Daily News Thread 2/2

Fidel Castro's Son Commits Suicide After Months of Depression

Diaz-Balart, 68, also known as "Fidelito" because of how much he looked like his father, had initially been hospitalized for depression.

Venezuela’s Maduro may be kicked out by own military & get ‘nice’ exile in Cuba, Tillerson hints

Issuing an ambiguous threat to Venezuela, US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said the army has often been an “agent of change” in the Latin American country and beyond in cases when leadership “can no longer serve the people.”

At Tillerson’s State Department, Seven of Nine Top Jobs Are Empty

U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has spent much of his first year trying to manage crises with North Korea, Syria, Iran and Venezuela. But he's largely alone at the highest levels of the State Department, a problem exacerbated after the senior career diplomat, Tom Shannon, announced on Thursday that he plans to leave for personal reasons.

The Many Faces of Five Star Are Winning Votes All Over Italy

In Daniele Abate’s Sicilian home town, many people don’t even have running water, and he blames the politicians. So the former cook will be voting for Five Star on March 4.

90 Refugees Feared Dead in Boat Capsize off Libya: UN

The U.N. migration agency said only two people survived while the majority of the refugees on the boat were from Libya and Pakistan.

‘We’ll always be Israel’s friend’ - UK defence secretary vows to stand by ally at London gathering

The UK’s new defence secretary has risked stoking tensions over Britain’s role in the Middle East after he heaped praise on Israel, while omitting to mention Palestinians.

Trump accuses FBI leadership amid row over memo

US President Donald Trump has accused top officials of politicising FBI and justice department investigations to damage his Republican party.

German Air Force chief told to stop talking about the F-35 or risk being fired – reports

Germany’s Air Force chief “will likely be fired” if he “says ‘F-35’ again,” a local defense expert reports as debate about the Luftwaffe’s next-generation fighter jet grows in German military circles.

GOP Looking at Extending Government Funding Through March 23

House and Senate staff are working on a stopgap funding bill that would keep the government operating through March 23, though Republican leaders haven’t yet made a final decision on the plan, according to two Republican congressional aides.

77 Northern California businesses raided by ICE

Immigration and Customs Enforcement raided 77 business in the Bay Area throughout the week, according to KRON.

Bitcoin braces for worst week since 2013

Digital currency Bitcoin has fallen 30% this week, leaving it on track for its worst week since April 2013.

Polar bears 'running out of food'

High-tech tracking collars on nine female polar bears have measured the animals' efforts to find food on the diminishing Arctic ice.

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Extinct within our lifetimes.


Gaius Publius: Do Mainstream Democrats Really Want to Eliminate Carbon Emissions and Fossil Fuel Use?

Following the money tells you how serious mainstream Democrats are about tackling climate change….not.

Grenada's March 13 Revolution: Forever Remembered, Never Forgotten!

The young revolutionaries of the 1979-83 era, at home and abroad, have all grown into advanced adulthood.

Newsweek and USA Today Need Standards for Opinion Writers

Why are Newsweek and USA Today so willing to let special interests mislead their readers? Clear standards are needed for disclosing conflicts of interest.

Ohio and Iowa Are the Latest of Eight States to Consider Anti-Protest Bills Aimed at Pipeline Opponents

Lawmakers in Ohio and Iowa are considering bills that would create new penalties for people who attempt to disrupt the operations of “critical infrastructure” such as pipelines. The bills make the states the latest of at least eight to propose legislation aimed at oil and gas industry protesters since Donald Trump’s election.

'Seeing someone cry at work is becoming normal': Employees say Whole Foods is using 'scorecards' to punish them

The “militaristic” new inventory system at Whole Foods is still making customers grumpy, but they can be happy that it’s not their job to restock the empty shelves. Employees tell Business Insider that on their end, the situation is bad. The new system reportedly hinges on a framework of “chastisement, punishment, and retribution” to ensure compliance, and they argue that staff morale has been worn to a nub.

holy fuck, these niggers finally admit how frequently they coup and threaten latin american governments

I mean, it was an open secret.

The Venezuelan Army is more hardline than Maduro is, Chavez was a cocking military officer.

Source? I want to believe but most military in latam is reactionary af

There's a reason why Chavez was not only spared, but released early.

As everyone and their mother has pointed out by now, the FBI is fucking run by Republicans. It's leadership was hand picked by Trump and the GOP. Accusing them of being biased toward the Democrats is a pathetic and laughable charge.

I can't wait for the FBI to start leaking shit to the press in retaliation for this temper tantrum.


Fucking Obama dropped the fucking ball on Standing Rock, and now we're going to have Willimas' private death squads shooting old ladies. Good job dude!

Labour plans to make landowners sell to state for fraction of value

Labour is considering forcing landowners to give up sites for a fraction of their current price in an effort to slash the cost of council house building.

The proposal has been drawn up by John Healey, the shadow housing secretary, and would see a Jeremy Corbyn-led government change the law so landowners would have to sell sites to the state at knockdown prices.

Landowners currently sell at a price that factors in the dramatic increase in value when planning consent is granted. It means a hectare of agricultural land worth around £20,000 can sell for closer to £2m if it is zoned for housing.

Very nice.

GOP Releases Disputed Memo Saying FBI Misled Judge in Trump Case

FBI and Justice Department officials got a warrant to spy on a Trump campaign associate by misleading a surveillance court judge, House Republicans contend in a newly released memo that Democrats have dismissed as a contrived account intended to protect the president.

Basically the PSUV movement was born in the officer corps, Chavez initially tried to take power in a military coup. Now when he did get to power through elected means, there was a US-backed (the evidence is abundant of that, even the Guardian writes of how US warships lent aid to the coup plotters) abortive coup in 2002; after which any disloyal elements were purged. The PSUV is the army and the army is the PSUV, Chavez knew how to prevent the fate of his predecessors and as such brought off the army in three major ways: 1) he made sure they were cocking paid (you'd be surprised how often that is an issue in LA countries) 2) He gave them good equipment and working weaponry (ty Cuba) 3) he actually put development into the hometowns of soldiers. Why the fuck would you try to overthrow the regime that is making sure your mother has running water? Now ofc this won't stand forever, but you see the issue Maduro might have is actually the opposite: not that he will be overthrown in a Pinochet way, but someone decides to go full Red Napoleon, overthrow the civilian PSUV, purge it of corruption and effectively establish Velasco's Peru 2.0. I have a Panamerian mate (who is politically like a progressive Republican [US]) who says the military overthrowing Maduro and creating a more hardline leftist regime is far more likely than the PSUV being outright overthrown. Idealistically the military are with the PSUV, but the corruption that is in the heart of hte PSUV pisses a lot of the revolutionaries in the army off. It should also be noted that there is a massive organised militia in Venezuela (about 3% of the population is under arms in this way), and several ultra-bolivarismo groups that the government has actually /outlawed/ for being too radical.
In conclusion, Tillerson might actually get his wish: but he is kicking out a corrupt idealistic kleptocrat to be replaced by a revolutionary idealist. Basically, the US would actually be in a worse position with regards to Venezuela.

Think of it this way: Stalin is going to be coup'ed by Tukhachevsky and the west thinks they aren't going to be as radical.


Unironically, have Republicans forgotten what it's like to have power and govern after 8 years?

Just browsing through it, there's going to be a lot of disappointed alt-righters. It's basically more Steele Dossier bitching.

It's trying to push that the FBI acted illegally getting a renewal of FISA surveillance on Carter Page based on the Steele Dossier, hence the "political bias", but the memo itself admits that the dossier was just one source the FBI was using to get the warrant. The previous investigation into Page's Russian spy contacts and his comments to George Papadopoulos are probably more damning.

Also, the dossier was funded by Republicans to begin with, so fuck that bullshit.

Either way, the memo doesn't live up to the hype. The alt-right are going to eat the GOP alive for this shit.

Exactly. Only Trump would think this is a silver bullet to kill the Mueller Probe, and now he's angered the FBI for little gain.

Pleasing daddy is more important than governing.

Why Kansas City, Missouri, plans to privatize sidewalks

Is Trump retarded or is this just every American leader? As said, the FBI is currently run by the Republican Party, he's lighting himself on fire by doing this.
But then again, from experience with the aut-right this is some BASED shit and won't backfire at all because triggers the libs epic style or some shit

AnCapistan here we come

As much as they have in common, there's a reason that Republicans can't win the popular vote in America. Just look at Bush and Trump and you'll have your answer.

Revolution fucking when?

Damn how does porky get away with this shit?

Trump is a retard. Most Presidents know it's unwise to anger the most effective intelligence gathering organization in America, especially with shit as frivolous as this.

Does nobody in Labour understand the concept of the land-value tax?

sounds pretty normal for grocery store work, margins are always so thin that management rides hard on everyone and turn over is intense

whew, I figured it would be like this

I read an article recently that said that the GOP's only real advantage this election season is gerrymandering.

When your biggest card is fucking cheating, you've got problems.

Please. Most of the Aut-Right & other Trumpcucks will come up with something.

But I thought taxation was theft!



Meanwhile, in the rest of the world.

S&P 500, Dow on track for worst week in two years


The stock market is collapsing.


Shit's getting real.

sounds legit

Which is it, fucker?

Oh god please

No, no, the last thing we want is Trump getting replaced with someone competent. Unless he has a Samson solution and will just take down the entire US government.

And I thought this wasn't gonna happen until 2020

The mentioned counterintelligence investigation is a separate investigation

not worth watching until we're at 2 or 3 weeks of drops tbh

I doubt he'll fire Mueller, scuttlebutt is that he already wanted/tried to but the cabinet cockblocked him from doing so


Since the sudden downfall of the British infrastructure giant Carillion two weeks ago, investors’ nerves in London are frayed. And short-sellers, scanning the horizon for their next prey, seem to have found it. Its name is Capita. It is one of the UK government’s biggest outsourcing firms with contracts to provide services to government entities, such as NHS cleaning, school dinners, and prison maintenance. It has 70,000 employees in the UK, Europe, South Africa, and India.

On Wednesday, its shares tumbled 47.5% to a 15-year low after its new CEO, Jon Lewis, slashed profit forecasts, announced plans to tap the capital market for £700 million, and suspended a dividend that was worth more than £200 million to shareholders last year. On Thursday, the rout continued , with shares dropping a further 13%. On Friday, shares bounced off a tiny 2.3% to close at 162.3 pence, down 77% from June 2017 and down 88% from July 2015.

In a desperate bid to calm market nerves at the height of Wednesday’s rout, the UK government released a statement insisting that Capita was “not another Carillion.”

If the financial situation becomes untenable at Capita, not only would the government have to mobilize a herculean effort to ensure the firm’s sprawling, diffuse web of services continue to be delivered; it could also have serious knock-on effects for other outsourcing firms such as Serco and Interserve, both of which have their own share of problems. In the last 12 months, Serco’s stock has fallen 40% and is down 78% from July 2013. Shares of Interserve, which is already on a watch list, plunged 25% over the past two days, 35% over the past two weeks, and 88% from June 2015. In the event that Capita’s turnaround plan fails, contagion could spread throughout the teetering sector, at which point the viability of the UK’s public-private service model could even be threatened

The plan here is to fire Rosenstein and replace him with a stooge who'll then fire Mueller.

The memo was supposed to give him an excuse to do this, but it's fucking nothing.

Actually, it's worse than that.

Mueller's building an obstruction case, and the Nunes Memo can be used as evidence of "corrupt" intent.


God do I get jealous of you brits

But it predated the Steele Dossier, meaning the FBI was already investigating Trump Campaign before Steele came to them with his misgivings.

It blows a hole in the GOP's argument that the Mueller investigation was started by Clinton lies.

It's true. I live in rural Pennsylvania and our districts are drawn in the most fucked up way in order to make sure Republicans win.

I heard the GOP are refusing to redraw after the State Supreme Court told them to. The epitome of corruption.

Yeah, they're refusing but it sounds like it's still an ongoing battle.

They're going to try to appeal to the GOP controlled US Supreme Court, which would put a suspension on it.

However, since the Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled the gerrymandering violated to the constitution of the STATE, it's hard to see how they can get involved. State's rights and all that.

would be about time, usually nationalizations cost too much, while it's privatization which happens at a fraction of value



So, the DOW dropped over 600 points last I checked.

A little scare or the beginning of the impending recession?


It won't work though. The Supreme Court would rule that it's a matter for the states, and since the state supreme court has already ruled that it violates the state constitution, they really have no leg to stand on to ethically oppose it.

In fact, opposing it does more damage, since nobody fucking supports Gerrymandering and fighting hard for it only proves something is wrong.

But if shit is gerrymandered, it won't matter what the people think.


We live in hell and death is the only solace

Satanist communist revolution incoming

What part of PA you from…wanna watch those eagles fly or nah?

Actually LVT was in the Manifesto (well, an intention to look into it and introduced it in England anyways).

That is the most awesome thing I've ever heard.