Why is China investing in Israeli apartheid?

I stumbled across this article the other day:


Apartheid is literally "not an issue" for Xi's "socialist" China. Can we stop the mirage now?

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Solidarity with Netanyahu against Palestinian Imperialism

I don't know how to feel about this…mainly because of the Xiists probably wanting to split off

4D chess with chinese characteristics

Socialism is investments into Israel plus suicide nests.
Xi Ji Ping

china has its own ethnic and religious minorities to worry about

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Because chinas capitalism is a cancer upon this world.

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xi jiping is going to open the emperors tomb and and usher in a new era of communism with chinese characteristics

chinese characteristics, of course, being spitting and chainsmoking

Well, the Zionist project began as utopian and socialist, basically something akin to a kosher Green Book, so Xi is simply warming up to Israel to move the little nation back to its socialist roots. /s

W-what the fuck!! They were supposed to be anti-imperialist socialists, it’s almost as if all capitalist nations strive towards imperialist expansion as a necessity for capital growth!

Never trust a ☭TANKIE☭ to give you an accurate analysis of geopolitics.


What's wrong with sarcasm?

putting /s to indicate you are sarcastic is incredibly autistic and ruins the fuckin purpose of sarcasm

Guys, it's just socialism with israeli characteristics

"Socialism with X characteristics" = fascism

nah china defenders hate the term "revisionist", they just call everyone ultras and leftcoms

When did "ultra" become a thing?

It's just another name for leftcoms which try to make them super MORE communist

Iirc it was Lenin that coined the term.

Lenin sounds right. I can't think of anyone who used the term before him.

China invests even more money in the USA, and the USA is worse than Israel in every way (and Israel is just the puppet of the USA anyway). The only thing to discuss here is simply the usual question of whether or not China should invest in imperialist countries (USA, Britain, Europe) at all, which is pretty much moot.

Anyway, the article says they're investing for tech, meaning they're going to steal all the blueprints and source code from them.

Israel benefits a fuckton from these investments though, and poses the chance of getting a new "best friend" in China once the USA kicks the bucket.

Israel is in no way a US puppet. America tells Israel to stop, Israel never does. Why would that be the case if the Zionist entity is just a "puppet?"

Chinese now largest demographic of tourists to Israel:

Yes, and other imperialist countries also benefit from trade and investment with China.

If the USA "kicks the bucket," Israel will collapse.

Yes it is.

What the fuck are you talking about?

Because it was created for the explicit purpose of projecting Western imperialist power into the Middle East? Because it receives nearly a tenth of its GDP in aid from the USA annually? Because Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah says so?

And this is, what, Chinese policy or something?

USA wants to keep Israel around to keep projecting power locally on a strategically vital spot. Israel knows this and pulls shit because they know the US values keeping them as a puppet more than losing a few sailors to an attack.

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So why is China willingly investing in an apartheid state like Israel if it's so "anti-imperialist?" It's a blatant violation of BDS and goes against things Palestinians THEMSELVES have CALLED for.

No it's not. Why is it impossible to criticize Israel openly in American media? Why do professors lose their jobs if they dare to speak against Israel or Zionism?

America tells Israel to stop building settlements, Israel continues building them anyway. America tells Israel not to be hostile, Israel is anyway. With America and Israel it's more like, Israel tells America to jump and America says "how high?"

Zionism is far more evil than just regular imperialism.

Yeah, america really cares about those palestineans getting displaced. they really want israel to stop getting into wars that they just have to save them from, that conveniently also happened to be with people America decided to fuck with anyway.

Up next, america will be "saving" israel from Iran and their evil nukes.

Calling Israel a puppet isn't quite accurate, since puppets don't move on their own. It's more accurate to say that Israel is a vassal state to the America empire. As a vassal, and a very valuable one at that, Israel can leverage its position within the empire to achieve its own goals. As long as its goals don't run contrary to the American empire's goals, then it can effectively do what it wants. The settlements aren't really contrary to American interests and don't really interfere with America's goals, so they continue unabated.

However, when Israel tried to buy weapons from China back in the 2000s, America put a stop to it. America always gets the final say.

When Carter stopped the arms trade to RWDS in Central America, Israel continued supplying them. Why? It's almost as if Israel wants to dominate the world as much as America does.

western civilization is a bloated corpse, ZOG Occupied Government is moving onto the sinosphere next

China is anti-imperialist in that it is fending off the total enslavement and murder of billions of people, and in that it is helping 3rd world countries develop. Its anti-imperialism is not based on walling itself off from the world economy.

BDS is a PR campaign targeted at Westerners whose countries are actually responsible for the existence of Israel.

Because it's impossible to criticize US imperialism openly in American media. Because professors lose their jobs if they dare to speak against US imperialism.

Do you also believe in the tooth fairy?

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[citation needed]
if true, pretty funny how your liberal hero turned right around and started dumping money into the mujihadeen.

Because the USA delegates to its puppets and vassals.






Im totally hatting communism from now on and loving israel. Job well done.

You do realize China only wants peace in the ME because it's a much more stable investment environment, right?

Also, two-state solution is also apartheid. What are the Palestinians to do when they've only liberated a fraction of their homeland?

4D Mahjong

Attention redditors. Especially OP.


I don't know, untill you put your boots on the ground and your ass in mossad's gunsights you might aswell be talking from your ass on war

So great, investment is evil now?

Investments = capitalism

by that logic nobody's help is conducive, there are (0) states in existence that do not participate in capitalism in some way

do you guys just hate help? that any kind of progress must be in line with some sort of zealous-puritan socialist religion?

Jesus fucking Christ.

Look, the Palestinians themselves have openly called for BDS. If China wanted to show solidarity with a group of people facing genocide, they'd cut all ties to Israel, perhaps even un-recognize it as a "state."

Investment is lending but in other form, so yes, it's bad.
Investments=/=foreign aid.

It's still an attack on the Palestinians because 1. Israeli apartheid profits off of these investments, and 2. Israel gets free PR from the Chinese (who may very well overtake the US soon enough).

Why do "socialists" believe China is still anti-imperialist or a preferable hegemon to the US?

China also persecutes Uyghur Muslims, no joke.