Was Marx right about immigration lowering native wages?

"Owing to the constantly increasing concentration of leaseholds, Ireland constantly sends her own surplus to the English labor market, and thus forces down wages and lowers the material and moral position of the English working class."

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Well, yes.

Proletarier aller Länder, vereinigt euch!

Ah, okay then. I thought this would be a more controversial subject, but I guess I was mistaken.

user, did you read Marx?

Let me guess, you found this in a conservative blog and thought this would TOTALLY OWN pro-immigration leftists as if we didn't know it? Pick a book and go read it sometime.


Yeah, but I don't know if he was actually against it, see, Marx was actually a but of an accelerationist.

That wasn't Marx's idea, that was a common idea within economic thought at that time and even before.

its basically a tautology. yes, it lowers wages but also creates unemployment

Was Marx himself the original nazbol?

It's capitalism which causes (mass) immigration in the first place. Don't oppose the immigrants. Oppose the system that made them have to emigrate. If the root causes are fixed, immigration will stop. Or at least be heavily reduced. I guess there will always be a few people who want to move somewhere else. But those don't pose an issue, as it ideally evens out.

yes, but it's not the fault of the immigrants.


I'm not a communist but I am anti capitalist. The reason being, capitalism demands eternal growth. If a public company doesn't show signs of growth, it won't get investment, the share price will fall and the company will go bust. Part of the growth is continually having new markets appearing to exploit. From this capitalism demands an eternally growing population for new markets. This is the only reason you see large swathes of immigrants in Europe, because the native birth rate is below the replacement rate. It's not for diversity, it's not for culture. It's purely so the big multinationals can make more money and to boost birth rates, and the market so the companies can grow.

Apart from business, can anyone tell me why we need a growing population? Rather than one that just maintains the population level?

It's nice to be alive? Maybe not so much in a capitalist society but it's still nice to experience existence.

Of course Marx wasn't right about immigration. He was a freakin' cultural marxist and dident understand basic economics. We need cheap foreign labor to survive. Who else is gonna work in these fields? Native citizens? Wtf lmao. I'm not working in the fields. Fuck that shit. Marx was a idoit.

Aye, at the core of the problem lay ridiculous demands of capital to expand at all cost, ultimately forcing labourers into a diaspora of sorts.
Kinda surprised nationalists do not see the issue where it should be in their interest to secure local wellbeing and stability.

Marx was right about literally everything OP.

Right… Marx was literally about everything.


In the context of the quote, Marx is talking about how the foreign domination of Ireland's productive forces is exploitative to both the Irish and English worker, because the nature of production in Ireland lowers the value of good produced in England, the "excess" Irish population is used to diminish the costs of English labor (and vice versa), and that the rents derived from Ireland are in turn used to exploit and keep English workers in line, who are then turned against the Irish for "lowering native wages."

Once again, OP and other "immigration lowers native wages" prove themselves to be myopic brainlets that continually miss the fucking point.

It's both capitalists and communists who cause it. Some for the same reasons (destroy the victim country) others not (larger market, lower wages for menial jobs and White man's burden).

He said growing population, not non-zero population. Plenty of countries should not have a growing population, African countries and Japan for example (the first for being unable to support it and the later for being too crowded already). Unlimited growth is impossible, Earth cannot sustain it and even if you don't give a shit about future generations past a point it makes everyone's lives worse unless you enjoy living like ants.

The government in the United States has managed to hurt wages more than any immigrant wave possibly could have.

Thought Experiment: The mass reproduction of baby boomers: does it count as immigrants, if they would naturally lower wages by number?

Dumb post. Was the Berlin Wall meant to facilitate mass immigration? Kys brainlet. At no time did the user ever aim for "no borders no nations stop deportations lmao".


He's right. It was a dumb post. Stop making dumb posts.

Truly the greatest form of argument.

By communists I meant those alive today, not those who long left politics for the grave, as anyone with half a brain should be able to realize. All communist parties, as they exist today, support mass immigration regardless of what those in charge of the GDR may have thought.

OP is the nazbol who runs >>>/8pol/

thread should be anchored

The fact that Marx was also talking about Ireland’s colonial status there is really irrelevant to the fact that Marx acknowledged that immigration lowers/holds down wages which pro-immigration leftists can’t bring themselves to admit.

In papers from the early days of the first international, Marx opposed German immigration to England on the grounds the English masters would use it to oppress German workers and keep wages down generally.

Likewise, when the communist parties were at their height they didn’t support mass migration uncritically:

Most communist parties today are revisionist parties that cater to a disillusioned and downwardly mobile petit-bourgeois demographic

Yeah I guess one of the central points of the complex process at work actually is irrelevant to the singular talking point you want to believe is true.

If you weren't a brainlet and actually read the context, it's just not "Irish immigrants drive down wages." It's "Irish immigrants are used as a justification to lower native wages, which in fact are lowered by the colonial exploitation perpetrated by the English bourgeois who are the ones actually driving down wages."

Ok, so essentially what Marx is saying here is that if it was a case mass immigration between two imperialist countries it wouldn’t lower wages or keep them down? Quit being a fucking tard, K.

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