Daily News Thread 2/3

"No ifs, no buts, no NHS cuts" - thousands march on Downing St in 'Fix it Now' protest

Thousands of UK residents have taken to the streets of London to protest potential cuts to NHS services.

US has no evidence of sarin use by Syrian govt, still concerned about Assad – Mattis

Washington has no evidence that the chemical agent sarin has ever been used by the Syrian government, Pentagon chief James Mattis has admitted. It did not stop him from still being concerned about Assad, though.

Russian fighter jet shot down in Syria's Idlib province

A Russian Sukhoi-25 fighter jet has been shot down in a rebel-held area in Syria's north-western province of Idlib.

Russian missiles strike area of Su-25 downing, killing at least 30 terrorists – MoD

Russian military planes have targeted the Al-Nusra-controlled area of Syria’s Idlib province where a Su-25 jet was earlier downed by militants, the Russian Defence Ministry said.

Germany defies Turkey to grant asylum to alleged coup plotters

Germany has granted asylum to four Turkish soldiers, one of whom is accused of being a leading figure in the failed July 2016 military coup, Der Spiegel has reported.

No progress on 'Dreamers' as another U.S. shutdown looms

The U.S. Congress made no notable progress this week toward a deal on the status of 700,000 “Dreamer” immigrants, with President Donald Trump saying on Friday that one “could very well not happen” by a deadline next month.

Critics of Kinder Morgan pipeline shout down Trudeau at B.C. town hall

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau spoke over jeers of "shame" Friday at a rowdy town hall meeting in Nanaimo, B.C., where he spent a large part of the two-hour gathering defending his government's decision to support the expansion of the Trans Mountain pipeline through the province.

China: US Disrespects Latin American Countries

China’s Foreign Ministry accused the United States of disrespecting Latin American countries after U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson warned against excessive reliance on economic ties with China.

Italy drive-by attack targets immigrants in Macerata

Italian police have arrested a gunman suspected of a carrying out a drive-by shooting spree that targeted African immigrants.

BDS Movement Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

The nomination was announced by Norwegian legislator Bjornar Moxes, who said: "the BDS movement's aims and aspirations for basic human rights are irreproachable."

Laser Technology Uncovers 'Megalopolis' Below Guatemalan Jungle

Dozens of cities and hundreds of thousands of structures were uncovered by the new technology including houses, highways and pyramids.

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If You Want to Expand Our Welfare System, Call It ‘Assistance to the Poor’

"Welfare" as a case study in political positioning.

Whole Foods Becomes Amazon Hell Foods as Employees, Managers Quit, Cry on the Job….and These People Want to Run Your Healthcare?

Amazon is being its vicious self yet again, now at Whole Foods.

Half a million metalworkers participate in strikes in Germany

On Friday, the all-day warning strikes in the metal and electrical industries culminated with hundreds of thousands of workers on strike.

Corbynmania and the SPD

Emma Rees and other Momentum employees have been sent to Berlin to help the German youth wing oppose the latest grand coalition, writes Susanne Holstein


By Thor, please let there be another shutdown.

I hope it is just 4 years of shutdowns tbh

Stop being modest.

Read a book about the first expedition to find one of those lost cities. Moral of the story is fuck the jungle and the bullshit diseases and parasites it houses.

The great American soap opera continues.

Thälmann's spirit marches with you, make him proud!

The Anarchists would love that.

The Dems already capitulated on DACA. Twice. It was their only demand. How can they possibly give up any more ground?

McConnell's got his balls in a vice on this one. He gave his word that he would push through Dreamer legislation in the event of another shutdown. He can either suffer another shut down, one that would be blamed on him and cost him trust in the Senate, or fuck the House Republicans.

Oh, the suspense.

If the Democrats take the House, you can bet your ass they'll pass a real budget just to smear it in the Republicans face.

White House continues quiet rollback of Medicaid

The Health and Human Services Department has approved Indiana's request to add work requirements to its Medicaid program, after approving a similar program in Kentucky last month. With some exceptions, including pregnant women and the medically frail, Medicaid recipients will have to spend 20 hours a week working or in job training or community service.

Indiana has already added premiums to its Medicaid coverage, which helped cut enrollment by some 25,000 people. Work requirements will trim the rolls further. Look for more red states to follow suit, buoyed by HHS leadership that wants to say "yes" to as many of these proposals as it can.


the SDP is lost why do they even bother? They should rather be trying to cooperate with Die Linke.



They are cooperating with Die Linke (Momentum lads have been working with Wagenknecht) but I think the idea is to radigalise the SPD youth then have them split when the SPD does what the SPD has done for the last century. Remember, Militant sprung forth from a radicalised Labour Youth wing.

I'd love to see them pull that off

Trump has stated that any dreamer deal must include funding for the WALL. This, and other ridiculous demands, are making it very hard for the Senate to come up with an deal.

But the Democrats have less to worry about this time. It'll be McConnell's shut down if he doesn't pull it off. Spoiler: He won't.

All of this drama about the budget crisis and we forgot the even bigger threat looming for the GOP.

Pressure Rises on Congress to Raise Debt Ceiling in Coming Weeks


Party of fiscal responsibility.

They didn't have anything to worry about last time either. DACA was overwhelmingly popular even with Republican voters and Republicans have majority in the government.

They capitulated because their masters told them to. If they don't cave again, it'll be Dow Jones' collapse. I'm just guessing why the Dems were avoiding a shutdown, though.

But a good portion of the GOP are radical hardliners who are fanatically against any illegal immigration, and those fuckers have Trump's ear. That's why Trump rejected the original bipartisan deal that caused the Government shutdown in the first place.

No. They relented because McConnell put his political clout on the line and promised he would personally push through Dreamer legislation before the next budget deadline. If the government shuts down again, it will be his fault and he will be crucified.

With the way shit is going, I wouldn't be surprised if America defaults.

Ah, so Socialism just needs a better PR team. /s


oh what fucking good does this actually do?