I really hate commies, but I think I can't refute Mr. Wolff on his critique of capitalism

I really hate commies, but I think I can't refute Mr. Wolff on his critique of capitalism.

Am I a commie now?

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You're questioning capital. At the most you're a red liberal or a social democrat.
You'll get there :)

Read Althusser.

Why do you hate "commies"?

What's your objection to commies?

Don't be so concerned with what to call yourself. Just read and form your own opinons.

because of FARC, cuba and venezuela.


Whats wrong with Cuba other than restricted internet access?

Communism would be great if humans were ants.
As it stands, I like have food daily too much to support it ever.

Is not easy to love communism when you got a marxist guerrilla trying to shill communism using terrorism, bomb neckteas on poor peasants and terrorism.

Farc is pretty retarded ye

That has nothing to do with Cuba though, FARC has pretty much been a failure but let's not forget the government/corporate side fighting them also uses death squads including against civilians and indiscriminate assassinations

You're at the very least a social democrat.

Coman mierda que las FARC es lo mejor que le ha pasado a colombia

t. timochenko and petro shill
lmao, they're not gonna win and the right wing death squads is going to marcha patriotica them again.

You can write your insults in english, latina

Capitalism is the greatest known force for the manufacture of starvation and poverty, and the destruction of the spirit of man.

Nice double thinking there

I dunno, venezuelans are fucking flooding my country to suck dicks in exchange of food.

venezuela is not socialist anyway, over 70% of the industry is private the remaining is just the state having stock on private companies that are not properly nationalized or collectivized.

bro, there's a bunch of cubans here trying to get into the US, that tells me communism literally suck.



tell them the US isn't what they think it is

t. I live there

Cuba is an amazing country, despicable people exiles themselves, like Ted Cruz's dad who liberated cuba from the pest of his son and the people who stays on the island is polite and educated

communism is not a valid anarchist point of governemetn in my opinion; it nondescriminately kills 100s of millions of people. total troll fantasy.

This is the total troll fantasy. Somehow this ridiculous number keeps getting larger every year.

You're anti-capitalist. Communism is just one anti-capitalist ideology out of several.

Always find it funny the "death count" gets higher every year.

well youro pinion is trash, you brainlet

anarchism is socialist, end goal communism is anarchist

read a fucking book

Nazism is anti-capitalist
just say'n



Anti-capitalism: The Nazis argued that capitalism damages nations due to international finance, the economic dominance of big business and Jewish influences. Nazi posters in working class districts emphasised anti-capitalism, such as one that said: "The maintenance of a rotten industrial system has nothing to do with nationalism. I can love Germany and hate capitalism". Both in public and in private, Hitler expressed disdain for capitalism arguing that it holds nations ransom in the interests of a parasitic cosmopolitan rentier class. He opposed free market capitalism's profit-seeking impulses and desired an economy in which community interests would be upheld. Hitler also distrusted capitalism for being unreliable due to its egotism and he preferred a state-directed economy that is subordinated to the interests of the Volk.

please stop

yes Hitler said many things but did the complete opposite when it comes to capitalism

Don't drink the Kool-Aid, fam. The Nazis were really just opportunists who said they were socialists to get the vote of the average German. In reality, they closely cooperated with industrial giants like Krupp to maintain control over society, while simultaneously criticizing the excesses of other nations' capitalism.

Even their party name was blatant pandering. A modern American equivalent would be something, like, the "Democratic Republican Socialist Libertarian Party".

You can see the relics of their hypocrisy to this very day: The enemy in fascistic rhetoric (da j00s, muh globalists) is simultaneously pathetic, but menacing. It controls all aspects of the world, but you could easily crush it if you wanted. Only communists recognize that the problems of capitalism come from capitalism itself, that the current state of affairs is the culmination of historical events and happenstance, and that the bourgeois are simply acting in their rational self-interest.

You don't need to agree right off the bat. In fact, I'd be very happy if you continued researching and came to your own conclusion. As for myself, I was skeptical of abandoning capitalism till I read Towards a New Socialism and learned how a planned economy actually worked.

that's still capitalism, retard

OK lol

Capitalism is bad but it's not as bad as communism.
I'll propose a better system.

*Nationalize Business
*Remove the Central Banking System and introduce a labor-backed currency
*Ban interest rates on loans in favor of static returns
*Invest in children and women to promote fertility and larger birth rates
*Strengthen men to protect productive families

What should I call it?

but is laissez faire just capitalism?
what is private and what is public in an economy?


You don't know what capitalism is.

remember that communism kills literally 100 billion people every decade
all the death and suffering caused by capitalism is pure coincidence

user… that's fascism. Are you stupid? Are you new?

He's a Holla Forumsyp, he doesn't understand that fascism is just authoritarian capitalism on roids



This is now a misatoposting thread

Well the most radical definition is that the private is what is not managed by it's users.
The definition most economists will use today is that a private company is one that works for state interest and not private interest

none of whom did anything wrong


what is the difference between nazism and capitalism?

The former enforces the latter.




You literally described Nazbols.

nazbol has racial chauvinism though

bruv, there's a bunch of poles here trying to get into the UK, tell me that tells me capitalism doesn't suck.

He very clearly was shitposting you autists, or partial autists, I can't tell how many of you were actually aware of that, he described Holla Forums's system and very clearly in sarcasm asked "What should I call it?" and had the image to even back him up.

Nazbols I believe are direct communists or socialists who happen to believe in Nazi traditional beliefs.

turd position isn't Nazism though.

Also Jesus this entire thread is awful from every side, why haven't mods deleted it yet, I don't care how the op's intentions are good, this thread is still shit.


turd position
turd position


Nice it inherently turns into turd although I can't help but think this is a bit of a forced meme.

Holla Forums BTFO

only reply that matters

I don't know, Nat****ional Socialism maybe?

…oh wait.

You're stupid and have no basical proof for your own beliefs beyond vauge feelings.


Venezuela is SocDem at best, anyone who continues to argue they are socialist is lying to themselves

Cuban's flee to the US because they have a policy of giving them citizenship no questions asked. If the USA had the same policy with any other country in Latin America and the Caribbean people would still be fleeing en masse.

We had a thread this last month about this already 8ch.net/leftypol/res/2370857.html
Also, actual socialist countries did more for families in the past then any fascist attempt could have dreamed of

Problems with food were in single years, caused by bad weather. Besides that food was an actual right. Unlike in capitalism, you realise you dont have any food security in it, right?.

this nigga gets it

Imagine being so far up your own ass

easy. become a fascist