Life Comes at You Fast

That guy who tried to get an undocumented classmate deported has been kicked out of his school


Good. Twinks should all be in jail.

Why does the right do this to themselves?

Ya'll have really shit taste in twinks.

What is wrong with these people. Why can't they just contain themselves and stop spreading this cancer. Project Chanology was benign compared to this

Isn't this retaliation for following the law? Did the kid do anything illegal?

you can get kicked out of school for saying racist shit, that's what they nailed him for.

oh, no

I is so full of empathy toowards this boy!

Hmm, that makes sense.

Now we just need sections of the population openly going after each other, and the entire system will collapse into chaos and civil war.

If this was 2016 I'd bemoan the idpol left's witch hunts in trying to get people fired for their views, but by now I'm fully aware that this cringeworthy r*dditor would have ZERO problems with the government censoring communist or socialist speech, regardless of whether or not the left came for him and their buddies.

Idpolers do not care about values other than "what can I do to further my own tribe?" They will use a value to defend themselves and then discard it once it gets in their way. Fascists and liberals alike do not give a shit about freedom of speech and I shed no tears when they tear themselves apart - less enemies for socialists to fight on the day of the revolution.

To be fair, do you really give a shit about the rights of fascists either? It's easy to be magnanimous like the mainstream right is when they're in power and they have the aut right to get their hands dirty for them, freedom of speech is meaningless when porky controls the entire culture


excuse the extreme edge but his face is extremely punchable. Like up there with the likes of Ian Miles Cheong and Scott Presler.

This. The first thing that came to my mind when I saw his stupid shit-eating grin was how I wanted to punch him in the teeth. He's up right there with that peak-liberal black chick with half her face as an avatar on Twitter.

fug, gulag 2.0 is needed of a rat like that

I think the most accurate description of how I feel towards their free speech rights is apathy. For the time being I'm willing to defend free speech on principle just to try and hold back the tide of police and corporate encroachment on speech and activism. But I'm under no illusion that the current capitalist system actually values free speech outside of the protections it affords to capitalists and their fascist enforcers. If our capitalist governments genuinely feel threatened by socialism, they have repeatedly shown themselves willing and eager to dispense with any constitutional pretenses and crush us with unimaginable cruelty and brutality.

I'm willing to wager that some aut-right shithead made this, and it speaks to how intellectually emaciated the liberal left is that we have to appropriate aut-right memes so we can turn them against idpol in general.

mandatory reeducation for all r*dditors
t. SocDem Gang

Your webm immediately made me think of that movie about nuclear war in the UK, When the Wind Blows

these people need something like pic related but it's a gulag

Any of you peeps interested in writing pieces on internet and chan drama?

We're putting subversive new narratives into right-wing and liberal media and could use some extra writers.

Any of you peeps interested in writing pieces on internet and chan drama?

We're putting subversive new narratives into right-wing and liberal media and could use some extra writers.

Ability to write in the reporter or think piece style required.


Gulags can't return soon enough.

uh, it does make sense
i mean if there was even a single immigrant in his school he was de-facto publicly fantasizing about torturing his classmates. That's absolutely going to get you kicked out of school.

And the undocumented classmate will surely become a doctor or scientist and not some slave for corporations. Of course the kid that wanted the law to be respected was punished, it was a direct hit on the system.

Free speech is a meme anyway.

The funny thing is that the student this little tiny dipshit thought was undocumented was not undocumented. The student's family has been here for decades. He just thought because of the way the student acted, who they were friends with, and that they were hispanic; that the student was undocumented.

He just got expelled for threatening a student with deportation (note, could not be deported), throwing around racial slurs over social media at other students, threatening other students with other means, generally being obnoxious in class

It got him expelled.

He now has no likely outcome to reach college with an expulsion on his record, and he's going to have to take senior year over in charter school, which also lessens his already brilliant student record.

Given your comment, it's ironic, because this student is probably going nowhere while the Hispanic student is probably going to make it to college. Not because of your oh so virtue signaled racial preference

But because this kid was stupider than you think Hispanic people are. Which I'm assuming isn't far from you either.

What system. This kid called the cops on a legally residing family, wasted everyones time and got expelled.

I suppose being expelled from high school counts as fighting the power


source? No source. It's your liberal bias.

Even if that would be true, the hispanic student would only pay like a dumb fuck a bunch of white privileged and jewish teachers to teach him some bullshit. Not only you cucks support the wage slave system, you support the indoctrination system too. This is the state of the left in 2018. You are porky's useful idiots.

So much for the anti-establishment Holla Forums.

You're really fucking dense if don't realize why they expelled him. His post history has been made public and everyone sees what kind of person he is. Nobody wants to take the chance of having business with him an deal with the backlash and destruction of reputation that comes with it. The kid ruined his own life by being an edgy larping autist. Not to mention he would have been beaten to a pulp by other students, or worse. Being expelled is the best outcome for him.

I agree. Going against the narratives of corporate mass media talking heads dependent on illegal slave labor is edgy and must be removed for everyone's safety.

why do you reply to two posts but only quote and argue against one of them?

Saying what is likely going to happen =/= supporting it. You're strawmanning hard.

So the problem is corporations and the capitalist system that sustains them and not the migrant workers Glad we got that out of the way.

Didn't ICE get called and they actually looked at family records before deporting? Because "getting an illegal" deported suggests he either called the cops on the kid or he actually called ICE. And I'm pretty sure ICE doesn't DOX people they aren't deporting.

No I mean the student didn't get deported. And they weren't illegal.

This kid got expelled because he was a dumbass. Just like you. Hope to see you two wiping off my juices from an adult booth. Better put on those latex gloves.

Neither of you have a future.

Wait if the government and corporate lobbyists want them gone, why do they want them back if they want them gone and donate to politicians who have that track record, in order to keep them in


I remember seeing this and just feeling absolutely enraged. I wanted to pummel this dudes face until he's unrecognizable. This makes me feel better

He's already doxxed and been threatened

I'm sure his parents are very proud of him for putting them in this situation, and for him ruining his future

Well. There's one way out for someone like this. Pretend to be mentally ill and apologize I guess.

Doctors and scientists are often highly paid slaves for corporations. You are not quite there my dear NotSocialist.

I cannot believe anyone is posting in a thread about this complete non-event. "Boy expelled from school" is the sort of laughable excuse for news I expect from reddit/twitter children. That this thread even exists is testament to how far those shitholes have infiltrated and corrupted this place.

Boy expelled from school for threatening to deport a family who was already here, ruins his life in the process, is actually very funny

You are crude, and also, not funny.


wtf is wrong with America

They weren't a criminal, he accused them of being illegally entered in America. This student was not.

Even then, his other threats to students on and offline and constantly being obnoxious in class are grounds for expulsion. Zero tolerance policy, etc.

Just look at all the reddit spacing in this thread. This event is of no interest at all to adults. Splendid choice of image, though. Moarplz.

So by laughing at a redditor everyone is being a redditor. Tell us what else we can or cannot do at the table, uncle mcfucker

t. cory, with steam coming out of his ears alt tabbing between leftypol and reddit

He wasn't expelled because of his potentially false report, but because of the shit he's been writing on-line.
His publicity stunt for those sweet "up-doots" just revealed the shit he's been up to.
Read the fucking thread! The OP tells basically the whole story, fool.

The only people who think this redditor is even worth the effort of laughing at is other redditors.


It wasn't a same fag

Tell me what it's like being a joyless fag boy. Who fucking cares.

t. cory, with steam coming out of his ears alt tabbing between leftypol and reddit

t. cory,

with steam coming

out of his ears

alt tabbing between

leftypol and reddit

That's like posting nudes under a reddit account and expecting no one to ever find out it was you
are people really that dumb?

Really makes you think.

His college fund should be donated to MS13



Good. Worker liberation is not just 1 step away. Gloating at some random idiot's adventures in idiotland is not petty at all, and will usher in the great era of glorious infinite free shit for everyone. Any minute now. Screencap this post. Communism basically achieved.(>Screencap flase flag)

I thought you were good at this, Holla Forums.

Read a fucking book and despook yourself.