Fascist here, or some variation of it. I would like to talk about exploitation,and why exactly is it wrong

Fascist here, or some variation of it. I would like to talk about exploitation,and why exactly is it wrong.

What I want to understand is, why do people deserve…. anything really. Why does anyone deserve to even be alive, let alone space communism? Used to be because of God, but no one believes in that anymore. So what is it, that gives people human rights today, and makes man exploitation wrong?

In this world, we are surrounded by things such as gravity, such as electromagnetism, nuclear forces, and my basic point is, these things are essentially Lovecraftian horror creatures that sleep somewhere deep in space, or in the oceans, have near infinite powers, and what makes them so horrific is their indifference, like they could accidently wipe out all life with their awesome powers, and not even care. Gravity and so on are like that, doesnt take a day off, doesnt make exceptions, doesnt care.
So, nature is oppressive. And it oppresses everyone. And it doesnt care. It doesnt give a shit. We are all its subjects, and none of us cant revolt against these forces, we simply end up being crushed by them eventually….
Anyway where I was going with this, is that no human has any inherit rights, and nothing says or implies that exploitation is wrong. If anything, the reality seems to be rewarding people who exploit people quite well. So how is exploitation wrong?

Where, how, when do you even start when you want to think that exploitation is wrong, and equality desirable? God? Your feelings? Moth eaten scrolls? Holy books? Ballot boxes or other wooden idols? Quotes from coffin rotting cadavers? No God, no cadaver, no book or scroll comes in your help when you are oppressed by gravity, or by nature, or by fellow man. So, why even consider any of those? They all clearly fail every time a rape or murder happens, which makes them demonstrably false.

Where was equality, or exploitation being a bad thing, when Caesar's 13th legion crossed Rubicon? Or when Ghenghis crossed Danube? When Carthage was burned to the ground? All kings, presidents, governments and laws are oppressive, and yet they are still there.

So essentially, if we can figure any one consistency, any one thing that works, any one thing that will never fail you, is that might is all there is. Might is right. The strong rule the weak. Vae victis, woes to the conquered, to the victor go the spoils. Justice is simply the interest of the strong. The only crime is getting caught, or losing, or being weak. The inferior and the undesirables, why should they have any rights?

And so I ask you, where am I wrong? Why establish a society where everyone is equal, or where there is no exploitation? How is this even possible? The masses deserve nothing. No one deserves anything, no one is entitled to anything he cant build, defend, or conquer and exploit himself. There is nothing wrong with imperialism either. Morality also doesnt exist. The exploited workers, clearly demonstrating their weakness trough them being exploited, deserve nothing but being exploited even harder. This all makes any sort of equality fundamentally impossible, and not worth one's limited time of life. Am I wrong anywhere?

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Nobody deserves anything, communism is not morality. The workers own interest is uniting and collectivising everything. If someone tries to get everything for themselves, others will overthrow them again. Once things are collectivised, people will oppose any attempts to take their collective property by force with violence, because it is in their interest to do so.

Now go back to your fantasy world where the "strong" have some kind of inherent right to stuff because muh feels or where "property rights" are some kind of natural law.

Not all arguments for equality/socialism/whatever are moral ones, at least mine aren't.

Also this is a clear example of the retarded mental gymnastics you retards perform all the time. At the same time morals and rights do not exist, but also the "weak" ""deserve"" or *ought to be* more exploited and more beaten up than they are for no reason other than *your morals and worldview*

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Because we want it

Technically nothing
which is alright, since we don't argue against capitalism on a moral bases

Ok but if "the workers" (I put this in quote because there is no such a unified thing in reality anywhere) are strong enough to do their thing… why havent they done their thing?

When I look at the modern worker here in the capitalist countries, these people do not even deserve the oppression they are already under. Drop them off in a jungle or a deserted island or somewhere in nature, NONE OF THEM would do better than they already are. Too many damned fast food servers, nail polishers, videogame players (yeah this is a fucking job now, I swear it, you can play work videogame playing), fucking fashion experts, fucking celebrity gossip experts (this is an actual billion dollar industry, with unknown amount of consumers and workers in it), professional victims and internet ptsd suffering victims, various artists and philosophers and public intellectuals who talk about trivial bullshit for a living….. all these people, somehow deserve something better, HOW?

Maybe I just have mental issues, but I would much rather enjoy seeing these people suffer than live in luxury gay communisms.

I hate to sound like "that guy" but
This is such flowery wankery, it just is gonna make people shit on you harder, try lurking around here for a bit, get the taste for this place, then ask us some questions instead of sharing your most recent blog post.
I don't want to piss you off for no reason, because my experience with """"fascists""""" who come here normally beguines with me pointing out fuckery, only to get screeched at, so take this as helpful advice, don;t look like a dumbfuck and then feel bad for being one.

Does a team always win every game? A team can beat the current champion with the right strategy and coach, its more than the sum of the strenght of its players. I am part of this team, so I try to get my team to play better together to beat the other team.

Nobody deserves anything, its all about what they can achieve.

If you took a viking and dropped him off in a modern city he would not fare much better either. They are not trained for that environment. How good you can light a fire with two sticks and some wet treebark does not matter in modern society and it doesnt make you "better" or "worse" or "strong" or "weak" than people who dont know how to do so.

You probably do have mental issues if you would rather see human beings suffer alongside you instead of living in a future utopia where the idea of a "job" would not exist anymore.

So you believe in "the workers", and that these "the workers" are like the strongest in this sense we are talking about? But man, holy hell, where on Earth do you see these "the workers" united anywhere?

You have pilots, engineers, programmers, medical doctors, all these people doing mighty fine under capitalism, basically telling their children to study marketable skills at uni just like they did, or they will end up like minwage shitter underclass that no one considers as anything good.
So basically "the workers" even among themselves hate among each other.

Not even to mention that you have plenty of wage laborers making 6 digits starting, and plenty of business owners who have razor thin profit margins, and are barely staying alive in the market, are essentially in poverty themselves even tho they own means of production and employ other people. This only complicates things. Small things such as these is why "the workers" all see themselves as individuals, and why the working class is more right wing then left wing anyway.

What do you think about this???

we get it, you hate modernity, so do we.

I don't want to have to define this for you, so please, make sure your definitions are in order
Because we want it?
This is not your blog, we really aren't here to hear your opinion

By your logic, Fascist governments don't really have a long lifespan. Therefore they are weak and don't deserve to exist.

It is just that I think, because of the physical limits of my existence, I have to prioritize and be careful and essentially make hierarchies of more important and less important decisions in real time. And figuring out my own way into the exploiter class (fuck actually spelling the burgeroni or whatever the fuck, what language is that even?) seems much more productive and rewarding in the long term, than day dreaming of the disunited workers uniting, ever, to build anything.

I mean good fucking luck uniting the engineers automating the service sector, and uniting the glorified vendoring machines serving coffee and demanding a living wage for themselves and the 7 children they all made for working this shitty teenager tier 'job', you know?

Why would this hypothetical fascist even want to be a part of a government?
When I said "im a fascist" what I really meant was, I have a tiny bit of free time, I am sitting on my ass, and I am reading all this political theory thingies to pass the time and I want to talk to people who are doing the same.

Also, how does the length of existence correlates to strength? Good luck even defining what the strength is, other than just surviving the competition, which means that whatever works works.

depends, you want examples?
care to substantiate your claim?
care to substantiate your claim
this is the exception, not the norm
I'd like to ask at this point what "worker" is to you. Surly the boss is a "worker", just like Bill Gates. Even though it's not much, the Bourgeoisie do "work"
I am not American, this is not the case for me
I stopped thinking mid way through, as I'm sure you did if you though at all


My issue with communism is who decides how much a person is allowed to have. At what point does one worker putting in twice the effort of other workers get their reward for hard work removed? And then how do you instill that spark to work harder into people without reward, while still keeping the people who like to work less hard and yet receive the same rewards?

The communists in Russia had to kill as many as they did, and the communists in China, because they tried to wipe out greed. But it is endless. greed is endless. The desire to work harder than another to have more than another is endless. So you have to keep killing. And keep killing. Until the pit of bodies spills over and becomes a mountain. And the dead outweigh the living.

You can never purge hard work for better rewards out of a human. The only ever time it has worked successfully is with fascist pride in race and country and culture like the Not Socialists did.

The U.S. military is a prime example of success at this.

The man who works on third shift outside 7 days a week for 12 hours a day in the freezing rain in sub-zero temperatures doing manual labor receives the same pay as the woman working in finance sitting at a desk working on a computer in a heated office working 8 hours a day 6 days a week on dayshift.

How does that work successfully? Because you are trained to raise in ithe morning to salute the flag at the position fo attention. During the day you freeze and salute the flag when it is lowered. At night you salute when they play taps. You salute the flag, salute the flag, salute the flag.

And yet the disparity between careers is overwhelming, with pay staying nearly exactly the same.

In a sense it is Nationalism and Socialism combined together to grant the U.S. military it's success.

French, brainlet.

Call me when you succeed. The wealth disparity and ability to become successfully bourgeois is smaller than it has ever been, just look at the wealth disparity.

Also call me when you figured out a way to make capitalism stop destroying itself systemically by automation and centralization of capital. Workers without jobs dont have money to buy the shit you want to sell.

If you have questions about how we view reward for labor
I suggest you read something, anything.
this is probably the most straight forward we can make it for you

I wish people would really get a basic understanding of what we advocate before saying stupid shit, but I guess it cannot be helped. Communism is a movement towards a state of society that is so advanced, so well organised and so automated that there would be no need for people to have a "job". The end goal is communism, the transition is often called socialism in modern terminology. The transition has lots of different implementations, but generally it just has pay per hour worked, as you can not really accurately judge how productive someone is for almost every modern job. But other systems have been and can be devised, including wage differences depending on how hard people work.

Sure, thats why they did it. Lets ignore the fact that there were different wages for people with different jobs and all that shit in the USSR.

See pic related


Pretty sure the capitalist can just keep producing for himself, kinda like the feudal mode of production worked, you just produce for your own self. And about the workers who are getting Darwined out of economy, they tend not to be the smarter ones. They tend to be bullshit sector or manual labor sector, and these people, to say it plainly, cant figure out problem solving, cant fight for shit, cant research or develop or improve or really do anything once the capitalist orders his policemen, or aircraft for that matter, to blow them all up to bits.

So yeah, I am fairly sure that the mob of unskilled, uneducated people with zero strategic weapons (those require math to aim), without even small arms or drones or ANY means of fighting, can fight for their own survival.

Forgot to add:

What do you think the USSR did? You worked for the state, for the nation, for society, for the collective. You were all brothers and sisters in arms, doing your part to for the glory of the USSR to fight against the capitalist and fascist enemy trying to crush you.

Why do you make so many threads here? What makes you think your opinion is so important to discuss?
More importantly, what makes you think leftypol is the place to discuss it? Take this shit to Holla Forums.

Production for own use is not capitalism though.
Jesus why am I even trying to argue with someone who doesnt understand how capitalism or a basic economy works?

Are you even hearing yourself mate? Do you think you can live with the same technology and luxery as you do now if everybody just produces for their own use?

If you want to revert back to feudalism, just say so instead of simultaneously praising technology that is only possible thanks to international trade and highly interconnected production, while also praising primivistic self-reliance.

Where have I even said that I praise capitalism? You basically strawmanned that one yourself.

No, what I said was that the workers are too divided, and therefore too weak to overpower capitalists, because labor aristocracy (basically wage laborers who make 6 digits) feel like an 'upper class' and would probably not join up with what they see as 'lower class' because they basically all deserved what they got. These better off laborers would basically fight to defend their exploiters.

Doctor Johnson who spends literally 20 years in school attaining the highest scores possible, studying harder than other students, spending the weekends studying instead of smoking blunts and drinking malt liquor, can't you say that doctor Johnson who put in all of that effort to master their craft deserves far, far higher wages than say Jamal who doesn't like to study, instead likes to "Tap dat ho ass muh nigga fam" while listening to Kendrick Lamar, smoking blunts laced with "yayo" while drinking cheat Cognac like it was Kool-aide and finally gets handed a mop to clean up the shit off the floors while high after Doctor Johnson performs open brain surgery?

And why would we try and tell these people what wages they will receive, rather then letting the market for demand determine how much these people will receive for pay?

The demand for Jamals high out of their mind on weed rolled black and milds is less than the demand for Dr. Johnson's who spent 20 years mastering medicine.

Shouldn't the pay immensely reflect that? To the point of mansion ownership versus cramped apartment ownership? Lamborghini ownership versus old Cutlas on 24 inch Rims with a menthol Cigarette logo painted on the side ownership?

Without property ownership, how do you reflect this?

Under communism isn't it true that you would attempt to regulate those wages and remove their property ownership?

What happened in Russia was the peasants suddenly got to get those evil nasty rich capitalists. What did they do? Torture, imprison and murder them.

Suddenly the Jewish Communists were in power. They replaced one master with another. What did the Jewish communists in power do? Rob the fucking people blind. Lived lavish lifestyles while the people suffered. Ate the best foods while the people starved.

What did the Germans do? United the rich and the poor. Imprisoned the Jews, while the Russians pushed the Jews into positions of power.

Huge difference.

I can. Would dr Johnson rather spend his life mopping floors or learning a challenging, fullfilling line of work? I know what choice I would make, I wouldn't want to spend my days doing shit work, I would instead like to study for 4-8 years and then do nice mental labour or work that feels important to me.

Because I oppose markets for lots of reasons.


Under communism there would be no wages and no Jobs and no need to force your caricature coon to mop floors because we have floor cleaning robots. In socialism there might be some difference in pay but not a lot, and ideally no difference in hourly pay at all. The doctor had his education and living expenses paid for by society as if it were a job, while blackman caricature spend 8 years of his life cleaning blood and shit off walls, paid the same, unsatisfied and depressed with his life, unable to do more fullfilling work by circumstance of his lacking intelligence, but glad he at least has money for a house and a car like everyone else has.

Yeah all the jews were in power in russia as were all the germans in germany. Oh wait, there were many poor jews and many poor germans, and the nazi rulers lived lavishly and send their people to die in wars, while the evil jewish commies got the same wage as a skilled craftsman.

Because exploitation is the first thing that causes conflict in the first place. The fact that you can exploit somebody doesn't mean that it is in your interest to do so.

For some reason, I think that you think very highly of yourself; as someone who subscribes to fascism, you see yourself and your particular group, however you may define it, as the supreme group.

You know how I know you aren't part of this group? It is the fact that you post on these imageboards, and have time to post on this kind of clone of some Taiwanese basket-weaving forum. If you really were this super-effective person you describe yourself as, you wouldn't here. You would be "stacking paper and banging bitches," as they say. You are fighting for the wrong team.

Not really, today's economies promote too high a degree of individual specialization for that. You would have to work on some sort of factory and farm for that (not a factory farm, there is a difference)

video related is what we are working on, and you can't stop us, because we aren't hurting anybody. This is a microcosm of what our system will look like in the future. We don't need capitalism for it either. We aren't retarded antifa smashies here. Try harder.

Why do we even need to figure this out and reach this conclusion? It's self evident that the "strong" will always rule no matter what, but this doesn't mean that the "strong" have any kind of natural right to anything, since the only thing that proves them to be truly strong is winning. If the capitalists have the right to subjugate workers, then workers also have the right to subjugate the capitalists. When their heads will about to be cut off by the guillotine, no crying about their own superiority will save them from being killed and proven weak.

So you are saying the reason that Jamal smokes black and milds packed with weed, listens to Kendrick Lamar, and mops floors is because he hasn't been offered the choice to study hard in school?

I think sleepy Doctor Ben Carson would have something to say about that.

So where did that choice begin? Possibly in the home where currently in the current year of 2018 75% of all Kendrick Lamar's listener males will abandon their children and the mothers of their children and offer zero financial support?

Kendrick Lamars = 13% of the U.S. population. 75% single motherhood = 9.25% of the U.S. population is being propped up by taxpayers because the fathers refuse to raise them or contribute to them financially.

The public education system and the state cannot raise the Kendrick Lamar children.

If the end goal of communism is having super robots to do everything for us, and the end goal of capitalism will bring us faster to having super robots to do everything for us, then what difference does it make if it is communism or capitalism that gets us there? Especially if capitalism gets us there faster and more efficiently?

To look at it with as little reference to morality as possible, because of inheritance. Say you put everyone in some dog eat dog wasteland, the strongest would establish themselves as the leaders and organise society around themselves.

Then, Gen 1 dies, and their kids, who have grown up around the easy life their parents fought for, won't be as strong, clever, or productive as their parents, but the power systems are set up to keep these dipshits in charge. In the Roman empire it was hard, clever and strong men such us Octavian and Caesar who clawed their way to power. But after Octavian made the position of Emperor to consolidate and protect his power, he died, and after a few emperors Nero inherited the Empire, someone who could never have created the power structure himself was now at it's head, and he did some fucked up shit. This is also a problem in capitalism

In dictatorships the successor is normally someone who was in a postion of power not far from the leader, but it is in the leaders interests to surround himself with people who aren't threats. (Weak people) so the successor ends up being a weak person, e.g Khrushchev.

So this is why we need democracy, to stop the stagnation that happens in dictatorships or monarchies.

Capitalism requires people have a job to justify their existence for some stupid moralfag reason, meaning that automation under Capitalism would make everyone unemployed, but those unemployed are devoid of any income, since production is tailored for exchange rather than for use. This will greatly exacerbate the wealth gaps.
Communist production is tailored for use, so the robots will produce collectively for everyone rather than just for their owner’s profits.

Could you provide me with some examples of current communist organizations producing robotic farm equipment that are similiar to the capitalist robotic farming equipment I provided .gif;s for?

When I search communist organizations and groups, all I seem to find are groups promoting transgender rights, third wave feminism, deeply triggering and problematic stuff. Its very strange. If the end goal of communism is robotics for all, then are the feminists and identitypolitics trans people producing the robots? Are they even doing any fucking farming?

What exactly would you say that it is that you do around here but demand to have the easy cushy political jobs where you don't have to get your hands dirty and bloody?

not the one of the people you were responding to, but
Under socialism, wages are determined by the hours performed work and the intensity of that work, but your examples are clearly capitalist status symbol bullshit with no real point or usefulness.
So it's okay when fascists subjugate their own because muh nayshun but not okay when communists allegedly do this because muh ebil judeo-bolsheviks.
Yes. I view that with the right given opportunities, work could become more than chore. Most poor people turn to things like drugs or racism because of all the seemingly inescapable hardship capitalist society bombards them with which they can't overcome.
Do you really think that after reaching full communism everyone would just drug themselves and do jack shit? If this would be true, we might as well just kill ourselves and be done with all the suffering.
True, but the capitalist leeches and the military industrial complex are totally sustainable and should continue sucking the money out of ordinary people.
If we let capitalism do the job, most people would starve to death before reaching FALC.

You know it's pretty hard to pursue automation or do anything else when you have no power. Anyway, the point isn't that capitalism can't build machines, but the consequence of this, which is the breakdown of capitalism.

So none. Not a single one. Not a single leftist nor socialist, nor communist organization is producing farming robots or farming automation. Or even researching them or in the process or designing them.

Meanwhile, capitalism is. And you claim the end goal is robots to do everything.
So inst that admitting that capitalism is getting it done, while communism stumbles with identitypolitics and couldn't build a robot to identify gender?

You can admit mistakes. You can change ideology. You can update your beliefs and stances on issues. You are allowed to do that.

Admit it, capitalism is building fuck tons of automation and robots so humans can move past the current systems, and communism, leftism and socialism and floundering in identity,gender, privvliidge.

You arent getting it done. In fact you arent getting fucking anything done. nothing, absolutly nothing is being accomplished by your side.

All you do is write books, publish papers and articles, journalism, media, tell people what to think, what to say, what to believe and accomplish fuck all.

Robots are the future you strive for, and capitalism is providing them. And when confronted with the cold hard reality that your beliefs aren't doing anything towards that end, you blame capitalism for handicapping you.

Spoiler alert, no progressive stack is going to promote the robotics engineer to speak first.

No, it's "building fuck tons of automation" because pursuing automation enriches the owners of the robots. The end goal that is communism isn't robots doing shit, it's provision for all by any means.

Wait a second, why am I bothering. Kill yourself you fucking retard, you are incurable. If you don't save us the trouble we’ll get around to you eventually you micro‐brain waste of oxygen.

They can't under capitalism. You giant fucking imbecile.