Normie outreach

Trying to do some normie meme cultural marxism for the super bowl. Hows this? Also post any normie outreach ads.

The football is too wordy

What if I slowed it down? or what would you shorten it to?

good job
good message
now debase it for normiez to understand

i do that too, but i also make memes for fun.

i misread.

I like it, but you could perhaps shorten it to.
I don't really like this one though. You could just take out "to sell products and"(it's kind of obvious) and "actually".
I like it how it is though, maybe take out the actually though

follow this one simple guideline

If your meme has more than 10 or so words you need to seriously reconsider it.

"ad campaigns that do fuck all"

the average normie doesn't understand the meaning of "commodification", just do "using social issues"

interesting one. hows this:
"advert campaigns that do fuck all to address social issues"?

The right-wing meme should use impact font like it’s 2010

I heard you were communists. Here is pappa Communism.

Memes are for spreading propaganda and hatred of our enemies. Using them to propagate theory is stupid. Do more of pic related and less novels. You want to literally murder your opponent through them. They need to have venom.

< le homo theory of maymays

What's the MSNBC stuff about? Seriously what the fuck?

You are consistently one of the worst posters on this board, fucking stop.

Well it's more subversive if it uses Marxist lingo. Someone might google commodification.

Memes make people feel, not think. They are a form of propaganda, not art or whatever.

Jesus christ, you're the idiot Zizek talks about when he say "takes the ideology too seriously."

Good lefty’s, learning how to make basic memes.
However communist and socialist symbols and references will make them alien to the observer, just saying.
Not like you guys will take this advice.


Yes, do this.

I made this thread to take advice. Hows this? Get the point across? I still feel like something is lost, mainly the commercial's intent.

I'm glad stupid losers like you are not fascists. Holy fcuk!

MSNBC are basically the ultimate burger schizolibs

Nod an argumend

The problem isn't that the campaigns don't do anything to adress social issues, the problem is that adressing these social issues does fuck all to change oppressive nature of capitalism.
How to properly shorten that though, idk

Why cant i do both?


Fair point, and I agree, but going in to this is a) too5deep imo for the norms, and b) not compressible to where I'm not doing typical left meme tl;dr.

New version, now with music.

Turn co-opt back to commodify and it's good imo.

Memes are for propaganda and rallying people who couldn't care less about ideology

Done. It does sound better. Thanks!

< Emotions are just for normies

How did you leap from

The "average normie" won't see OR understand a Holla Forums meme. Using a word like "commodification" stamps it as Socialist and can make someone think. "What is commodification?" Could lead into "Wow the Communist manifesto is kind of cool". Basically our bestcase scenario.

You are retarded my dude

It needs an 808 bass drop, explosions, obnoxious panning and zooming, flashing text or something.

Normies will sit through anything with the expectation of a laugh. Meme Cultural Marxism.