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My fellow humans,

Where do we go from here? I am not interested in discussing Stalinism, Ju Che, or any other 20th century atrocious ideology. I want to talk about what we can do going forward and what new ideas we can bring forth with all of the adaptions to critical theory.

How are we going to achieve communism? Most manufacturing is in China so seizing the MoP is kind of a fantasy. Let me hear your ideas.

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Get rid of the American empire first.

but it isn't

Well then where is it?

What are the odds of us achieving socialism before every person in this board is dead?

The US and western Europe, primarily. China, India, Latin America and Russia contribute a good deal as well.

40/60 with the 60 being split between nuclear armageddon and climate change induced apocalypse.

Fuck, this seriously anguishes me

If this is true, where do we go from here?

If communism is to advance and prosper in the 21st century it has to drop the useless sectarianism. look at the British commies, so many communist parties Trot,ML,Maoist, but who's the most popular far-left party in the UK and is doing more for the working class? That's right Labour. Under the leadership of Jeremy corbyn people young and old are flocking to the party and Corbyn has done more for the working class than any communist org in the 21st century. Bickering and splitting will get us nowhere anymore in a time were humanity is literally on the brink of Extinction due to capitalism.
If not left unity at least a coalition for the sake of the working class and humanity.

Sorry if i ranted a bit so many commie orgs in my city and they could win if they weren't stubborn about working with each other for a common good.

I'm being optimistic but in all seriousness we should assume the inevitability of socialism simply because the alternative is not even worth contemplating.

Hell if i know. If you have any idea you might be the next Lenin. I'd say get ready both in terms of theoretical awareness and martial capability, organise your fellows and be ready to opportunistically seize state power the moment the system wavers even slightly in its deep crisis and use that power indiscriminately against the worldwide bourgeois state apparatus because it could always be the last chance we get.

I absolutely agree. Labour is a great start. I am extremely sick of armchair Trots, Maoists, etc. We need to try something different.

I am not against seizing state power, hell it might be our only option, but we have to make sure that we don't make the same mistakes that every other past revolution did. It might involve using the market on a leash to work in our favor for a bit, until we establish something more.

One thing that I always here is "socialism in one country wont work. It has to be global"
Whatever system we create, it HAS to be able to work in one country or else it's evident that it wont work at all.

1) Realise the time for any sort of socialist or communist revolution has long since past and as such clinging onto socialism at this point amounts to either hopeless idealism, ignorance or simple stupidity; It is as outdated as being a supporter of feudalism.

2) Accept that capitalism is simply one manifestation of the greater enemy to our species -the price system- and that any ideology that does not set its sights on combating the price system itself is incomplete.

3) Coincide that the maximisation of human happiness is ultimately the goal that our species should strive towards.

4) Support the necessary prerequisites of that most noble of goals.

5) Become a member of the only ideology capable of effectively operating and commanding a high energy civilisation such as ours - Stratocracy!


There will be no apologies for the coming global left-com progroms.

Zizek fans are the mental invalids of leftism. If you base your premises on obvious falsehoods try /leftpol/ instead.

such as…?

By organising, im afraid it might not even matter under how precise principles or what not, as long as it's universally good enough for people to take generally good initiative.

People need inspiration, the feeling of belonging and a belief in authority/power/legitimacy of own and that of their comrades. Anything to bring them together with as said, good enough guidelines. The chances are people then take action themselves and eventually refine and chisel what they go by.

Whether individually or collectively, be it riots, be it sabotage, be it propaganda, direct seizes of the means of production, establishment of random communes, underground societies undermining status quo, black "markets" providing for revolutionaries, manifestations at universities and schools, ostracization of corruption and the old ways, self-sustainance and co-operation, securing wellbeing of own and of generations to come, changing ourselves and others.

Basically dismantle status quo, establish and stablise own fundaments, expand outwards, chisel and refine.
Voila, collective of individuals. Otherwise I don't know.

Read this OP

The communist movement must be by definition constantly reinventing itself.



Yeah this


I beg you think FALGSC comes from reddit too. I hate Nu-leftypolers.