The left a shit

We are truly fucked aren't we? It is clear we need something new, a political philosophy that can live up to the challenges ahead of us (not just as workers or as women or as whatever revolutionary subject is fashionable this week, but as a species) yet everyone has their head so up of their asses it's like they refuse to see it. Instead here we are debating about stuff that happened 70 years ago as if any of it still matters.

Honestly I think I'm done.

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Until the American empire is destroyed there is literally no point in political activism. We are at a standstill right now because American porkies refuse to relinquish control of the global economic system yet are incapable of generating profit in the face of the various problems we currently face and will face in the future.

Are you the same christfag from this thread ?

Honestly that thread is partially what drove me over the edge.

There we have a Christian and a Jew having some inconsequential theological dispute while some scumbag brags about hating prostitutes, then a bunch of alt-right soyboys barge in, proceed to take a dump all over the place, and I'm like "wtf"

And all of this because millennials cannot get a girlfriend.

On the one hand the situation is extremely comical, on the other I had an epiphany right there, it really is fucking over. We're too stupid as a species.

And ok, assuming the American Empire is over tomorrow, there's still China to worry about, there's still Russia to worry about, you know what's worse than the unipolar world order? What comes afterwards. It's easy to blame murrica for all the world ills (and they have their fair share of responsibility, don't get me wrong) but today the world economy is a lot more interdependent that anti-americans care to admit. Do you honestly think China gives a fuck about the environment? or about bioethics? Or about anything? They're as profit driven as their burger counterparts. And don't get me started on Russia (right now they are stuck larping "we wuz Byzantium n shit muh Third Rome")

All those big shot countries are run by oligarchs, they are the same.

I will fly the red fucking flag till I die because what other option is there? Death?

unironically yes

The ecological collapse can't come soon enough. That'll be the only thing that could kill the grow-or-die mentality of capitalism

Read this, user.

I know about that already, thanks though.

Honestly I feel like Job right now, nothing you tell me can make me feel better.

Nothing to do but to let go and brace for the storm, I guess.

^This tbh. If everything is gonna go to shit, then I'd rather be on the noble side fighting the good fight than the side that can't get over "muh anuddah shoah" coupled with male inadequacy projections.

More than America. Their entire empire is built upon fossil fuels, personal auto mobiles, and a very limited idea of bourgeois individualism. Remove their hegemony and the world will finally be able to at least start solving the many ecological problems that it faces today.

Also the American empire is the biggest obstacle to socialism in any form.

How do you think people felt like during the world wars? what was it like being a 19th century worker slaving away at Blake's Dark Satanic Mills? This is what modernity has alway felt like, we grew up in a period of unusual, illusory calm and complacency, history is happening again and we should seize the opportunity, because there is no other option but doom.

China needs a second cultural revolution

Fighting the impossible fight for good > curling up and waiting for death tbh, the long march proved this

life is kill

This is what happens when you don't understand theory

You don't understand my predicament, my predicament is that I don't believe in your red flag.

You may posture and puff your chest online all you want, they don't call it protacted people's war for nothing, that is to say, you'll be doing this for a long time with no guarantee of success. Of course you have already decided this is what you want, but then how, in good conscience, can you approach other people and say "fellas, we must fight capitalism, also this struggle will take like 3 generations so your children and grandchildren will still be fighting this idiotic war." How many will follow you (this is incidentally, my problem with third worldists, but that is for another thread)

And for what? We've seen where the immortal science of Marxism-Leninism leads, it leads to China, as you can tell I'm no fan of China. I can see no other outcome to a successful revolution except theoryfags taking over and becoming the new ruling class because only they understand the arcane mysteries of materialism historical and dialectical and are thus the only ones fit to rule (don't worry, the state will wither away just as the ancient prophecies say)


why don't you actually attempt to study theory instead of shunning it like a retard?

Because I have studied it

I told you, anarchism is a theory-less shitpile, and should be avoided at all costs.
Proofs here
If you can't understand historical and dialectical materialism you are not fit to rule ANYTHING. You are simply too stupid. You aren't even fit to care for yourself.
Good riddance. If we could shed the left of these people faster, we would have communism by 2021.

t.guy who thinks he knows everything when he knows nothing.

so you studied marx's and engels' bibliography, then lenin, then vygotsky/luria/vaziulin etc and ended up an anarchist right?

I picked that flag because of the nihilism side, I don't care about anarchists.

And here the leftist shows his true colors, he's still an elitist douche who has dressed his will to power on communist platitudes.

God so much. Sometimes it is all I can think about, to overshare.
You would make a great one.
I like to think I'm quite nice, when I want to be.
I'm not surprised you think this, because you are such an idealist and moralizer. Of course, he wants to be a Communist so he can like, be evil and such.
Realistically, I'm not sold on the whole "revolutionary lifestyle". I can't help but dream of being rich and retiring young. I could support my family, and my kids wouldn't have to work. They could be whoever and whatever they wanted. It would be THE life. The same could be said for being a revolutionary leader, I suppose.

you'd still live in an alienated neoliberal society. the petty-bourg cannot escape the alienation caused by the capitalist mode of production even though they aren't in material need

Join us in the armchair gang.

Nigga what?

Also. You are defeatist asf. I unironically understand why the NKVD had defeatists executed now.

Regardless of the proletariat revolution. Bitching and complaining about it without even acknowledging the successes really isn't any better than being porky. Actually its worse, because at least porky gives material cause for the revolution in the first place.

You're basically just dead weight unless you can turn that mindset around comrade.

Best post. Defeatists get the keel of the ship.

just kill all jews, bro.

Cuba is unironically a shining example.

For years now, when people here talk about the chances of a revolution anywhere, I felt compelled to point out that things had to get nothing short of cataclysmic for the Russians to finally revolt, and the ensuing fighting made things downright apocalyptic.

In other words, things will have to get a lot worse, and I do mean a lot, before they get better.

Yep. Thats the point Im getting at.

Maybe if you watch more south park you can find out.

Alienation is intrinsic.

Alienation is not merely intrinsic, it's the base state of a sentient being. It's the curse for having tasted the fruit of the tree of knowledge: to know that one cannot actually know another.

You need Dugin.

jesus christ

I've been done for awhile. The reality of the situation is that we live in an idiocracy, and there is nothing to do but watch the disaster play out. There is no salvation from the left, right, or center. People who are too intelligent for this have to avoid getting sucked into the drama, and instead bond together for mutual aid. We don't owe "the people" anything. Screw the people, they will fend for themselves, or not. We should instead be investing our energies in learning strategies for survival in the capitalist hellscape.


This is only true in the west.

How do you not realize that nihilism is literally just a symptom of narcissism and self-absorption? How can you call anyone else an "elitist douche" when you're claiming that you alone are in the unique position to look at the entire history of class struggle, every generation of humans who's fought for their own liberation in the face of oppression, and call them all idiots and claim the entire motor of history is a pointless farce. You fucking stupid child. At least the Tank you're arguing with actually believes in something. Luckily it isn't teenagers who read wikipedia articles about Pessimism who decide history, it's the majority of people engaging in collective action. I hope one day you can sort out your mental illness and stop projecting your depression and insecurities onto the rest of the world, you solipsist. Impolite sage.

I'd say that to believe otherwise is the unfreedom compared to the freedom of the universal

Nah. Just apply what's already been theorized, constructed and deconstructed and to hell and back.

Except that's not what nihilism is at all you moron. Good job giving away your teenage level of understanding.

No, that really is what Nihilism is. But thanks for the truly enlightening effortpost, it really made me think.

go third way, user. no liberalism, no leftism, no rightism.

all products of alienated labour are considered alienated. you can say alienated relationship, it doesn't simply apply to alienation between the worker and the object. read the 1844 manuscripts

gtfo pls

turd positionists were just leftists with better aesthetics.

Anyway, that died in WWII, we're just left with LARPies, I don't see them conquering state power ever again, and if they do they'll be boring radical centrists with fash characteristics.

What if the motor of history is just technological development? What if rising quality of life for the working class was caused by the greatest technological boom in history? What if what drives technological development IS capitalism, in either its state or burg variants? What if the working class will come to an end with automation?

What is even collective action at this point? Why should increasingly undemocratic technocracies give a fuck about you and your friends doing a silly march with silly red flags when they can annihilate you with a push of a button. China is building a surveillance state for a reason, and the west will follow its lead.