Just got banned for posting this on /r/communism

Just got banned for posting this on /r/communism
Good reason?


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Yeah, either you're incredibly uniformed or you deserved your ban. I hate to side with reddit on this…

Really? Seems like this is not very well-known outside of www.therealnews.com

great fucking search terms. jesus christ

Have you been under a rock for four years? The Real News is actually a credible news source and Max Blumenthal is a great journalist. Google openly admits to censoring progressive news websites.

This issue was such an embarrassment that it even prompted some token action from the US House of Reps?

Ever hear of the Odessa massacre? It was one of the worst fascist crimes against civilians of the decade. The US didn't say shit about it because they were supporting the people who did it.

Didn't you see this assange tweet a while back? It was a direct reference to this fact.

Azov are useless nationalists who will fuck up the country yet again but calling them neo nazis is alarmist and stupid. Like maybe 5% have some kind of affinity for NutSac but its more anti russian affinity than anything. Azov also have a number of central asians and turks in their ranks.


stop wasting time on reddit
it's a propaganda mill

you should get banned here too for re-posting it tbh
you're a better fit for the retarded people over at cripplepol

Fuck you, they meet the literal definition of term Nazi, its not even a debate. When they strangled pregnant women and burned trade unionists alive that seemed pretty Nazi-esque to me.


in ukraine:
on Holla Forums:

Oleh "kill the moscovite jewish mafia" Tyahnybok, head of Svoboda
totally not a nazi and just a fringe guy
well i guess that's no problem because those positions don't actually hold any power, amirite guys

The amount of so called "leftists" who still parrot the State Department line is simply astounding.

There's no good reason to ban someone besides spamming really

le 56% post soviet edition

are you fucking stupid

You should get banned here too

I got banned from r/communism for saying modern China is a capitalist state and that they shouldn't have banned hip hop and tattoos from TV.

You probably deserved it, though.

Are you fucking retarded? Azov Batallion and affiliated groups are as Nazi as you can fucking get, and by that I mean actual Nazis in the sense of Hitlerists. They read Mein Kampf, Goebbels and Rosenberg as their main theory.

Isn't fucking funny how these left-liberals are usually the same who keep crying about an imminent fascist takeover in the US, but at the same time marginalize and euphemize the Nazis in Ukraine, declaring them as "irrelevant". Which of course, is retarded, because the Nazis in Ukraine don't just overpower the alt-right in their closeness to power and given liberties to commit crimes, but are also ideologically ten times closer to the original Nazis than the limp-wristed cryptos and virgins from the alt-right

hip hop 很黄很暴力

a good post from a Holla Forumsyp

Normally r/communism bans for no good reason

This case, they actually have a point