What species on the planet has the most biologically intrinsic Marxist thought-process?

What species on the planet has the most biologically intrinsic Marxist thought-process?

Aside from ants.

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I knew should have specified


Thanks. Forgot about those little buggers. Get it? "bug-gers"

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Pretty sure ants are feudalist tho

Really? How so?

Anything that is social and can labor with an idea in mind.
Like the two things you need for society.

ants are monarchists
not Marxists


m8 just because they are called "ant-queens" doesn't mean its a monarchy.

The queen-ant's job is to pump out more ants for the colony. Making her just as much a prole as the rest of the ants.

A monarch exists solely on the basis of divine right, and doesn't serve any actual function to the workers.

What the flying fuck is that thing?

And this is why anarchism will win out in the end


what does this even mean?
any animal which displays creativity and applies tools to their labour approaches marx's homo faber.

she can literally control them through the use of pheromone releases, they are expendable, and this thread is retarded.

don't question it
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Ants are feudalist.

Care to explain how ants or bees are creative? They "create" burrows which are dug out according to preset criteria. That's replicating, not creating.

I didn't say they were. I'm as confused by OP as you are.

How is that really all that different from any form of communication network?

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Ants are totally comrades. They function on the basis of autonomy most of the time, and a complex democratic system for large scale projects such as moving the nest. All without any sort of class hierarchy.

I should add, ant species are very different, some have slave castes from conquored nests, and some have a biological division of labour.

No other creature functions as a species-being besides humans, so none. As Marx would put it:

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Fucking define control then. Most ant species communicate almost entirely by pheremones, they all "control" each other.
What "orders" exactly do you imagine the queen is giving the ants?


Rather "I'm hungry".
The colony depends on the queen, so the queen is a priority. Plenty of workers will also say "feed me", and a nearby ant with food in her social stomach (yes, they have a stomach for sharing food) will come and feed her.

Nobody in an ant colony commands or controls anyone. The functioning of a colony is a manifestation of emergent behavior from simple agents applying simple rules, as in the way that birds flock.

Such as responding to different types of pheromones. And I agree with you, I was trying to demonstrate the flaw in the use of the word 'control'.

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Rats and Cockroaches


Awesome documentary on ants.

Definitely not insects.

Yes. Imagining, planning, asking what if, dreaming, playing; doing an activity with the purpose of that activity in mind, that's what makes us human. (While watching TV you are less human than while playing video games.)

I don't see why these shouldn't all apply to apes aswell

Read late Lukács (Ontology Of Social Being):


Bonobos have very little hierarchy and are extreme pacifists. Chimpanzees and bonobos are almost genetically identical, but their behaviours are polar opposites. Chimps are the most aggressive, territorial nonhuman Great Apes; they're always fighting and have a very hierarchical structure. When a male chimp joins a new population and wants to find a mate, he will kill any babies that mate already has to assert his dominance. Bonobos, however, greet new population members by fucking them. In fact, when bonobos books are angry at each other, they don't fight, they fuck. They fuck so much that nobody would ever kill a baby because there's a solid chance that baby is yours. As a result, every one is treated as one big family. Or a commune.

Why are these species that are so genetically similar they used to be considered the same species so different in their behaviours? Material conditions. Because chimpanzees cannot swim, when the Congo River formed, you had chimpanzee populations geographically isolated from each other with no more gene flow. The chimp population on the west side of the Congo became bonobos after generations of evolution. The significance of the west side of the Congo River is that it's far richer in natural resources; there's no nutrient scarcity. On the east side, chimps fight over everything because food is so scarce and they have to fight, but on the west side, there was nothing to fight over, so bonobos just stopped and became jungle communists. No more violence, no more hierarchy, just sharing of resources and spending freetime in an orgy.

The next time someone talks about human nature, tell them about how our closest genetic relatives' entire lifestyle changed drastically with the elimination of scarcity.

Forget actually existing socialism, bonobos books have already reached actually existing communism. They are why I used to be anprim. This could be us, guys. And for most of human history, it was.

There is actually some evidence of this in religious history. In the early period of human development, fertility and sex were given great emphasis. In the epic of Gilgamesh for example, you have Gilgamesh himself, representative of the newly civilized, city-based human population, and Enkidu, the uncivilized, unurbanized human.

Enkidu is wrecking up the farms around Uruk, and freeing all the animals. He's stronger and faster than any of the urbanized humans–so strong that the bands of warriors Gilgamesh sends against him can't beat him. He can talk with the animals and they live together. Female aurochs give him their milk and lions do his bidding. Everyone beyond the walls are terrified.

So Gilgamesh tries a different tactic. Instead of warriors, he sends one of the holy prostitutes from the city temple. She entices Enkidu, and they fuck for a solid week.

The effect is that when they're done, Enkidu can no longer communicate with the animals. He's still strong and swift, but not as monstrously so as before. Enkidu's had the wildness literally fucked out of him. Sex and copulation aren't just procreative forces, they're civilizing ones as well. Enkidu stops his rampage, and he and Gilgamesh wrestle, ultimately becoming best bros for life.

There is similar evidence that the predominant trend in religious rites around this time have to do with fertility, fertility goddesses, and ritualized sex worship. Generally speaking, populations are clustered heavily around the Nile Delta, Fertile Crescent, Ganges, and the major rivers of China. Beyond that is still wide open, there's plenty of room and space to expand, and the relatively new technologies of agriculture and husbandry have created previously inconceivable levels of material abundance.

But things change in later centuries as humanity starts to crowd each other out. Sex instead of being religiously positive takes on negative connotations, and religious disposition transitions from celebrating the creation of life to venerating death and the hereafter. Sex becomes taboo, and greater emphasis is placed on warfare, killing, and worshiping the dead. For example, the severe contrast in the rites and disposition of the Jewish religion–very sex-negative and death focused–to their contemporaries, who they simply can't say enough bad things about. In fact, our contemporary views on sex and sexuality can be traced in part back to this Jewish religious influence and their society's intense anxiety around the idea of people–particularly the much more numerous nations around them–fucking too much.

Ants are literally fascist. Their class system is LITERALLY ingrained in their biology.
I don't wanna be a primary anti-Tankie but that's fucking retarded.

lol not true

Bonobos are only slightly less violent than regular chimps. Bonobos being peace loving orgyists is just another unfounded feminist myth.


Arent most worker ants NEETS that leech off the rest of the worker ants?

Which class system?

Ehh, I've only seen one study suggest that ants have leeches, and I don't know if that study stretched over multiple species. Also it was only like 20%, not most. There's also the possibility that we just don't understand what they're doing.


The worker soldier queen divide?


There's no worker/soldier divide. All workers are soldiers, some species have super majors, that are basically big workers. And as has been discussed in the thread, the queen is a baby factory, usually she was a worker herself before.

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Conflict is still possible between rival groups of bonobos, but no official scientific reports of it exist.

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