Daily News Thread 2/5

Israel Begins Distributing Deportation Notices to African Migrants

Israeli authorities have begun distributing deportation notices to thousands of African migrants.

‘This is for the boys!’ Video allegedly shows Su-25 pilot’s last stand with grenade explosion

A video claiming to show the last stand of the Russian Su-25 pilot shot down over Syria Saturday has emerged online. It shows Arabic-speaking militants chasing a man who shouts a phrase in Russian before setting off a grenade.

Trump’s NHS Tweet Angers Brits Fearful of U.S.-Style Health Care

U.S. President Donald Trump tweeted Monday that weekend protests in London about the Britain’s National Health Service show the U.S. system is better.

Turkey detains nearly 600 for opposing Syrian offensive

Turkey has so far detained 573 people for social media posts and protests criticizing its military offensive in Syria, the government said on Monday.

Turkey-Netherlands row: Dutch ambassador withdrawn

The Netherlands has formally withdrawn its ambassador to Turkey and said no new Turkish ambassador will be accepted in The Hague.

Courts May Decide Brazil’s Election, Attorney General Warns

Brazil’s democracy is under strain and this year’s presidential race risks being dragged into a lengthy legal quagmire, the country’s attorney general said in an interview.

Berlusconi May Be Closer to Italian Majority Than Polls Show

Polls may be downplaying the chances that a center-right coalition backed by former Premier Silvio Berlusconi will win a majority in upcoming Italian elections on March 4.

Otto Warmbier's Father to Join Pence at Olympics in South Korea

The father of Otto Warmbier – the American student who died last year after being jailed in North Korea – will join Vice President Mike Pence as his special guest at the Winter Olympics Opening Ceremonies in South Korea this week, a Trump administration official said.

US House Speaker Paul Ryan deletes $1.50 tax cut gain tweet

US House speaker Paul Ryan has come under fire after citing a school worker who was $1.50 (£1) a week better off because of recent tax cuts.

South Carolina train crash: Amtrak 'on the wrong track'

An Amtrak train involved in a deadly crash with a stationary freight train in South Carolina appeared to be on the wrong track, the state governor says.

Super Bowl ad criticised for using Martin Luther King speech

US car company Dodge has been criticised after an advert for the brand's Ram trucks, using excerpts from a speech by civil rights activist Martin Luther King Jr, aired during the Super Bowl.

Teacher accused of assaulting student sitting for pledge

A Michigan teacher is on leave after an 11-year-old boy said he was physically forced out of his chair during the Pledge of Allegiance.

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The New Conspiracists

Conspiracism has traveled from the margins to the mainstream, infusing public life and altering the bounds of what is acceptable in democratic politics.

Democrats love George Bush & the FBI now. What happened?

A majority of Democrats now have a favorable view of former President George W. Bush — and three times as many Democrats have “a great deal” of trust in the FBI as Republicans do.

‘You Can’t Watchdog Government if Government’s Watching All Your Communication’

CounterSpin interview with Cindy Cohn on FISA reauthorization

Problems With Plunderocracy and Imperialist Intervention

A confusing reality: People regularly face a foxing reality in many countries while they try to organize struggle for democracy.



Our greatest ally shows how it's done! Hail Israel! hail Trump!

t. Holla Forums



What happened?

What the fuck

what the actual fuck burgers I never knew it was this bad

Supreme Court Justice Allows New Pennsylvania Congressional Voting Map


Eat shit Republicucks.



We're getting that shutdown, boys.

American healthcare is pathetic.

What in the actual fuck

This is why I'm afraid to get sick because I'd probably rather die than have my family inherit my hospital debt if I'm gonna die


this is the racket that insurance runs. you get 2 million dollars of coverage or whatever and the hospital bills you up to this max and inflates prices specifically so they can get as much as possible from the insurance and they go and give them a reacharound for their work. perfectly fine if you're insured and dont have to pay the 5000 theyre charging for aspirin, really bad when you're not. if you tell them you're uninsured theyll still gouge you but they wont try the same ridiculous crap they would if you were

thats a funny one user

Even if you do have insurance you can easily get fucked with the deductible, especially if it's pretty high

Largest Cryptocurrencies Plunge 50%-80%
Cryptos are having another bad-hair day, one in many, with just about all the largest ones crashing 12% to 25% this morning. It’s crypto mayhem for those who’re watching their wealth evaporate, after having gleefully watched it balloon in multiples of 10 or 100 in a matter of weeks and who expected to be billionaires by year-end. At the time, which was just a few weeks ago, they’d touted whitepapers full of intelligent-sounding gobbledygook as to why these price surges were based on fundamentals, and how these cryptocurrencies would change the world.

Total market capitalization, according to coinmarketcap.com, is now at $335 billion. This is down by 52%, or by $372 billion, in just one month from the peak on January 4, an era when market cap was headed to $2 trillion by the end of 2018, and when RBC Capital Markets prophesied it would reach $10 trillion over the “longer term.”

$372 billion have evaporated in just a few weeks. Banks are worried about getting exposed to it via the mechanism of credit. Many of the largest banks are now preventing credit card transactions with cryptocurrency exchanges. They’re worried customers borrow on their credit cards to get rich quick, while paying 27% or so in interest, only to watch the crypto wealth disappear, after having made someone else rich quick. Banks are worried about the ensuing defaults on credit card debts. Regulators too are cracking down around the globe, years behind the curve. And hedge funds that have plowed other people’s money into this scheme and seen returns of 1,000% or more last year, now can’t get their money out without crashing the crypto market further, given the hedge-fund sums involved and the absence of liquidity, and some are going to blow up. But they’re relatively small funds, and they don’t matter.


Canadian company to replace hundreds of driver positions with self driving vehicles

Canada’s largest oil company announced last week that it will be cutting about 400 heavy-equipment operator positions over the next six years as they phase in a new fleet of self-driving trucks. Suncor Energy, based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, announced on Wednesday that it plans to deploy over 150 driver-less trucks, leading to job cuts starting as soon as 2019. As CBC reports, the company has been testing the 400-tonne capacity Komatsu trucks for about four years and has nine now. It announced Tuesday it will gradually build a fleet of more than 150 driverless trucks over the next six years, starting with the North Steepbank mine at its Base Camp north of Fort McMurray.

He said the autonomous trucks are so efficient — because they operate 24 hours a day and stop only for fuel — the company will need fewer trucks in the future than it employs now.

I had someone make this for me post-US election. Is it finally appropriate?

One of the few things keeping it from being even more insane is Medicare depressing prices. By law, it can only spend so much on prescriptions, medical procedures, etc, and that in part keeps it from being a fucking free for all.

IV's for a single patient for a day are maybe £50 at most, most of that being labour costs associated with the time it takes prescribing and prepping it, an experienced nurse can get one going in less than 10 minutes and the solution costs like 40p per litre

What the fuck even is America, how can anyone, regardless of their other political positions think that's OK?

Trump shoots down new bipartisan McCain-Coons immigration plan: It's a 'total waste of time'



Mad Man


Idk why everyone in burgerland thinks this but you can’t “inherit” debt obligations. If you’ve explicitly agreed to pay a debt when someone else can’t (e.g. co-signing on a car loan) then you’ll probably be asked to pay the loan but otherwise there’s no “inheritable” character of debt in America. Death is the ultimate discharge.

debt collectors will still call ya though

My aunts believe that having public health care will cause the entire world to turn into a single totalitarian government run by the antichrist.

Holocaust denier likely to appear on ballot for GOP for Chicago-area congressional seat

Tell her Jesus didn't charge anyone to heal them.

He has no chance of actually winning the seat (it's in a solidly Democrat district), but I am shocked that the GOP aren't running someone against him just to prevent damage to their party.

The times we live in.