DOW Crashing

How can a lefty exploit this to their advantage? Is it too soon to try? DOW down about 1000 points since Thursday.

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Why don't u buy some stocks.. See how capitalism works instead of complaining about it….


sounds like capitalism alright

Nothing wrong with that when anyone can become bourgeois for under 100 USD.

Oh look someone else who doesn't know what bourgeois means.


Read a book lmao

Cool, so now I get $7 per year, offset by the 3% average inflation, so I'm looking at an effective profit of $4 per year. Well shit, I'm gonna start picking out what color I want my Maserati.

Hmmmmm…… Looks like your class interests wouldn't change just based off of your relationship to the MoP…….. Interesting..

Yeah sure, if we consider having a 0.000000001% share in Apple as making you bourgeois then you're right. Which is why stocks are a game for the rich to get richer.


At best it would make you petit-bourgeois.

wow, 100 USD what a great relation to the MoP

t. doesn't read books


How low does it need to go to provoke a depression?

For fun I calculated this and one share of Apple, which costs 160 dollars, is equal to 0.0000000191797217% of the company.

So we could say that a worker with $160 could effectively buy a high-valued stock and make some money off it - but wait! You'll need a minimum amount of money to open a trading account at any brokerage, a suggested amount would be $1000 for a discount firm. Let's say we found one that would accept our $160 though. So if we want to actually buy a position, we need to submit that order, but uh oh, we'll be charged fees to make the transaction. Fees are usually charged flatly, irrespective of the actual value of the trade, with a low amount being $10. So to invest our $160 we would actually need $170, and we've lost money before we even start. Now we'll need to hold the stock for two years to make a profit, to simplify things lets say our stock grows in value at the average of 7%. So, if we hold for two years, our stock will have grown in value to $182 which is more than we paid for it. To cash out, we'll need to pay more fees, so our stock is now worth $172 which is almost exactly what we paid for it, but hold on now, we have to subtract interest to get the actual value of our investment back, so minus 3% for the first year and minus 3% for the second year, our return is now worth 161.83. But hey, at least we don't have to worry about taxes since we didn't make a profit right? Truly the stock market is open to anyone regardless of their wealth.

You know, if I didn't know better I would say this game is rigged.

Why…. do you keep….. typing….. like… that…

Because he's probably twelve.

If he's 12, then he needs to be in school, instead of shitting up the board.

If you can't afford $1200 that's your own fault. Move somewhere cheaper.. Learn a marketable skill…

How exactly do you enter a stock exchange with $100? Aren't there minimum entry fees in the tens of thousands?

Well now I know for sure you're underage, because if you had been in the real world you'd know just how ungodly expensive even "cheap" rent can be even for people with marketable skills.

I've shared an efficiency with roommates, and there are efficiencies near me for under $700, a 30 minute drive from a major city. The problem with leftists is ur to lazy to try….

Peterson is a hack. Neck yourself.

Okay, I'll humor you. What city?

And furthermore, what job did you have? Did you have assistance paying rent at any point from family?

Also, it's spelled "too."

Not sharing my location or other personal details, but sub-$1k rents for 1BR apartments aren't unheard of in at least one or two cities that aren't shitholes. Millennials want to live in NY or CA. It's no wonder they can't afford rent with their liberal arts degrees. If I were going to spend my parents money, I'd do something nicer than sharing an efficiency.

t. anus

Motherfucker, I've got an information systems degree.

"sub-1k" can still be ungodly expensive if you're just starting out, even if you have a marketable skill and a good degree in a technical field. And that's not even taking into account gas, food, etc.



Nigger I was born here

People move to cities because that's where the jobs are. It has nothing to do with muh millennials you old faggot.

Also, I have to ask, what generation are you?

You realize that real wages today buy far less than they used to, yes?

Never doubt that Holla Forumscucks' admiration for "Western Civilization" is anything but sincere.

I guess there's plenty of space since your brain doesn't take up much room

Who let you on the internet, grandpa?

stock market crashes generally take 300x longer than crypto market crashes, so we'll probably know in 6 months if it's actually crashing vs. today

NOPE, a lot more proles are in the stock market than in the 20th century. There's no minimum that I know of. You are thinking of hedge funds.

There's a minimum to open a trading account, and if you try to trade low amounts you will just lose money as I demonstrated

No there's not. THere was no minimum for opening my Vanguard account that I remember. THere probably isn't for robinhood either. It depends on the broker, Interactive Trades DOES have a minimum for example.

you absolute autists, stop being tech analysts. The dow isn't crashing, its doing a 1-2% correction.

It's already down 3.7% in 5 days. But yea it's tbd whether we are going to crash or not

There certainly are and there are minimums for buying into mutual funds
Vanguard isn't what you'd consider stocks though nor is it a trading account

It's probably not, the real crash will either be end of this year or next year. At most we'll get a flash crash like in '15

You can buy almost any individual stocks or ETFs at Vanguard (with fees). If you don't like fees, there's Robinhood.

Literally the most Marxist thing you can be other than a labor organizer or revolutionary.

tbhq vanguard is pretty alright, almost all their trading is done via ai and their much more reliable than other investment banks.

what's the minimum for opening a Vanguard or Robinhood account? I don't know of any




It costs money to move, and unless you have accreditation it doesn't matter what you learn because employers want PROOF that you've learned a marketable skill. That also costs money.


It was 26,616 on the 26th Jan. Shedding 1,5k in a week isn't good.

Porky will not let this happen… right?

This is some high-quality bait.

I dunno, does this look familiar?


I'm unironically hoping for it, I want this hateful world to go down in flames.

I want it to go down now, the tension is killing me.

wat de fug

I'd wait for 2 or 3 weeks before saying anything for sure though.
hopefully it's crashing for real but I won't get my hopes up



hopefully somebody will get this


It's now at -1137.55

Make that -1332.57




How long do you think until domestic terrorism and civil war start to sweep, I give it a month


At least I can say I was there when all went down.

You should start believing in posadist fantasies, user, you are in one.

I can't believe in Posadism until the sky flares up tbh, I'm not ready, I'm still in my Maoist long march phase.

Now it bounced back to -881.67

What the shit, some short-seller got their money's worth.

Two months ago I predicted we would have a crash within 18 months. Hardly anyone was listening. Now, after a week straight of sliding markets maybe some people will begin to look at what I've been saying. The market is not backed by anything solid anymore. It's running on pure speculation and the big players know this. I don't believe we've entered the real crash yet but considering how fragile everything really is all it takes is for the big players to exit their positions and it comes falling down. So this could be the beginning of the end. A cynical person might believe that Trump's tax cuts were actually a engineered by the financial elites to allow them to close their positions before crashing everything. My best bet is that we enter a short period of "consolidation" in which prices go up and down for a bit before finally crashing in the near future. Based on treasury yield curves and interest rates, we still have a bit longer to wait. But again, considering how the markets have only been expanding due to speculation, the big crash could easily come at any time now.



I think I can use this gif

Can't have a 1917 without a 1914


oh thank god i was worried it was going to conveniently crash when the u.s. elects their next president

2008-10 2

So is Trump going to become the next Hoover? Or is this going to become full Tsar Nicholas II!

oh boy
I hope this is a proper happening


crisis are not to be celebrated, nothing good comes out of finding joy in the misery that is going to affect the workers and poor more than anyone else
put your own hurt ego to the side over people rejecting our ideas and learn how to agitate in favor of the cause


Oh cool a Bernie version of the Ron Paul meme AND an anarchist version. Neat

2008 Holla Forums made good memes, what can I say.

Fucking hell I just realized how I was able to see the birth and death of Holla Forums…I feel kinda emotional…and depressed…(not for Holla Forums obviously but Jesus)

It took two World Wars to get rid of the monarchies. It will take no less than two to get rid of liberal democracies.

Meaningful change requires destruction, and people's core beliefs cannot be shaken without trauma.

What if those two world wars just turn everything succdem

For as long as the capitalists control everything, there will be world wars.

It's not good for the economy but it's not even big enough to be obvious, once it reaches that point then you can celebrate but until then you're literally just Holla Forums everytime a terrorist attack happens and they say "RACE WAR WHEN?!?!?!"

yeah it dipped similar amounts after the election. im not convinced

The market lost and regained 500 points in 20 minutes, and currently losing them again.

the revolution was ripening before and it was successful in the soviet union because Lenin was consisently proven to not only be right but to have fought for the interests of the workers the entire time
nobody will change their mind and follow you because you toot your horn and proclaim "i told you so!" after the fact,
without daily work in preoperation of the crisis a trauma will only strengthen the reactionary forces further
1914 for germany still lead to its 1933

im waiting for the big pop user

Yes, that's called the general economy, until it reaches the point of very clearly being THAT bad then it's no different from the status quo at all, there's a fine line that needs to be broken before you can ever so much as think you're near there, until then it's pointless.

Yeah well no shit, I'm sure Flumph caused a permanent spike in the economy.

The pop is called a pop because much like a pop it comes quick, and it can't be called a pop until it pops.

The reason the revolution succeeded is because the capitalists were busy fighting amongst themselves.

It really didn't: actually it surged at the election. That specific bum is the period 4th of Nov to 11th of Nov: the election was 8th nov.

so in your opinion it was the unity of capitalists in germany and the lack of it in the soviet union while Lenin did jack shit
ok, "tankie".

No socialist movement will succeed while the global capitalists are united and not distracted.

I'm gonna have to agree with the Stash here. Activism and education is going to be needed if 1917 is going to happen, you can't make something out of nothing after all.


actually what needs to happen is the creation of the correct social conditions which produce communist thought, namely horizontal worker to worker relationships where they live together ass opposed to the suburbs of the US where they are scattered to the wind and have to commute to get to their jobs, and most of their free time is spent with exclusively their family, rendering them like the French Peasantry of the mid 19th Century.

Ding, ding!

We're down 1,174.87 for the today.

Speak for yourself.

Ooooo that's gotta hurt


the biggest 1 day drop in history for DOW right?
CNBC said markets dropped for "no reason", no bad news or anything other than Fed rate increase

Somebody smart knows something, my god this IS 2008 all over again.

Right lads, required watching: The Big Short.

i just looked it up and 2008 crisis had drops of 6-7 percent while this was 5. EBIN

It is the largest drop in term of absolute points, although the largest in terms of % was ofc 1929.

Okay ngl I feel kinda sick in my stomach this is going to mean hell.

Everyone ready to see Deus Ex becoming reality?

is he right?

what would it be a false flag for lol. invading wall street?


Conspiracies aren't real.

well obvious they are commie jews that want to hurt Trumps image and economy

If the economy crashes who will Trump blame. Never himself. Except when things go well, then it's entirely his doing.

I hope he calls out the D.S.A. and the IWW in public and starts a round of lynchings



What I'm more worried about are his retard supporters. I know one who literally a month before Trump fired him, was talking about BASED Bannon and then threw him under the bus daddy Trump wasn't agreeing with him.

Shut up

The entire market is nothing but speculation based on optimism. The smartest players have left on the 26th. Today we saw leaving of the slowest among the smartest. The panic selling and shorting en masse hasn't even started yet.

the FBI and Democrats


You know how Holla Forums was always saying that Alex Jones is controlled opposition back before Trump was a thing? They were right (but for the wrong reasons of course.)

I can't fucking wait

Wow the only vaguely leftist orgs in the United States. Unless you want the BASED TOTALLY NOT A DEMOCRAT PUPPET CPUSA to take charge

But he and his constituency have control over every branch of government. And he's been saying he's "done more than any president previous for him"

There's no way to twist this if everything comes falling down into his second yeara

remember to empty your accounts and heighten the contradictions :^)

Why are you obsessing over car stocks, again?

Shut up



Sociopath. Mentally ill. Dumbass.

You don't have the stomach for politics if you aren't willing be Machiavellian

Sorry my fault Sun Tzu Machiavelli

driggered muj???


You can't kill what's already dead.

Can't sharpen a katana that's already dull

This is going to be the great part. Trump looking for scapegoats for the next three years

can't tip a fedora that's already tipped

Same thing

They are subprime MK.II. TL;DR: after 2008 the automotive manufacturers shat out low interest high risk car loans to keep consumption up. Now all the same things that were going on with mortgages: securitisation, CDOs, heck even synthetic CDOs are going on here. The worst part is that this will directly impact one of the largest manufacturing sectors in the world. If someone clocks the game is up, we're fucked lad.

can't teleport whats already behind you
sorry kid

official thread theme

i just wanted to tell them to stop by replying to it with a stupid one but you ruined it with an actually good comeback
i want to be mad at you but i can't

Don't just stand there and shout it. Do something about it.

i'm feeling more like this

wew I guess



futures are down across the board for Nikkei

So any practical tip for intellectually challenged individuals?

The handshake
Seals the contract
From the contract
There's no turning back

Taken in
Buy a sun tan
And a grin

idk man this is more fitting
or this even

Oh boy



This fits with the automotive crash theory; Japan is massively dependent on the auto industry and a collapse in it would fuck the nation hard.

Pay off car loans, budget NOW and join an org. What country are you in, we have a list of acceptable ones.

I meant it more on how to avoid big losses in the crisis. Fortunately my family is debt free, so there's that, but my country is essentially a financial ticking bomb (Italy) which is less than ideal.


So… memes aside, we're going to be alright, right?


I'd rather we be alleft hehe

another point of interest is to watch Spanish and Italian banks, if they get hurt so goes the EU

i enjoy the new meme of distorted, melting and brain-colored wojaks
it's a nice evolution

This is actually fucking scary.

Maybe it's just my runners high, but I'm actually kind of excited. Maybe this is really our chance to change our course towards total destruction

That and the Amerimutt meme are contenders for MOTY for 2017

itt post pictures of Americans 6 months from now

well you certainly raised my mood a little with that
akko is adorable


thank god I have government job

too soon to tell, but normally this shit leads to shake ups like 2008
enjoy the ride


Girl of sixteen
Whole life ahead of her
Slashed her wrists, bored with life
Didn't succeed
Thank the Lord
For small mercies

Girl of eighteen
Fell in love with everything
Found new life in Jesus Christ
Hit by a car
Ended up
On a life support machine

I don't want to start any blasphemous rumours
But I think that God's got a sick sense of humour
And when I die, I expect to find Him laughing

Given that futures are still trending harshly downwards it's not looking like just a simple market correction
a wild week awaits

Fucking kill yourself

Doing what? My dad worked for the NLRB and he got laid the fuck off during the 2008 crisis.

thank my maladjustment and autism i'm already unemployed and have little to lose

so what's going to happen? am I going to lose my job? will I still have to pay off my debt?

And when I die, I expect to find Him laughing




Don't overhype…don't overhype…please don't let this be overhyped

probably yes to the first one, definitely yes to the second (unless we overthrow capitalism)

I don't want to start any blasphemous rumours

But I think that God's got a sick sense of humour

And when I die, I expect to find Him laughing

man im scared

im not ready for revolution


The big losses will come to those in debt. As for Italy: join PaP. The best thing to do is ORGANISE, be it in a party, in your community, heck even through your church. Create the soviets, get ready and tbh, I am not sure what arms laws are like in Italy but those too if you get what I am saying.

it is, for the moment


oh, don't worry, there wont be a revolution
it'll be a reaction


"The Stock Market has been creating tremendous benefits for our country in the form of not only Record Setting Stock Prices, but present and future Jobs, Jobs, Jobs. Seven TRILLION dollars of value created since our big election win!"


Well this iwll probably be overhyped, but still…
Here's the eternal conumdrum of the leftist… be happy of the failure of the current system or be fearful of the consequeces?

nice quote

this is why im scared. fascists are armed to the fucking teeth and looking for an excuse.


for now it is. The percent drop wasn't that great for a single day.
If it continues tomorrow or through the week, everyone will jump ship as fast as they can


This better pull through or else we all look as retarded as Holla Forums was during US Election Day

not trying to disincourage you, mate but you're probably will just get shot by the military if you try to do that

i really wish i had anything backing me up to tell you not to be scared and prepare instead
but i feel like that comes too late and being scared is all left to do

this is a politics board on a spinoff of a chinese cartoon website, we already look retarded just by being here

worst case scenario is another 2008.


there'd be no need for fear if we had any real strength
i think the reaction will reflect everyones real assessment of our situation

well at least its poetic


we'll share worms
and it's not a gay dick joke

both of these were a result of apparent technical errors in the system though.

This isn't the 60's and 70's anymore. The feds don't care, so long as you're not some creepy cult hoarding guns and child harems.

Trump deregulated what stopped the 2008 crisis in the first place last year


tfw you live in hell


aye aye captain

"Another 2008" means the threat of a complete collapse of the global economic system, and now without China to foot the planetary bill.


it's the Absolute Boy's best chance to take power from the tories tbh.

Well… time to dig up my grandpa partisan rifle! If this country will go through a crisis it will turn fascist faster than our communist party can split.






Thank God I live in Portland where there's still a semblance of class consciousness, a majority socdem population, and one of bigger AntiFa organizations in the country.

North Korea isn't stupid. A destroyed economy doesn't mean that the US nukes suddenly stop working. Far more likely scenario is that Trump attacks them or Iran (likely Iran given that they can't hit back) to distract his base from the economy.

happening faggotry will be the ultimate uniting force of all Holla Forumss

No it won't fuck you. We want entirely different things.

Honestly, can we have an amnesty for all leftists purged recently just so they can view the happening? This should reunite Leftypol and Leftpol.

But in all seriousness, I hope you lads are doing your reading. If this is the big one then we're going to have to be the ones to explain to people what's going on, because otherwise it'll be the Mainstream "Russians are behind 9/11" Media.


b-but capitalism only goes bad when the government intervenes.

its what my ayn rand astro turf ideology taught me! the great depression happened because the government intervened in the affairs of companies too much! that's why we have crashes and that's why the economy sucks!!!

what you want and what you get are also entirely different things

that never would have happened

Not to mention the only happening threads I've ever seen on here are economic crises threads, North Korea threads, and based Corbyn's giant leap forward

I actually it would be best to just pool money and leave.
Our Left has only recently left square one and American Fascists (while retarded) managed to use SJWs as their "counter", so instead of them being as dead as us, they actually managed to outgrow us by having SJWs and Kaltural Marxism be their USSR.
Why does everything suck.

If it were up to me, yeah. I think this board split is pure COINTELPRO, but the BO does what he does.

Why do you want America to fail, Holla Forums? Are you some kind of pinko commie? #TuckFrump

If someone can give me some rundown texts that aren't Capital length I'll get right to it

Mate, we were the same 3 years ago: things can change and they can do so very quickly.

Holla Forums exposed

Tbh, get people to watch The Big Short: but replace mortgages with autoloans.


reminder that Lenin did not believe that a revolution would happen in his lifetime and that the Bolsheviks while a small faction managed to win over the fascists.
So good luck I guess, here in Europe things will not go much better.

Is this the power of reactionary theory?

user, if you haven't noticed, things have kinda progressed beyond that discussion.

We are the vanguard. We are the ones we've been waiting for.

These might help.

It's just a question of time
It's running out for you
It won't be long
Until you do
Exactly what we want you to

Does anyone else think the fascism spook on here is a bit overblown? The right, despite all appearances, is disorganized and split as fuck, and get smaller and more split after each rally. America is not Weimar germany, and should a fascist state even arrive under Trump, the bourgeoisie clearly aren't smart enough to actually improve the conditions of the working class to maintain any credibility as Hitler and Mussolini were able to.

Bourgeois parliamentary politics are a dead end that lead only to frustration.

Fascism offers only the promise of obscene enjoyment and the illusion that things can go "back to how they were" or "back to how they should be."

It's only Communism that offers not only a different world, but a better world. Part of our responsibility as Communists is to let them know this, that there is a world beyond the wasteland of Capitalism, and that they can be the ones to help build it–that we can build it together.

I would expect the US to get less of a Hitler or Mussolini and more of a Pinochet if it happened, not that I'm saying it will.

It depends on what you mean by "fascism." If you're talking about the meme loving fucks on Holla Forums, yes, absolutely it's overblown.

But they really aren't the ones you should be worried about.

Oh boy this is both scary and exciting as someone from Philly.

Who then? Even petit-b rednecks who amass guns like they're candy seem to be an overblown threat, at least around most cities.

Hey man, I'm happy the Eagles won, despite the riots. Fuck the Pats


Yeah this is our first Super Bowl win and with Philly being Philly…riots are happening from the victory

oh no no no those aren't riots. that's just boys being boys!

it's only riots when they're protesting police brutality

There were major riots after the superbowl

You're forgetting the debt ceiling, man. Burgers still have to raise it before this month is over.

We obviously should investigate Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, et al. but for the obvious massive fraud that sustains them and not for mu deep state gay frog conspiracy

The Eagles haven't won since 1960 or 1950 something and everyone in Philadelphia got a little excited.

my crystal ball tells me the dow hits bottom at 12000

This isn't the 20th century, and one of Holla Forums's blindspots I think is that they're expecting (maybe even desiring) a redress of what happened then–that there'll be fascism and reaction again like they've read about. I think the danger might be something altogether new, or at least sharply different from what we have been expecting. After the better part of a century of intense, relentless propaganda, I don't think fascism will be something most westerners would readily embrace.

But what have we seen instead? The veneration of the technologist and entrepreneur.

I don't think that I can accurately guess what form the reaction will take, only that Trump and the Alt-Right represent only an inept preamble.

When the Roman economy collapsed, it heralded a radical shift in European political, economic, military, and social organization. When the USSR fell, it meant starvation and drastic reorganization of society for countries like Cuba or North Korea.

If this is in fact the catastrophe that we've been told is building, then the most similar event is probably WW2, where just about every major industrial economy on the planet was flattened and resulted in the end of nearly 200 years of British domination of the global economy.

I'm really not sure what's going to happen, but I don't think that it'll be good.

so you mean like a parade? a riot is very different from a celebration.

Uh huh. And you call these sports riots despite the fact that they obviously have class character.

lol, yahoo finance is absolutely apoplectic.

In the long run that certainly looks possible, the most boring single liberal party led by clean-cut but "human" technocrats, etc. But how will that play out in the short term? I think a second Occupy movement is very likely. Unless they go full FDR, it's going to be hard to appease the increasingly powerful soft-socdems.

you don't even know how wrong you are


Europe's a whole different question. I think his statement is pretty true for most of America though. Taking away the appearances of radical individualism and upward mobility would kill your average neocon



please tell me that's fake


it's a fake

It is.

It's not like he didn't/doesn't believe anything dumber


That make me sad.

user why would you get my hopes up like this?

I'm tired of waiting, I want to hear about business closing and people living on the streets NAO

hehehehehe I know it's my liberal self that's going to enjoy the schadenfreude that the president is going to slip on to explain this, but god damn it if Trump can explain himself from "STOCK JOBS STOCK JOBS ALL MY DOING STOCK JOBS STOCK JOBS JOBS STOCK STOCK JOBS" to

"W-W-WAIT T-THIS ISN'T MY F-FAULT" when his party controls basically every branch of the government

This is going to be hilarious

Why didn't we listen???

hard times create strong men…

The white baby boomers never had "hard times", they had more opportunities to generate familial wealth than this generation ever had. "Strong men" my ass. As if it even means anything.


fascism doesn't have to be overtly collectivist and the "radical individualism" is too obvious of a farce, neocons don't believe in that shit

There are a lot of variables at play so it's difficult to prognosticate. Bernie Sanders is the most popular politician in America, and I think if shit were to fall out right this minute he'd be the one that, if not most, a very significant portion of the population would turn to for answers. No one trusts the government, they're going to hate the corporations that fucked them, and it's not like religion is in any shape to step in with a guiding hand.

If it's not a corporate answer that they turn to, I do worry what the military will do. They've been endlessly lionized, and Americans have been conditioned to worship them. For most people, they're the one "competent" branch of the government. In the movies, they're always the good guys, always willing to sacrifice FER FREEDOM, always have America's best interests at heart.

The thought of all those old piece of shit Cold Warriors with free reign over the government and a license to go after any of America's "enemies" is rather chilling imo.
Thread Theme.

Fuck off with your meme ideology. We need people to red Marx not De Leon.

Unironically De Leonism is one of the best things for the west atm. Also he was a journo so it is easy for people to digest.

Have you given any thought on what you're going to say once it's time to march down to your local "Trumpville'' and agitate the masses?

De Leon IS Marx
t. Lenin

XIV hit 80%
termination event is now in play


Unions are no longer relevant.

what does this mean exactly?

Hey now I bet life in a Trumptown would be pretty great.

I was referencing the next few phrases lad.

striver poors are gonna get hosed, sorry bud

The butthurt is intense in (you)
Thread Theme.

Wait are you telling me that we are going to see mass cross-acceleration?

I'm a finance brainlet. Can somebody explain to me what's going on with all of this?

volatility short fund got liquidated after hours
a ton of people just lost a lot of money

Tbf, no one is quite sure why this is happening; but TL;DR: loads of bad car loans, people can't pay them, large debt cucks the auto industry causing people to call in their loans. This is a chain reaction that fucks the economy.
Legitimately, I recommend the film "The Big Short", it deals with a load of complex financial concepts and makes them understandable.

oh no


It's hard to tell exactly, but I think that corporate investors want to dump their toxic low-yield bonds and put their money into "safe" treasury bonds, and so they're selling off all of their shit to unload these high risk assets–in preparation for this exact sort of thing.

I'm sure it's much more complex than just that though.

and it getting liquidated reduces market liquidity, which this fund is supposed to provide during volatility, so things might be fun tomorrow

god damnit I'm not ready for this shit yet

Isn't this whole thing occurring because certain stocks were overvalued in 2017? Doesn't that mean after people are finished pulling their money out and stocks reach a reasonable low that speculators will just buy them up again to hold them?

What do we do? This will almost certainly turn into fascism.

no it won't


^the Wolffman's "Economic Update: The Economy, 2017 — 2018" I haven't had a chance to sit and listen yet but I'd be shocked if he didn't touch on elements of what's afoot.


Mate he predicted this shit on a RT interview:

>turn into fascism
c'mon bro

Fuck bitcoin

how about further into fascism

If it were only about the stocks, yeah, and if investors were reasonable, yeah, but unfortunately there are problems much deeper than what the DOW represents, and investors as a whole are anything but reasonable. The falling stock prices are going to effect other stocks and other indexes too, which in turn will pull the rug out of some corporations, some banks, some governments, and if enough of this things tumble they'll take all the rest of the dominoes with them.

If this is the big one, then this is anything but a simple market correction. This is the culmination of ten years of dumping over a trillion dollars into the finance sector, practically free loans that companies have been using to inflate their stock prices year over year for a decade.

If 2008 was a monster, they've been gorging it all this time, and now it's absolutely cyclopean.

hate myself for not selling sooner

He's been predicting it for a while now, everyone has. I mean he might explain some of the mechanisms causing what is currently happening.

that's better

He does it in the interview tbh.


What do you guys think?

holy shit you're not serious with this bollocks are you?

I don't expect a site called "debunk'd" to be anything but propaganda.


user, this interview has all the reasons:

was Mencius Moldbug right all along, lads?

of course



No both of you are retards

History repeats itself.


*darkly enlightened


now I wanna see some amerimutt go out to wall street and start pouring holy water all over the buildings to prevent a crash

10/10 OC comrade

it's not oc, he took it from /biz/

why does /biz/ make GMIL OC?

If the neoliberal revolution arose from the crisis of profitability in the 1970s, what would come from a similar crisis today? My guess is a technocratic realignment with UBI for the first world proletariat and low intensity war over energy resources everywhere else.

because most of them are having mental breakdowns from the bitcoin crash I suppose

Its worse that that. Capitalism has succeeded in shaping humanity to its profit, "revolution" is impossible. The working class is nothing more than an aspect of capital, unable to supersede its situation. any future revolutionary movement will have to consist of a struggle between humanity and capital itself, rather than between classes. Capital has become totalitarian in structure, leaving nowhere and no-one outside its domesticating influence.

Maybe someone from /biz/ took it from here?

BS, /biz/ doesn't read GMIL


Its too late. Capitalism is forever.

Shut up lol

my ex girlfriend is forever but i dont see that bitch anymore

Capitalism is fundamentally doomed to destroy itself, read Schumpeter.

should have bought her more things

Its going to destroy us with it.

Lad, you are trapped in the ideology. "It is easier to conceptualise the end of the world than a world without capitalism".
t. Zizek.

Stop being an obnoxious sad sack

Someones been reading Camatte

that afghanistan part is pretty good too

this level of class collaborationist talk sounds 1:1 like gorbachev

If the /biz/ thread on here indicated anything, its that we have anons on here that browse /biz/

No, its definitely Camatte. Class corroboration has makes no attempt to end class at all, opting instead that such class division is necessary. Camatte still argued against capitalism and therefore the class structure, he just happened to think capitalism had become all encompassing.


Reading the tweets about the crash is like staring into the mind of a schizophrenic.

i call it class collaborationist because it effectively is, not because it itself would recognize this
guy is new to me but just at first glance i can see that gorbachev must've read his shit

Camatte was an anarcho primitivist.

so much i've read up but i remember some text by gorbachev that was very much along those lines, reading that made my skin crawl in disgust even worse than before

Be careful how you define class collaboration. Bourgeoisie class traitors working with proles to abolish the class system as a whole is not in of itself class collaboration, though it might become such when class is allowed to continue to exist under the guise that class antagonisms can be harmonized.

If you want you can think of "capital" as the law of value. What camette is saying is that the heart of capitalism isn't the bourgeois but the impersonal laws of the market.


reminds me of adornoists yelling "structural antisemitism" as soon as you mention a capitalists name or any corporation and not talking in abstracts

fresh off the press

Shit, i saw a video from him today by accident.


Read Kliman and Marx.

that's one sexy, slippery intro

hey if you have something better then post it

i'm in a conversion mood

that's objectively true, but not a value judgement of whether the circulation of commodities is a good thing or not. The enemy of marxists is production being confined to the commodity form itself, not how they circulate


Instead of going through someone who claims to understand Marx, just read it yourself.

If there are no commodities then there's no need for money to circulate them, so what exactly is he wrong about?

Read a fucking book nerd



This is financial institution annihilation style happening
Wouldn't be surprised if Central Banks step in by the end of the week

Can someone TL;DR: XIV? It is something to do with volatility, yes?



Yes but what does this /mean/?

basically volatility shorts, which everyone was messing with and had considerable leverage in because this was "event that can't possibly happen if the market is going up"


It might correct itself in a day or so and this could all be nothing. Or.

It could keep falling, and the angels wouldn't help you, because they've all gone away

By everyone, I do mean everyone
Financial institutions, pensions, etc. tomorrow will be ugly

Credit Suisse is already down 7%. If they don't have a ton of liquidity we're taking financial crisis

Who the fuck would put a short on volatility? Like the stock market is inherently unstable why would you bet on its stability? Man capitalists are dumber than I imagined.

Are you saying they are going under?

Also some interesting economics stuff:

there's potential, they've had a lot of problems in the past so they're certainly a weak point

because the market is stable user and it's a bull market for the rest of time :^)

So we take the average price of the stocks from
3M, American Express, Apple, Boeing, Caterpillar, Chevron, Cisco Systems, Coca-Cola, DuPont, ExxonMobil ,General Electric, ,Goldman Sachs, The Home Depot, Intel, IBM, Johnson & Johnson, JPMorgan Chase, McDonald's, Merck , Microsoft, Nike, Pfizer, Procter & Gamble, Travelers, United Health Group, United Technologies, Verizon, Visa, Wal-Mart, Walt Disney

And then divide them by the divisor, and that gives you an approximate dollar amount per point.


Nikkei down 1000+ points within about 45 minutes of opening sounds like a big deal, someone save all the anime quick

If I am right, and this IS related to the automotive industry: then it would be immensely expected that Japan gets it up the bunghole considering how much of their economy relies on automotive production. Anyone have anything on SK exchange? If my hunch is right we will see Germany take a major hit tomorrow.

24,345(.1496772734149)=$3644 a point?



Mein Gott.
I know I have said that a lot but honestly I can't even handle it anymore

This is already within the top 10 worst falls of Nikkei by points lost.

I tried to warn them

what were you even replying to?

it's already recovering!

Meant to be that one^

What a giant recovery, we're sure bouncing back after the Nikkei opened with 1,000 points down



Dead cat bounce.

The wales are trying to keep it afloat, but if the DOW dips tomorrow they will be shorted hard.

Lads, will Amazon still be in business by Wednesday I've got Volume 3 of Capital ordered?

If things keep plummeting like this who knows who'll be in business by Wednesday.

Wtf i thought lefty/pol/ only had shit memes

Tbh download a PDF and read it quic, you're gonna need it.

Also who is ready for the Zizekian vanguard? I fucking am.

M8 I've already spent 4 weeks reading the first two volumes it's better fucking come.

Who wants to start a commune of electronic scrap prospectors in the sewers?
I can cook up a mean rat stew.

I hate reading pdfs though; not only does my retention drop, but the experience is far less enjoyable, due to eyestrain and the lack of a tactile experience.

This is the eternal dynamic between us.

Okay, so
24,345.75+1175.21=25520.96(starting price this morning[?])
Current Dow divisor



funny, I was thinking something similar about a picture of Sowell

If this is actually happening though, things will be biblical

Actually there's probably more math involved as the aggregate price of each point diminishes as it's sold but vOv

If you look closely, this is the same face George W Bush made when he was in the classroom during 9/11. Except now its filled with spite instead of fear. Maybe a mix of both. Plenty of anger. Palms sweaty, moms spaghetti, got my phone out need to tweet, palms sweaty

damnit, I keep trying to encode it with audio and fucking up

"So I will come to put you on trial. I will be quick to testify against sorcerers, adulterers and perjurers, against those who defraud laborers of their wages, who oppress the widows and the fatherless, and deprive the foreigners among you of justice, but do not fear me," says the LORD Almighty.
Malachi 3:5.
The thing is, I heard this at service last sunday and the prayer was for social justice. This is the kind of shit that would make someone into a firm theist.

also, funny that Trump should mention "made in the USA".


Hong Kong's Hang Seng Index opens 1200 points and 3.5% down
Its nice to watch all dat red :3


China's soon to get it.
How're things lookin' for them?

If the automotive theory is right, they should dip hard too.

all goo :)

please explain?

That spike followed by that leveling…hmm….looks like a big recovery….

auto industry is exposed to a fuck load of subprime loans they handed out like candy to boost sales


oh shit.
i'm a bit out of the loop but is this bad for the germany? do they still do cars 'n shit?
Thread theme, it's title means "The Summer has Gone" in Portuguese. I think it is immensely fitting.

Germany is balls deep in the car industry; and one of the hardest hit thus far in terms of company stock is Volkswagen group.

It begins.

oh boy, panic here we go


But it's not the car industry that is worth paying attention when it comes to Germany. It's Deutsche Bank. :^)



I'm gonna need a source for this.


Global Markets rn


Right lads, red flag bloke who has been here most of the night. Signing off, will see you anons i the morning. Fuck me, I will never forget this night.

looks like it's just TradeStation right now

Comradely and optimistic reminder that a 2nd crash (2008 being the first) will cause a dramatic shift in consciousness (if it happens once it can be dismissed as an anomaly but if it happens twice…) and we will see an explosion in anti-capitalist sentiments the likes of which we have never seen in our lifetimes :)

I can't help but feel like this is a really low number

You'd think people would catch on after three centuries.

America will probably go full fash though.
good one faggot

The material basis for fascism basically no longer exists. The first will be last and the last will be first. Prepare yourself comrade.

how comes?

Oh wow its literally fucking nothing
Its just a bad Market day lads
It will probably rebound tomorrow
If it goes on longer then that then yes maybe it is what this thread thinks

>The market started 2018 with a bang, but last week was the worst on Wall Street in two years. The selling gathered steam on Friday when the Dow plunged 666 points, or 2.5%, at the time its worst day since the Brexit mayhem of June 2016. Nearly $1 trillion of market value was erased from the S&P 500 last week.

There might be some areas, but a majority of the population is so sick of this shit of continuously getting fucked over by their boss that, this won't work anymore because it's just more of the same really.

You really underestimate that.

It will happen. It's only a matter of patience.

Let's see what happens tomorrow and to the Nikkei today. Beyond that we can speculate.

You aren't getting the picture. Even if it recovers, this is a herald of things to fucking come. You are witnessing a bullet headed from Mars straight to Earth, telling everyone in the observatory worried "The chances of anything coming to a million one", or so they said


American workforce is thoroughly proletarianized. There simply aren't enough petit-bourgeoisie to carry out the actual work of fascist suppression. Historically, the bourgeoisie had to lean on the petit-bourgeoisie (and lumpens to a lesser extent) because they were too small and weak to enforce fascism themselves. Now that layer of society is drastically smaller.

Anything but the US government's irresponsibility when daddy is in office

I'm seeing nothing but pink Wojacks.


The US military are still classcucks


This is true, but exhausted classcucks can change their minds quickly. Plus, 40% of the military supported Gary Johnson (at least before the actual election) in 2016 for his anti-intervention stance. It's mostly a matter of connecting the dots between "intervention" and capitalism for them.

I hear the Navy tend to prefer socdem policies is this basically true?

Dow Total Market cap
$6,873,564.29 in millions or
x .046
loss today
Three-hundred-and-sixteen billion dollars lost is no big deal really :^)


I love it when a globe has so much red on it :D

Boomer genocide when

To be fair
If I polled this thread and asked them if they preferred
A) Getting fucked in the mouth
B) Getting fucked in the eye
C) Getting fucked in the urethra
I don't think the outcome would generally be representative of the thread's preferences.

Is this on Red Alert?

What site is this?

Joe Rogan in the building?

Everything is going to hell and I feel nothing.

It's beautiful. Porky is assblasted right now. The seeds are being planted.

Man Trump sure was retarded for taking all that credit for the "biggest DOW market ever"
Pretty decent visualizations for the numbers.

His retarded followers I've met keep sucking his dick and refuse to admit anything wrong is his doing

A dip of 5% isn't really anything honestly. If anything this will eventually cause more growth as people will be buying assets.

Guarantee you they'll spin it this way

Most already are. Sean Hannity has already.

Canada still has too much green on it. suspicious. What are you hiding you maple drinking bastards!

Can someone tell me the dip for 2008?


The dow lost 316 billion on its own, and every other major market on the planet is taking a shellacking too.

So what about many trillions of dollars lost "isn't really anything," exactly?

This is a warning. A herald. A prophecy of things to come.

DOW dropped in 2008 by 778 points, or at the time 7%. Currently it is down 1000 ish points, or currently 4.60%. We aren't even close to the percentage losses back in 2008.

The dow is much larger than it was back in 2008. Does that not make this 4.6% proportionally greater?

well yes, that's what he said
778 points then
about 1000 now

I'm a brainlet who doesn't know shit about the stock market. If you're not a stockholder what direct impact will the market crashing have on the average person? I imagine probably something to do with interest rates and debt and such, rising prices?

Depends on if the company that goes down you work for

Literally you and everyone else in this thread needs to watch the best movie in recent years,

Well you wont have to be jealous of anyones large pensions anymore.

If you had 1000 in stock right now and it was based around the average you would have lost 46 right about now. If you had 1000 in stock in 2008, you would have lost 70.

Still, any good investor (especially when young) knows you're supposed to buy when it's low that way you grow with the assets.

It's the worst market fall since 2008

Rising interest rates are likely. Bankruptcy is more likely than increasing debt burdens (unless we're counting government debt which is fucked already) and falling prices are likely to fall unless the government tries to inflate its way out of the crisis like the 70s.


Unless you're retiring tomorrow you don't have anything to worry about. If you're young, buy some stock or invest in a company. Get some say in what they do. Then as you get older that shit ages.

Doesn't really help to "buy le dip" if you lose your job, retard.

But will it continue tomorrow?

XIV imploding means a bloodbath on US opening

Son, it has even started yet.

Right, the retirement accounts are tied into it

I've thought about watching it a while ago never got around to it.

Interesting. So there'll be more concerns with debt and companies going under? Student loans are probably about to be even more fucked, great.

I work part time at Burger King, I'm a philosophy major at uni atm. Probably not happening.

How can you buy stock and get worthwhile returns when you have little capital to begin with? I can't afford to take that risk when I'm on a min wage part time salary and paying rent/food/school.

I'm not even Dengist, but holy shit

Explain in layman's terms what XIV is?


volatility shorts that everyone was heavily invested in
They went poof today
Several financial firms are potentially at risk now, specifically Credit Suisse and Duestche Bank
Along with them a ton of mid range retail and institutional investors will take hits in the 10%+ range tomorrow due to it

Call me in a week. If it's still dropping, that's when things start getting exciting.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, one economic collapse is all it will take for the house of cards to blow. The people are pissed and they know who to blame. A revolution will occur, we just have to make sure the right side wins.


But if I have 1000 stock in 2008 that is worth $10 each, then I have $10,000 in stock, a 7% loss means I've lost $700.

But if I have 1000 stock in 2018, after a decade of stock value increases and are now worth $50 each, that means I have $50000 in stock, and a %4.6 loss means I've lost $2,300.

So doesn't that make a 4.6% loss today an even bigger problem than a 7% loss in 2008, because more money is being lost over all?

My burgerclap brain arteries are clogged with beef fat, please forgive me.

People bet on how stable the market was going to be in a manner of speaking
It was a "safe" bet to make a ton of money as long as the numbers were green

as long as people still get their cheap food, porn, entertainment, etc keeping them placated i dont think many people will have the fire to actually do something.

I thought I'd read that a bunch of Italian banks were teetering on the edge of bankruptcy before this happened, and their government forbidden from bailing them out. I wonder if we're going to see the Italian financial sector implode.

And how are they going to get those things without jobs? And after a decade of just about every government on the planet slashing benefits and eviscerating social safety nets?

The US market collapsing would lead to a global collapse. While we may not see something big in the US in the event of a legit depression, places like France and the UK would be very ripe. Don't forget how well the left did electorally in the last elections in those places.

If CS wobbles I wouldn't be surprised if Spain and Italy implode

Not to mention there are active Maoist insurgencies in India, SE Asia, and the Philippines.

True, didn't even take into consideration all the benefit cuts the GOP have planned. If people lost their food stamps and health care AND job and things were looking bleak, many might take action instead of "playing it safe" due to desperation. Of course things like the internet and TV, sports, etc are very powerful tools to keep the population distracted, and they won't go away.

Wait till the banks close and people can't buy food. The complacency of the west will vanish like smoke once there's food shortages.

Leftypol pride themselves on being smart. Yet they can't read a simple graph.


Anyone recommend me some music?
I'm making the happening video as we speak

5% drop in a week is pretty bad though

yes correction to its true value, ___zero


Don't get hyped till it drops below 15k tbh


Very much so, in order to get out of the 2008 crisis the FED has maintained very low or even 0% interest rates to get things moving again. The downside to that is that most companies have used these lax policies concerning credit to go on debt binges, oftentimes corporate boards do nothing more than buy back their own stock using cheap credit. This is going to hit a lot of major companies hard on their bottom line if it continues.

Definitely, something like a 1/3 of student debt is delinquent even though unemployment has been relatively low. They make it extremely hard to default on student low payments anyways, so your instinct is right here, higher unemployment is going to mean the student debt crisis gets worse. There's probably also going to be a fiscal crisis as the government will have a hard time paying for everything with the shit economy and Trump's retarded tax cuts.

In my state the maximum "weekly benefits amount" is $350, and they only last for 20 weeks, during which time you only get them if you file weekly reports that you're actively looking for work. On top of all that, you're only eligible if you lose your job "through no fault of your own," which generally speaking, your job can just make up a reason to fire you, and it's not like the state will work very hard to investigate. Generally they just take your employer at their word, because fuck you.

And that's just unemployment. In my state you can't get medicare if you're unemployed, or food stamps either.

We're having fun nerd

you do know this is a fucking massive one day drop, it still could be a correction but the likelyhood of it being a crash has increased cosiderably from the NYSE opening to now.

Go to halfchan's /biz/, then pick and choose whatever lyrics are being screeched.

It reeaaaaaally doesn't want to go back up past -300 does it


You'll be the first into the gulag, traitor



tfw no bipolar DOW-chan who embodies casino capitalism and is an abusive gf to user the wageslave

Dow just hit new low



Excuse you?


Plus she'd go down on you every day




Does she have a gangbang fetish or something couse we're getting fucked from every direction.

Bloomberg live: What happened to the "buy the dip buy the dip"?


"If this correction turns into an official “bear market,” defined as a 20% loss or more for stocks, that certainly has to be considered. (A correction would be achieved if the Dow falls to 21,293, which is just 2,300 points from where the market was trading Friday afternoon)."

What does this mean???




French stocks hit new low


C'est une petite correction





time for bed for me. looking forward to see what the asx and sse does tomorrow.

Bull Trap




un crash

I told my petty-bourg father to take out the money in Dow Jones he has and put it in Venezuelan stock. His lose.

oh le fuck off, m8 :DDDD

Your dad should put money in reverse ETF instead like TVIX. Much higher gains

J'aime vraiment, vraiment , vraiment cette image.

Is that's what Soros is doing?

I'll settle for a 2% drop today, though I'm crossing my fingers that we see a massive drop in the late afternoon like we did yesterday.

Both of them in constant drop.

Bloomberg live: "This doesn't seem like a very well founded correction!"

Ze big Question hon hon
i'm not french


474.99 (1.99%)

Mark my words, nigga, we closing at -3 – -4 %

2 percent





oh boy


Boi watching the Nikkei later is going to be fun




Good night, drumpfy. You shouldn't have fucked with the King.



We have lift off

stop going back up you miserable shit

I'm calling a massive sell off starting right about now.

Oh, you think so, do ya?

should i buy the correction ?

It's going to sawtooth comrade. But the trend line is clear as day

10/10 correction


DOW chan i cannot take this please


It's to-hooo-tally not a big deal, you guys




They sound exactly like Holla Forumsyps whenever trumpy does something blatantly stupid.
Truly cut from the same cloth.




239.16 (1.00%)


Now that looks like state intervention right there.

I don't see it having a net gain today.


I was hoping for a bigger drop but I'll take what I can get

Looks like the buy le dip meme is starting to lose its traction again

Bloomberg live: "Stocks are finally rising again, looks like there was a little support – perhaps."

Man they're shilling this hard.

And no sooner does it go up than it slips again.




So is this over?
Looks like the Plunge Protection Team is acting.

Pump and dump just like yesterday. It'll drop like crazy the last hour.

30.66 (0.13%)

absolutely fucking disgusting

Capitalism is a fucking religion.



I'm just watching those. But can't you see how utterly panicked they all are?

if she'd just fucking turn around…

those "ancom posts"
I see why they love Hillaryposting

Next time the roller coaster sets in, lets start cheering in the chat and collect the salt!

We're in the green boys! Capitalism wins again! So much for a "crash" you dumb commies!

I support this motion.
Someone put a link to the stream.

Some dongers:

LOL it's rising

back in the red again

we're going back to opening aren't we ?

Not anymore.




Your efforts have been rewarded. Rally reversing. Send more energy pls.

A bear market is a one effected by or created in anticipation of a slowdown, recession, or depression. Stock prices are depressed, buying slows, but it isn't necessarily a recessionary or depressionary situation yet.

The opposite was what we had until last Friday, a bull market, where everyone just fucking goes nuts buying and selling and the sky's the limit as far as "the economy" is concerned. Usually bull markets are associated with expanding economies and all the positive benefits bourgeois economics tend to associate with that.

Usually when a "bear market" is identified, it means that the economy is set to "retract" or decline, in production, consumption, etc. It might mean there'll be a exclamatory crash, or a long, gradual decline as diminishing supply/demand starve one another.

That might be where we are now if something doesn't stimulate the economy again, which the government/traders/etc don't want because it might lead to a sudden collapse, where everyone just stops trading altogether and the whole fucking thing flies apart.


🎣 buy the dip, they said 🎣
💵🔻 💵🔻 💶🔻


This is disappointing

Does the Nikkei still has a chance to crash now or is it really ogre this time ?



Are these porky investors in the live chat? They're acting kind of weird

Look, when it is "over," you won't have to fucking ask.

This isn't an event like a fucking ball game where it's self contained and runs a finite amount of time. It's a process and it's going to have repercussions days, weeks, months, or even years later. Nothing is fucking over.

And it's in the green again… well shit

Who's on the wild ride now, cucks?

sacate a chingar a tu madre.

it's over boys i think it has…


lol we haven't even seen the rate hikes they're so afraid of to begin with

Yeah, they call yesterday's massive plummet of DOW right before the stock exchange's close "jitters." You have to be blind not to see the propaganda machine that is trying to hold this shit together with every catch-phrase and memetic band aid they can make up.

What has happened today? Give me a quick run-down while I'm on the shitter

this is a fact

Market's in the green

The market is currently buying the dip, expecting to sell the rally.

Market went down to -500, now it's at +200, all in the space of about half an hour.

It dropped 500 points and then rallied into the green. Still hasn't recovered from where it was earlier this week.

down to 73 now

Prepare yourselves lads. We're about to go DOOOOOWWWWNNNNN

lol, the fact it went that deep into the red should be alarming to you. it's all going to slide, maybe not now, but soon


all abord the train next stop 1K



That wasn't much of a rally to sell.



Meanwhile, on the Caracas Stock Exchange.

If that is the case, then yeah, not only is nothing over

It hasn't even fucking begun.

The fuck is going on?


back in the red



oh, ok then

The rollercoaster will never end



Lénin is pumping the market from the grave

I don't think we'll go back down today

Last 10 minutes will bring a 2% drop.

Yesterday's biggest point-drops came after 3pm EST.

If that happens I will personally suck your dick

seconding this.
i'm so lonely ;~;

If you have cute kneesocks i'll also suck your dick

If you have cute kneesocks I'll let you suck my dick

I mean.
It happened yesterday

Comrades, comrades! No need to cut the queue. Be patient in the dick line.

it will go down now
i command it to

Jason is that you?


fucking hell, comr8

I imagine if there was a prolonged US government shutdown the markets would completely collapse. Hell, even a strike could be the kicker.

Even if we're above whatever the hell it's measuring and in the green, we're still below opening rate.



Has anyone else thought about just how volatile it is for it to swing between almost a thousand points in a day?

"No thanks, I hate buying fake ingame currencies."


pure propaganda, holy shit


Yeah, Porky is scared.


They can't hold on to that brief positive period. It's in the red again.






back in green

back in red


Back in red

We're coming!



fallin fallin fallin





The tempo is just rite



Even tho I enjoy watching Porky gamble and lose money, for a while.
I just can't help myself, remembering and imagining, how around the world, the workers are being robbed, by the bosses all the time.
this is not how I want to see porky lose something, I want to see capitalist pigs being persecuted around the world, by furious masses of workers, slaying them with out mercy.

ahaha holy fuck


it's back up now


It's back down

m8 you have no idea. This is from today's business front page


They're buying the dip again how greedy can one be?



Are they trying to keep it near the close price?

my prediction

It will be known as the "Historic Spurdo Crash"



Get ready for a surprise :)

All right, who's the little shit that did this?


red green red green red green red green red green red green red green red green red green red green red green red green red green red green red green red green red green red green red green red green red green red green red green red green red green red green red green red green red green red green red green red green red green red green red green red green red green red green red green red green red green red green


Then it's stable in it's instability?



the stability of dow jones is in quantum superposition.

We're somewhere around here i believe




looks fine to me

just dropped 0.23

In 30 mins the DOW will crash harder than it ever crashed before. Screencap this.

Now to calculate the probability of the up and down quark.

Let it go comrade, it won't drop again today


I actually thought that was a Ben Garrison cartoon for a minute

What the fuck is going on that picture?

No, he must report

It's an album cover



It's a fucking cult.


Think trump called in some favours?


Nothing to worry about guiz!

Up 400 now



You can use that meme once you stop calling every downward trend that lasts for more than 15 minutes a bear trap lmao

You didn't win you just were humiliated for a week

yeah seriously you guys were acting like Holla Forums every time a terrorist attack happens.

8 minutes to go

We all do, may we live to see it. May we live to do it.

I'm burning my pdf of Capital as we speak, lads.

This is called the "I wasn't that mad" dance, I see children in my family do it all the time

As opposed to communists who have been humiliated for decades haha!

Venezuala's market has been more successful the past week than any single major power play on the planet

What happened?


Capitalism has been humiliated since 9/11 and 2008, spare me your "decades" I've lived them, and I have no faith in what you support.

Look commies, this is what an ideal market looks like. You may not like it, but this is what peak profitability looks like.

all the fucking labels.
poking fun at Ben garrison.

Get back to me in 6 months if your spic neighbors haven't killed you to use your skin as toilet paper first you sudaca shit

Where do you live?

No fun allowed

I think I'm more worried about Amerimutts sexually abusing someone outside of their pit

Are you Mexican?


It isn't without warrant, this still is the single biggest drop in global markets since 2008, and I seriously have doubts this is over.

It is all set up to be a bubble, and one way or another be it next week, next month, or even next year It's all going to crash.

You have no idea what you're talking about if you think unsustainable growth like this can go on forever, this is a boom, and following a boom there is a bust.

That is what occurred this week worldwide. It is not the end by any means.

Sudden drops



fugg i forgot about that maybe the crypto market will do something this week end

Guys… what if we are in the bear trap right now?

For the Ameriburger in the thread.

Remember that Tax Cut your government passed, or was it Tax Reform? Whatever it was, guess what this week did? It erased all growth made from that Tax Reform in your country, it wiped it back into November 2017

Before this ""Tax Reform"" your government made even existed. And yet your government promised, in its infinite arrogance and greed, it would """help working people""" and """help the econom""", all vacuous statements

=vacuous statements cemented by any growth it could have made being completely erased in a week

Why do you have any faith your government will improve the state of the economy when it has just shown it's at serious risk of not just pulling itself down, but pulling global markets down as well?

Pure irresponsibility for the system you even support!

I suggested that a while back.

It'd mean the most hilariously enormous drop in the economy since the fall of the fucking roman empire.

Tokyo opens in 3 hours. See you then, comrades.

then i'll be fucked cause i'm all out of alcohol

You may not like it commies, but do you see that giant cliff? That's peak performance and it's the cliff I intend to jump off of, owned bitch


Wait how does a bear trap makes the market drop? i think i'm mixing bull and bear trap over here

This entire past month, not just week, has been a loss of -4.64%. And people are claiming that it's been a success? What is the success? Where is it?

Minus 1,178.23 Points?

Is this what success looks like? Is this stable to Americans? Knowing all your health lives, family lives, and sexual lives, it wouldn't surprise me if at least the one of you here thinks this kind of complete loss is actually a "win"

You all live lives of constant loss and can salvage anything you can get, even for your own dominant ideology. Loss of empathy, friends and loved ones to health reasons, higher infant mortality, impoverished conditions.

If you think this is a win, I can't say I'm surprised. Being able to win for any Amerimutt is a win, even if it means getting care for injuries sustained from a car accident, despite having to foot the bill

Your talk of success is cheap just like your country

Bull is the one before the real shitstorm.
That would mean that we still have yet to even truly climb the mountain.

Sorry, bear trap is the one that comes first and it happens before the truly insane manic buying.

This isn't directed at any of you, just the guy going "hueh hueh commies btfo" for a slight rise.

This has still been an overall gigantic loss in all international markets, including America's. All your precious growth that your oafish president promised is gone.

So that would mean that we're still years away from the actual crash? Hope it's no a bear trap then

No not years, months if not weeks.

For this to be a bear trap there would have to be somewhere for this economy to grow, and all it's been doing for the past decade is cannibalizing itself. The only reason there's even the appearance of growth is because the Fed has been pumping a trillion dollars a year in practically free loans into the banks, and all they've been doing is handing it out to their corporate cronies, who then just buy their own stock, making it look like they're actually growing and increasing profitability, but they're not.

And what happens when that free money is threatened, not to be cut off, but just slowed down? The market shits its fucking pants.

China was the economic engine driving growth across the planet for the past thirty years, and that nickel's spent. There's no other market of comparable size to expand into, and no one has any idea of what to do or where to go in this "post-China" economy.

I expect that's what going to be happening this weekend. Whoever decides these sorts of things is going to try and cobble together some kind of plan to get the economy "back on track," but so far their only plan has been to 1) print money, 2) keep printing money, and 3) jesus christ for the love of god don't stop printing money. Ten years of this shit and they haven't managed to come up with anything else.

So really, all the fools crowing about "this is a correction!" or "this is normal!" had better hope they're fucking wrong, because otherwise it's most likely going to mean 4) see step one, and all the systemic contradictions and countervailing economic pressures building within it are going to swell the eventual detonation from "bunker buster" to "Tsar Bomba," and there won't be a bunker deep or hardened enough to save anyone.

No, these series of bubble can pop at literally at any time. One week. One month. One year even.

This severe drop was a warning. It was an earthquake before a volcanic Eruption.

This is not hyperbole. All the signs for this "volcanic eruption" of sorts are there, and you will not be ready for it when it finally erupts. Like everyone in 2008 wasn't ready and taken by complete surprise. Despite this they had warnings all year, with drops and rises, drops and rises.

If this is the warning, you should be scared shitless. You can't have this amount of unsustainable growth, with a series of giant bubbles, without a domino effect of consequences.

It's just chaos theory at this point.

American commie here, stop shoving us with American Porky & reactionary corp. will ya,

If it's the first one it means we still have years before the actual crash. It'd also mean basically the bankruptcy of huge swathes of the economy.

I was speaking in the direction of one certain poster

thanks for clarification. The thread is a bit manic especially with my slow bandwidth.

2008 was the bear trap

gr8 post

God I love Wolfe

Also when I mean "Amerimutt" I usually mean a specific kind of person. One that defends all the faults of their system and economy blindly, with total faith in its institutions, no matter how corrupt they are, to keep everything going. I'm talking about defense of domestic abuse, sexual abuse, racism, classism, capitalism, everything quintessentially wrong with America in the eyes of the rest of the world.

I don't mean those who know enough. I'm speaking of people who know the problems and whole heartedly support them anyways.

just fucking nuke'm all

It's okay, I'll be in my bunker.

So what's y'alls personal take on this day? Even though I thought it would go into the red today, I highly doubt that we're in a bear trap.
There's always the asian markets to spectate too.

I'd like to expand on this notion, to clarify the implications, to draw a clear picture if you will.

If 2008 was the bear trap, to a much larger trend; say 10-20 years. Then this "bull trap" map last for maybe as long as a year, it'll dip lower (maybe to 20,000 on the DOW), then climb higher (maybe back to about 24,000). After that, it'll taper off, and then dive, and dive HARD.
We may see something bigger than 1929 in 2019.

I'm betting we'll see some continued drops over next week. Some stagnation. It will probably float like that, a little up, a little down, for a couple weeks, then we'll probably have another couple days of significant drops.

I'm doubtful that the Dow will get as high as it was before this week - people will be a bit shook by 'the worst week for the market since 2008' for a while. It could recover a bit, I don't doubt that it will, in fact, but I'm guessing we'll see a downward trend for the rest of the year, even if that trend is slow.

I don't really have anything to base this on, but I get the feeling that a lot of the upward forces keeping today from just plummeting were motivated by "bargain hunters" looking to snap up some properties before the weekend. There'll be no trading for the next couple days, which will give them time to assess what's happening and see what might happen next. They'll get to see how the Asian market responds, what the governments do, and if anything big happens to stir the pot.

Yeah, they might have paid a pretty steep price for whatever they bought today, but it at least won't go down for the time being, and if it doesn't look like things are going to improve, they can dump it and keep some of their money. If it looks like it will improve, because Trump promised something or the Fed said this or that or whatever, then they managed to snap up some juicy stocks at a discount right before their value appreciates again.

This is just speculation, but I think it's reasonable, especially since no one really seems to know what the fuck is happening yet or what it's going to mean.

That would be my guess unless there's a big change in policy or some other announcement to spur things on.

The entire market is a speculative bubble.


Would you look at that. Even the vampires have their own vampires to worry about.


How long until the Nikkei opens

It's 8:30 there now, so another half-hour I think.

why does Nikkei look like an accelerometer?

You know why

Wait is the Nikkei open on weekends?


We'll have to settle with a cryptomarket crash then, i mean it has been stable for two whole days a crash is overdue

Opens in 1 minute.

HAHAHAHA :) Good one

It's been remarkably stable so far Asian discipline is no joke.

What exactly is open now?

Ah that's right, it's already tomorrow in Moonland. We'll just have to settle for it being at -506 for the next two days.

If we're in the bear trap now, that means we have decades until the real crash. And that not only will the crash be spectacularly immense, but the escalation in buying will be hard to even imagine for us now.

A recession comes every 6-8 years. Its been like 10 years since the last one. This is it. This will be the big crash and what we're seeing now are just the fault lines before shit really starts to nosedive.

No way this is a bear trap.

New Fed Chair isn’t as interested as Yellan in keeping interest rates low.

Why is Bitcoin going up?

Is this good…

Just want to thank this thread, because it probably the reason for the recent bum in active users.
This and /leftpol/ sucking.

Yeah, its been a good week, the best case scenario is it continues on monday and we have a nice big drop and market panic.


fuck, skiping words and letters, feels like i typed this with my ass.
guess i need some sleep.
good night, crash that shit for me.

I can see the dotcom bubble, the '08 bubble and yes we're in a huge bubble right now.

Nuclear fuckin' meltdown's-a comin' I'll tell ya hwat!

I have to say, one of the funnier things about this thread has been watching the totally normal and not at all insecure and dysfunctional Holla Forumsyps trying to shit it up.

It's because any economic downturn reflects poorly on daddy. It's actually a bit strange how much they are into the Trump cult of personality. If Trump weren't the president they would be cheering with us.

At the end of the day, he is them: a rich oaf who bumbled his way to the top off daddy's money.

You ever look at those chad dipshits you see at a nice dorm at a for-profit college? That's him, right there: slow-witted, dumpy, entitled, tacky fashion sense, and utterly lacking in anything that could possibly be described as a chin. They're impressed by shiny objects and Big Things That Move Around (TM), think every woman that gives them half a chubby owes them unrestricted access to every possible hole of theirs, and if you ask them for an opinion on something, they stumble over themselves, attempt to sound smart, and fail, instead just offering a word salad of vapid feel-good speak. That's him. That's your average of-age Holla Forumsack. They are him.

I can't pretend like seeing /leftpol/ plummet down to 3 posts an hour doesn't give me a certain gratification.

That's what happened this past Monday, wasn't it? Big sell off Friday, then it dropped off the fucking cliff on Monday.

A repeat of that would be phenomenal.


So just woke up from a bender last night, what happened with the DAX, DOW JONES, NIKKEI and HANG SUN in the ned?


nothing much
dow +1,4 after getting down for a while
dax just -1,2 with some upwards but general just falling
nikkei -2.3 dropped a bunch and holding
hang seng -3,1 dropped a bunch and holding

also 25 minutes until they open in new york again, we'll see if they can hold on to the plus

Th NYSE opens on weekends?

not my fault i don't have a life
and even if it is, i don't give a fuck

i love you a-anyway user~

Sooooooo is it just a correction?

just one

just a bulltrap

There's no way of knowing for sure just yet. I'm sure Bloomberg, FT, NYT, WSJ, etc are overflowing with takes that would overload the scoville scale though.

I feel like everything happened faster than I could comprehend. Was able to follow shit on the first day but by noon on the next day I was literally lost.

Is it over? Any updates?

It's the weekend you dipshit.


You tell me.

God this is depressing, I think I might actually be slightly traumatized from 2008.

Chances are, more than "slightly."


Whats worse is that if the crash is actually happening then this crisis is gonna be way harder than 2008

Probably, yeah. I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone thinks of capitalism once there's nothing stopping it from preying on them and everyone they know and love.

This is from a blog post from Tuesday by Marxist economist Michael Roberts:

Anyone got other reflections from Marxists since?

When the crash comes Greece will have an Anarchist Revolution.

can someone explain the difference between a bulltrap and a crash?

be nice
this is a nice bois thread.



All things considered I think the third option is the most likely one.

HKEX and SSE in 5(cinq) hours

Get the beers and nachos ready, it's almost time to party B)

The fuck's up with /biz/'s love of fart porn?

capitalism cheerleaders love shit mixed with hot air


BTC isn't going down. It's stagnating, which is arguably worse for the idiots who bought during January or (god forbid) december since it implies that there is some kind of ceiling.

A week of stagnation isn't enough to say that the crash is over

It's a old meme from Holla Forums

What happens tomorrow?

The Nikkei opens in about 35 minutes. We'll probably learn then.

IMO we'll either see more of the same up and down instability as traders try and hammer out what's going on, a big sell off since nothing happened over the weekend, or if there was some development I'm not aware of, a rebound in purchasing. I figure things ended up on Friday because of the weekend kinda sorta guarantees a kind of stability, and to wait and see what might happen in the mean while.

My money is on a big sell off like last monday, though. But the future is ever in motion.

I think that the Nikkei is closed because of a holiday

The stock market keeps crashing, but it's fine because it's just a correction and the stock market isn't the economy.
Fuck, looks like you're right. What Jap holiday is it?

God damn it why does Japan have to ruin everything

The Australian and New Zealand exchanges are open though

Still got Hang Sen.

I think that the holiday is related to the Nikkei not Japan but HDEX and SSE will both open in one hour so will still have a chance to witness a crash

Seems like shit is likely to head further south this coming week. I'm so not ready for this but at this same time am mildly aroused.


Okay link Australian stock markets to use so we can see what the Emos are doing.

This meme should be remade for the Dow

And it has oficially started.

I don't want to look. It's just going to make me angry.

It's over lads I've done some TA it really was a correction after all

This is gonna be a wild ride, isn't it?

It's way too early to tell but so far it looks like a boring slow raise

You'll always get some boring ass days sometimes, but there is no chance in hell that this can last for more than a week at best.

we're under the opening there's still hope!

I am being optimistic though.

Why on earth is the market so volatile?

Inflation might force the Fed to increase the price of money, which might destroy the entire Obama economy.

Goddammit it's 3:30am if this shit doesn't lose 200 points in the next half i'm leaving

I'm not an expert but such rapid ups and downs shouldn't be healthy

Yeah this is weird regardless.

It's a game where there are no rules and the points don't matter.

Nothing has a solid value, but everything is based off the value everyone imagines these things to be based off of the amount people paid for them. But those things might not actually be worth anything, or even worth less than worthless. The problem is there's no way to know because all these guesses are based off of other people's guess work about how much they think other people will pay for whatever they're trying to sell.

And when all this fucking guessing game bullshit turns out to be smoke and mirrors, you get 'corrections" like this, where people try to guess the new numbers when they find out the old ones were wrong and the market guessed too high or too low.

So right now everyone is trying to guess what everyone else is guessing, and buying all the slips they think are good guesses and sell all the ones they think are bad guesses.

Why is the market so volatile? Your guess is as good as mine.


It's going back down again now. Seesawing all over the place.

this is the pulse of those involved as well, btw

This is gonna be a crazy week, isn't it

There are some people saying that this is the "new normal." If any of these spinning plates fall they're going to take the rest with them. It's gonna be great

Porkie thinks the new “correction” means the market values are now perfect, making Porky buy stalk.

I'm gonna laugh if we're moving into a bulltrap now.

Let us consult the augury.

U.S. Stock Futures Rise as Investors Hit Desks After Brutal Week

Sorry guys, I guess Hayek and his Chicago Boys win again.

t. it's actually exactly like 2008

No, he's right, it is nothing like 2008.

It's WORSE than 2008.

Hahahaha dis gonna be good

Remember China is Capitalism with Social Democratic Chateristics, not pure Neoliberalism, they can’t be counted on to be representative of what’ll happen in Europe, America, or even South Korea & Japan.

Raging over good market scores.

but will it be worst than 1929?


Meh. Just keep your eye on the long-term trends.

Yeah I know, just I Hang Seng going up by so much took me by surprise. I thought it’s stagnate or go up by less than 0.5% a 1% increase is a lot. ☭TANKIE☭s are probably happy because Hang Seng is “anti-imperalist.”

I haven't seen one "tankie" in this thread trying to claim the perspective you are trying to push here. I've seen several butthurt idiots trying to derail the thread however into the usual hysterics. Maybe >>>/leftpol/ is more fitting your disability.

I think the "China can do no wrong" and "Fascism is anti-imperialism when it fights America" tanks are gone

the drama kinda over

STOP derailing the fucking thread. Nobody is interested in your idiocy.

I forgot to link the two posts above me chill

hilarious interview on Bloomberg Live with a chinese investor lady:


There is a very real possibility, yes.

On the one hand, Porky isn't stupid. They know that economic cycles are a thing, too.

On the other hand, the things they'd need to do in order to prevent, much less mitigate, these cycles would directly impede profit generation, and when they are put in place, they do everything they can to dismantle them.

The global economy in 1929 wasn't nearly as interdependent as it is now. National economies were still dominated by and large by the national bourgeois. That doesn't change until after WW2, but in 1929, even though international trade and national productivity collapsed, the internal structures of the national economy was still intact. Is there a single hospital in the US that doesn't outsource essential services to India? Is there a single industry that doesn't rely on the industrial labor from a dozen different countries? How many millions of tons of foreign food does the US alone require to feed its people? What will happen when all these interconnected industries suddenly aren't there any more?

The only comparable event that leaps to my mind would be the collapse of the Imperial economy in the last centuries/decades of the Roman Empire. The disintegration of the state body also lead to the disintegration of the international economy within its borders. This lead to economic and social chaos that took centuries to overcome. This isn't ancient Rome, but if there is a crash on a scale comparable to 1929, I think it's going to take the entire planet's economy as we currently know it down with it, and it'll fall so hard that I can't even begin to guess at who and what is going to get flattened under the rubble.

Australia. Closes in 1 hour.

ASX200: what a day!

This level of 'good' is acceptable. Just because the numbers are green doesn't mean the markets are recovering or that the ride is anywhere near over. This stuff is small fry in the broader outlook, In the context of the drops we've seen last week this is negligible and just the briefest moment of calm before the storm. The real interesting stuff will be seeing the American markets resume after the weekend.





The vanguard of capitalism.

That fucking ice water dude is tearing my sides apart i have to leave but please keep take more screens of him

Australia started falling 30 mins before closing time.



5 minutes to close, Australia going bit spastic.


Australia closed.

Qatar just opened but I can't find an index for QE.

d'oh. opens in one and a half hours

This is Shanghai reopening after the lunch break.

Hong Kong reacting?

Russian open.

Saudi Arabia open.

Turkey open.

So as I understand Keynesnian theory, a lot of economic wellbeing has to do with spooky investor confidence. Does this mean that rising markets elsewhere will stimulate US stock markets? Will we really get a good idea from Europe? Does 'investor confidence' in one place more or less equally affect it elsewhere? Intuition tells me US and China determine how the others go, not vice versa. Hoping for another -1000 day today boys.

Bloomberg Live calls it a "very strong global recovery".

US is still the hegemon for global finance, so everybody follows US's lead.

They'll say anything to try and stop investors on the NYSE panicking

I don't think so, Tim. When US opens up, we're back to our regularly scheduled crash.

US futures were rebounding somewhat so that may have been what caused markets to open well today. What happens in the US today should determine whether we get a rebound or not. But regardless, this will only be temporary.

Less than 30 minutes until EU open.

Yes, naturally.

So far CNN only has futures for London but its looking good

Israel opened (TA-35).

are you kidding me?

Hang Seng is on the downturn towards closing

Holy fuck that doesnt look good

London opens in green.


closed at -0.03%

Germany, France, UK

Russia, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Israel.

Looks like today is gonna be boring

I highly doubt it:

Meanwhile: Heineken.

U-um. Should I be worried?




huh, I guess Heineken isn't REAL socialism huh? Checkmate giommies, look at the red star.

Was Jim Rogers correct Leftypol?
Are we due one of the worst crashes ina lifetime?

Wolff also warned us.

To be fair Burger;and is a next food exporter.

What sort of "food" does it export

Oh boy, I hope so. Nothing would be more pleasant for me than to watch all the boomer fucks that have been browbeating us younger folk for not trying hard enough or whatever starving in the streets because they lost all their money in the porky lottery.

literal boomerpocalypse

This, most western states that aren't like Luxemburg do because western agriculture is a perfect example of the falling rate of profit: there is a reason farmland shrinks every year and there is massive waste. In short in the west we produce way too much food for consumption (yet people still go hungry). One thing any socialist government must do is create a buying reserve of produce and turn it into long lasting forms (E.G: canned food) to create a national reserve of product. It is actually really easy to do and it would solve hunger in the west at the very least.

All are welcome in the jobless marching corps.


Two hours until the NYSE opens

just did some research on this, and that graph is terrifying.

Can you give us some comparatives? When was the last time it fell by 80%?

Well before 2008 the volume of these interbank loans was some 5 times higher than today (close to $500 billion as compared to only $100 billion two weeks ago), the recession saw something more akin to a 40% drop then. However since then the volume of interbank lending has dropped significantly more to below $100 billion which could well mean that it no longer has such a large impact and banks are no longer dependent on them.
But if these are still as important despite their far smaller volume then an 80% drop may be a big deal because this reduces interbank loans to next to nothing.

That's not a great thing for us though. Less interdependency means there's a higher likelyhood that a crash would not bring down the whole castle.





NYSE opens at half past doesn't it?


What do you think is going to happen?
I'm the only one who is scared?

Almost certainly going to rally at the open, however if things start going south here over the course of the day it'll bring the European markets down from their limbo of 'recovery' today and we might be in for another crazy night.

nothing special will happen until the next week

why next week especially?

That's like saying that the only fun part of a roller coaster is when you get off and tell your friends about it.




another wave of cryptocrash hopefully with the introduction with the next APU-MIX mining machine


Don't worry guys, it's just a correction.

Qui si convien lasciare ogni sospetto; ogni vilta convien che qui sia morta


I dont speak european

Divine comedy:
Here all suspicion needs must be abandoned,
All cowardice must needs be here extinct.

If it makes you feel better I am Italian and the old Italian Dante uses is a bitch to understand.

Slow and steady bois, also rate my memelines

They keep testing the trendline, I've no idea what it means but it doesn't look good

It means capitalism wins again, foolish commies kek #Winning #RealNews

wait till my friends on t_d see you libtard f*gs get owned >B)

my memelines will reveal the truth you fool

Can you please explain exactly what we're seeing? At least for me, I'm on a phone.

Also, does the NYSE look similar?

Looking at Yahoo Finance is a trip, like reading a bipolar ex's livejournal. One day it's shrilly proclaiming doom, then optimism, then exuberance, followed by terror, doubt, enthusiasm, despair, and all back over again.


So far it looks like anemic "growth." Depending on the entrails this or that priest is using to divine these things, it's either about to explode into bull market hallelujah good times are here again, continual market instability, or incipient collapse.

Notice the volatility. The day is far from over.


The important thing is the green line going down that's the trendline, the color rectangles are just there to help you see where there might be potential resistance i'm not smart enough to explain how it works mathematically but who cares TA is just a self-fulfilling prophecy anyway

If my memelines are correct we're going up today and down tomorrow

Seems like activity died down in comparison to a few days ago.

The important thing is the green line going down that's the trendline, the color rectangles are just there to help you see where theme might be potential resistangles i'm not smart enough to explain how it works mathematically but who cares TA is just a self-fulfilling prophecy anyway

If my memelines are correct we're going up today and down tomorrow