Y-you guys don't really want the liberal capitalist order to collapse right...

Y-you guys don't really want the liberal capitalist order to collapse right? Y-you guys are only pretending that you want to live in a state where you're nothing but a souless automaton working for the glory of [s]Comrade Chad[/s] Marxism, right? Surely you lot can see that the only thing keeping from being forced to be the bitch boy of the state is the freedoms that you currently have under the current system?

It's just some fun LARPing, r-right? Posadism, lol, amirite?! AM I RIGHT, PLEASE GOD?!?!?!

What do you think, my friend?

Given the field I'm going into, being a soulless automaton and the state's bitch would increase my future quality of life


What do you think lil homie?

I feel like a soulless automaton working for the glory of porky right now

the only freedom we have under the current system is the freedom to stand idly by as our material wellbeing stagnates and our cultural and social wellbeing drops like blood pressure in the hours following dendrologicaly induced rapid deceleration syndrome in sportscar drivers.

when the peak of your prospects is to become a let's player, there is no floor in how far things can go without being of signifigant inconvenience.

…to be replaced by…?

force doesn't have to be replaced with force

Workers control of the means of production, democratic management of the economy and abolition of the commodity form.


yeah, actually.
Holla Forums hates communism, we believe in super-capitalism

wtf im an ancap now

benevolent science

Ironically, Rand did borrow much of her imagery from Marxism. She was educated in the USSR, after all.

My dick

force against whom, is the question.

Most people on the receiving end of pic related believe the logical conclusion of a socialist revolution is a tyranny of bureaucratism. In actuality, force is to be applied against the capitalists whose wealth comes from ages of robbing the workers from the fruit of their labor.

wasn't this originally posted in left reddit? I think it was some guy trying to rebrand communism for classcucks

wtf i love the US two party status quo now.

I dunno, I saw it first in 2015 Holla Forums

Sounds an awful lot like…capitalism
Be sure to get up at 5 am so you don't be late!


I already am a soulless automaton working the the glory of the profits of my boss.