Who are, imperically, the most lumpen peoples?

Who are, imperically, the most lumpen peoples?

even Big Brother would be offended by the shit Americans let their government get away with

A whole people cannot be lumpen anymore than whole people can be bourgeois or proletarian.


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probably india, how they never had a communist revolution given their size is beyond me


As far as I know Hungary has a low wealth inequality and relatively high quality of life, so no.

that's just plain wrong


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I am curious if any of you have been to Hungary?


this. 50% of the population shitting on the streets and being content is beyond me

now that i think of it, it depends whether you're referring to countries where the conditions exist but a movement doesn't or countries where the condition don't exist, hence the population is in ignorance. if it's the 2nd it has to be the us

oh wait too late.

and Huns are based. so are Turks and Mongols


if stalin didn't try start war over the turkish straits, turkey would have stayed aligned to the soviets


The vast majority of the population lives in squalor that would have been considered barbaric treatment in tsarist russia.

The Japanese

What a repulsive late capitalist shithole

I've been in Hungary dozen of times, have Hungarian grandmother ( she's ☭TANKIE☭, but that's extreamlly rare thing ), born and raised in city 20km from Hungarian border in part of Serbia which was historically looking Hungary until Trianon Treaty and still has almost 20% of Hungarian population.

First of all, at least 40% of Hungarians don't give a shit about politics and are very apoliticall, from the rest 60% more than half are very conservative ( like even more than Front National type conservative ) with strong pro-fash simpaties ( polotical sucessors of Regent Horty ), and around 15-20% are completly nazi ( political succesors of Arrow Cross Party ).

First of all it's stupid to say that certain people's are more or less lumpen, it's more how lumpen the state itself is.
Fascism has strong influence in lumpen, but not only in lumpen. Hungarian fascism has strong roots in agricultural landlords and former and former aristocracy, and that part of fascism is the one to which hungarians are orienting themselves.

Contemporary Poland, Ukraine and Russia are by far more lumpen than Hungary, but if we are going to talk about most lumpen states these are usually self-declared 'mob states' or pieces of teritorry controlled by some warlord and his paramilitary, teritories like Kadirov's Chechenya, Shan State in Burma, Donetsk and Luhansk people's Republics, Kosovo Republic, Transnistrian Republic, teritories under control of Isis or Boko Haram or bunch of self declared paramilitary warlord states which existed during the collapse of Yugoslavia ( Republika Srpska Krajina, Hrvatska zajednica Herceg Bosna, Republika Srpska, Srpska autonomna oblast Istocna Slavonija i Baranja… ) and simillar