Communism can never work because I can just bribe people

Communism can never work because I can just bribe people.

Prove me wrong. Oh wait, you can't. I killed the Soviet Union by doing just that.

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But we outlawed the use of money long time ago, in favor of the cybernetic system of calculus in natura proposed by Paul Cockshott decades ago - who also refuted most of the arguments long proposed by the Austrian school's economists against communism:

Computers and Economic Democracy -
Towards a New Socialism -

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Can't bribe people if we kill you

Can't bribe a robot.

You can't bribe the entire or even the majority of the global working class. There simply wouldn't be enough capital left over for healthy profit margins.

"Containing the embryo" of capitalist development does not make something capitalist. If it did, then feudalism would have to be considered capitalism. It does, after all, contain the embryo for capitalist development.

Leftcoms like to pretend that they're the only ones who have actually read Marx or Engels, but nine times out of ten their "interpretation" of Marx/Engels is a complete bastardization of what they were actually saying.

Soviet Union can bribe you too. A centralized state that controls its economy may easily gain some measure of control over a capitalist state, where Capital controls the government. Case in point, China and the USA.

And generalized commodity production is the devolped form of that embryo.

Generalized commodity production is not enough to call something capitalist. There are several other key criteria, the most fundamental of which being the antagonism between the ruling capitalist class and the dispossessed working class.

By that logic a market society with only co-ops is socialist as the ruling class no longer exists in a direct manner. The heart of the capitalist mode of production isn't the jerk in the top hat but the fundamental impersonal laws of the market. You can't supsede capitalism with production for exchange (generalized commodity production) something existant only in capitalist societys.

Nah, it's socialist because The Workers Control The Means Of Production

How are you gonna bribe anyone with labour vouchers.

Nice meme

What about blackmail

Pure idealism.

Good luck finding the private island.

Bribe the people running the robot.

Bribe the nomenklatura. Yeltsin, the oligarchs, et al. Subvert an imbecile of a leader in Gorbachev with bad press. Fund zealots and nationalists like the Taliban and in Yugoslavia.

Corrupt the government with capital. Urge political reforms at the expense of the working class for the profit of the few.

Hollywood, blue jeans and rock and roll. Money buys scarce goods.

Fuck off Lassalle

I don't think you understand what a labour voucher is.

Go ahead. Doesn't effect me none.
A self sustaining commune of egoists is pretty hard to bribe without being back stabbed.

100% isolationism is the only way to build socialism in one country
prove me wrong


You will bribe people with stuff they can get for free? To do what?

Didn't even have to bribe, really. Promises of joining swinedom were enough.

Just kill everyone…

Just replace everyone with robots

What things do people get and how free is it and who makes it?

Communism would still be around if only Soviet citizens could get free Levi's.