Venezuela transforms into a Worker's State

Anybody who is still critical of the Bolivarian Revolution should read this.

Of course, the opposition and the Western media is going to cry about how the constitutional assembly violates the principles of liberal democracy and how direct/proletarian democracy is a "dictatorship". Do liberals and anarchists even know about this? This was discussed in the constitutional assembly since a while now.

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It will totally work this time guys.

Call me when your socdem systems stop getting dismantled.

This is a very exciting development, but let's not get ahead of ourselves. Workers' councils in and of themselves are not enough to call something a proletarian state. All of the existing bourgeois state apparatuses exist, along with their means of enforcement, AND this is all happening at the behest of the PSUV, an electoral reformist, and thus NOT a revolutionary, party.

This is, at best, a buildup to a proletarian uprising. It is not the uprising itself.

You're right, let's not try anything new because it might not work.

Might the threat of a western intervention be accelerating the efforts to create a more well organised grassroot replacement for the venezuelan state, to enable the workers to fight back against the attacks and make them less susceptibleto propaganda efforts?

Revolutionary momentum doesn't mean you have to stage a coup - revolution doesn't refer to the way the vanguard takes power, but whether or not the masses self-organize and create dual power. And I think this happened and still happens in the so-called Bolivarian Revolution, local councils, militas and worker councils were formed. Of course, the PSUV has reformist tendencies, but also remember that Venezuelan communists are critical of Maduro but do give support:

These guys are idiots. Why couldn't just copied Belarus 20 years ago???!

quite an interesting development, I'm curious what will happen next other than the inevitable US invasion of course

Good point. I'll have to read some more about this whole situation, which I'm admittedly a little fuzzy on.

In any case, Venezuela is one of the most promising arenas for the socialist revolution on the world stage at the moment.

I dunno where you've been the past 100 years, but this shit isn't new and was tried several times

If Venezuela succeeds in putting itself on the path towards socialism, are anti-parliamentarians btfo and reforimists vindicated?

ok and is that a majority of the economy

Well, the constitutionally assembly is clearly a move towards more direct democracy and to slowly move away from liberal parliamentarianism. I think the reason why Maduro didn't go full anti-parliamentarian was because that would basically give the US the number one legitimization to invade.

No. As our ☭TANKIE☭ friend touched on (>>2381085), the fact that the socialists in Venezuela are developing a dual power situation is an indication that bourgeois institutions are completely incapable of building a workers' state and fully realizing all of its conclusions.

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It's what a Venezuelan comrade told me. From what I checked, this is true. I'm not sure if this is the majority of the economy, it's really hard to find statistics about this, but since Venezuela is not an economic giant, I would assume this must be the majority, at least.

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I will never trust the PSUV or Maduro since I believe them to be extremely corrupt and just looking for themselves at the expense of the working class.

In the other hand this shouldn't be a problem if we are talking of building a socialist state after all most revolutionary struggles start with bourgeois leaders and aims that play along the interest of the socdem leadership.

But that is the way forward every revolutionary has to be more radical than the most extreme of democrats in order to turn the fight from nationalist dick waving in to a real class struggle.

Workers don't have countries so there's no need for PSUV or caudillos of any kind only through organization and radical action can this workers council initiative bear fruits for a future.

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why doesn't the PCV take power?

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so you b sayin it's REAL socialism this time?

How familiar are you with Venezuela? Why haven't they nationalized at least half of economy like Belarus?

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Still, without all this reformism the working class and the PSUV might have never realized/been forced to accept that reformism doesn't work.

I'm pretty sure he already said something like that.

Define capitalism.

Tbf this has been a long time coming: ironically I bet this was done not because Maduro is an idealist, but he is worried about being coup'ed by the actual revolutionaries in the military (like the former VP). I am still critical of Maduro the man (he is highly incompetent compared to others in the PSUV) and the PSUV itself (which is corrupt as fuck) but this offers hope. Tbh long term Venezuela will recover, this is an acute shock but acute shocks are just that: acute.

Lad Venezuela was PURE Socdem, congrats, you have the first DotP set up through electoral means (RIP Allande).

3% of the Venezuelan population is under arms, if the US tries they're gonna have Vietnam 2.0.

PCV is just a small party aligned with the PSUV (fun fact they were originally invited to join the PSUV but rejected it back in the 1990s).

I'd tell you to read a book, but you'd probably shriek at the letters for being "jew magic"
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Neat, hope the councils get plenty of power.

Anarchists get the bullet too.

All bullets and weapons got hoarded by capitalists, what now


how do you expect a Leninist centralized democracy to function without Soviet representatives?

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read a book

It's neat what he's doing
I hope he can pull it off
I'm skeptical though

I'm going to be hesitant on this one considering recent Chinese shenanigans

If socialism is a spectrum then Nazi's are officially socialists.
The guy who made the early concept of socialism was a hardcore capitalist, and socialism really was just "Get a job retard." under him
The only way to win is to push socialism as only a single system of which the characteristics are seizing the means of productions under the state and the abolition of private property, if socialism is a spectrum then it works against us,


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Socialism is not a spectrum.

Ok let me explain calmly to you explicitly why calling socialism as a spectrum is detrimental without insulting you.

How do you define where socialism begins or ends?
Nazi Germany did unironically show some minor signs of socialism, but not as we define it, therefore someone can put it on the spectrum.

If you define it to the point of being too tight then it no longer becomes a spectrum.
That's the objective problem with making socialism a spectrum.

Xi is inherently a sketchy individual,
but I feel that the PSUV might have their hearts in it more. Not that that would be enough to successfully reach socialism

No it didn't. Kys brainlet

That’s interesting I wonder why I haven’t heard anything about this on my Burgerland porky news networks?

You're trying to change people's opinions of Venezuela by pointing out how they're implementing democratic reforms to steer away from liberal democracy and then shit on me for acknowleding it as a good thing?
Tanks are beyond unreasonable sometimes.

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I would also like to know this tbh

Hopefully the plummeting stock market in America distracts people from this.

The vast majority of those were seized by Chavez over a decade ago.

He has said this like 10 million times already, if you believe that then your brain must have turned to shit because it means that you only have your short-term memory left.

He won't do shit.

if you still believe what he says*

One would think that after hearing thousands of empty promises, people would stop believing in a politician's words without seeing their actions.

so if I define socialism to be a colonialist ethnostate, then Israel is socialist

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