How is politics in your high school or college Holla Forums ?

Today this black petite bourg kids been fighting me over Class ideas.

A while back i got laughed at and called a conspiracy theorist for pointing out facts.

Only good thing is that i'm not the only communist in my school and many kids are semi conscious to how capitalism is screwing them over and it's going to screw them over after they finish school. I plan to make a club to spread marxist ideas soon.

Sorry for rant and reddit spacing

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on this same point sometimes i feel like the 'disaffected whites', so long as they dont go fascist have the most revolutionary potential because they were raised with 'white privilege' and also knew what it was like to lose grip of it in their lifetime, and have the feeling of being a general failson

meanwhile, minorities are becoming more wealthy and generally ok with everything (relatively speaking i mean, compared to whites) because they've had it much shittier in years past

so, imo, your OP is not a surprise. i think people will catch on to Carleton more and more and realize that class matters and must be addressed if we have any reasonable expectation of producing more Carletons

TPUSA is fucking massive at my school. They've managed to suck in the libs too. Like there are legit greenhaired trannies walking around with a bunch of TPUSA buttons on their backpacks.

im so sorry
have these dogs

This is why the 1st world will never have a revolution.

Should've said that Hillary losing was good.



i'm pretty sure that you're being quite defensive and diplomatic when you talk about them. have you tried insulting them and making it clear that they are reactionaries that continue to preserve the capitalist system of exploitation and that they lack basic education to be even be on your level?
my advice is you should vent and don't hold back with your most "extreme" views. talk over them and use any rhetoric trick available to you. no reason to play nice with utter scum.

I go to a university in the south that seems to be pretty politically ambivalent. There was some controversy when the school band took a knee in 2016 at our football games, much of the staff was pissed to fuck that the school tried to ban that behavior.
But there's no activism or society formation or anything like that, just some vague liberalism every once in a while. TPUSA actually has a decent sized audience here, it's just that no one else seems to give a shit.
The only part that routinely pisses me off is some organization, probably TPUSA, keeps putting up these "Victims of Che Guevara" posters all over campus. Distracting to get pissed off everyday before class.

followup to this
he didn't tell us anything ``explicitly bad`` about it but still the contrast is terrible
also at another point we were asked about our 5 year plans and shit like that, and i was asked what my dreams were. apparently "to spread political propaganda" is a funny joke

I don't know how much you're fucking around but I actually have noticed that ☭TANKIE☭s tend to do better in pitching socialism to a critical/skeptical crowd since they don't need cede any ground whatsoever. I think this is more of a rhetorical thing than ☭TANKIE☭s actually being right (they are tho).

>In the 20th century, communist joooz killed more than 100 million people in pursuit of a twisted and impossible dream of equality that could only be pursued at gunpoint. If you doubt this, just look at North Korea and South Korea, which one would you rather live in…have you seen those carefully selected satellite images? In America, at least the lights work frequently and you don't have to wait in line for toilet paper. It may not be perfect but it works, communism on the other hand has been tried and has never worked anywhere its been tried…

Almost makes me feel bad. Almost.

not one bit, when someone asks me, online or IRL, about the berlin wall or whatever stupid shit i'll go the full "tankie" routine on them
if they claim to be politically concious or even leftists i'll even shit on them further for being completely retarded
and it's really easy to walk over them
a few name drops and counterpoints they never heard of and they cross their arms and give me pouty lips
takes a bit of time but when we talk again some end up agreeing on genuine topics and accept ML at least somewhat, if they don't join

sure, there are also socdems, rastas who only care about da weed and even a tiny quantity of filthy rich liberals larping, but the majority is composed by trueleftists™, varing from anarchkiddies to full ☭TANKIE☭s. There is a lot of paticipacion when there are marchs and there are meetings organized by our internal collective, who is in contact with other movements in the city.

I'm sorry fellow anons in bad schools, don't lose hope in humanity, there are also not-shitty places. Maybe you'll find one in the future, academy, fabric or whatever it will be.
Meanwhile resist and agit&prop to socdems and most rational liberals!

fun fact: In my friend's school there is a teacher who has passed years in prison for left-wing terrorism kek



Nowadays there isn't a big leftist party at a national level, but a certain tradition of young people being involved with politics (mainly far-left) lasted, in particular in the regions where the Communist Party was stronger. Also, a huge part of cultural life in cities is in the hands of the Autonomism, so there is a fucklot of social centres, people's gyms and squatted houses. This means that when you go to a rock or electronic concert, teather spectacle, film projection or simply you have no money but you need to do sport or a place where you can sleep, you are often going to somewhere full of red stars, writings on the walls, posters and hammers&sickles, and also probably you will be invited to/it will take place an intervention by some kurd, members of various leftists groups from other countries or simply some local activist saying commie stuff. Even if you don't like this stuff, don't care about politics and have enough money to always go to mainstream places, you will probably be hooked up by school if you go to a politically involved one (and there are a lot) or in university, due to far-left always having been totally hegemonic between the intellectual class, which is now very impoverished and so not anymore armchair-ish.
Maybe it's like hidinge the medicines in your cat's food, but hey, at least it works!

Being present on the territory is very important to gain cultural hegemony, never forgetti comrades

My college was mostly idpol-liberals and idpol-socdems and a few idpol-trots.

h o w

No, Bernie is a filthy imperialist who supports genocidal sanctions against the DPRK, Iraq, etc. and supported the invasions of Afghanistan and Yugoslavia.

Kim Jong Un is an example of an actually good leader.

I have to take a class called "Intro to Interpersonal Communications." It's disgusting. It's basically HR PC sensitivity training. The book we have to read for class renders human interaction into this vapid corporate slurry of meaningless jargon, and attributes characteristics seemingly at random. It separates relationships into "symmetrical" and "complementary."

The book also seems to rely heavily on Geert Hofstede's "work." hofstede-insights.com/models/national-culture/ in comparing national dispositions, and that seems just as arbitrary and nonsensical.

The whole thing is fucking trash. I'm being made to pay for my own corporate sensitivity training.

But not being a fucking retard and understanding that "the USSR wasn't socialist" isn't "but it wasn't REAL socialism."

Yeah, see, here's the problem: you're fucking retarded.

This is the main reason I think Socialists groups tend to be heavily white and male. Woman and minorities are still being promised some better world when they have equal representation or opportunities or whatever. This allows them to blame problems in their life on white supremacy or patriarchy these words are little more than buzzwords at this point rather than capitalism. Thus they think their problems can be solved through idpol rather than class struggle.

Whereas as a White Male our societies message to you is pretty much "you have it as good as anyone ever will." This creates people who are much more disaffected and ready to see capitalism as the problem. The issue is that now there is this whole ideological movement on the right encouraging White males to see themselves as victimized because of their race/gender as well.

Do you have any more stories about things that didnt happen

Nice post
Is this south Italy?

I graduated High School back in 2015. From what I remember I think my friends were just your standard Liberal, but we never got into politics much, if any. High School before the 2016 election was very nice.

College, I mainly kept to myself. I only went for about a year, then I left.

how the fuck do you lose an argument against idpol? especially when your opposition was the literal embodiment of idpol being bs

I've graduated now but I'll copy-paste my story. My college was stupidly lolberty and I swear it still is, I don't know what hell could have consumed the school with the Dawn of the modern internet. But know that a lot of people in the school weren't afraid to say "Obama is a commie"

What's funny is that if I was anything but a lolbert when doing that essay I probably have still remained that.

Oh right, when I entered the school I was an American conservative and then just had more of a hard-on for privatization during the final year prior to the report.

I go to a typical "leftist" university, but as usual university leftism is cancer so I don't associate myself with it. I puke a little in my mouth whenever I see socialists peddling newspapers on my campus or a poster advertising a public speaking on "marxism and intersectionality". Squatting, despite also being full of idpol leftoids and apolitical degenerates, is significantly better than university leftism. They're mostly real working class people who need a fucking place to live cause part time work doesn't even cover rent (they also have to study) and don't want to live with their parents till they're 25. They're not that knowledgeable about political theory but they're very open about whatever I have to tell about anarchist and communist theory.

Jesus, that sounds wonderful compared to the americlap schools I went to. HS was in the rural midwest (so full of rednecks and meth heads). Uni was a liberal shithole, and all the "leftists" I've met here since dropping out have been either posing libs or too busy / mentally unstable to do shit.

nobody and I mean Nobody takes "not socialism" fags serious.

leave the leftcom autism for socialist spaces

Full time work doesn't pay rent either kiddo.

Why would you do that?

God I wish I had a place like that in America

That's my point, if you get confronted by ussr slander you need to step up despite what you believe, because normies will never take you seriously if you try the not real commism approach, you'll only look like an easily-folding coward.

People don't say this because they're leftcoms. They average "not REAL socialism" fag (and honestly the average American "socialist"_ thinks that socialism is what American conservatives were calling socialism 10 years ago, a capitalist society with subsidized healthcare and education, with the added condition that a socialist country must be a place where they personally wanted to live. They're the kind of people who will tell you that Sweden and Norway are socialist. At least that's how it is in the US.

Are there Americans who seriously believe Sweden is socialism but the USSR wasn't?

I know one case, but I thought he'd be the exception.

It doesn't matter what you end this sentence with, the answer is yes.

That's just how fucking gullible burgers are.

These mean exactly the same thing, dumbass.

We're pretty organized, there's active student unions all over Chile (though they are always led by succdem-tier, pro-Frente Amplio liberals) and there's tons of small groups.

Also tons of anarchists and spontaneous riots. They did this documentary: youtube.com/watch?v=4z6P5BpPlbc 4:23 is the best moment

The problem is, neither really aim for a wider, massive movement of the working class. The Frente Amplio advances their own short-sighted objectives and the anarchists are pretty much a sect.

SocDems ARE liberals.

Ehh I mean it blows, but it may be useful in understanding how the enemy thinks and justifies its existence. It is akin to how I gained a deeper understanding of liberal ideology in one of my sociology courses which basically blamed poverty on a lack of social capital. It was interesting how in order to avoid discussions on class the theory instead painted the poor as in a loop of having poor social connection and originational skills, coupled with the idea that they couldn’t form social networks with more well off people (aka richer folks). Like for example a small business owner created a social web that allowed growth in the local area. It was a kind of bizarre take on the Protestant ethic, but collectivized to a certain extent. Anyways it opened my eyes to how liberals are able to paint themselves as ‘good people’ in the face of our monstrous system.

Haha can't relate fam, #lit.

Nou, south italy was so underdeveloped that there were no fabrics at all, church and mafia ruled (and still rule) and they were both manipulated by the other party opposed to the Communist one, a.k.a. the Christian Democracy, who were catholics, mainly anticommunists, had very strong bondings with mafias, the vatican and the U.S. and were economically liberals. Also the population in the south was composed mainly by analphabets and farmers or subproletariat, so no class consciusness at all and people voting Christian Democracy in exchange of packs of pasta from their local mafious boss (and this still happens with Berlusconi). What's more, being the first regions liberated by the Allies during the 2nd WW there was not time (with a few exceptions) for the development of a Resistance movement against nazifascism, and also U.S.A. generals payed mafia to smash borning communist movements around Sicily, who became the most DemoChristian region.

The "red" regions were Tuscany, Emilia-Romagna (Bologna's province), Umbria, Marche, alias the centre-north area between Rome (Lazio) and Milan (Lombardia) provinces, mainly because they were the regions with more active Resistence and there were a lot of fabrics, workers organizations and anticlericalism. In particular in Tuscany and Emilia-Romagna are still active some of the party's structures, like their recreational centers ARCI (sort of legal social centres) and in small towns they still do and it's very partecipated a big festival during all July called "festa dell'Unità" who used to auto-finance the party when it was still a thing.
Also the north west (Turin [piemonte] and Genoa [liguria] provinces) was quite red thanks to huge fabrics (notably FIAT) with milions of workers and few owner families, while the north-north east (in particular Milan [lombardia] and Venice [veneto] provinces) were very religious and very wealthy, with a lot of small enterprises and fabrics, so a bigger number of masters and workers collaborating with them cause on a short range what was good for the company was good for them too.

There are also places which doesn't follow this logic, like Sardegna's island, Bari's province [puglia], Rome and Naples cities, but the scheme was basically south and north-east to the Christian Democracy (about 35% of the votes for most of italian history) while centre to north-west to the Communist Party (about 30%).
Then in the beginning of the '90 all the big parties apart from the Communist one had all their members arrested for being invicted with mafia, and the Communis Party divided into a ton of little others cause of some idiots in it and USSR fall. Then Berlusconi came, and we are still there :(
But political culture in different regions is still more or less the same.

I added a map so you can understand what i'm talking about

incase any anglo comrades don't understand, italy-user means factories when he says fabrics

oh thanxs, sorry for mi shish engrish xD

Graduated from a state school up north in burgerland. Like most every other state schools in burgerland, most of the other students were liberals/succ-dems. Trump = Voldemort types.

Did have a very small minority of Marxists who used to eat lunch together and discuss theory. In particular there was a Trotskyist and "Stalinist" Marxist-Leninist who would regularly debate. The school was pretty small too and cliques were very open, if they could even be called that, so I'd occasionally since with them and listen to their arguments. Wasn't a Marxist at the time and didn't understand half of what they were talking about, but it was pretty much my first exposure. I was definitely enthralled by their knowledge and it sort of opened my mind to Marx.

You guys are all the political contact I have.

Thats it really

Starting to understand why Debord shot himself.

They're being
i r o n i c
hipsters were a mistake

America is proof Debord was right

yeah im in montreal and even here which has easily the strongest union culture and student political participation its still mostly idpol liberals. Our school paper is sincerely cringey, the opinion pieces they write just miss the target so hard its just so hyper-liberal.

There's an ancap on the other half of the course but we never see them outside of meetings. He's literally trenchcoat-and-fedora tier. Most of the people in my half are either apolitical or plain politically illiterate; "we have half communism and half capitalism at the moment" is a thing I've heard before.

I've never felt more despair for the human race than that which I felt upon reading this fucking word vomit. I hope your classmates get carried away and eaten by the mothman

College is a racket run by capitalists, and highschools are nothing but institutions like prison but for the mind. I feel sorry for those who actually think these somehow "better" the human race, and the fucking morons that actually pay money to attend a "place of higher education".

As a minority ive noticed this too. I think the aneurism people are having over the Black Panther movie is a microcosm of this. Black people see it as the superstructure finally catering to their need, while many white people having to face for the first time since never the superstructure turning away from them have choose the first all black Hollywood blockbuster

As a minority ive noticed this too. I think the aneurism people are having over the Black Panther movie is a microcosm of this. Black people see it as the superstructure finally catering to their need, while many white people having to face for the first time since never the superstructure turning away from them have choose the first all black Hollywood blockbuster to address the problematic cultural narrative capitalism pushes. Black people are naturally incredulous and to be fair if this move was about a superhero hailing from an all white Atlantis (which is what Wakanda is) they wouldn’t be up in arms about it like they are.

Mine is super right wing. I'm seeing if i can start a Democrat Cops of America chapter (im not a fan but i need something to organize). I plan on using the chapter as a leftist reading circle in order to radicalize the berniecrats. There are some here and there on campus.

5 months passes

Today they found out that i have leftist views from facebook
What to do?

The only thing you can: get a gun and shoot them all.

Shave your head and dress up like Rákosi :^)

The only thing to do

Buy a gun and shoot them all, get some armor preferably and spray paint whatever school of thought you agree with the most and then lead the revolution with bullets comrade.

TFW the head of Rákosi Elvtárs is brighter than the future of capitalism

Realistically, cover your ass. Protect yourself.
Hold fast against the fascist hordes and never give up.
Get some antifa shit going on.
IF shit really goes down. Do what you must, but try not to kill. This will only draw attention to you as a criminal.
But remember, they are only human.

I literally never understood this, why not?

Unless he has the means to get away with it and not either die or go to prison, then I'd say go ahead.

I had a similar gay back in highschool, elvtárs. It was only one tho, and even that was quite a rare sight in my town, but he eventually grow out of it and grew his hair back. Overall he was a cool guy, I just avoided discissung politics with him. Although if they still act like this in 11th and 12th grade I recommend you take them to Havanna (you know the one), and they'll get stabbed to death in minutes.

user said try not to, not don't.
Killing just ain't nice. There's reason to do it when the terror comes and we should have no scruples killing people during the revolution when necessary but until then killing just gets the state on your ass and ruins your own life under the current system. Also in all likelihood they hardly 'deserve' to die so spare them unless its necessary to kill them.
Still that's only a try. Absolutely do kill them in self-defense if its to save your life or that of others. Don't try to spare them for shit if you or others are in danger.

guy, not gay

He lives in modern day Eastern Europe, he'll end up dead or unjustly imprisoned anyways, he may as well do it for a cause.

Yeah but what happens when he can't defend himself?

you know prisons in Hungary are 50% gypsies and 50% skinheads, right? If he kills one of them and goes to prison he'll just be tortured to death.

Then alas another dead comrade. The world shall move on.
In other words, he must prepare not to attack, but to defend.

My point is he's guaranteed to die no matter what, he either needs to leave the country right now or die for his cause otherwise he dies for nothing.

So then he's dead.
We all agree.
Rip this nigga We'll hold a funeral for you once news comes of your inevitable death.

for another martyr

these faggots don't have the courage to attack people. They're fucking weaklings. If he doesn't pick a bone with them when they are in a group of 10 he's not gonna die, that's way too far fetched. Hungary isn't madmax yet


Well its his only hope and i wish him all the best in the hope the rightards don't try any shit but a fucking first strike policy to slaughter skinheads isn't exactly the brightest idea to save his life.

He's already been found out, he's provoked them all, he literally kicked the bee's nest.

You can't save him, not in that environment, but he can at least make something out of it.

dude's ~16 years old, he still has a higher chance of dying of a heart attack than a knife attack.

Sorry what I meant to say was

Thanks for the good laugh user, no I grew up in the NY ghetto, at least 5 people died yearly from getting shot, shanked, or something else.
No that kid is dead, we should start planning his funeral now actually.

You guys want cupcakes or sushi for the food?

Please m8 ur being obnoxious

Sorry it's in my nature.
Seriously though, him being in HS makes it much worse, he's done for. At 16 especially shit hits the fan even if you're not involved at all, I even had a friend die.


Hungary isn't a NY gettho though. Most murders are theft related, people don't kill each other on ideological or racial basis. They might beat him up a couple of times, but he said he's in highschool, and you the principal can just exile people for such offenses from every existing high school. And that'd fuck people like this up, becuse they usually starve to death if the can't go to law school.



is that accidental "you" before principal that confusing?

The entire post is.

you're only obligated to attend school if you're under 16, and the governemnt is obilgated to provide you with a school to attend. So if you get kicked from a school for bad behaviour, you'll get assinged to another one in a month or so. But once you're older you're on your own and you can be held accountable for shit you do, so if you, say literally kill a dude for sharing one picture from the "Kommunista Mémgyár" facebook page you don't only get kicked from school, you might even be denied entry from every other school. Because let's be honest, nobody wants murderers in their classrooms.
The part about the lawschool is from my personal and from my friends' experience. Most skinheads who actually go to highschool usually study law in Uni because they're fucking brainlets. They couldn't ever finish a STEM or a medical course.

so what I'm saying is that they wouldn't risk killing somebody because they probably wanna stay in highschool

No offense, but I fail to see how any of that is related.
Yeah no shit most of those nazi's go study law, law is basically the go to industry for them and capitalists, STEM is meh.

You'd be surprised, the principal would probably kick out the kid before they ever kick out the nazi's.

There are variations of this idea that are actually also functioning as pens or flashlights. Or you can just make a habit of holding your keys in one hand in a way that you can punch with that.

You also got shot in the head a couple times apparently.

Well, i'm still alive since posting that
Also i haven't been threatened yet or anything, some of thees guys actually like me somewhat (I've avoided talking about politics with them) I might be able to convince them that i'm a NAZBOL or a Nationalist Socialist till i organize and antifa movement from the gypsies and jews in my school wish me luck i will need it

Nazbol gang is your only hope.

I can't get a gun i'm 16

This isn't really a NY ghetto, but i will bring a knife into school on Monday also i think i can out-run all of them or take a 1v1 but that still won't save me for long
But if i die pls do this in my funeral youtube.com/watch?v=n_iBWC8Xvh4

I live in North Mexico and fuck everyone here is so pozzed by neoliberalism

And so on.
This is the state of the mexican population with higher education. The funny thing is that people here aren't rich. Most are the first generation that could go to college. They just internalized all the repulsive capitalist shit the system spews. Like self-hating nonwhite Holla Forumstards, but economically

Keep us posted hungaryfag

Also let this be a reminder to never have anything political on your social media if you're a commie, or let alone have it in the first place.

Is this normal for Hungarian schools?

Stalin was too soft.

what about simply changing school, comrade?
better you alive than some fascist dead

If it makes you feel any better, my parents are from rural Durango and they feel about things the same way. They're much more anticlerical though and they like China because unlike America they closely monitor the church's activities, and tax churches so they cannot form an independent entity from the government. They're pretty educated (literate, have government documents) but they never graduated school.

t. anchor baby

I was once like you, kid. I wish I had discovered the armchair at your age.


catholics tend to be hardcore leftists in my area, given that the church actively practices wealth redistribution by harboring refugees and giving them free educations and healthcare using the estates of old people

Can confirm, southern Mexico is very anti-elite while protestant influences in the north made it hyper classcucked.

Has anyone else noticed how weird "young conservatives" are? I can't exactly describe it, but something about them is just off. Like their entire identity revolves around it.

Ah yes, surely standing up and going on a rant about how Stalin did nothing wrong would've sounded more reasonable to them.

I've noticed this phenomenon as well. I've gotten much better replies LARPing as an ultra ☭TANKIE☭ on 4cuck than I've gotten with the usual route of discrediting M-L states as not socialist.
Example: desuarchive.org/fit/thread/43655889/#43657308

They're reverse tryhards. You know how dorky some nerd kids look when wearing a leather jacket? This is the opposite of it.

Young conservatives go for a serious look that gives off weird vibes, a kid that consciously rejected his own youthful urges and sense of experimentation, rejecting sneakers and jeans in favor of dress shoes and suits that would fit their dads in their 50s