There are currently 3 threads shilling third worldism and spreading defeatism

there are currently 3 threads shilling third worldism and spreading defeatism.
is this a new /leftpol/ campaign?
third worldism and fascism needs to be equated to the same class-collaborationist ideology that they are.

or who else is behind these posts? keep an eye out if this sort of content increases.

I was thinking that too.
Defeatist nonsense. If we're so bribed into not having a revolution then why are half of Americans living under 30k per year?

In my country people getting this much money is considered pretty much rich.

When people in your country have less purchasing power there would also be significantly lower prices.

In my country the average professional's wage is about the same as US minimum wage. Teachers here would be better off working at a McD somewhere in burgerland

first worlders are easily disillusioned

The thing is, you can't afford American rents and commodity prices with what you make at McD's. I live with my parents despite working close to full-time because I can't make enough to afford rent plus all the other expenses that goes into living by yourself. My health insurance is $190 a month and I have bargain basement insurance, that's close to 1/3 of monthly insurance. Even a shitty apartment would probably cost me between 450-500 monthly in my area and I only make a month on average. So, that's pretty much all my monthly income right there.

Even if I could get full-time employment from my employer (which they won't give me) I don't think I would be that much better off. There's a reason why the poor rely so much on gov handouts when they can get it–you really can't live otherwise because of the cost of living.

this happens all the time on Holla Forums too.
third worldism has only recently died down.

What the fuck is that second group

*my monthly income

First-worldists tend to suffer a lot from depression.

Pretty much this. I do not live in first world country, I make about 500€ after taxes, which is less than average because I'm young, inexperienced and I can not generate enough capital yet. I pay about 100€ for shared room with some guy (and I live in most expensive city of my country), and I have 400€ left which is enough for eating in restaurant every day during work lunch, cigarettes, weed and drinking with friends about once a week. If I'm ill I have to pay a few euro for drugs. I have smaller purchasing power than first worlders, but life is pretty ok, and when I'll get to earning about 1000€/month, I'll move to my own apartment and my life will be pretty comfy.

Sometimes I take my free healthcare for granted.

You think that’s bad? Obamacare basically set up a system of regional monopolies and in my state the starting monthly premium for said monopoly was $350 this year and that was the basic package. All the Doctors and Pharmacists are used to dealing with this insurance company so there are consequences for not buying from them but fortunately that is changing. I didn’t buy from this insurance company cause I couldn’t afford it and when I tried to deal with them they straight up told me to go get on Medicaid—I didn’t make enough for them to even work with me to get a discounted rate. Discrimination against the poor by insurance companies is completely legal in America. I can’t get on Medicaid because my state is not an expansion state and I’m a young, relatively healthy, man. You have to be in dire straights and of a certain category of people (old people, disabled etc.) for them to help you. I was told by my Medicaid office that the only way I could get on Medicaid was if I had a disability (which I do have) and if it was so bad that I couldn’t work for two whole years!

Navigating the medical system without insurance is insane so I don’t regret buying insurance even though the cost relative to my income is high. If I was hospitalized though my insurance wouldn’t pay anything till my hospital bills exceeded $5,000 and now you know why medical expenses are the leading cause of American bankruptcy.



The BO banned like four people for talking about how Phil Greaves called Winston Churchill a communist, don't blame us

What the actual fuck is that cock sucking? Is (s)he actually an autistic Twitter tank?

Apparently so. Deleted all their posts too by the look of it. Banned the person who made the thread for spam for making two posts.

Read that again

I find really surprising thirld worldists, like
The hundred of people who struggle and have struggled for socialism in my country, the hundreds of political prisioners, persons killed by the state…
Are they not revolutionaries? Are they priviledged "first worlists"?
I find this defeatism really bad, and it seems as either an excuse, or outright COINTELPRO ,it is anti-Marxist

I don't think he is a thirld worldist lad

What if I think that revolution CAN happen in the First World, but only in a situation of complete social breakdown, as we saw in Europe in the aftermath of WWI? Am I a 1st worldist or a 3rd worldist?

where are the proofs billy

proofs pls


Obviously the only logical course of action is to take this comment entirely at face value regardless of any kind of context or possible alternative interpretation

and another thread of that kind…


If you earn 30k a year in the US, how much do you have to send back to the government?

Honestly I don't understand how you can't see that those are obvious anti-communists wanting to btfo us, not subsersive people pretending to be commies, nor commies being stupid.

that's a fair description of Unroo and his kind, but they do pretend to be commies and sadly they have a following