What does Holla Forums think of climate change and global warming?

What does Holla Forums think of climate change and global warming?

Can state socialism really prevent the imminent destruction of Earth's climate?

Why wouldn't it be able to? The smart use of nuclear and renewables could easily replace fossil fuels. Well, I shouldn't say 'easy' but it's certainly not insurmountable if we move our best engineers into that and away from trying to reach new levels of shaving technology. Then we replace planes with zepellins and cars with trams and trains. Use geoengineering to correct for the rest of the damage. It would be a huge project to be sure but only a fraction of the world's total industrial capacity.

When do people get to stop working in wage slavery?

good luck convincing the powers that b to abandon the petrodollar

I don't understand the question, all industry would be for the collective and everyone would have an equal stake, everybody the same labour vouchers to use on the production. If you think that's still wage slavery then up to you but I'd like to see the anarchist way to stop climate change.

Socialism would allow us able to adapt to and prepare ourselves for all sorts of environmental changes and disasters.
We’ve had the science of climate change for 60 plus years and haven’t been able to do anything about it. Same with overfishing and it’s getting really bad.
A sustainable catch level is set every year and every year we go over it because the boards that make the decisions are stacked with capitalists who profit off of the fish. Both fish sizes and fish population sizes are becoming tiny compared to what they were a half century ago. Not only this, but the regulations are lame and baby fish are killed constantly because the commercial fishers throw them back in the water, injured because they’re too small to be legal. All this is causing ecological chain reactions. It’s an actual fucking disaster and we can’t do shit about it because the boards are like 90% capitalists 10% scientists.

What I’m saying is we have the ability to feed everybody and stay under sustainable catch.
can’t under capitalism though because can’t allocate properly. A socdem country could conceivably do it but USA is too corrupt to get there. Need marxism-leninism

In Russia and other Stalinist states production aimed for goods to last a long time and resources to be used as efficiently as possible. Whereas the west focused on producing goods designed to break down because this fuels long term demand and helps avoid market saturation. Today planned obsolescence in tandem with consumerism are the keystones in fueling constant "growth" (read: profit extraction) regardless of the impact on the environment and the places people inevitably dump their singing fish after they get singing fish 2.0. The actual production of many goods uses more energy and produces more waste/pollution than a significant chunk of their estimated useful life.

So in short, yes, definitely. This not even getting to the fact a society that could collectively decide to change their system for the long term good of its citizens would inevitably be better at handling global crisis than a system controlled by elites that are insulated from the consequences of any global fuck ups by their wealth.

Climate change can be catastrophic, thereby bringing in a new age of anarchism opening the path for a new world, don't stop it.
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When we stop exerting and consuming energy and become pure psychic creatures
When women are men and men are women
When the battles lost and won
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Every modern corporation would be insolvent if they weren't allowed to pollute. Only socialism can stop global warming and save the environment, continued capital accumulation and reproduction demands the destruction of the environment.

I genuinely don't think anything can stop it at this point. Doesn't mean we should give up, but the planet is pretty fucked at this point. I mean, plastic is at a 1 to 2 ratio in weight with plankton. I mean, how fucked is that? Why can't the right-wings "disgust" receptors come on at the thought of that?

There is damage either way but if we had a global revolution tomorrow we could absolutely avert catastrophe. There's so many ways we could stop and even reverse the damage we've done but under capitalism that can never happen.

We could, but, I dunno. This should be the one thing that far-right wingers should agree with us on and they can't even do that. So much for "loving your nation" and "having ties to the land" when its being raped and destroyed.

Well, if they were in any way reasonable and not just deranged anti-human anti-nature filth they wouldn't be right wingers.

True. That's why I hate the alt-right and conservatives. They don't actually give a shit about what's best for people, they give a shit about what's best for cis-white men at the top.

They're that dumb they're willing to destroy their "homeland's" environment because some people who weren't cis-white men wanted a say as well.

Yes, both DPRK and Cuba are two of the most successful ecological societies on earth.

Of course they destroy the environment as well. No-one denies they do, just their potential to compared with the West and East Asia my friend.

Why contain it?

Nice try Holla Forums


Not at an unsustainable rate. DPRK and Cuba are environmentally sustainable.

I'm not being Holla Forums at all. I genuinely mean it and its meant to be derogatory. Sorry if you interpreted it that way.

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It's okay, I personally didn't get a fake vibe from your post, but we usually don't use 'progressive' type words. I personally think being derogatory about white people is unhelpful but I know what you meant by it. Just an FYI, since when Holla Forums comes over to false flag they usually go full 'hello fellow comrydes of all genders, i hate cis white males and their problematic etc etc'