My "left-unity" Leftbook group just got couped by Dengist-JUCHE-CCP apologists and started banning all leftcoms and anarchists and ideologically impure MLs AMA

Maoists, Dengists, and China worshipers are a cancer

wow have fun getting arrested when the new red scare comes.

lmfao wtf is that, is that like stalinist socdem?

Sounds like a good idea if it wasn't on fedbook.

Maoists don't support modern China. Most M-L-M's don't believe there is any existing socialism anywhere in the world. Stop lumping them together with "Dengists" and Brezhnevite ML's who uphold any so-called "actually existing socialism".

so they're leftcoms in disguise

what's so bad about leftcoms?

Serves you right for trusting maoists lol.

But seriously (internet) ☭TANKIE☭s are the worst, you give them your hand and they'll grab your elbow and kronstadt'd you.

Sure, whatever. Being a "leftcom in disguise" is pretty much the complete opposite of being a Dengist or a China worshiper though, so I wish everyone on this board would stop being retarded and not associate anything China does with Maoism.

no they just aren't (complete)morons

they're reactionary and should be shot.

yeah real smart bunch


I can sense the logic is

preferably by rounding them up and putting them against the wall.


sounds pretty larpy to me


Found your mistake

"left unity" is a joke and fundamentally an idealist notion

I fail to see the problem. OP needs more penis pills to help him with the pain.

hahahahahahahaha get rekt

Dengist-JUCHE…that sounds based

>implying Dengists don't get the bullet first
Stop false flagging.

>that's why we have to open up and let market forces decide our destiny


You misspelled "more ideologically pure than thou red liberals".

Banning unironic leftcoms is a good idea though.

Bid, sure. But it shouldn't actually succeed in replacing US as the hegemon.



Stop false-flagging, faggot.

It is a shame that this board got torn apart of cheerleading over things no one here can ever any material influence over.
What the fuck does "critical support" even mean?

Spooked fags are first against the wall

Your red liberal is showing

All that economic exploitation and military bases are ok because they have a red flag?

He's false-flagging as a ☭TANKIE☭, and is saying that ☭TANKIE☭s are okay with it.

If they manage to obtain global hegemony they will become completely corrupted by the international bourgeoisie, just like America. We need them scattered amongst various capitalist powers.

Why are you on fedbook?

Oh my good christ. Someone call this child's parent.


Can I get an invite


M8, do we look like Mark Zuckerberg to you?

Too bad most Maoists don't know the difference between modern China and Maoist China and are stuck on post-colonialism and other idealist interpretations of dialectical and historical materialism


Your book sucked from the beginning.
I can think of literally (this is used correctly) zero times where a leftcom has made me think in any positive way. I have no problem with this if they are ANYTHING like the leftcoms here.
Depends on what is impure, probably okay with this honestly.
Ew, but probably a smear by you.
Idealism, and a waste of time.
Overall, I give this coup 4/5 stars. It actually needs more purging. If Dengists were removed it would be perfect.
Why did you not willingly step down?
Are you retarded?
These questions are closely related so feel free to answer one.

Did you mean to reply to someone else?

Stalinism, by its nature, leads to a small elite controlling the entire platform and organization of the group.

If you've been kicked out, the Stalinists have won. There's nothing you can do, just join a different group.

any decent fedbook groups besides the slavoj stash?

It's funny because trots are notorious for wrecking orgs too.



Stalin remembers. do you?

Things like this is why I worry about any future wave of socialist uprising. There will always be one or more factions just waiting on the wings to purge everyone else. It's one of the legacies of the civil war experience in Russia that still lingers.

MLs and their subvarieties are good allies, so long as you don't make the mistake of ever giving them power.

That said, why even bother with cancerbook?

it means being an immense, narcissistic faggot who thinks their twitter shitposting constitutes 'support'

"Admin" turned out to be cointelpro. head admins got called back and group is back to normal state

I need means to message T H O T S on Friday nights and get some action

Zucc is everywhere

There were literally threads praising Deng and Xi now with people getting banned for denying that the CCP has no intent of actually establishing socialism

These are worse than Stalinists. At least Stalinists don't justify Deng