come i hope), the dems are so threatened by sanders progressives that they are effectively playing out a total purge of non party-line towing politicians in order to hold their neoliberal consensus. Yes of course I'm aware that the berniecrats are succdems at best, and of course I would prefer a marxist revolution to take place. However I think that it is at least setting a precedent for more leftist / working class politics to emerge considering that both the republicans and dems are incredibly low in opinion polls and class disparities continue to increase.

folks i dont honestly but i would just assume that increasing class conflict and austerity can only go on for so long until somebody is like what the fuck is going on? Gen X will be the last strictly neolib generation. I have hope that the millenials and then Gen Z will be far less class cucked by the time they are running politics. or tbh establishment political culture turns them into neolibs. fuck honestly who knows i have no hope anymore.

It will be a nightmarish fusion of neoliberalism with Zucc and Bezos style techno disruption.

jesus did we get mentioned on plebbit somewhere

When was the last time we had a Zizek thread

Or any philosopher threads for that matter.

Jordan Peterson doesn't count.

Zizek is unironically one of the best entryists for a YouTube teenager to get into "the left"
That may be stupid but we live in a stupid society and as such maybe we need an Elvis of philosophy

Zizek is deluded if he thinks that DRUMPF will bring about a Marxist revolution as a reaction. What will actually happen is shitliberalism on steroids once the Democrats next take power. The Democrats have no strategy except calling people racist and trying to form a coalition of color + upper class whites.

Reminder: "Democrats" now unironically have a net positive view of George W. Bush, because DRUMPF is a racist misogynistic xenophobic homophobic transphobic Islamophobic puppet of Putler. You can't make this shit up. Even after the USSR has imploded Americans are still obsessed with Russia, a country with the GDP of Italy.

First as Tragedy, then as Farce

…I don't think he ever stated that he believes that will happen. Isn't all he ever said that he believes and hopes that it'll be a chance for some sort of actually leftist movement?
I'm with you on thinking that even that hope is still too optimistic.

you're conflating the Dems media class and donors with primary voters
We will see what actually happens in the primaries

Hell yeah, RUSSIA needs TO be brought to HEEL She WON

Gosh you're right user there really isn't any alternative to the two parties that get less popular by the day. People aren't desperate for alternatives and practically every politician in the country isn't intensely unpopular or just plain reviled.

was this really his voice?
also, as a genuine question, why does the Left always infantilize the right? (for example the metaphor of video games for nazis) An attempt at superiority? A honest review of their ideals? Not to say the right doesn't do the same, its just they make a main point of their argument that the left's mission is to infantilize the world. Also, how would Zizek apply his ideas on ideology to his own explanations of the world?
I guess this question isn't for this user in specific, I'm just thinking about political thought.

Zizek isn't a marxist. He claims to be to sell books, simple as that

No one gives a shit about Zizek.

Fuckin lel.

I remember that he claimed to be stalinist, maoist, or simply communist. Never marxist. That hovewer doesn't change the fact that he know marxist theory better than (you), and is the most theory-heavy leftist alive, or at least among publicly known ones. Try to read a fucking book

I can understand why Holla Forums is seething lmao

Among the petty bourg (his base) perhaps. """Left""" liberals on the other hand have started unironically worshipping the FBI and CIA so it balances out.

Left-liberals were always the core constituency of the CIA though. The right-wingers tend to work in the Pentagon.

Oh look, another Holla Forumsyp who doesn't understand us one iota.

Imagine Michael Moore selling stingers to the Mujahideen to fight the soviets


lol Holla Forums you must be so mad that a rich guy won a sham election and even though he hasn't done a single thing he promised he'd do the joke is really on you because he's causing infighting among certain sections of the class you want to annihilate!

lmao better luck next time commie skum >XD

So far he's helped China come into its own, forced SK to start talking with the DPRK, made Europe stop relying on America, and has destroyed faith in basic counter-revolutionary institutions like the FBI and the CIA. Oh and he also saved socialism in Cuba by strengthening the embargo.

Zizek uses the very method here analyzing nazis as he does the Left. He's not infantilizing some foreign other. See: youtube.com/watch?v=FRTsInTXAgk