Leftists are the real nazis

Leftists are the real nazis.

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you could just google it you lazy bastard

Fuck off /liberty/ cunt

truth hurts, huh?

I never claimed they did nothing wrong
But the Good ultimately outweighed the bad

Like Holodomor, the Cold War, and Chernobyl?

Greatly overexagerated
It was caused by an already heavy serious of droughts combined with the lingering effects of the civil war and Ukranian nationalist Farmers burning crops and killing cattle
Weve always had "Cold wars" that was just the first time that phrase was used to describe a perriod of cold relations between two superpowers
How is a technical accident Socialism/communisms fault?
Using that logic Three mile island was caused by capitalism right?


The same shit that happened there was on the verge of happening in almost any other nuclear power. The nuclear disaster on par with Chernobyl could have happened literally anywhere with a reactor.
No relation
Hey guys look a fucking famine happened on and we've been embargoed by over half the world and recently just came out of a civil war. Obviously it's our fault even if Tsarist Russia had the same famine problems :DDDDDDDDDDDD
Fuck off.


Do reactionaries still think we like communism because we're unaware of the deaths involved? I like communism in spite of and sometimes because of the deaths involved.

Nice horror fiction there, bro.

t. informed observer



The Gulag Archipelago

Daily Reminder the White Terror Killed more Russians than the Cheka did in the civil war.


.t My ass

Lenin & Stalin did nothing wrong. Should've killed more.

You know, when I watched "The Chekist" for the first time I cried. I thought "My countrymen! My countrymen cruelly herded like animals! Shot in a moldy basement!" But after reading Catechism of the Revolutionary all sympathy vanished from me. I don't care how much of that movie or of what you wrote is propaganda, it had to be done, it was necessary, and they were bourgeoisie collaborators either way.

Meanwhile it's proven fact that Pinochet forced people to perform incest and raped people with dogs

shame the bullet put through your head won't

fucking rookie numbers.
The next proletariat revolution. We'll make sure we kill even more kulaks.


that was obvious bait, what's wrong with you?

around Holla Forumsacks never relax


Oh hey, at least they have an interesting Twitter: twitter.com/revoltingrussia


literally this
kulaks and counterrevolutionaries all deserved it