Daily News Thread 2/6

U.S. consumer protection official puts Equifax probe on ice

Mick Mulvaney, head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, has pulled back from a full-scale probe of how Equifax Inc failed to protect the personal data of millions of consumers, according to people familiar with the matter.

US shares swing wildly after two days of losses

US stock markets swung rapidly on Tuesday, amid frantic Wall Street trading triggered by earlier losses.

Trump Ready to Release Infrastructure Plan Monday, Official Says

President Donald Trump plans to release on Monday his long-awaited plan to generate at least $1.5 trillion to upgrade U.S. roads, bridges, airports and other public works, according to a White House official.

Union-Led Protests Sweep India's Capital Against 'Anti-People' Union Budget 2018

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee called the budget a "flop" and "directionless."

U.S. trade deficit rises to nine-year high on robust imports

The U.S. trade deficit widened more than expected in December to its highest level since 2008, as robust domestic demand pushed imports to a record high, adding to the stiff headwinds faced by the Trump administration’s “America First” trade policies.

Berlusconi Asks Italians to Rat on Undocumented Refugees

Opinion polls say Berlusconi and his far-right partners — the League and the Brothers of Italy — will win the most votes at the March 4 election, but will probably fall short of an absolute majority.

Porsche pummeled, Corvettes crushed as Philippines' Duterte shows he's tough on tax-dodging

Bulldozers and backhoes pounded more than two dozen seized luxury cars in the Philippines on Tuesday, including Porsches, Mercedes, Jaguars and Corvettes, in a dramatic demolition showcasing the no-nonsense leader’s crackdown on crime and corruption.

Wikileaks founder Assange loses bid to have UK arrest warrant dropped

A British court rejected an attempt by Wikileaks founder Julian Assange to have a warrant for his arrest quashed, dashing his hopes of an exit from the Ecuadorean embassy in London where he has been holed up for over five years.

Is political pressure behind YouTube’s video labeling?

YouTube has started labeling videos by government-funded media after their recommendation program was the subject of a Guardian investigation and a letter from the Senate Intelligence Committee’s ranking Democrat.

Super Bowl anti-terrorism plans left on commercial flight

The US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has suffered an embarrassing blunder, with documents detailing the impact of a simulated biological warfare attack in preparation for the Super Bowl were left on a commercial plane.

Mexico leftist holds double-digit lead in presidential race: poll

Mexican leftist presidential hopeful Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador maintains a double-digit lead ahead of elections in July although his rivals have closed the gap slightly, according to a newspaper poll published on Tuesday.

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Mr. Market Has a Meltdown

Musing on the market swan dive yesterday.

Intellectuals Cheer as US Moves Towards Global War in Syria

Despite years of unqualified failure, the nation’s liberal intelligentsia announces full support as US redoubles its efforts in its catastrophic “war on terror.”

Stock market crash: 1987, 2007 or 1937?

Yesterday, the US stock market fell by the most in one day since mid-2007, just before the credit crunch, the banking crash and the start of the Great Recession.

To really take back control, we need to democratise our trade deals

Supporters of War on Want and Global Justice Now protest outside the Department for International Trade against secret trade deals.

The Reboot of the Elites

Ardent neoliberals tend to come into their own political convictions much as Joseph Kennedy III has: as a matter of class inheritance.

It is more than resistant, it forms and absorbs back, nearly all political debate is now held in the confines of managerial-liberalism.

Wait, I thought they were going to invest that money in creating new jobs. Are you saying they'll just pocket the money and import from sweatshop workers instead? Why would they do that?

Let me save you guys the suspense: He's going to raise taxes and privatize everything.


is he any good? Is he another pinky socdem?

As I recall he campaigned on an austerity platform a few years ago, no?

Trump's lawyers want him to refuse Mueller interview request: NY Times


I don't know what's worse. The fact that everyone knows Trump is a liar or the fact that nobody cares.

He's a fucking retard, sure, but I feel if this was any other president, people would be going off the chain.

Bernie but Catholic. He coalitioned with a literal alt-right, Zionist party (PES).

AMLO's sort of a demagogue, but he sure beats the other two neoliberal zombies running against him.

parts of it got leaked, it puts all the responsibility on local level gov't and is going to push mass privatization

How? He's been a living meme longer than I've been alive, how is he still a force in Italian politics?

Italian corruption makes America look like a well ordered efficiently run state

Which, of course, benefits him and his friends.

Pentagon considering Washington military parade at Trump’s request


Can't wait to watch all the obese LARPers on the sidelines in 'murica flag armor

I can't wait for the obese commies and liberals reeeeing on the sidelines, thinking they're fighting """nazism""" lol. It's funny that you guys keep attacking the white underclass and the state when we capitalists couldn't be happier with about it. I work at Google and we will cheer you guys on from our comfy offices. Go get them. 😂

Porky eat shit


No thanks, I prefer to munch on this delicious steak and sip on some Château Latour a Pomerol.

Those are patriots, not modern followers of Rockwell. Know your right-wingers. But please do continue to antagonise white people for no reason, it really helps our cause.

The eternal Mick.

His personality cult refuses to admit he's a liar. I know a few of them and they claim him to be very honest in spite of his "vulgar language".

Jesus Christ, western intelligence is so incompetent. Especially how ASIO left a bunch of top secret files in a cabinet at a 2nd hand store.

Hes the Italian trump and uses now the same tactics that trump used to get in power (anti immigration policies).


No, Trump is the American Berlusconi.

It's not just his cult. Everyone seems to be giving a Trump a free pass on this stuff. They're not condoning it, but they're also not punishing him for it either.

It's like the whole nation is in a goddamn stupor.