Right wing cringe thread

Post your right wing cringe pics ITT I’ll start with this, also post Nazi doublethink (Ie: The Holocaust didn’t happen but it was really cool, Jews are communists and rich capitalists etc)

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Behold the brave White Warrior that shot nine Afro Immigrants then gave a roman salute at an italian ww2 memorial

Ming the merciless?







I cannot wait until they start to break ground on the Mexican border wall. You do know what follows once we get the southern border wall built right? Mass forcible removal and deportations of the illegal alien criminals.

It is going to be glorious.

I will volunteer and bring my handguns, shotguns and rifles to forcibly round up and deport the illegal alien criminals the easy way, or the hard way.

They have to go back, they have to go back!

Rooftop Koreans, black conservatives, LEGAL Hispanic LEGAl immigrants and whites will all work together to round up the illegals alnd deport them. In unity.



I agree with them
No opinion

Newfag here. Is this ironic Holla Forums posting? Or are there alt right guys who come here just to post retarded shit about Donald the neocon?

This one

Thats one heck of a triggered Holla Forumsyp

Hitler was a shit artist by any criteria.

Hitler's art is incredibly boring, unimaginative and technical. They were right to suggest he should study architecture instead. With the advent of photography the kind of paintings that he did became obsolete. They are lifeless and evoke nothing. Anyone with the slightest amount of appreciation for and understanding of art (so not a Holla Forumsack) would agree that the other examples carry so much more emotional impact than Hitler's paintings.

There's much criticism to be levied at modern art, but people who go to the other extreme and believe that the purpose of art is to be realistic and pretty are even more antithetical to true art and beauty than postmodernist artists.

Don't you understand that realism is the only true art?!

Think of this. The NutSac Germans were the greatest inventors and engineers on the entire planet.

They designed the rocket engine, weaponized it, designed the jet engine, created the first jet airplane, invented radar, discovered mustard gas and Sarin gas.

But somehow, the BatSocs used a lice clothing delousing agent of Zyklon B to mass murder millions of people? In gas chambers with wooden doors?

The greatest engineers and minds this planet has ever seen. Who would have split the atom first if the entire combined might of the worlds militaries did not stop them.

Were such bumbling idiots they used lice clothing delousing agents and wooden doors instead of steel reinforced facilities with a simple quick easy chemical like Sarin gas that they invented?

Come on, you don't seriously believe that do you? SERIOUSLY? You really believe that?

Even the Russians had the good sense to toss the lying hand rubbing large nosed greedy bolsheviks out and embrace capitalism. What is stopping you?

It was real in my mind!

Remember, there is no business….
Like Shoah business!

Remember dah 600 gorillian goy!

That meme is long debunked
ctrl+f "wooden door" etc

Holy shit,i haven't seen such Holla Forums butthurt in a while.

How painful is your life on a day-to-day basis? Does the conflict eat at you every second of every moment?

It's in this strange superposition where it's both hilarious and fucking annoying at the same time.

The Jews built a big beautiful wall to keep the filthy shitskin Palestinian sand niggers out while the holocaust them and steal all of their land.


What is
Just look those two up to get yourself started

You mean while the burgers gladly fight for them. Afterall It's their greatest ally. lmao

1. I hate hippies too
2. TYT is liberal
3. lol, wut?
4. a. Fuck jay-z b. Che wrote that in his diary when he was young, this has been debunked a thousands

Depends on your definition of "escape".

Mexico, too


God damn that third image makes me laugh every fucking time.


"muh not real leftism"

Pic is relevant

Regan was a leftist. You cannot disprove this because muh no true scotsman.

however an argument would be nicer

So this is the power of reddit

The wall is to keep you in when they start throwing white and black people into ovens indiscriminately. You will go to the work camps if your serf class, and you can't get past the walls with armed guards to escape that fate.

Basically Berlin Wall 2.0, but I call it slaughter wall.

I don't know man based on those janky ass buildings he painted I don't think he'd fare too well in architecture either.

I've always felt bad for the second guy from the left. His picture gets posted everywhere, all the time, because he's poor and ugly as fuck. What a cursed life.

I feel more bad for the guy in the 5th picture. He could have at least been the funny fat guy in an alternate universe.


The nazis and neckbeard should be non-white 2bf.


Implying that capitalists see homeless people as commodities

this is my favorite right wing meme



It must really suck to be an oldfag from 2003 and seeing what a fucking normalfag hive your old site has now become.

Is it wrong that I unironically want to rape Milo?

Now there's a fucking cursed image.

Everyone else in this image:


Whoa nelly


Well I mean that is what he said in his prageru video.

The fact that they're posting on twitter in the first place hurts me.

Lol I actually saved one of these because I thought it was funny. It's really stupid, and I can't imagine how spooky the author must be, but I can't help but love it.

Is melonpan actually nutsacc or is he just attention whoring like usual?

LMAO it's a brain battle between the Zionists and Radical centrists. At least we are medium intelligence.

Tbh I like these people: the constant red baiting is having the opposite effect to what they want. Pic related is a meme from fashy twitter that was just adopted.


Warren > AntiFa > Stalin and Mao > …Keith Ellison?

Is this following in the footsteps of RedPanels?

Corbyn's gonna make Stalin look like a fucking anarchist

One of the older ones.

nazi girl is lowkey hot

sadly she's an actual literal nazi :(

he's as left as they come

Yeah, too bad she'll age like shit from all the drug use.

You can keep her.

m-maybe i c-can save her

What do you mean?


two worst ideologies together? fuck that

daily reminder that the actual nazis minted medallions, which commemorated the French occupation of the rhineland with african colonial troops, that had a white girl literally tethered to a BBC

Lol good luck


Jesus christ, even back then they feared the bbc.



fucking lel

Kind of agree with Jeff, to a certain extent.
White Nationalist are normies at heart

Why are nut saccs so easily triggered by non-whites?

Nazis really were insecurities manifested as politics.


zoo wee mama lad

maus is postleft gang

these people are dangerously delusional



This is fucking amazing.

I bet those moms are larping traps




wtf i'm gnostic left now

The cringiest person ever


What's salt cost in Venezuela now? $7,000/oz?

what's basic medical care cost in the u.s. now? $60,000/year?

Move over, Bitcoin. Here cums the Master Currency.

Is that what they teach you in the course for Common-Sense Economics at the University of McDonald's?

Not even close.

$60,000/year sounds about right for Venezuela though, if lowballed

They really are sensitive, easily-upset little shitstains. Their whole obsession with "alphas" and "soyboys", "triggered SJWs" and "degenerate commies" is just a projection of their own shitty personalities.

Holy fuck, Klaus Theleweit was right.

Why is it that when class-cucks refer to Venezuela, they never refer to the successes of Chavez and always resort the horrendous neoliberal reforms that put Venezuela in its position today. As if Latin American socialism is somehow responsible for that?


Because otherwise, they'd have to acknowledge that the situation is more complex than their narrative can allow.

18 years after Chavez took power Venezuela went from one of the richest South American countries to one of the most destitute.


I think melonpan just likes to shock people



That sounds fucking rad, sign me up.


have some reverse cringe comrades

oh, yeah, because CNN and MSNBC is totally gonna report what's really going on in a country that actively threatens the status-quo that they hold so dear. It's like when they had those anti-government protests with like 200 people and it was all over the fucking news, while there were counter protestors who outnumbered them 3 to 1 but you heard literally nothing about them. Take off that socdem flag, and go back to /r/politics with this bullshit

care to explain what's happening? Why were those blokes shot? And who shot them?


When did "corporate marxism" become the new buzzword for the alt-reich idiots? I've been out of the loop and mostly offline for a few months, now suddenly this nonsense is everywhere. They can't admit that capital is the problem, so they decided that Marx is somehow to blame for capitalism working as intended??
This is some new level of brainlet bullshit & it's hurting my head. I asked a few of them to define "corporate marxism" in their words, and got no reply.

Because they're idealists, they think the world runs off subjective attitudes and concepts.

This is meta-post-metasatire? This image, it's so dense, so many things are going on. Fascism has a Roman bust, Castro isn't in the revolutionary left for some reason, actually having an "alt-left", "Authentic" nutsock but no Asser for some reason… I don't know what ideology it took to make an image like that, but it's the purest I've ever seen.

So it was duh immigrunts keeping wages down all along…

Not him but the shooter was a lefty/Antifa and the targets were golden dawn members who played a part in murdering a prominent anarchist rapper in greece

Whew. Glad that worked out.

dare I say


Wait, isn't that the Green's VP candidate in the "Alt-left" category.

holy shit this is so retarded it just made my day

BTW why the fuck is Castro not in the Revoultionary left?

There were some good ones in the last cringe thread from a couple months ago. I Wish I would have saved some



I prefer to call him a radical centrist rather than right wing, tbh.
also, wtf is up with his face?

He’s not a centrist. He’s a far right-wing propagandist. “Classical liberalism” is just their cover right now.

I don’t understand why anti-borders leftists go to such lengths to deny supply and demand in the labor market. Love it or hate it immigration increases the labor supply and there have been numerous stories about the tight labor market in agriculture forcing wages up there and pushing small farmers dependent on immigrant labor into bankruptcy.

Anyways, I think you can make a decent pro-leftist case for immigration but don’t delude yourself and everyone else while you’re making it.

Classical liberals are right wing. They supported slavery, genocide, and child labor all in the name of profit.

Honestly what even is the difference between classic liberalism and straight libertarian?

I just think radical centrist is funnier.

classic liberals pretend to care about the poor somewhat (barely), libertarians are just straight up about free market porky worship.


This woman is insufferable:

Same shit different time period. Classical liberals were essentially libertarians but back then it was seen as progressive because they didn't support aristocracy (unless it was based on wealth of course.)

Jordan Peterson is way better at pretending to be a centrist though, you have to admit. That's why he gets on TV and Sargon is still stuck in his home "studio" making 3 hour long videos about why Trump is good and feminists/muh es-jay-double-yous are bad.



he's basically pretending to be a centrist by using right-wing presuppositions like le ebin karltural marxism


So this is the power of the great Jordan Peterson? Wow.
Hobbes was the only liberal who ever understood what "human nature" actually was.

he's objectively wrong. communism was always a structuralist, evolutionist ideology. there's no social constructionism involved.

Anyone still got that screencap talking about how Holla Forums only cares about the Jews so much to the point that they willfully ignore the whole picture?



Man reading music at a desk for whatever reason vs Nazis burning Jewish literature.
The book he's holding is titled Heines Werke, seemingly a compilation of works done by Heinrich Heine, a Jew.

He's holding a music sheet

tbqh thats not cringe, thats heroic.

As a Nazi I support this

I said he (the man on the left obviously) was reading music at a desk, as you point out he's not even doing that, he's just holding it.
The guy on the right of the image on the right is holding a book as I said

Le Pen and Wilders are Goat. Not interested in Anglin nor Spencer. r8/8

Jordan Peterson is actually good at what he does and has a reputation that extends beyond debating crazies, idk anything about Sargon

That pipe and poster are cringe. Also the fact that the student he reported was not undocumented they were just Hispanic. He apparently has no friends at and resorts to acting out online. 10 years ago he would have been a fedora tipper for sure.

This is not in favour of black men, it protests and shames them

I know these threads are pointless but it at least makes me feel a bit better for the sole reason that at least my life isn't as shit as these.

Got it, sorry user

Being good about having a brainlet understanding of postmodernisn and Marxism isn't really something anyone should encourage.

Not even 2003, people were already sick of them in 2012.

Funny how it all turned out, isn't it? Now you can get banned from any major board on 8ch simply for questioning Holla Forums's pro-establishment narrative.


i don't believe stormfront carried out some sort of coordinated invasion and established a major presence on 4ch. i think a lot of 4ch natives just fell for the propaganda, then spread it themselves, which duped more people, who would spread it too, and on and on, just feeding off each other

i think it's just memes and their virus-like ability to spread and create pandemics

I do because I saw it happen. There's not much evidence anymore other than pre-alt-right 4chan threads (especially on /q/) complaining about it, and the reason is is because Stormfront used to use a website called swarmfront to carry out raids and plan "colonization" of websites, and it no longer exists.

Many of us remember.

Crazy to think that something like the Hal Turner raids would never happen today.






honestly the
is what offends me the most


whide bride world double wide
Gome ad mehf soy boy gommie guggs.


How is this doublethink in any way, shape or format? Rich kikes funded the Russian revolution. Soros keeps sponsoring you guys.

yes of course. kek

Classical liberals are far left and almost jacobins.

The point is, capitalist have everything to lose and nothing to gain. If they ever support a communist, it’s at their own risk. Either that or they self-oblate for the sake of communism; 0 evidence exist Soros does either of these.
Fucking lel, Aryan lad

I am very offended by minions

Jews are known for playing both sides, you know they'd be the wealthy 1% in power borne by corruption under communism or capialism

That's like saying somebody is an anarchist and a feudalist, you smooth-brained dumbfuck

wew laddie


Elaborate please m8, I'm not versed in your fantasies of a communist utopia.
How can you privately accumulate wealth when no one owns anything?

Not at all, anarchy is quite different from monarchiesm. Liberals are all pretty much the same.

Phoneposting is hard.

3 isn't right wing.

Your question is not only incredibly loaded, but betrays such a basic misunderstanding of what communism is that I genuinely don't know where to start.

I mean, the fucking answer to your question is in your post. Use your head.

"Loaded" sounds as though it's intentionally manipulative. If it's such a basic misunderstanding, surely it's simple to correct

that faggot has a pube beard and looks like he'd get ohko'd by a midget

The answer is "You don't." Which is why your tinfoil hat Le Joos (TM) conspiracy BS makes no sense.

Assuming you're replying to me
Sounds Jewy to me

Like I said, you have no idea what you're talking about. We only seem dishonest to you because you, like most Holla Forumsyps, literally cannot distinguish between different ideologies within a vast swath of the spectrum just because you're trained to think that anything left of your own position is some cultural marxist boogeyman just because they think you're full of shit when it comes to cultural issues


holy fucking shit this isnt even a shoop

its just fucking text over an image in paint

Like, you know how dumb some libs sound when they equate neocons with Hitler? That is literally how dumb you sound to us when you say that shit


Also, cherry picked tweets aren't a good source for anything, let alone making a case for some demographic-wide conspiracy. You can call it facts, I'll call it confirmation bias.

wtf i hate communism now

Thanks for proving my point for me

but there are examples of governments that support communism
plenty of left-wing governments that don't have jews (that are somehow automatically evil according to you, solely based on ethnicity) in them.
yeah, a lot of jewish people worked for the USSR. so what? it's not relevant. these governments organized because they're leftist ones. not because they like bagels and latkes.
but I guess we shouldn't agitate for communism. just be good little wage-earning proles to avoid le jewish boogeyman


Why is it forbidden to talk about the pink jew elephant in the room?

I'm just stopping by to say that Coach Red Pill is the cringiest alt-right YouTuber I know.


The guy has a video out there where he says Pinochet was great because he personally once was arrested for breaking the curfew by the military and didn't get tortured. He also says Allende used death squads and was basically like Pol Pot. DemSoc01 made a response to that: youtube.com/watch?v=PFDxX2TKZE4&t=471s

The rest of his videos are about getting laid and how to find mentally stable woman. He's a complete fraud, he constantly looks out for drama (to the point where even Sargon BTFOed him for being a liar and a drama queen), he tried to force himself into the Kraut and Tea dumpsterfire. He's also extremly pretentious, and his production value is really high - his entire apartment is filled to the brink with cameras so he can film his videos like he's filming some sort of documentary.


Xi jinping literally says he wants to have Socialism by 2049


I'm not saying that it's going to work out, but there's no doubt that the CPC is supportive of the communist ideal

You do realise the CPC is literally full of members of the bourgeois, right?

The same aut-right morons have been trying to troll this thread for four days now.

Think about that - they are so triggered that they've spent the better part of a week unsuccessfully trying to derail a thread they don't like.

have to crack a few eggs to make an omelette

seized from eminemobama’s instagram


Is the joker one a joke?



god bless that autist




You're right. I misread the medal and thought it was made after the nazis took power (hence commemorating a past action, rather than protesting a contemporary one)

so was the ussr, what the fuck are you trying to get at?


user, I don't think you know what bourgeoisie means.

He's a Holla Forumsyp, of course he doesn't. The most difficult thing he's read is probably fucking Highlights


think i found that kid's father

I know milo was trying to publicize the crimes of refugees or immigrants or something it just makes him look deranged. He used to seem so smooth before. I guess losing those Mercer/Bannonbux really did hurt him.



Skinhead funeral pic

isn't that pre-pedo scandal milo?

This has to be satire, but goddamn did I laugh.

petite bourgeois “patriot” twitter is full of weird personalities. found a Scientologist ancap that sometimes rts nazi propaganda


I'm noticing more and more that frontline infantry is (somewhat) more diverse ideologically while support roles is the true breeding ground for pathetic reactionaries

I never thought about it but scientology is kind of advanced ancapism


This woman is batshit insane.

fucking POGS strike again

Eh, I'm not sure social-contract theory a liberal makes

yeah, I'm aware of her because I'm an ex-catholic.
I actually pity her, but she really is a true believer and can't see outside her spooks.

And here I felt kinda petty collecting these for an ill-conceived tally.


but skinhead groups usually call them self anti antifa

It is now clear I wasn't looking too closely when I saved that one.

save one post one

Is this meant to be cringe? Cus that girls pretty based


radical centrism is the only possibility

Why is Holla Forums often so dismissive of Gorbachev? It seems he genuinely just wanted a variation of socialism with more democracy and freedom for the people

EDL chud is a manlet

Finally someone agrees, IMO Gorby was primarily just naive



jfc you can't make this shit up



Yeah, tbh I hate how stupidly one-sided the view of this board can be. Thinking he was nothing but a capitalist shill determined to bring down socialism is as stupid as saying Stalin can't have done anything right economically because of the muh 300 gorillion.

I think Gorbachev is pathetic but he's not a bad person. He did his best to prevent bloodshed.

I don't think we can win this battle against the right.

The true right-wing cringe is their focus on cringe itself. We shouldn't be afraid to point this out.

They feel like they need to ostracize everyone who's socially awkward, sexually deviant, naive towards social justice politics, or just not sufficiently edgy. Why? Because they're insecure. They need to constantly assert what they aren't in order to feel good about themselves. Those people are the weak ones, not them.

Of course, the irony is that a lot of these people are in reality quite socially awkward, sexually deviant, etc. It's exactly for this reason that they're so obsessed. They project their own insecurities onto other people.

We can be stronger than them here. Of course, "right-wing cringe" is a good way to turn the tables on them, but it can't be anything beyond that. It just isn't who we are.


Does he understand that if behaviour wasn’t socially conditioned to a huge degree that his entire field would just be replaced by neurobiology? Seriously how can a psychologist take biological determinism seriously?

What picture was that?

I don't remember exactly, but it was picture of Holla Forumsreddit associating leftism with da juice again.

modern right wingers in america have almost never been actually anti-government

Make me bish

this is just lame.
that file name, is so lame, it comes from 4chan.
having ponies in your storage devises is an atrocious waste of energy.
MLP is right wing/monarchist propaganda.



"Wah evil ISLAMIC communist demokkkrats need to be silenced"
"Wah dumb libcuck, corporations should do what ever they want, regulations = anti freedom communism"
"Wtf guys a giant technology titan is censoring our shit tier videos"

Holla Forums is a Pro-Zionist board though.

what a reactionary thread, fellow ledditors

Get the fuck right out faggot.

Literally a well-known fbi snitch that most MLs on twitter know about.


He was frightened that a weak cuck soyboy jew numale limp wristed commie might hit him, and honestly, who could blame him? Who wouldn't be terrified of a pack of blue haired blubbery landwhales screeching about how the patriarchy is deeply triggering? His pants shitting fear of the people he calls subhuman cowards left him with no choice but to ram a car into a crowd.

So it's really the soycuck's fault if you think about it.

That's pretty sad.
You should go back to blaming the Jews. At least the myths you tell about them sound intimidating.













Has any Holla Forumsack ever managed to rationalize why would the Jews be interested in supporting communism, without relying on a horrid misunderstanding of communism (communism is when the state does stuff)?

Why would a cabal that relies on financial dominance to further its goals support a movement that aims to abolish capitalism?

Because communism will never come to be, and it will end up just as the state doing all the stuff?

Jews want that.


Even though a socialist state would eradicate private property and banking? Even though communists have a history of opposing and suppressing religious Judaism? Even though a Soviet communist party functionary in the most bureaucratic Brezhnev times had far less power and wealth than a capitalist?

Yes, because when the jews control the state, there's no need for private property and banking.

They will live comfy in their big dacha while the proles do all the work. Just like in capitalism, but without the chance of a prole ever getting rich.


the way she's clearly not intimidated by him turns me on desu. I want a tall gf who bullies and beats me up in sexual ways tbqh


You know he had to do it to em.


The two lads in the forth pic…

Fucking Libs


It blows my mind that these absolute brainless idiots have co-opted “facts and logic.” Also why did every atheist e-celeb from bush Obama era end up siding with evangelicals?


It's Lu Bu! Lu Bu's come to destroy us!

but the proles have no chance of becoming rich you trog

the comments on this post were even worse than the post itself

This shit is why Gen Z is so conservative


This is why people hate Holla Forums

Brought to you by Elders of Ziyon, the Israel-apologist website who thought that Anders Behring Brevik was not a right-wing extremist and sounded sane, but his victims deserved it because they were pro-Palestine and invited the PLO youth faction


Do you really need to ask after scrolling down this thread full of liberals, trump cucks, random burgers, literally left wing larpers, literally antifa members, SJW and left wing drawings labeled as right wing?

Its funny because allende was killed for being anti-semetic

Joos dont support real communism. They support loot and smash economies. Which is ironic when everyone gets so buthurt at hitler for it when it happened in the ussr and china (sassoons et al)

Is everything about this post peak centre-right?

Kim should use his sister more often.

I wanna be the owner of Kims sisters means of reproduction

Melonpan is in a world of his own.
I'm convinced that being an investment banker turns you into a well-groomed walking id.

corbyn BTFO by 50+ economists



I want to fucking die.

I refuse to believe that Crowder has actual fans.

the alt-lite is literally nothing but over-compensating minorities.

The US is just becoming like all the other countries in North and South America where light skinned brown people fight to the death to maintain "white" supremacy against browner people.

Thought this would be a passing phase where they make Peterson rich then shortly move on to some other right wing grifter and do the same. They’re really latching onto that idiot though.
Dumb person’s smart person.

Don't worry he's already shooting himself in the face with his comments about race and women.

he should try shooting himself in the face with a gun instead


I have to try so hard not to bully people like this on Twitter

its funny how much you make fun of pol when you use most of their memes here totally no originality at all have fun in your save space

triggered Holla Forumsyp detected

pic related

How much do you wanna bet that this Holla Forumsyp ain't even white?

Nah, I bet he's pic related




Democratic 2020 platform sounds lit tbh

That UN meme is so fucking Trumptard jesus christ.

Florida School Shooting suspect is seen here sporting a leftist t-shirt and doing a weak wristed firt sign of some sort…Not sure what to make of it

That doesn't even look like him.

Now this is cringe

It's funny how Holla Forums is actually closer to fucking Islamism than Antifa tho.

I guess that OP is unaware that a ton GOP voters have changed their affiliation to "independent" after a year of Trump. Crazy conspiracies like that will do nothing to bring them back into the fold.


what have I just stumbled across?

Not that I disagree with you, but what you said is irrelevant. You have fallen into the common misconception that independent = swing voter. It doesn't. In fact, "independent" voters actually vote along ideology lines MORE often than registered main party voters. They are sophomorish contrarians, not free thinkers.

Edit: Point being that an "independent" who votes republican is no less a republican. On average, they're more aggressive republicans than those officially affiliated with the party!

Socialism "with Chinese characteristics"

Steve Kirby, the man Jordan Peterson warned you against becoming.


but the show only started 2012 and it took a while to really take off and it's still going…

i mean, not that i'd know or care but… uhm…

this is what happens when talking about shit you have no clue about


Are you from r/socialism or some shit?

rare akko

That shit is everywhere, you can see it in India with "Aryan" northerners shitting on people for looking browner and more Dravidian.

Nope I just hate my little pony.
I've never been in reddit I dont even know how to browse it.

Seems like a weird thing to get mad over. I've never seen the show I just know that it exists.

I went and downloaded a bunch more MLP porn.

I'm not completely mad at the show per se.
I'm mad at the fandom, all of them are right leaning racists and so on.
that's why I make the association automatically and I dont believe that there are real socialists revolutionaries watching that idiotic show.

fucking die.


Get a load of this pleb.

I'm not , but what the fuck am I looking at?

Total derangement.
I bet his parents are really proud of him…

People are into what their into. No reason to shame someone for what gets them hard. Except for obvious exceptions.

They are only into that derangement because of capitalistic consumer propaganda warping their minds. They would be courting a women or man properly and do missionary like god fearing socialist!

Bonbon forcefeeding Lyra a few dozen Xbox360s whole. I would have thought that obvious.

Jew begone

Explain to my why North Korea has furries.




I thought the second pic was Imelda Marcos (btw why isn't that bitch dead yet)



Username: "ChiefRabbiKhazarleaven Shekelhoax" (a.k.a. "GaruchillaJoe" a.k.a. "Izzy Abyss")

Video title: Gangstalking:luciferians Jews will disappear before the guns will. A promise


Attached: some pics of him and a video from when he used to show his face ranting about his guns.

This is really more of an American lib cringe pic, but it's still pretty dumb.

Well? What do you have to say for yourselves?

100 billion more

missed a few


Anyone else reminded of the Bogdanoff twins?

a parody but still gold

the total number of humans who have ever lived on the planet is 107602707791. So that means communism has killed >80% of the total population even though it was invented 50000 years after modern humans appeared. Toilet paper usa is a joke and Charlie Kirk should be puplicly executed for being a dickwad and for purposefully making the population dumber

Adam RaceWarski….fucking psycho.


I see a lot of this as misdirected working class angst, but I cannot deny that seeing this side of the alt right was one of the reasons that started me on the path towards becoming leftwing.
Know that some of us spergs are redeemable and are trying very hard to undo the fascist conditioning.


I stole this screencap from someone in the millions of Holla Forums Discords. But I'll confess, it's half right half autism

One of the symptoms of autism is having no ability at facial recognition.

as someone who used to be alt right, i'll tell you the general belief

I don't believe in this anymore, but this is the widely accepted narrative the alt right uses, at least on pol, the right stuff radio, etc.

I still think usury is bad and there are some religious jews who do still think of non-jews as cattle, but I'm trying to deconstruct this idea. I'm still going through a deprogramming stage, correcting all the misinformation I've been absorbing the last few years.



what if it was? Deranged autists can be found anywhere.


A. There is no fucking evidence except some Holla Forums tier infographic
B. These Right-wing Holla Forumsintelpro fags have been caught faking hate crimes against themselves in the past (Like that guy who got caught stabbing himself so he could blame it on dem Antifa) so it wouldnt be all that suprising if this was total bullshit
C. I on a personal level find the idea that someone would do something that petty for political reasons quite slim while at the same time i find the Ods of some Autist doing it or it being completely fake quite high

Pretty strange how i never said that at all but ok????

pick 2

Bootlicker detected
Police are only good when under a socialist state

hitlercat kind of made me remember that hitler and nazism used to be a facetious meme at old halfchan.


Neo-confederates really are fucking pathetic.
t. Southaboo/Texaboo

If only they could harness that rebelliousness in a better way…

They aren't rebels user. They don't have a single drop of warm blood in them. They're a bunch of pansy ass, bootlicking patriot scumbags. Independent Texas>Shitty Union>Confederacy.


is that the holocaust museum in DC in the 4th pic? just lel


I think they put one to many zeros

damn that is very sad in a way

If he fixed his teeth he'd look decent.

such as? Im going through a similar phase

I see you also have refined taste in Animal Crossing characters

Race for one, and the lack of nuance they frame the topic with. They exaggerate biological differences and completely throw out the notion that history has shaped and continues to shape the way certain groups interact with societal structures.
The turning point for me was while listening to one of the podcasts on the right stuff radio. They were discussing a poolparty get-together at a wealthy person's house, who only invited other wealthy alt right members. He described how much a good time they had joking about poor people. I was disgusted and could not get the picture out of my mind of these parasitical assholes mocking the working class–that they don't give a fucking damn about how the common man is being exploited. I had previously thought that this was sort of a grass roots anti-SJW elite movement, only to find out that their primary goal is to protect the WASP elite, and use the white working class as their pawns. They don't give a shit about confederate history or, for example, poor cajun folk. They create all sorts of spooks, da blacks, da joos, da mexicans, to channel this feeling of disenfranchisement of working class whites.
I have 100000x more solidarity with a working class mexican than a white businessman who exploits his employees, paying them a poverty wage under the table while barking orders at them like dogs.

I wouldn't say they exaggarate, there are discernebale deviations between races, on which race realism builds.

History has only shown how certain groups interact with societal structures WITHIN their own boundaries. This level of globalism wasn't seen before therefore saying that all is well and this is just evolution is not quite wise.

Interesting though how unaware and ridiculously stupid some of those idiots can be.

Although I wouldn't go as far as saying the jews are a spook though. After all they are the main source of disenfranchisement of the working class whites. But I agree that businessmans shouldn't treat their employees like shit, having experienced a very nice employer I can safely say the differences are astounding.

How the fuck did they determine that the reason he suffered abuse was because "he looked like Hitler", which is actually kind of a stretch in the first place?


so the right believes Jews are the bourgeois (of course they don't use that language), but they also believe Communism is a Jewish conspiracy

makes sense

bourgeois is fucking retarded, because you commiekikes think every rich person is a fucking moneywhoring faggot. I knew plenty of rich people who were the most genuine and philantropist families around, not to mention strongy nationalistic. But in your retarded view they should be sacked too. It's easier to say "jew" because the greed and a whole lot of other bad traits can be easily attributed to them even if some of the most satanic rich families on earth aren't jewish (rockefeller being one example)


Sauce on this video?

there are no nice jews user

there are no nice rich people Holla Forumsyp


t. pol/tard/



Yes, that's true. I don't fucking care how "generous" a rich person seems, how are they making their wealth? It sure as fuck is not through hard labour. It's through the labour of the working class. So good on them for being generous with the wealth we made them.

I mean, they have to hoard money or they wouldn't be the bourgeois. It's kind of a necessity for them to maintain their position.

he was a fucking carpenter you shit for brains communist nigger


lmfao did you just btfo your argument by saying not all rich people are greedy but all rich jews are?

If “authentic Not Socialism” hitler is left wing, why is there also hitler in the esoteric right. Retards can’t get their story straight

Why the fuck are you ranting about tradesmen when talking about the bourgeois?

holy shit you guys are fucking retarded, no wonder the whole left is eating itself

you can't be this retarded.
he was a carpenter, made his own business, now provides for the labour of more than 20.000 people

Why is New England a breeding ground for reactionary libertarian types? t. New Hampshire resident

Then the "wah, he's just a simple carpenter" line doesn't fly.
He's hiring people to do his work for him and reaping profit off their backs. yeah, fuck him.

Damaging property in riot is violence and the same as homocide


so if you made a successful business then you can't make a business to further your profits while also providing the opportunity for people who haven't been able to find work in their fields because of the currently fucked working requirements ? (atleast in my country)

what the fuck are you talking about? Are you responding to the wrong person, I said nothing about any certain individual.

Of course he's not going to be compelled by shoulds. He has no interest in giving it away. That's why we have to take it. Being outraged and triggered about it isn't a compelling argument.

he has an interest in giving away though as I previously said he loves his nation and wants to help out wherever he can

you keep focusing on morals. stop that
it doesn't matter what he can or can't do, or what you think he should be able to do, or what you think is right. what matters is that he could be removed from the equation entirely, ensuring that the profits go directly to the workers instead. whether he "deserves" those profits or not is irrelevant. the bourgeoisie are superfluous. entirely parasitic.

We're more united than the right is. I went on Holla Forums and I guess you all think Richard Spencer, the most active white Nationalist in America is a jewish agent? but you love Trump despite him sucking Israel and Saudi cock?

There wouldn't be profit in that sense either under socialism

He doesn't provide the "opportunity" though. He's just a job facilitator. It's a role that anyone could fill, as jobs aren't created. They exist because of societal need/want. The opportunity exist as long as that societal need exist.

Mystification of capitalism like this simply has no basis in reality

who the fuck loves richard kikescner, and again who said I love trump? The right isn't revolving around them you idiot

Then why do the bourgeois exist then if they are so "giving"? It's because the bourgeois class is predicated on hoarding. It's a consequence of their existence. They would cease to be otherwise.


There's a special place in hell for you lot.

Yes, how nice it is if a nation is artifically holding your hard earned labour back.

the people have to choice to go work for him so it is an opportunity


yes and he is an identitarian faggot who loves recognizes isralel so fuck him

and what are you doing for your cause? Also, you're going to spend an eternity in hell after death, I hope you know that.

they exist not just because the state needs wealthy people but because not one is retarded enough to give away randomly ALL of the fruits of his labour. That is not to say he can't give away a CONSIDERABLE amount for the benefit of the nation.

Profit itself requires the surplus value of workers under you. The wealth of the laborer is actually stifled under capitalism, because they have to give up that surplus. You have it backwards, friendo.

By that standard, socialism provides the "opportunity" to overthrow the bourgeois and provide the worker autonomy from that relationship, and keep the full value of his labor.

Yet you think the proletariat is retarded enough to give away the fruits of their labor to the capitalist.
You're sound more like socialist with each post.

What do you think Marx's theory of alienation is all about you dolt?
Workers are alienated from their reason for working by the capitalist mode of production. They don't work for embitterment of themselves, their community, or the sheer pleasure of accomplishment. They work for wages. They don't control the work they do, how their work is used, when or how long or where they work, who benefits from their work, or the goals they are working towards. The bourgeoisie controls those things. They are estranged from their species essence.
By seizing the means of production and redistributing the profits we are at once 1. removing a parasitic middleman and 2. reuniting workers with their work.

im a protestant, I'm not a hedonistic faggot and I have a deep faith in our lord. I will never forget what the jesus did not just to our lord but to western civilization aswell. So that part of your strawmen is irrelevant.
Also he might have some nice ideas but the negatives outweigh the positives by far.

If I own all the farmland and leave you without a job or source of food, do you really have a "choice" when I "invite" you to come work on my farm? Oh, and by the way if you take any food or try to set up a farm of your own, I'll send armed goons to come and imprison you.

So yeah, how's that a choice?

who said that they need to give away their profit to "capitalists"?

From your behaviour and beliefs you are not a Christian. The Right is satanic, inherently anti-Christian. You've stolen and bastardized our Lord for your own fascist cause.


kek the absolute state of this board

They don't.
They give up surplus value which is realized as profit by the capitalist.
You should at least read what socialist actually believe before coming here and rambling to the point of embarrassment.

Your entire ideology is based around hatred and fear. The first Christians were socialist. I will not respond to you anymore, enjoy eternity in Hell.

The capitalists.

Being this deluded AHAHAHAH

Meant for you lmao

you really showed me, atleast give me a real argument

I just did, but it seems to be going over your head because you don't know what people here actually believe.
Instead, all you're able to sputter is "muh kikes", because in actuality, you don't have an argument, just bad feels you need to convey. Pick up a book and come back when you're ready to talk.

You seem to be misinformed friend, no healthy minded people actually think of marxkike as an actual debating matter. Try to read some books that aren't centered around your failed ideology.



Yet you're here, so what does that say? I'd be willing to read anything you gave me, but the most common rebuttals are usually posted here. There are some well thought arguments against Marx, but you don't seem familiar with any of them. Explain that.
Please, I'm being nice because I don't like shaming people because of their ignorance, turn off your computer, go to your local library, and check out a copy of "Wage Labor and Capital". It's a short read. You'll at least have a better understanding of what people here believe than you do now.

This is why your shit ideology will always fail. You can't see beyond "muh personal labour" you so cherish. No, the fruit of your labour should always serve the interests of the nation, and ofcourse at the same time yours aswell because you are part of that nation. But for this a great leader is needed to see this through. A healthy NutSac knows this.


You said literally nothing using 41 words, that's actually fairly impressive

Imagine being this spooked?


Yeah, we're all looking for one, but couldn't find it.


Your "ideology" sounds like a tooltip from a strategy game.

What you call the nation, aka the modern nation-state, is nothing but the bourgeois behind a facade, it only exists to protect their interests.
this idea became less and less plausible. If people would no longer believe the myth that
the king was God's representative, they were even less likely to believe that a government
made up of bankers and industrialists had been sent by God. This is why the nationalist idea
became necessary. People were to be taught that obedience to the government was their duty to the nation. By the use of songs and symbols and ceremonies, the nation was made to seem some supernatural entity, just as god had been in the past. This is why from a socialist standpoint nationalism is – always – an illusion. There are no good and bad nationalism, it is as De Leon called it, the falsest of all false paths

All you said everyone "should" do x for the nation, without giving any reason why anyone needs to care about the nation, why that nation is important, who is the nation, why this is a necessity, why alienated labor is preferabl etc. It's just an empty statement masquerading as substance.
Also, this


I swear Amerikkka is getting more retarded by the day

Like he said, you're going to hell.

Guns aren't the problem though.

Hobbes couldn't even fucking spell

t. brainlet

I know

Why isn't anyone posting aut-right cringe pics

Enjoy some Christian-right idpol

you see this is why no one takes your shit ideology seriously, all of you try to be so pseudo intellectual with your good for nothing "relative" way of thinking that you become your own parodies, but get this, there are already pretty well rooted laws on this earth and they will never change no matter how you twist you useless ideology around it.

try a better ideology because this one will always be rebbuted, and laughed at

Thinkaroo, thinkaree


Go ahead and rebutt it

Swing and a miss. Try again, bub.


poor guy
he's obviously gay, but his dad wont let him have fun
he's trying so hard being manly with that "beard" which is so thin it looks like pubes glued to his chin
and his pale pancake face reflecting the light like the fucking moon, it looks like someone photoshopped his face out, painted with white over it and edited some eyes, a nose and mouth over it
it's so obvious he never has done any physical work or activity in general, even if he wouldn't shovel lard down his throat he'd still lick sickly
all this and that high pitched voice of a soyboy struggling to get his miniscule testosterone level to work its magic on his vocal chords, only topped with his uncertain and shaking gestures.
this is the enemy over at Holla Forums. they are all the cliches they try to attach to others all in one person. just look at this child. he probably was considering to be daring and actually wear his fedora with a My Little Pony sticker attached to it but thought he should get "serious" for this one.

someone tell me what i edited on his face
in fucking MS Paint
can you even tell?

Who people are personally is irrelevant in regards to what they are politically. It doesn't matter how you think, how you feel, or who you are 'in the inside', what matters is what you do. Capitalists are wealth-seeking not because they are personally greedy people, but because the system compels them to act in specific ways that are, in the end, detrimental to the interests of the working this. What matters is that their interests are against ours, not that they are morally bad people.

This is Marxism 101 dude.

lmao, kys

Not now bold and straight those words are on that curved paper. Also note the different ways to write all those letters.

spewing your commie shit wont make my position any less valid


watch the eternal jew, you will see why your ideology is a failure lmao

You didn't give a real position. You just claimed what the communist position was, which was false. Tell me why I should care about strawmen?

sadly it is the communist position, you are just too brainwashed to see it

I actually have.
It's hilarious because it amounts to political pareidolia,




me ree when I can't lie




melonpan just likes to do outrageous shit for attention. Hes way too much of a "degenerate" to ever be accepted into the right. Not that the right isn't full of "degenerates" but they usually try to make at the very lest a passing attempt at trying to cover up their past or current tastes and virtue signal against the stuff that they themselves already do to begin with. Melonpan is too genuine and owns his "degeneracy" too much for them to accept him.

Unironically this


Hot tbh

I hate to support threads like these, but I need to post this somewhere