Final Crisis of Capitalism

Is it starting? Did Comrade Trump accelerate the porkies to their doom?

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Porky is terrified of a rate hike.

I was wondering why the hell stocks were going up so much, just porkys sucking Trumps dick I guess but that doesn't stop jobs going to China and the like.

My body is not ready.


Why didn't you listen?

what is this? china? yeah im sure "the workers" are going to revolt any second now, lmao
pretty sure all americans dropped off their college age children at their day care centers to discuss underwater basket weaving and are too busy drinking cold beer and watching tv or something, and that these feminist ugandan rap phd's are all there is to it when it comes to people giving a shit about 'commie revolution any day now'

I think this can be in part due to the recent crypto crackdown and India completely pulling out of crypto. In other words, govt killed the economy again by sticking their nose where it doesn't belong.

You know banks are printing free money and giving them to banks with no interests, right?

Yeah.. that's why the sames happens in Canada, Europe and so on.. moron

I'm going to need more than just a bad week to declare "the end"


I mean the FED and ECB*

You can literally Google the points in time where excessive government involvement in business caused a dent in the economy. It's even discussed in economics classes. Nothing new or strange.

Just because it doesn't fit your narrative means it's false.

Yes, poor Americans live in such lavish decadence and comfort.

who else but ancaps

t. never took a macroecon 101 class



You can literally google this thing called crisis theory and the business cycle where the actions and phases taken by excessive capitalist involvement in society caused a dent in the economy. It's even discussed in economics classes. Nothing new or strange.

Just because it doesn't fit your narrative means its false.

I just cant fucking get rid of this… sense, this feeling, this thinking, that while there might be a whole lot of oppression in the middle east and countries with history of socialism, western world is pretty free of exploitation, and the wealth inequality corresponds to intellectual capacity inequality. Every time you see a feral minority chimping out about being exploited, with half its teeth missing, complaining about not having enough welfare money to buy crack, I just cant help but feel like they deserved much worse than they already have.

If you ask me, the underclass should be exploited much more than it already is. The poor should be exploited like they were in Soviet Union, or present day communist China. Put the undesirables in the labor camps. Put the workers into forced hard labor. Majority of the people would do no better when left to their own devices and on their own, in a jungle or an island.

The people deserve nothing. The people shouldnt have anything. Most men would perish in nature, and "the exploitation" they "suffer" under today, is faaaaaaar too good for them I think.

It's only starting.

Now that's EDGY (TM)

So this is the right's fabled logic aptitude

no u / 10

if they wouldnt do better in state of nature, why should they be entitled to better in society?
gravity doesnt take a day off, or shows mercy, or make exceptions, and neither does anything else, the protons and electrons and blah blah, they all behave according to some laws and there's nothing else to it

which makes exploitation perfectly ok, and there is no argument for otherwise

I honestly doubt it, as long as they keep geting free cash, i doubt a crisis will come star in the markets


t. naturalistic fallacy

It's interesting going into boards that are left and right. Watching both sides of sheep defend crooked, serial killing, child rapists that do not know and especially do not care that any of you exist. And yet you all still defend them like you know them personally. #AmericanLogic



t. r/The_Donald

no one 'deserves' anything. Everyone is out to get whatever they need, and they will.



People with this mindset should be destroyed on sight to protect society, it wouldn't even be immoral to do so by their own definition

That might be one of the most petit bourgeois things I've ever read.

I bet you really think you're one of the elite too, rather than just another member of the rabble.

He probably sees himself as Rambo but with his pasty, acne-ridden face photoshopped on Stallone's head gunning down random wildlife for sustenance and idle amusement while everybody else is shitting themselves from ebola

Nah actually I am a 22 year old peasant, as in, literal agricultural guy, growing my own crops and shit, working the tractors and farming machination, and I know I am also benefiting from the capitalist exploitation, just a little less.

There is a reason we (peasants, people who eat their own food) are always one of the first enemies of all you commies, there is a reason you all murder the peasants first. We see the hierarchy.

Fine. It's true. I am low on the ladder just like the masses. I cant make satellites. I also cant cause nuclear reactions. I cant do the things I benefit from, such as the internet. But at least I grow my own fucking food. At least I can shovel, or plow, or lift a 50 kilo / 110 pound bag of animal feed, at least I can heal farm animals after most of the injuries.

The rest of you hair dresser, barista, and zimbabwean shabangazulu dialect professor city folks cant even do that. You are all weak, you are all stupid, you are all useless, you all deserve far less and you are all eating far more than you can produce for yourself in the current capitalist system anyway, and basically tl;dr yall need to get off my lawn.


call me when it's a mont and the dow drops several thousand points
a bit too early for the crash me thinks, maybe the start

lol fuck off kulak

You need to read a fucking book.

Specifically these.

Most people can't, famalam

get laid

Reading books is for hair-dressing barista linguistics professors in the big city who are too weak to benchpress 9 goats at once, not like us strong country folk

buddy I live in the country and you sound like every spoiled farmer's son whose daddy got them a $50k truck for their grad present.

You are no more self sufficient than any of us, your farming relies on vehicles, tools, supplies, resources, that you are no more capable of producing than anybody in the city. You wouldn't know where to start when there's no more replacement parts for your tractor, no more petrol, no more phosphate fertilliser deliveries, no more water supply for irrigation, no medicine for the animals, no new plows or shovels even. Or are you a metalworker, machinist, oil refiner, chemist, engineer, and overall rennaisance man as well as a salt o' the earth farmer?

Guess what, modern society relies on specialisation, I agree that filing TPS reports is probably something that isn't really needed in society but them durn city folk produce everything you need to do your job.

I'm 90% certain that nothing will come of this.
It is in all likelihood just another (relativity) small correction.
That said, we certainly are due for another global crash.

Given that the west has not yet recovered from the '08 crash and that the current market is being support by nothing but a series of huge speculation bubbles.
I can only imagine the magnitude of the damage that the next crash will bring, especially considering how close the '08 crash came to killing modern global capitalism.

I am certain about a few things however.
Firstly, whenever the 'big one' happens, it will be the end of neo-liberalism and will in all probably signal a return to Keynesianism with a strong emphasis on protectionism or (among the fringes) Corporatism/National Syndicalism.
Second, while it will increase peoples sympathies towards non-mainstream ideologies (such as socialism), the only groups that are organised to the point of directly benefiting from this immediately are those on the far right.

What? The two most well known communist countries (China and the USSR) both helped peasants.


Without peasants there wouldn't even have been a Russian or Chinese revolution.

nice roleplaying bud
pack a fat dip in your ass crease for me

Yeah, but they didn't help kulaks so FUCK COMMUNISM, amirite?

He's either some larping retard or a modern kulak/spoiled son of a modern kulak. Most farmers aren't this retarded.

A 100% of people would die in a "state of nature". We don't live in a "state of nature" because for the past 200k years humans have been perfecting social systems to survive. The social leeches are the "individualist" that insist they deserve most of humanities production while actually contributing little to nothing. I would love to see how long the Cock brothers or Jeff Bezo would survive in a "state of nature". Ya'll porkies watched some bear grills and went camping once and think you're the pinnacle of humanity.

*drifts f150 into a jersey barrier*
yee yee it's human nature y'all

Hey guess what? So am I. My family still farms, so I know enough to know what you said is fucking horseshit.
Most agriculture in modern western states (including the US) benefits from what is essentially one of the largest collection of welfare programs on the planet.

Since you use American spellings in your post, I'm guessing you're American. I imagine you're old enough to know that the US farm bill provides a comprehensive array of support programs to farmers. You would almost certainly be worse off if you didn't have subsidized crop insurance, guaranteed sales from SNAP (food stamps), direct subsidies for commodities and a host of other programs that pour billions every year into American agriculture.

Yes, you can perform manual labour. So what? The government shields you from destitution in the case of a crop failure or a wildfire. They prop up the prices you get for your corn or whatever so that you don't get fucked over by a domestic glut. AND on top of that, the government (rightly) protects you from foreign dumping by strong tariffs well north of 15%. You are far from self-sufficient, you require hard currency for most things other than your food in a capitalist system and protectionist social democratic welfare programs keep you protected from actually having to be self-sufficient, because you'd probably be broke if you did.

people who can't survive in a state of nature should die

Doesnt do anything to justify a whole horde of losers, of absolute, meritless, good for nothing, absolute fucking losers, who do not even deserve the 'oppression' they currently have, who are just bitter and angry at successful and normal people and want to tear them down so they feel less like losers.
I dont care. Every time I see someone complaining about capitalism, its people without marketable skills. Its always… art history students, and never tax paying, family raising citizens who are "the communists" today.

That's all there is to the left. Zero respectful people. Just 'free shit' entitled shitters, and college weirdos. There is no one out there in the real world taking any of this shit seriously.

Modern day western communism is basically a whole bunch of people who:
1) cant lift
2) have zero marketable skills
3) "work" welfare jobs, are on welfare, or daddy money
3) cant justify their own existence

Yeah sure capitalism has flaws but it sure beats "everyone is inherently valuable, give free shit pls, im in the everyone camp". A bunch of non-scientific "academics" who couldnt make it in the free market, and a bunch of purple haired freakshows demanding their diabetes meds for free. That is the modern communist movement. A bunch of people who should die, and no one would notice.

No, I'm Bosnian. LOL!



Why do I smell crusty boomer nutsack topped with fox news icing?

Nice photoshopped in hammer and sickle. Your regurgitation of false capitalist propaganda is also tiresome.


lol, apparently you're not self sufficient to defend yourself either

Thing is, the country he chose to larp as doesn't even invalidate my own argument. Bosnia and Herzegovina is not only part of the EU's free trade zone and has tariff-free access to all of Europe, it also gets hundreds of millions of euros annually from the EU in assistance. And that's just supranational assistance from the EU, god knows what a Bosnian farmer receives from the actual BiH government.

He has a handful of talking points he uses to shitpost over and over. He can't do shit when people pull them apart.

your post is garbage but that .webm is hilarious

good post karen


I like that photo-shopped picture

Dude we all know you're a lying sack of shit. I'm a corporate bureaucrat. Right wingers are spergs that can't do the most basic shit and sperg about "minorities not assimilating" as they surpass you on every level. I do training in my department and most right wingers are either A) Creeps B) weirdos with some capitalist American dream fantasy. They can't compete in capitalism because they refuse to pay attention for two seconds(and this isn't a old/youth/racial thing this is a right wing thing). Right wingers are morons masquerading as intellects at best and at worst they are actually intellects trying to undermine human existence for their short term profit motives.The only losers are conservatives that built careers of doublethink.



There are fewer and fewer "marketable" skills these days. In the 60s someone with an undergrad degree in a random liberal arts field could get a comfy middle manager job. Now they work at Starbucks. Shit even compsci grads are starting to have problems unless they are graduates from the top schools.

This. I have a fucking Information Sysems degree, sent out hundreds of resumes, and all I could get was a shitty UPS gig.

I hate this shit, I wish we could just kill the boomers.

"be proud of your hood, the worse off it is the cooler you are"

actual ingrained in our culture. its crazy there hasnt been a massive revolt in detroit or among blacks here, class fucked their shit up and culture keeps them in line

Serious question from a city boy with no idea as to how farming works; How far are we from automating farms entirely?

100% agreed.

That's a nice painting, and the story's quite interesting, too. Fuckin' Rockerfellers.
You have my thanks for introducing it to me.

Very stimulating and original thought.

But should someone with a undergrad in a random liberal arts field really be working a middle manager job instead of studying whatever their field is? Shouldn't we be aiming for communism isn't of 1960s consumer America?

*instead of

Middle managers don't really do anything except annoy the workers below them, attend boring meetings, and communicate the decisions of upper management to the workers. Their real "job" is to give upper management a person to fire if something goes wrong. Middle managers wouldn't even exist under communism. However that really is beside the point. We shouldn't cheer anything that harms the well-being of the working class, even if it might help to accelerate the revolution.

Most degrees teach little to nothing about the job that graduates will go into. Whatever else is a good about a college education, the degree itself is just a piece of paper to prove to your bourgeois masters that you’re willing to jump through the hoops.

I expect that work under communism, to the extent that it remains, will rely far more on on-the-job training then it will on the absurd college system of today. That’s not to say that colleges will disappear but they will be for actually learning as you implied in your post.

Deep statement delivered directly by capitalism.

One of the worst threads in the whole fucking catalog.


America in Color: The Twenties

This probably isn't the big one, but it would probably be another crippling blow in a system sinking deeper into crisis.

We could theoretically automate almost all farm activity (especially crop farming), the major barrier to that is still cost. Why invest in berry harvesting or corn picking robots when mexicans cost less and don't destroy nearly as much food during harvesting?
There's always going to be the needed maintenance jobs for the equipment. Livestock will probably require lots of labour for decades, since I'm pretty sure we aren't at the level where robots can catch chickens, shepherd sheep and inseminate cows/collect bull semen.
Conservation and remediation of environmental damage typically requires a lot of labour as well, though it might be hard to convince capitalists that the world turning to wasteland or desert isn't in their best interest.

yeah tell that to all the people to need to overwork just to barely feed their fucking families you dingus

just because your wealthier-than-average family feeds you doesn't mean everyone on the West is on the same situation

you're fucking undesirable and will be put to work on a labor camp after the revolution

Third Worldists are anticommunists veiling themself with defeatist slander.
With all the leftist kitsch in your phrasing you're in essence promoting the ideas of class-collaborationism and reformism as sufficient and functioning. Just like any other capitalism apologist you downplay the trouble of workers and unemployed.
"Just be glad that you don't have it as bad as people in x!" Now where have i heard that crap before? Marx or Lenin? Or rather some dipshits excusing the status quo for the ruling class?
The only "twist" you add to it is pushing all responsibility for success or failure of revolution unto the working class of exploited and dependend nations. You shit on internationalist class solidarity.
You are to be considered enemies, of the same caliber as trotskyites or fascists. I can hold the most pathetic anarchists or social democrats in higher regard than you lowly scum, having the audacity to call yourself Marxists even. Absolutely disgusting.

"As long as the wage-labourer remains a wage-labourer, his lot is dependent upon capital. That is what the boasted community of interests between worker and capitalists amounts to.

If capital grows, the mass of wage-labour grows, the number of wage-workers increases; in a word, the sway of capital extends over a greater mass of individuals.

Let us suppose the most favorable case: if productive capital grows, the demand for labour grows. It therefore increases the price of labour-power, wages.

A house may be large or small; as long as the neighboring houses are likewise small, it satisfies all social requirement for a residence. But let there arise next to the little house a palace, and the little house shrinks to a hut. The little house now makes it clear that its inmate has no social position at all to maintain, or but a very insignificant one; and however high it may shoot up in the course of civilization, if the neighboring palace rises in equal or even in greater measure, the occupant of the relatively little house will always find himself more uncomfortable, more dissatisfied, more cramped within his four walls.

An appreciable rise in wages presupposes a rapid growth of productive capital. Rapid growth of productive capital calls forth just as rapid a growth of wealth, of luxury, of social needs and social pleasures. Therefore, although the pleasures of the labourer have increased, the social gratification which they afford has fallen in comparison with the increased pleasures of the capitalist, which are inaccessible to the worker, in comparison with the stage of development of society in general. Our wants and pleasures have their origin in society; we therefore measure them in relation to society; we do not measure them in relation to the objects which serve for their gratification. Since they are of a social nature, they are of a relative nature."

But i guess the Soviet Unions revolution was phony because the russian people had no incentive for it, since they had "privileges" compared to oppressed nationalities under the tsarist regime. Lenin should've called it off and just told those damn "first worldist" russians that they're all chauvinists and exploiters.

Third Worldism is a mental disease leading people to fail grasping the unity of daily work and revolution and just lose themself in autistic fantasies about romanticized adventurism. Pathetic infantile radicals, nothing else.