"Elite" Baltimore police Taskforce end up being Weapons dealers drug pushers and extortionists

=Their job was to take guns off Baltimore streets They admitted stealing drugs and cash instead=

And now some events that stand out in this story…


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And last but not least…

This why everyone hates the left. This is the reason why men like based Duterte are eventually needed to clean up the mess you enable.

Fuck you and fuck nigger drug dealers.(user was forced to look at his ebony skin in the mirror)

A. The Cops were being fucking corrupt as shit that is the issue here i didnt even bring race into this
B. 5 out of the 7 cops arrested were black
C. The cops were also dealing drugs you illiterate fuck read what i posted

Retard if you bothered to read you'd realize that the police are doing nothing to stop the drug trade and are taking the drugs only to resell them later to keep the cycle going.

Cops are only good under socialism. Under capitalism they exist solely to perpetuate class society and must be weakened.

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the federal gubby spends lots of time & monie propping up trafficking operations. it's a control mechanism. southeast asia and latin america were turned into shitholes, deliberately

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Ah fuck it ill just add this in as well…

And liberals still think diversity is the answer to the whole police brutality problem.

African cities, africans standards of governance ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

America is far more savage than even the most "primitive" African societies. Shut your fucking mouth.

Also if you want to know all the crazy shit they did this guy talks about all of it near the end of his vid..


Skip to 11:30

#nomoreblackpolice tbh

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the people who strive to become police officers generally speaking should not be allowed into police forces

Especially poc

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Just one more interesting point…

So yeah this bloke was a legit full on drug lord basically…

Is the state doing anything about it?

Well he got fucking arrested so i guess they are sorta… *Shrugging emoji*
It gets so fucking crazy as you learn more about these fucks kek

Why would it be illegal…

…for the police to look in a police database

I dont know it just said that in the article i lifted it from
Maybe there is some law against using the database for off-topic shit?



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They'll probably get light wrist slaps


Probably needed a warrant or something

American cops are the niggers of cops.

Yet another liberal-run workers' paradise.

you niggers are being ironic, right? anyone would take a million drug dealing criminal baltimore cops over the stasi, CHEKA, starved dwarf north korean death squads etc
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the only legit police force under socialism is the proletariat in arms





All told, 70% of op's crooked pigs non-white.

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Still would pick the cheka and stasi over these crooked ass niggers any day. At least they are not driven by profit.

What the fuck is the problem with Baltimores cops seriously they seem to be bad even for burger standards

They're niggers. Stop denying the obvious.

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cheka and stasi are still workers in arms.
if you wanted to study anything in the GDR you had to also make some work experience.

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