It's time to accept that there will never be a successful leftist movement in America

It's time to accept that there will never be a successful leftist movement in America.

The left has fully been co-opted by identity politics and the belief that whites are the source of all problems. There is no left-wing movement or organization in any large numbers that is free of this ideology. Sanders is a relic of a by-gone time. As time goes on this rhetoric will just become more entrenched and leave whites at odds with any left-wing sentiment in America.

Good luck in Europe.

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Why? Because the current people who occupy the position of "left-wing" are shitty people?

They're also insignificant in numbers and political influence, they haven't achieved anything in the several decades in which their notion of "progressive politics" has been the main one, they suck at organizing and they're incredibly unpopular.

Instead of crying about them we can simply be smart, create a new politics, form organizations, win numbers and deal with these people like you'd deal with any small fringe group.

I don't think it's time to give up or anything but it's in no way a fringe, we need to seriously combat the deeply triggering and problematic anti-male bullshit that's infesting leftism.

Do what they do. Take it to social media, network with similar-minded people and start from there. Anti-idpol leftists are not a small group either, we're just disorganized.

But seriously though the fact that some self-described "leftists" in the west think that non-bourg "entitlement" is something negative rather than a sentiment to be channelled into socialism is a really bad sign.

oops, sounds like every neo-liberal talking about the left. It's almost like that's what they are.

Sure, but, you know, it's harder when you can't rely on support from the intelligence services and celebrities. I'm cautiously optimistic about the future but we need to be pushing our message a lot harder. left/ypol should be growing, not shrinking.

Yeah this is a pretty common neoliberal talking point. In many respects neoliberalism inverted the traditional racial idpol dynamic. Whereas before we used to have to deal with the bourg using white supremacy to control whites and pit them against non-whites now they use non-white idpol to keep everyone divided. Shit is crazy.

That's because America, along with the rest of the West is the main exploiter on a global scale.

1st world as a whole will never revolt as long as it keeps profiting from the rest of the planet. There is no logical reason for it to revolt. Individual proles in the 1st world may be fucked over but the society as a whole will never cut the branch it sits on.

Once the possibilities for 1st world to exploit are undermined or limited, its society will tear itself apart.

3rd world revolution can never be successful though.

Many already were and they will be even more successful when the force that currently keeps them in line is gone.

The first world is slowly becoming third world. Globalization will abolish the dynamic between the "developed" and "developing" worlds. Just look at how Foxconn is already starting to open factories in the American midwest.

The Cuban revolution is the only one I would actually consider a true success, all of the others were letdowns in various ways

Explain why NAFTA harmed America's labor aristocracy, when it should have grown it. Is Mexico too developed to extract superprofits from?


third worldists never cease to amaze with how pretentious they are with ultraleftist phraseology and reactionary action

America's labor aristocracy died in the 70s and 80s. It's all petite bourg "professionals" now.

There's certainly still labor aristocracy, but certainly it has shrunk.

But WHY? Imperialism was stronger than ever. It makes no sense.

Lol, your movement, the alt-right doesn't have large numbers either.

Well it has large numbers of Russians, bots, and middle schoolers to be fair.


There is little proof that NAFTA harmed the American labor aristocracy to begin with though. Not sure where you are going with this. Factories were already being shipped into other countries.

The rise of the labor aristocracy and professional/petty booj class coincides with increased decay in all other aspects, and eventually (when the imperialist state is most secure) the former gives way to the latter.

Well, the timeline adds up, but sure other factors might be in play. But why has this happened, when imperialism has not weakened at all?

Aren't professionals labor aristocracy, and not petty bourgeoisie?

It depends, but in the USA and a few other Western countries, lots of proles and professionals were transformed into petty booj (or booj-delusional) by homeownership and stock investments.

Globalization moves the locus of imperialism away from states altogether. Eventually they will end up fighting for a piece of those precious corporate profits just like us proles. Read pic related.

Amazing class analysis.

It's true though so what's your beef?

Such a leftist movement won't be big until the crisis hits. In the meantime our task is to build the vanguard to be prepared for the moment, as says. Take the example of the Bolsheviks: they were just a minoritary faction of the Russian left until the most tense moments of 1917 (particularly Kornilov's coup attempt, after which they earned huge creed for being pretty much the only force that fought and defeated him militarily), and the working class finally owed their victory to their centralized political and military organization, of which they took part.

Here's a good book on how the Bolsheviks, and particularly Lenin, endured the task - from the moment where Marxism was only a small circle of about a dozen intellectuals meditating about how to build socialism in Russia while debating the utopians (much like right now Holla Forums and other communities and groups, both virtual and not, are the few ones defending an actual Marxist praxis against today's sea of idpol), up until the moment when the Bolshevik party becomes a mass party, with millions of workers, peasants and intellectuals on their ranks. I can say it's really inspired me to keep going on in these hard moments:

Of course another essential on the topic is Trotsky's classic, the History of the Russian Revolution:

The main problem facing the left today is that the revolution itself has become alienated and commodified. No longer does the working class seek liberation for itself.

What's wrong with feeling owed something? I feel owed life, so I'm going to take it. We should organize on the basis of mutual interests so that as workers we can defeat the porky standing in the way of that life. The identity politics thing is just a small part of a larger problem, which is the aestheticization of leftism into a combination of a fashion sub-culture and an emotional support group where you must defer to the most broken people around you.

Communism should be the union of the proletariat into a common class struggle and nothing else, but instead you have to send all these weird quasi-religious signals to make sure people know you are good and empathetic. What the left needs is to take the small stuff easy and take socialism extra seriously.

So, if it's not clear: a simple broad movement around socialism, with no disqualifiers like "You can't be a socialist if you don't like this thing that has nothing to do with socialism".

Shit thread; there's some variant of it every week.

Just join your local Socialist party and start working.

Alt-right is against big corporations. You can either be a cuck and suck the dick of your minorities that will never appreciate you or join the alt-right in the real fight against the establishment. We are the real resistance.

Holla Forums no longer identifies as alt right, you must be one of their new fags.

which is why they worship and helped elect the most openly pro-corporation president in history


How about you go to 4/pol/ right now and call yourself an "alt-right", then watch how quick they will spit on you.

Your unity is already falling apart, if there ever was one.

Whoa whoa there hang on, I hate them as much as the next person but their unity is the one thing they have in tact, or at least outside of their respective safe spaces, but in a fair assessment the right managed to co-operate better than the left could through 2016, in fact we still need to fix the divisions in our group.

There is always criticism against Trump.


If you mistake an insult for an attempt at class analysis, that's your problem not ours.

lolmao, kys fascist rat-dog

There are non white men on the left who are only there because they feel owed something.
They feel owned the petit bourg american dream lifestyle and feel betrayed that they don't have it.
When their plans fail they will blame leftists and "brocialism/class reductionism" and become liberals or withdraw from politics all together.

Already ahead of you, radlib.
Nah, honestly don't know why I'm here. I'm sort of struggling with the belief that it would be amazing to be rich and that it would be cool to follow your beliefs. Holla Forums, what is the correct decision? Poorfag revolutionary or richfag?
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