I hate Illinois Nazis

Holocaust denier poised to claim GOP nomination in Illinois race for Congress
We have finally hit rock bottom lads, a literally Illinois Nazi is running for Congress.



Eh not like he has any chance of winning.

True, but it is a good sign of how fucked up the Midterms are going to be.

His son is organizing and lives in Chicago.

Underrated low-key leftist film

Rockwell would be proud.
Illinois to be center of new American empire when nigcago gets cleansed.

cleansed of the likes of you, you mean

Did I upset you?
The minority’s in Chicago only serve to enable the corrupt system, keeping the common man drowning in corrupt statesmen and prevent the “revolution”, thus their cleansing is not only greatly desired but an absolute necessity.
Just trying to make the state better for the working man comrade :^)

leftypol confirmed to bj the 1% and kikes.

Found the turd positionist

Nah, I’m just racial authoritarian, the minority’s you don’t cleanse get placed in work nationstates for the sake of the empire.

being a racial authoritarian solves the world's problems how exactly?

There can’t be racism if there is only one race

Actually thinking about it racial conflicts are what make communism harder, they distract from class consciousness

Hi Holla Forums

You aren’t making a point against what I said.
Wouldn’t it be easier for everyone to notice class when there is no racial conflict?

Considering what happened in the rest of the thread that seems to be implying genocide

Not nessesarilly, sure death for the resisters but it’s a big world, multiple states can work

Hey Holla Forums watcha doing?


You don’t kill resisters?
I don’t see why everyone can’t have their own little place if they want.

You let Trump win, you made your bed now lie in it.

I mean he has no chance of winning what so ever but if he does you know why he did.

turd position is fascism though.

Fascism in America is mobilizing very quickly, which is absolutely shocking in that this is a fairly stable economic period.

I shudder to think of how fast it will grow when shit hits the fan and unemployment and inflation start skyrocketing.

Profit isn't increasing and it's freaking the bourg out.

The world will be fine, we've got the dumbest of the right wing in the seat of a major power probably since Chiang Kai Shek

But profit hasn't been increasing since the 50's. If anything, the bourg should be MORE comfortable than they've ever been, because capital concentration is at its highest level since the 1910's, which, from their perspective, is almost equivalent to profit increasing.

Dumb right-wingers are more dangerous than smart right-wingers. They still have all the same goals and ambitions of the latter, but they're far more destructive in trying to carry them out.

Maybe the petite bourg are anxious about not actually getting a piece of that? I mean they are Trump's only real supporters.

There never was a recovery.

Why was this poster banned? Racism is a tactic used to devide the working class, he is right. They make it black vs white or european vs muslim, rather than workers vs bourgeoisie.

Flawless reasoning

move to Canada instead of chimping out.

Blues Brothers is ChristComm Gang.


They have dumb meritocratic rules to live there tho. Like, immigrants must have a college degree or some other skill to be a citizen there.


KILL AROUND 200.000 TO 500.000 JEWS!


Let's not be hypocrites here, leftycucks.This post is going to get banned just like many others.
Communism massacred the soul of the people it was supposed to protect.Pay a visit to eastern-europe and gaze upon the jewish bolshevik legacy.You purposefully ignore history because it suits your ideology.

When the German army marched trough the balkans, women and children threw flowers at their feet.People felt protected and happy.Soldiers, irregardless of their ranking, ate the same food, at the same table.
The great bolshevik generals carelessly threw millions of young men into the hands of death.

Your ideology amounts to no inner spiritual life.It asks nothing of you.No betterment trough work, honor or courage.

Communism was and still is the antithesis of brotherhood and love.

So you live, so you die.

The user was implying that we go nazbol and ethnostate for everyone

Nice Reddit spacing 4/Reddit/

What is Generalplan Ost?
I guess that didn't exist at all and we're totally not gonna genocide the entirety of Eastern Europe guuyzzz :)


we can criticize the bourjosie but if we call them jews it is bad xDDDDDd