So a bunch of members of the traditionalist workers party and other self-identified fascists showed up to attack and harass people counter-protesting Turning Point USA. Pretty well equipped and effective antifa members attacked and smashed them. Pepper spraying them, KOing one and bashing another's kneecap in with an extendo. The Nazi's fled like cowards and were so shook they ended up trying to rat antifa out to the cops. the "anti-system nazis rely on the cops like they always do how suprising

I know people like to shit talk antifa on here but you gotta give them props for this. They attacked only actual fascists not random normie trumps supporters, and more importantly they won.

Spread this video far and wide comrades this is certainly a propaganda victory. Someone should mockingly post it on Holla Forums.

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fuck off

More antifa should carry extendos

back to Holla Forums

Nah this is good I like this

Aren't these the guys who LARP as tradcaths while also being racist as fuck? I hope they get stabbed to death next time.


Imagine my shock

i sleep
props on going for a win this time though

Fascists are all about muh optics. It's important to keep fucking with them and reminding them that they are weak and that everyone hates them.


Kek, reminder this guy got destroyed in a debate by fucking socdems

American antifa attacking actual fascists? Fuck me, that's a surprise. Bravo.

Trad-orthodox, technically. But cathodox are basically two sides of the same coin so you're still not wrong, user.

Idle talk
And hollow promises
Cheating Judases
Doubting Thomases

Don't just stand there and shout it 😟 😱😟

Do something about it 🔪🔥 😇 🔥🔪

antifa are lumpenprole who ZOG Occupied Government calls upon when it's threatened

i hope the pay cheque from your jewish masters was worth it, i hope you die of a heroin overdose with the money the kikes gave you


Dumb motherfucker.

No joke, I've had this exact same phone call to me every other week because of the magic ZOG Occupied Government sorcerers, I'm rich now

The neo-nazis were literally attacking people protesting turning point USA a pro-free trade, pro-globalization, and pro capitalist organization funded by billionaire Foster Friess.

Stop projecting you are the one's who defend the elite. The actual elite, the ruling class and their puppets, not some mythical ZOG Occupied Government.

When I see videos like this I begin to realize that that the freedoms we enjoy on a daily basis aren't really free if it wasn't for these brave young women, men, non-binary, and LGBTQ+ plus individuals putting there safety on the line to defend our rights to liberal democracy against these fascist aggressors. I'll be make donations to Center for Community Change, and purchasing Trotskyist literature for my children as soon as possible.

Meanwhile the Fascists in this video are literally serving as shock troops to attack people protesting the pro-zionist organization TPUSA.

No one here supports liberal democracy, fuck off back to Holla Forums.

this but unironically minus the words "nonbinary", "Center for Community Change", "liberal", and "Trotskyist"

At least the protesters have a job, unlike you.

Until antifa kills anyone literally who cares.

Fascists deserve to be beaten no matter what is going on. They are literally demonic.



Please. You'd piss your pants & run if you were in their place.

if I was outnumbered I'd just pop a few of them with my pistol like the roaches that they are.

Use your hands like a man pussy

It should be 5 thousand against 1 defenseless nazi, fuck your bullshit morals–

Oh I guess that you agree, fuck morals.

lol. Im sure you would you weak faggot.


Fair fights are a meme, he has the right idea, one bullet to their empty skulls is all you need to kill a nazi.

Where exactly do you see 50 antifa? There's more zoomed out videos. It's too equally sized groups facing off against each other and the Nazi's immediately retreated while getting pelted with rocks, beaten, pepper sprayed and mocked.

You can clearly see in the video there's far more antifa but they blurred all of them out in the video because they clearly didn't want to be seen.


Surely aryan ubermensch can take those weak soyboys?

I am terrified

So….When are antifa going attack an actual target. Instead of an symptom of capitalist alienation? Oh wait NEVER! because antifa is one liberal LARP

Hm, wonder if there's an implication there

Yeah one of these days I hope they go after a bank or institution instead of just street fights

I don't even like antifa but
Literally no principle

Look at the video I just posted you dumb faggot. It's more zoomed out and clearly shows like 20-25 antifa at most vs ~15 fascists.

And that makes it ok why? What have demons ever done to you, mortal? Give me all the dirty details.

if they're such weak fag soyboys and shit taking on 50 of them shouldn't even be a problem for you aryan ironpilled white crusaders who bench 3pl8

Those things are neat. Theyre like metal light sabers.

who doesn't just carry a pocket knife nowadays?

true, but you gotta admit the extendo, well, extends your reach somewhat. I think that edged weapons up the ante/escalate the situation over blunt too because of the wounds they inflict. Batons are good enough for Porky's street dogs, they are good enough for us doing the same sort of work

Yeah but a gun is even better though. Especially in states where you can open carry. Thankfully I live in one of those states.

Knives are bad optics and would bring a lot more police attention, its much easier to accidentally permanently fuck someone up or kill with a knife than a truncheon, even a little pen knife can cause very nasty slashes and penetrate deep enough to hit major blood vessels

Antifa is a very specific tactic meant to address a very specific problem. "Antifa" is not an ideology with a end-goal or really cohesive at all. It's likely that the boys who mask up are involved with broader socialist orgs but if a person limits their activity strictly to nazi bashing then that is worthy of some criticism I guess.

Not to mention if you drop your knife or something you have put yourself and a bunch of other people in danger. An extendo isn't nearly as big of a deal.

shoot the fasc with 9mm, get cut down by piggies' 5.56

It's about knowing when to escalate, fam. Violence can be good, but sometimes lethal violence should wait for the right situation, though I wouldn't feel sorry for a stabbed nazi/pig/porky, tbh.

t. Matt heinbach

That extendo hit to the side of the knee from behind on the tall guy. Fucking ow. I know, I know, literally nazis, but did he really have to swing to cripple that guy?

Idk dude I'd be pretty comfortable hitting someone with an extendo but I'm too soft to stab someone. I'm not spending my 20's in jail over some dumb larp bullshit that ultimately doesn't really change anything. If you're willing to kill someone go for a more meaningful target than some dumb nazi street thug.

They'd do the same to you, probably worse.

That hit could serious fuck up that guys life quite possibly putting him out of work and causing him lifelong knee problems.

Maybe I'm too compassionate for my own good, but I hope he isn't too badly crippled. Either way that hit will make that dude and all his homies think twice before openly expressing fascist ideas.

This is the original btw in case you wanted it

man why are the fascists wearing fucking skull masks that shit is corny even for them


From the videos I've seen they're more of the brawler type, get in your face and throw punches or whack with poles. Some of them like their guns and would shoot if they thought they had an excuse but it hasn't escalated that far yet.

What this guy said, I don't know if people take knee injuries seriously enough. Knees don't heal well….

When the position you hit the streets with is "genocide is good" it would be extremely hypocritical to protest use of violence to silence you. Your position, if you had the power to impose it, is far more violent than any street scuffle and this fucking idiot and his knee should be low on the scale of concern.
Not that I'm blasting you or anything as I get what you're saying I just can't help but see this as completely justified.

you are agents of ZOG Occupied Government

you never go to prison and jewish lawyers always come out come out of the wood work you off and jewish judges agree

not a single j20 antifa got convicted

antifa always get away with the sickest shit, like using extendos (which would land pretty much anyone else up for five years)

you're jewish shock troops of the system who make pretend they're fighting capitalism and the powers that be

shame on you and shame on your splc kike paymasters

Quit whining, pussy.

stop calling yourself antifa and just rename yourselves to the ADL–street brawling branch

Color me surprised.


Really sticking it to the man dude

You know how you faggots are always crying about how leftists are cowards for wearing masks. It's almost like we do if for a reason.

Ironically in this video the fascists were actually attacking a protest against Turning Point USA. TPUSA is a pro-capitalist, pro-"free trade", and pro-globalization organization founded by billionaire Foster Friess.

They also try to promote zionism and shut down leftist efforts to encourage the boycott, divestment, sanctions effort against Israel.

The Nazi's in this video are literally being used as shock troops against people opposing Zionism and Globalism. You are the good goys Holla Forums.

Heimbach's goons were LITERALLY defending fucking TPUSA. Antifa is misguided sometimes but they hit a bullseye here.

there is no amount of words than can solve these peoples chromosomal problems

antifa dont go far enough tbh

This smuggie needs an update I think.

prove it

heimbach in all likelihood tried to piggyback on to the protest and antifaggots took the bait

Crippled? Well, I guess he's not the best of the stock any more :,)

means he's going to the concentration camps

what a glorious revolution you asshats. your no different from these nazis just a vapid cause to justify violence

Hello reddit

Beating facists is revolutionary af

Imagine being this stupid

we see you Holla Forums

These were porkies and fascists.

i would bet good money heimbach's boys were probably protesting them too and you jewish pieces of shits started the fight with them

I'm talking about TWP, not Turning Point

And yes, TWP are leftists, not "fascists", whatever that means anymore. Key example is their support of the DPRK, Palestine, and Iran, which your mythical "white supremacists" wouldn't do.

Good. That fat piece of shit needs to be beaten every time he shows his face. His faux anti-capitalism is disgusting.

Reactionaries with embarrassing and extreme opinions =/= leftist

What part of his anti capitalism is fake? The TWP specifically calls out capitalism as a cancer upon society. It is true that they dont support Marxism, but there's more forms of socialism than Marxism.

the only who has legitimate anti capitalism is him

you are the tools of the jews and their shock troopers how many times do we have to go over this?

The TWP ARE white supremacists though, or white nationalists, whichever you prefer. They are reactionaries who want to discriminate against people based on race and create a country of only white people. Even if they're more socialist economically, they're still basically typical NutSac. They're anti-Zionist? So are most of the far right, doesn't mean we aren't drastically opposed to the majority of their ideas.


access to white people is not a human right, ethno communes are perfectly compatible with socialism, we don't want to live among you nor should we want to live among you

is it finally time to seize the workplace?

The thing is you don't need to be a member of Antifa to fight fascism. You can, should, and must focus on more problems than just fighting fascism if you want to enact any kind of real change as a leftist. Otherwise you're basically just treading water

And what's wrong with having white only communities? Every other race gets a homeland where they have a majority, why cant we?

It was fuckin hillarious how he came up from the bottom of the screen and pelted the dude.

The neo-Nazi has no clothes: In search of Matt Heimbach's bogus 'white ethnostate'

Yeah I can largely agree with that I'm just saying there's no reason to assume that when we see this videos of antifa guys beating the shit out of people that they aren't also participating in broader socialist goals. Antifascist activity is just one part of a leftist's political action.


You can't force people out of a country they're already citizens of without violent or authoritarian measures. How are you going to get this mythical whites only ethnostate in a country that's at least 50% non white? Also it is focusing on idpol division rather than class and is yet another way to encourage separatism amongst the working class.

by issuing internal passports and not allowing non whites into our communities. stalin did it.

umm people will just migrate in massive numbers as is natural (kochy told me so)

Deport all non-whites to their respective homelands. It's not that hard if you have the nation mobilized to do so. We could clear out the non-white population within a few months if we put the time and effort into it. As for the advantages, it's plain to see that only white people are biologically suited for socialism.

Third Way faggots always present themselves as being both anti-capitalist and anti-socialist. In reality they are only anti-socialist. Also the fact that he walks around with that big stupid cross around his neck while being a fucking racist is absolutely infuriating.

America is a non-white homeland you dumb faggot

so do white people

i am white you faggot, and i don't agree with your philosophy.

let me ask you a question: would you prefer to live amongst a bunch of white people who were gays, transgenders, drug addicts, degenerates, marxists, whatever other boogeyman you can think of, or would you prefer to live near traditionalist conservative moral hispanics or people of a different race that have similar values to yours and similar social class?

It can go either way, I'm sure there are some leftists that are involved in a lot of different activites but there's also likely a decent amount of liberals out there that are just pissed off at Trump and can't see the bigger picture

Baboons are getting angry!.🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈

What about non whites who have lived in America for generations? Deport them where?

what a shitty dichotomy, trannies drug addicts and faggots and all other associated deviants don't even add up to 4% of the total population, your question isn't worth the bandwidth it consumed


Again, more kinds of socialism than just marxism, open your mind.

Except that's not true in the slightest. There have been multiple studies that have shown that what we call "native americans" were not the first humans here, and skeletons have been found that closely correlate to Indo-Aryans in California that date back long before "native americans" first arrived. Nevermind the fact that most "native" legends tell of how a "pale skinned empire" previously ruled whatever land they occupy before being killed off.

Yet we're the only ones losing it and being encouraged to do so. Interesting…

uhhh their arbitrary homeland where they share nothing in common with the inhabitants. note that this is DIFFERENT than shilling for refugees

I'm sure you have data backing that up

breeding with negros and cutting off male's dicks isn't socialism


Deport them to their ancestral homelands. Again, not hard.

yeah sweety trannies and homosexuals are statistically insignificant portion of the larger population i might as well give you a citation proving water is wet

So tell me where are you shipping the Native Americans 'back' to? What is their 'native' homeland you gigantic faggot.

Did you know that many blacks in America can't even trace back their country of origin? What are you gonna do with them, just throw them in some random African country because "they're all just niggers anyway"?

natives came across the bering strait so probably siberia or something

t. not the guy you're responding to

Personally, I'd put them in reservations in Siberia until a proper homeland can be determined for them, but that's just me.

That's their problem, not mine. I have my own race to worry about.

Studies performed by Dr. John J. Not-a-Mormon I assume?

It's not just about the gays, pretty much anyone left of you or that you guys would consider "degenerates". That's a far larger chunk of the population.

If you go back far enough literally everyone is an invader if they life outside Africa, this homeland shit is dumb.

Why do you care more about "your race" than your socioeconomic standing?

Because again, white people are genetically adapted to a socialist economy, so having a predominantly white country would have the rest fall into place, as long as you uphold the spiritual side of things too.

No that IS your problem when you are the one advocating for it.

Most socialist countries aren't white tho

as if the 'degénerate' meme has any fucking meaning and isnt a label to slap on anyone you dont like

Don't bother, their entire autistic ideology is based on what is essentially horoscopes.

Again, Marxist socialism = actual socialism

Liberia was created for that reason. Ship em there, let them figure something out. It's not like most of them have a definable civilization to trace themselves to anyways, and those that do probably have their homeland nearby.

If Stalin organized the USSR along ethnic lines and deported entire towns worth of people over night to minimize ethnic tensions why can't we?🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

See what I mean? Right on fucking cue.

How will you get the populace to agree to this when not even the majority of whites support it?


Muh nigz dog, get them babbons outa here.

People naturally self segregate tbh

Except the majority of whites do support it. Dont believe everything you hear on CNN…

If brown people weren't in such a poor decrepit state because of western imperialism they wouldn't be trying to enter wealthier (or as you call them, whiter) countries all the time.

They don't. I don't think we should deport people lawfully here based solely on their skin color. Many agree with me. I just don't think people are automatically second class citizens because they look or talk different.

lmao you think I watch that shit


Have you ever heard the term "white flight"? White people by and large bend over backwards to get away from the brown hordes, unfortunately we are running out of space to run to.

That's funny because the US has a shit ton of land. You know there's still all those rural and suburban areas, or West Virginia, or Montana, or Vermont, or Maine, quite a bit of majority white places you could move to. Don't need to kick other people out of where they want to live just because you fear they're criminal rapists, just move away from them.

So we should make another city for you to destroy with your chimpery? No. We're not going to run any more we will defined what belongs to us.

How about you get the fuck out instead?

Tell me how your city is being destroyed


This is late stage capitalism's relationship to racism in a nutshell. Capitalism has to a large degree transplated its violences to the 3rd world. As a good prole its your job to disregard their deplorable situation because they aren't white. The irony is that simultaneously capitalism is abandoning the white world and, in doing so, will soon abscond with the system that transformed you into a disaffected lumpenprole in the first place.

Nah B, I can live where I want, here where I was born, because we don't live in a white ethnostate ;)

Now imagine your country is flooded by muslim niggers.

inb4 my country is already muslim and nigger

Good joke, not like the 3rd world can do capitalism worth a crap.

The revolution is here

Philadelphia, Baltimore, dc, Detroit, Newark…entire cities built by white people inherited by 80 Autism Level chimps holding them hostage

Quite the travesty tbh

I don't give a fuck about the third world in general, let alone because they are NOT white and lets be honest neither do you

It's already happening. China, India, and Nigeria for example are exploding. When capitalism abandons the west (really for the first time in history), you wont be able to afford to have such a lack of perspective.

If they work and don't commit crime, what's the problem? Protip: one way to prevent them from committing crime is to teach them the language or help encourage assimilation instead of casting them off to ghettos.

If your country has immigration, it should have some standards and protect the working class citizenry, yes. However, if someone is qualifed to move to the country and has skills, they should not be turned away just because of skin color. Likewise, if you are part of a class being oppressed by the wealthy, you should unite with people that may or may not be white to defeat the system exploiting you rather than focusing on fighting potential allies.

Yeah, sure, m8, I envy all the 3rd worlders in China, India and Nigeria.

The problem is they don't work and commit crimes.

So off they fucking go.

niggers have been here since the 16th century and they still don't speak proper english. their brains are too small.

Sounds like your knee needs some exdendoin

Well they were treated like third class citizens until about 50 years ago and second class since

You WILL deport people if you want a functioning socialist state. Socialism cannot survive in a racially dead society.

Try it bitch boi.

So they ought to be deported to Africa where they are treated as 1st class citizens.

they were treated like second class citizens because they're literally the missing link

That makes about as much sense as deporting you to Europe.

Blacks actually had higher standards of living under Jim Crow as long as they obeyed the rules.

I would be happy if I'm deported to Europe.

You down?

Every whites back to Europe, every blacks back to Africa.


My point is not to try and make you sympathize with the 3rd world. My point is to illustrate the precarious situation western capitalism is in. Once enough wealth is generated in the 3rd world that their laborers can purchase the goods that they produce with their sweated labor then capitalism will completely abandon the "white countries" that we live in. We'll see then how highly you really prize purity.

Not gonna lie I'd rather live there too, but it's not for racial reasons

But it is, you just don't realize it. Everything that makes Europe a nice place to live is inherently racial.

I wanna stay here and extendo your knees

Waiting for that m8.

Ooga boga indeed my friend.

Maybe I'm mistaken but isn't that the BO?

The entire ideological body of ethno-nationalism rests on extra-economic precepts. Although ethno-nationalists like to pretend as though white people are inherently at an economic advantage, they never consider the counterpoint: that systemically, mind-bendingly poor white countries exist and will continue to exist. Dramatic intra-racial differences consistent with global trends in economic achievement and I.Q. exist among white countries (Lynn and Vanhanen record a 17 point Autism Level gap between East and West Germans at one point. Then of course there are the Irish data).

As the historic seat of global capitalism, the western world has enjoyed the windfall from sweated goods produced by the global poor. But as I said, this state of affairs will not continue. Soon 3rd world laborers will be able to purchase the goods they already produce for western consumption at market rates.

Liberal talking heads on CNN are already implying that, if only Americans worked in sweatshops too, capitalists wouldn't have to move to China in droves as they are.

After BO started banning people, anons started reposting the same picture of a tranny over and over claiming it was BO. It was funny for a while, now Holla Forums thinks its real

I've also seen grumbling from right wing think tanks about the value of child labor (of course they aren't talking about putting kids back on the assembly line…yet.) Just in time too since Foxconn is going to start buidling factories in midwest apparently.

Nigger those Tradcucks were defendng TPUSA shills and Charlie Kirk. Get the fuck outta here with that fake shit.

it was never funny. it's repulsive to look at and should be illegal footage.


That's what the Students showed up to protest dumbo. Holy shit how can you be this fucking stupid and call yourself superior?

deport nazis to siberia

heimbach was protesting this organization too, he wasn't "counter protesting"

Spain recovered from the Moors, and China recovered from being devastated and plundered by western powers. The only reason the shithole countries remain in such a poor state is because the inhabitants in incapable of advancement on their own. The Congo was a thriving colony when it was turned over to the natives, and it quickly deteriorated into a cesspool. The same can be said for Zimbabwe and Haiti. The savages of the third world are not compatible with civilization, and they should stay in their mud huts where they belong.

What the fuck is this thread and why the fuck have I spent 20 minutes reading through the retarded fucking ramblings of a Godless fucking anarchokiddie and a duet of parroting nazi's with the former sounding more fucking retarded than the latter.

After the French bailed them out at the battle of Tours which basically set Al-Andalus so far back they weren't capable of mounting another large scale offensive. And then there's the resistance in the north that abused the mountain pass to constantly be a thorn in their ass. My history is ass tho' since I havn't studied for a while but nigga, Spain did not recover on its own. Hell, Spain was so retarded they let the Muslims walk over their main army since the King was a fuck-up that somehow managed to die during the first battle. As for China, that involved a lot of retardation and a lot of fucking wasted resources that are impossible to pull off in any other country on earth from a sheer manpower perspective.

Not only was the Chinese interior not directly ruled by Europeans (instead Europeans controlled the port towns and sea trade with China), but saying that they "recovered" is an extremely disingenuous (or ignorant) way of putting their history. Chinese people died in staggering droves throughout the 19th and 20th century. Only now are the Chinese beginning to develop, despite their tremendous labor pool (until the baby boom of the 60s, one in five people on Earth was a Chinese peasant), and resources. Even now China is haunted by systemic shortcomings.

Thriving by what conceivable measure? Like half of the native people died during Belgian rule to produce goods that could not by themselves maintain the local economy.

More recent examples would be Japan and Germany recovering from total devastation after the second world war to become some of the most prosperous nations today. There seems to be a common trend, White and Asian countries can recover and thrive in spite of adversity, whereas others, especially blacks will stagnate and become shitholes. I am willing to surmise that it is the result of racial traits among these different groups. With Whites and Asians being well adapted to civilization, and others poorly adapted to civilization. With this in mind, it is not in our best interests to continue importing these maladaptive elements into our society.

The Chinese interior is a shithole to this day, while the port cities like Hong Kong are thriving. Thanks white people, you should have conquered all of China for their own good.

Both Germany and Japan received major aid from the western world in order to hasten their recuperation so that they may be an unwavering buffer against the USSR. To say they pulled themselves by the bootstraps is fucking retarded, since Poland and Yugoslavia received the same kind of aid from the USSR. The Japanese and German culture are inherently drawn to hard work to the point of suicide - most notable in Japan itself - but they didn't do it on their own. Germany itself had major aid along the way and Japan is now facing a population crisis due to its work ethic.

I'm not even a fan of nigs but it's not a hard concept to understand that class is the be all end all whilst race is a fucking spook. Learn your fucking history before you try and spew shit you have no understanding of you Muppet. I come here to watch the Trosts and ☭TANKIE☭s fling shit at each other and hope that the Syndicalists will rise so that break the chains meme becomes a reality not listen to your illiterate drivel.

You've undone your own point on how "easy" it is to recover from colonialism considering that Japan is the only example of a non-white nation that fully industrialized before it was colonized.
Plus Japan received extensive economic assistance from the US after the war. Germany too (Marshall plan). Coincidentally Germany didn't have an army to maintain and as the frontline of the cold war was guaranteed American support.

Shocker! You mean Europeans colonized only the lucrative parts and China has only just now reclaimed their potential after hundreds of millions dead?

'adapted to civilization' lol

Antifa, if your reading. Please keep doing this. I've said it before but the more you guys go after actual fascist like Nazi's or KKK the more support you'll have. Maybe not from liberals or centrist but you'll get it from the actual working class.

Most African countries were essentially in the stone age when they were first colonized by Europeans, and they have remained at that same level for thousands of years with no archeological signs of advancement. They are incompatible with civilized life as evidenced by their high rates of crime in host countries, even after several generations.

Behavioral traits are inheritable and are subject to evolutionary selection. It is unreasonable to expect a group which has been primarily hunter-gatherers until a few hundred years ago to be on the same level as one with has thousands of years of adaptation.

Put your head in your peehole dude

This is unfortunately a liberal hive, but here is a good write up on crime statistics re: blacks. It concludes that even if one is extremely generous to hereditarianism (eg assuming that blacks are 'fixed' at a higher testosterone level) it nowhere near explains the racial crime disparity.

Given your historical assertion, all I need to do is identify one single counter example of a post-"stone age" African society to discredit your implications. I'll give you three examples of medieval African kingdoms of post-Paleolithic levels of advancement: Mali, Songhai, and Abyssinia.
Mali in particular was wealthier at its height than most of contemporary Europe.


S'true. White medieval Europe was dirt poor



i think non-native cacazoid filth should be deported to the fetid bogs of europe where they belong

These 'brave' young faggots were just beating on the Nazis' 'right' to free speach

Not that guy, but lets not get ahead of ourselves here. Medieval Europe wasn't a utopia by any standard, but it wasn't the grey and desolate landscape its made out to be in popular culture. It was still doing fairly well in the metallurgical department and was making great strides in recorded literature.

You are 'literally' delusional

It doesn't really work as an insult though, Europe is actually nice and I would like to go there. Telling blacks to go back to Africa on the otherhand is an insult because Africa sucks. It must have something to do with the people of these regions.

i just want to live in a country uninhabited by stinky porky whites hellbent on polluting it with their industrialization and shiet

"civiliation" is highly overrated

The dark ages is a myth, largely, yes. But Mansa Musa's wealth is well attested by Arab sources to be seemingly limitless, to the point where his pilgrimage to Mecca is said to have caused an inflationary crisis. By control of the Sahelian trade route and Ghana's vast stores of salt and gold I'd say Mali came by a wealth quite solidly above many European contemporaries.

Mansa musa was a fucking myth, might as well start talking about Zeus next lol

There are huge swaths of Africa that are untouched by the white devil. You can run free and play with the cannibals and never have to worry about mean old whitey.

No? He was well attested to by a number of Arab sources. Are you thinking of someone else?

He wasnt well attested by anyone, literally we wuz kings tier

Gonna need some citations or I will assume that you've been epic weening for this entire thread

I'm not going to spoon-feed, he was a minor slaver, "richest Kang in all history" is just bs exaggeration typical of coon

"He has like a quintillion dollars richest Kang of all kangz"←(You)

but crossing that bering straight was a bitch and i don't much feel like moving :^)

they literally were, too


We whitey we powerful
We wuz getting cucked by nigga dicks

I'm trying not to look at porn. Please delete this.


I'm just about done here but there is Shihab al-Umari as one source, who was Arab and not black and therefore had no motive to lie.

In the name of KARA BOĞA I declare this to be a blacked thread. The BLACK BULL Caliphate shines its light upon you all. Inshallah!

What a comical turn of events

Why must America always ruin my smashie boner with massive amounts of police but no true smash

Not a Nazi, I just have this reflex where I immediately post BBC porn when I see Holla Forumsyps posting in any thread. Sorry, it's a habit.

although i agree with your sentiment, you're kind of ignoring the role minorities play in their own segregation. in england, for example (and i imagine in sweden and some other places on the continent), islamic immigrants from pakistan and bangladesh openly state their disinterest in learning english and "assimilating" to the established culture, because they don't identify with that culture and, in many respects, regard it sinful and forbidden to engage with. sometimes people just don't want to live and engage with those they deem incompatible with their lifestyles. it's not always simply a case of the evil white man forcing the innocent minority to live in a ghetto

"I'd love to, lets go to a boxing gym sometime!"

Lana was so damn hot.


Nobody owes you anything, survival of the fittest, might makes right etc. etc.

Only some of the rules your kind abides to, and now you can't deal with the very ideology you support. Sad!

Eventually they will use tomahawk missile.

this is amazing.

how fucking blinded are you. You're such a bitch lol

The whole west is already your homeland, you fucking retard. It's a little too late to un-genocide all the indigenous people you killed and deport all the blacks you imported as slaves, innit?

yeah, all those african slaves imported to europe and australia

absolute lad

Post antifa music

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You can't turn this meme around on us. We're not opposed to the existence of police as an institution. This meme works with antifa because most of them are anarchists so going to the cops is ironic af.

Social democracy isn't inherently racial, no.

Show me one sliver of proof the "neo nazis" came there and initiated violence.

Who cares? Their presence is justification enough to FORCIBLY REMOVE them.

Nobody fucking cares, Holla Forums, there can't be compromise with you, we won't allow you to have your fascist ethnostate, it's in the rational self interest of some of us not to, ergo all discussion with you is futile.
You need to be crushed, and playing the victim has stopped working even with liberals. Your presence alone in any given place justifies the initiation of force.

It doesn't work for the alt-right "counter-culture" narrative when you whine to the cops about violence from antifa soyboys who you're supposedly not scared of and could totally beat the shit out of. It also doesn't work when you accuse antifa of being stooges of George Soros or whatever deranged narrative you put forward when again, it is your guys who collaborate with the enforcers of liberalism. That nazis in general are bootlicking freaks is already acknowledged.

Ah the siren call of someone who has just lost an argument.

Fascism is capitalism's panic button, liberals are not wholly on their side because shit hasn't hit fan economically yet, though seeing how things are going they might well be in a few months.


Thank you.
How many times do we have to make it clear to retards, socialism is not a spectrum.

Remember, threads like this are good ways to more fully distribute anti-nutsacc memes and cringe pics

Big if true


Fug muh sayge

The testimony of everyone who was there. The fact that they had spent days in the run up to the event threatening to show up and fight antifa. The fact that they brought shields, helmets, hardened blinding flashlights, batons and knives. And of course if they weren't there to attack the protest then what exactly where they doing there? Where they all walking their dogs together when they just so happened to blunder into the protestors?

All this denying and playing the victim is some weak ass shit Holla Forums. Your guys turned up looking for a fight and they got one and they lost, sack up and deal with it.

yeah a bunch of pussies

You do realize they get off to it, right?

Might have something to do with the fact that they've learned by experience that they need to defend themselves against the leftists, who regularly use violence in their struggle for state sponsored sex change operations for children, massive third world immigration, extending the LGBTQ-list indefinitely, and all the other good fights you're fighting.

Just like this faggot here points out, the left wing extremists don't feel the need to justify the use of violence against thought criminals, so why the fuck not bring knives, shields and batons?

If they werent looking for violence then why were they there? If they wuz gud bois who didn't plan on starting a fight then wouldnt they have just not turned up in the first place? Also this logic can apply to antifa as well, they knew Nazi's were gonna turn up, they know Nazis like to attack people, hell they kill people, so why not bring pepper spray and billyclubs? Why not attack the Nazis preemptively?

I don’t care what you think. Just don’t actively promote your bullshit and we wont have problems

Get the fuck outta here polyp

Did you even watch the video posted by OP? The nazis are trying to leave when they're attacked, they're not attacking anyone and I doubt the TWP has been known to do that elsewhere. Typical made up bullshit we hear all the time while groups like antifa build their whole organisation around the use of violence and intimidation against innocent people.

And defending pre-emptively attacking people who have done you no harm at all, except the butthurt caused by the scary nazi symbols, is why the left is its own worst enemy. Well, good job scaring off 7 larping nazis, hope it got you one step closer to accepting more afghani refugees into the US or making the bible gender neutral or whatever it is you're fighting for.

The Nazi's are leaving because they've realised they're about the get a well deserved kicking and suddenly dont feel so hot for fighting the leftists. You're still skirting the issue of why the Nazi's were there. Answer me, if the Nazi's weren't looking for a confrontation, then why did they show up in the first place with weapons?

TWP members including that fat fuck Heimbach have been found guilty of unprovoked attacks on minorities, protestors and interracial couples.

How do you expect people to be scared of the bug tough guy Nazi's if all you do is whine about how the meanie antifa hurt you?

Prempitively attacking people who made it clear they intended to disrupt the protest and fight the protestors. People who's ideology revolves around ethnic cleansing and the violent suppression of anyone they disagree with. People who have been responsible for dozens of murders and attacks in just the last year.

We both know for a fact that you're only doing the pacifist routine because the Nazi's got their shit slapped, you would be crowing if antifa got beaten up.

It's accomplished the goal of leaving a bunch of Nazi cunts bleeding on the pavement, and you being bootyblasted over it. I'm pretty stoked about that.

At the start of the video the Nazi's are trying to start a confrontation with a smaller group, when they realize they don't massively outnumber the anti-fa they start trying to retreat.

Anyways we don't need to justify any of this you faggots are always going on about day of the rope, you openly plan to commit genocide, you've been responsible for multiple terrorist attacks this year which have killed dozens of people. Any violence we use against you is already inherently justified, if we broke into your house and shot you preemptively we would be in the right.

This whole shtick where Holla Forumsyps act tough and talk about muh r@ace war and muh day of the rope but then cry whenever they get dealt with is getting a bit old. You can either be aryan warrior ubermensch or defenseless, victims of the violent left, choose one.

Also try familiarize yourself with leftist goals, we aren't liberals. Our goal is to take state power, collectivize the means of production, and build a society that works in the interest of the majority. We fight fascists because historically they've been an obstacle to completing that goal.

I believe what lefty/pol/ likes to espouse is relevant here

I don’t care what you think. Just don’t actively promote your bullshit and we wont have problems

You realize we expect to have problems when we go out in public, right? There is no free speech for commies. Cointelpro and Fred Hamptons cold corpse are proof of that.

Kek, just mirroring what the other guy said because it was a dumb statement

Also weren't the Black Panthers pretty much nigger-nazis?
From what I can tell, Cointelpro was targetting them as black nationalists before they switched to whatever tf they became

Like that you basically admit you don’t have an argument so you repeated what i said

the “new”black panther party, not associated with old black panthers, are nigger Nazis. Old black panthers wanted to move beyond simple black nationalism.

Also, you could argue nationalist were targeted as well, but you guys are too dumb to realize your mobilization is an act of violence in the eyes of the neoliberal state, or at least play dumb to that fact when it is convenient


The sadfact is the antidote to your nationalist class cuckery lies in black panther texts. National liberation would have been a great way to address struggles poor whites face

it's a filter

Why would I argue against someone misinterperating my post in the first place?

But the old Black Panthers were refered to as nationalist before 1968 (I think) when they started moving away from it, and Cointelpro were targeting them before they switched. I'm not even sure if you disagree with that. Doesn't sound like Cointelpro were active (from the start) against their communist free speech

Idk what their texts say but if they're as you make them sound we probably already support some of it.

Nazis would be happy just sending them all to Africa where they'll kill eachother out for us anyway

This is just bullshit that the white people in Rainbow Tribe tells itself. Just a warped interpretation of a Hopi end times myth. If native people aren't native to North America, then white people are not native to Europe. Ive seen tons of bullshit like this. They use different criteria for native Europeans than they for for Native Americans. The amount of bullshit I've seen to justify the genocide is insane.


Move to Iceland faggot


Just to make something clear here. I'm native and I've heard some variation of that myth since the 80s. My eye sockets are sore from all the eye rolling I've done in response to it.
I got some bad news for ya (and if not you, then for other nazis reading). If you were born in North America, and you have lived your entire life in North America, and you have ancestors buried in North America, then you are a native American. Native American (with a capital N) is just an ethnic group. It does not mean that this land is anymore mine than it is yours. We both most likely have long lines of ancestors who have lived here for a very long time. You will never admit it but me and you are both more ethnically and culturally similar than you are to the average European.
Now come hug me. I'm family.

"white" is an invented identity. it was manufactured by american porkies who wanted a way to integrate european migrants while keeping the descendants of natives, chinese migrants, and former slaves from also integrating. whiteness literally erased your european heritage and your homeland.

"Blacks" also aren't a race and it's silly to treat them as such. American racial politics is cancer.


So what, you're still planning on committing violence.

did you respond to the wrong person?

What about the millions of whites who don't want a white ethnostate? Personally, I love foreign cuisine. Living in a white US ethnostate would defeat the main good thing about living in America, which is the large variety of foreign restaurants. You will have no more sushi, no more Chinese food. Your ethnostate will have more emigration than East Germany before the Berlin wall.

Yes, why would you make an argument instead of being a slippery shit that doesn't engage? If you're not understood, then it's a failing on your part, not mine. Explain yourself.

Partially correct. They were influenced by black nationalism, but it was actually out of dissatisfaction with black nationalist movements at the time, that they formed their own party. Huey P. Newton's disagreements with Donald Warden's Afro-American Association led him to disregard capitalism completely. Marxist-Lenninism was an integral part of their platform from the beginning. Keep in mind, the rooting out of nationalist elements happened over the relatively short time-frame two years after the BPP formed in 1966. This was replaced with national liberation, which was grounded in Marxism. Also, Fred Hampton's killing took place in 1969, during his work with the Rainbow Coalition. If you listen or read anything Hampton said, you would see he would have been seen as a really shitty nationalist. Instead, he was dangerous because he was a figure the poor unified around and supported. Here are his own words on why they wanted to get rid of him

You should really look into the Black Panthers. If you actually care about white people, read about national liberation. I don't mind people kicking the shit out of Nazis because it's about self-preservation, but I much rather have them realize who the real enemy is and work with them towards something better.

It can be done without violence

Calm down m8, no one's being a slippery shit, and I have explained myself. The guy made a dumb statement so I mirrored it

how do you solve this without violence?

*you're retard

Isn't this all just spectacle? They're not *really* fighting. It's adult play fighting.

Yeah, I kind of agree.
But I'm just glad they're actually focused on Nazis this time, but I may be giving them too much credit.

ANTIFA can't into NazBol. they'll still get the bullet

why was the antifa turnout patheticly small?

where are the black students who would have all swarmed and murdered that reactionary faggot for saying nigger?


Did Nazis actually make that image publicly available voluntarily?

autistic people are masterrace. insult us and you get stabbed

God, you people are pathetic.

Just remember that we're not the ones cribbing tactics from ISIS.

Arab imperialim.

Itching for a chance to use mine. Why do the fascists never do anything near my town?