Why are western aka bourgeoisie lefty/communists so anti-nation and anti-patriotism and anti-military and...

Why are western aka bourgeoisie lefty/communists so anti-nation and anti-patriotism and anti-military and pro-homophilia while most visible communist movements have been traditionally very patriotic, nationalist and pro military? Historically they were also kind of conservative socially, anti-fag and so forth. They didn't self-hate their race and history.
Why is western communism so limp wristed and feminized in comparison to eastern, Asian, and old school versions

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Honest question there is nothing to fear here. Leave the thread if it irks you.
Everyone historically aware knows this difference exists.


Go read Hegel or Mao.


you really don't know why?
Marxists in the McCarthy era were literally put on trial and in some cases even charged with the death penalty. we weren't even allowed to publicly criticize capitalism.
the only thing leftists could talk about without being arrested were race relations, gender relations, and the vietnam war. that's why.
it worked too, because the modern left in America is fucking neutered and useless just as the FBI intended.


Because liberation movements were directly inspired by European and American nationalisms. Even before they formally adopted marxism.
In other cases communists were forced to ally with the bourgeoisie in their anti-imperialist struggles. Resulting in communist movements adopting liberal-nationalist positions, and in some cases (like Ba'athism) - degenerating completely.

>Muh based nationstates
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Nationalism has naturally always been an important part of old school communism, it's like the old socialist anthem goes

"Arise ye pris'ners of starvation (but only the ones in our country)
Arise ye wretched of the earth our country
For justice thunders condemnation
And a better world nation is in birth!
No more Forever tradition's chains shall bind us
Arise Stay put ye slaves no more still in thrall!
The Earth country shall rise on new foundations
We have been naught, we shall be all!

''Tis the final (internal) conflict
Let each stand in his place
The Internationale shall be the human race our country

''Tis the final (internal) conflict
Let each stand in his place
The Internationale shall be the human race our country."

Really liked that song.


because of false consciousness tbh

It's not easy to be anti-patriotic when the entire world teams up against you and your revolution, which is exactly what happened with Soviet Union, Cuba, China and other socialist states. Western leftists have never known this level of existential threat, further more they have already been raised in a society that values the interests of the capital above the interests of people and the nation. It's a highly individualistic society where the sense of community and belonging has been virtually destroyed, it's every man for himself.

Velvet lobby.

because they have porkies fist up their ass controlling them like a puppet

Nations are Made up bullshit left over from slave societies and feudal lords. If you don't wish to see the abolition of all nations and states and borders for the simple reason of muh ancestors or muh culture you can go hang with the fascists in the gulags

Yeah we rule fuck the other communists, socialism is when the government does stuff and nationalism is compatible with a international movement build on worker solidarity instead of workers fighting amongst each-other

Hired poor people shooting other poor people for class rule and imperialism. Yeah I'm real supportive of that especially since it's the military who half the time are against us

Christian bullshit or people from the 40's with not even 1/10 of the understanding of psychology and the inner workings of society we have today. People thought you could literally zap gay people better that's how fucking retarded people were.

They also didn't parade it around or think themselves superior, you should look at some of Stalin's movies he put out, they have evil communists race mixing and looking out for each-other and they hung racists.


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Bourgeois idealism
Pure ideology
"Proles should fight other proles in the name of bourgeois profits"




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Why are you involving homosexuality? Everyone in the past centuries was homophobic, doesnt mean its a good thing.

They definately were not actually reactionary, promoting womens rights and women working, anti-racism etc etc etc. Communists were, always have been and still are the progressives of their time.

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Yes, I remember Bolsheviks supporting Russian participation in WW2 until the victorious end.

Yes, I vividly remember Vladimir Lenin's writings in support of Greater Russian chauvinism. And who could forget the famous communist anthem, the Nationale?

Socialist were pro-military after they come to power. Capitalist militaries were always villified, in any country with a communist movement.

That must be why the Russian SFSR was one of the first countries to legalize sodomy and abortion.

You're also being cheeky and comparing the morals of 20th century socialist societies to a nebulous modern standard. Compare them to any capitalist country from the same time period and you will see that they were significantly more progressive.

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Because communists like the vietcong and communists like the people on Holla Forums exist on an entirely different level. It's like asking why foxes don't run on gasoline while ferrari's do when they're both red.

Hi Holla Forums

I think Zizek made a point about this. He definitely observed it in academia, all the leftist, self proclaimed communist profs live very bourgeousie lives in gated communities and are the polar opposite of what true communism embodies socially and economically

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"patriotism" is stupid
nationalism can be taken or left as a part of the status quo, but patriotism is intolerable. There's a good Rafiq textwall about this. At least nationalists know what they're doing. Patriotism is asserting meaningless pride, without a nationalist justification, even a soft one. Worse, with politicians and the like it comes across as simply wanting to appeal to the nationalist sentiments of the population without invoking nationalism itself because they're squeamish about the time nationalism led to bad things like genocide.

either own up to your nationalism or shut up about your country, simple as.

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Capitalism. It is limp wrised because it lost, or maybe it lost because it was limp wristed already.

Of course, focusing on the faggy shit weakens the left-wing movement itself, not to mention identity politics.

But war is bad


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>No more Forever tradition's chains shall bind us
>Arise Stay put ye slaves